Sethusonke - Her Love

Author : Philee Khuzwayo

Genre :  Drama

Description :  IntroductionI woke up to a beeping sound.I felt a pipe coming from my mouth and nose, my heart felt heavy and my head feels like a stone wasplaced on it.The light shone straight through my eyes which made me struggle to keep them opened.My mouth felt so dry and my chest hurt, I tried to wake up but I was pulled back by all these cordsattached to my chest and the pain would not allow me to even try and lift a finger.I felt as if i suffocating and thirsty, my heart rate started to increasing and the beeping sound got a bit louder.I started panicking.Me: Where am I? Where is Lethu? Where are my babies?The beeping noise went off and a lady dressed in navy and white ran inside my room and came towards me and said "Hi Sir? I amNurse Lilly Can you hear me?" I tried speaking but my voice failed me, she then ran out of the roomscreaming a name "Dr. Gordon"... While running out of the room . I looked around to try and figure outwhere I was and to try and remember on what happened. the nurse came back with an elderly male dressed ina white coat and he said to me "Hi Mr. Shange, Can you hear me?"I tried speaking again but my voice failed me once again, he then looks in to my eyes and said "Just blink your eyes forme Mr. Shange, if you hear me?"I blinked my eyesWow this is amazing he says looking at the nurse.He then looked at me "blink your eyes twice if you remember who you are?"I blinked my eyes twice.He looks at the nurse and said "We Need to contact his family"The nurse ran out of the room and he fixed his eyes on me and said " Son, You are at GatewayHospital, you have been in coma for the past three weeks, you were shot at the La Lucia Bridge with your wife do you remember?"My heart raced and the beeping sound increased, my eyes teared as I thought of my beautiful wife andmy angels, the doctor tried speaking to me but my heart got too heavy for me to concentrate.Dr. Gordon screamed for the nurse and she ran back inside the room, the doctor said to the Nurse "I needyour help to calm him down, Get the kit urgently so we can sedate him for now"The nurse left. I tried catching my breath, I panicked and my body started shaking, the nursecame back with a lot of injections and the doctor injecting something on my drip and he said "I am goingto need you to rest a bit and you should be fine later on" he looked at the Nurse and said "he will pass outshortly, kindly have him moved to a private room as per his family's request and arrange security right away. make sure you contacthis family to tell them the news"My head got drowsy and I lost my sight of both the doctor and the nurse.“I saw my beautiful wife and kids, we were in our car going home after a beautiful priceless dinnerat the Gateway mall, while we were driving home we were followed by a tow truck and Max Sokhulu wasin the car and he asked for me to pull over but I couldn’t, I saw a gun that he had on his hand so I pulled out mineand threw it at my wife and I told her to make use of it, i pulled out another one from my anklebut before I could react to Max's request there was shootings, two bikers were next me and theywere shooting straight at me and they shot me in my arm and I lost control of the vehicle, the kidsstarted screaming and my wife cried out loud begging for the bikers to stop, I tried swerving the carback to the road but it was already too late, my kids were being shot at and I hit the pavement onthe road and the car flew over the bridge, since my wife and I were not using seat belts we flewout of the car, I cried and prayed in silence asking God to spare my wife and kids as I was thesinner."God Please keep my wife and kids safe, I have sinned and in your eyes I am a sinner, Ihave lived to hurt people without giving a damn about it and I know this is how my punishmentstarts but God, Please allow my wife and kids to live as they are innocent and not part of all mybad doings, they have done no harm in this world and all they ever did was love me. God I knowhave cursed my family but please keep them safe lord, I beg for you to protect my family."I felt my body slammingin to the tress and i got lost in the the bush. it was dark but I could still hear gun shots and some shots were hittingthrough my chest, arms and stomach, I could hear my wife's voice still screaming "My Kids, Please spare my kids" I heard sirens and gun shots then something took fire as I heard anexplosion with flames all up in the sky”

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