Chapter Eight

I sat on top fop of the bed waiting for her to come out. She took her own sweet time that made me get more agitated.

She came using a gown with another towel kn her head wrapping her braids and a hand towel on her hand.

Lee: What is it?

I looked at her trying to figure out on what happened to Lee.

Lee: So you just going to stare at me?

I woke up and faced her.

Me: I don’t like this attitude.

She just looked at me.

Me: Uvele ungehle nje as if i am nobody. Awungiboni nokithi ngiwubani.

Lee: what is your point exactly?

Me: The way you budged in at the office and demanded me to look after the kids. You don’t that Lethu.

Lethu: So this is what this is all about? I should have known.

She threw a hand towel on the bed and walked out of the bedroom. I followed her as she walked to the kitchen and i watched her pour herself a glass of wine.

Me: I am serious Lethokuhle.

She ignored me.

Lee: Where are my kids?

Me: At home.

Lee: Their home is here which home are you talking about.

Me: Home with my mother.

Lee: And when are you planning on bring my kids back?

Me: They are fine and happy with my mother.

Lee: Uyahlanyake Manje.

I don’t know how i hit a u-turn from walking away from her and to hitting the glass that was on her hand. The  glass hit the wall and broke splashing the wine on the floor.

She froze as she looked at me.

Lee:  The hell....

I pushed her towards the wall and I pinned her against the wall. 

Me: Don’t you ever speak to me like that.

Lee: You are hurting me.

Me: Don’t you think you are hurting me with the way you behaving?

Lee: Let me go.

I realized that pinning her against the wall is not going to help me. Lethu is out of control.

I let her go but she slapped me that I literally saw flashes of lightning.

Lee: Don’t you ever hurt me like that again.

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I carried her and dropped her on the dining table. She fell of her stomach and balanced with her hands. The towel from her hair flew out leaving her braids hanging on her face. I grabbed her by her braids but she dropped her body on the floor. I pulled down the mini steps passing the living room. I opened the sliding door all the way to the patio. I pulled her towards the pool and i threw her in.

Lee: Sonke Please.

I dived inside the pool and i grabbed her by her head and pushed her head in to the pool she struggler breathing so i pulled her out.

Lee: Baby Ngiyaxolisa.

I pushed her head back inside for a few seconds then i pulled her back up.

She started coughing and bagging me to stop but i pushed back again until her energy if fighting dropped then i pulled her back up and she coughed the water out.

I pulled her to the side of the pool and i got out.

Me: If you were not the mother of my kids i would have killed you. 

I got out of the water and i stood out she sat on the side of the pool crying. I walked upstairs and i changed in to tracksuits and different sneakers. I walked downstairs and Lee was now sitting in the dinning room chair. I walked closer to her and she tried to move back.

Me: This will be the last time i am warning you on how to speak with me. I am not your bitch ass nigger friend or boyfriend that you think you can disrespect. If you ever speak to me like that again i will kill you and still moan your death. You have crossed the line and you should start to rethink on what i am capable of.

She nod her head.

I grabbed my car keys and phone and i walked to my car.

I was beyond being angry. Lethu has reached the limit and the beast she aroused tonight will be the death of her.

In 10 or 15 minutes i can’t really recall as i didn’t check the time i left Virginia.

I went in to the main house and left the girls toiletries and food and drove off to Zimbali as i needed my work clothes since i was going to spend time at home. 

I drove past Andile’s house to my place her car was parked outside her garage. I hesitated stopping but i was just not in the mood for company.

I got into my place and i closed the windows and packed my work clothes locked the house and then headed to my car. As i was driving out i noticed Andile locking her garage so i put the car window down to compliment her body as she looked like she was working out.

Me:Beautiful Body.

She turned and looked at me and she walked towards the car.


Me: Working out?

Andile: Have to.

Me:On a Friday?


Me: I should join you.

She smiled and the put on a straight face.

Andile: You Okay?

Me: Yeah nothing I can’t handle.

Andile: You rushing somewhere?

Me:Not really.

Andile: Then i will not take no for an answer. Tomorrow it’s Saturday and i am sure you not working.

Me: Well...

She opened my car door and switched it off.

Andile: Come.

I got off the car as she locked my car i followed her in to the house as i shook my head with the way she just handled this situation.


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