Chapter Two

I woke up with the sun shining directly into my face I turned so I could get away from the sunlight but something was just too heavy on my chest and my head was just about to explode.

I looked on my chest and a hand was on top of me I looked next to me and Sonke was under the same sheets as me. I looked at myself and I was naked to the cherry. I started feeling hot and panicking.

I looked around and this was not my bedroom.

I moved Sonke’s hand to get out of bed but he pulled me back I took a deep breath in trying to figure out where am I and how the hell did I end up here naked with Sonke.

I remember being At Max and with Cindy and Noxy. I remember driving with Sonke in Noxy’s car. I remember throwing up.

But how did I get here and what the fuck happening? Did Sonke spike my drink to get me to sleep with him? I looked around again and the room looked familiar. I just couldn’t place it in my head.

I felt my body and I knew that Sonke and I had sex I looked around the floor for a condom cover but nothing.

Me: Jesus.

Sonke moved closer to me and held me from behind and he kissed my neck I struggled breathing.

Sonke: Good morning.
Me: Erm Sonke where are we?

He woke up and looked at me

Sonke: Are you having amnesia yini?

I shook my head with embarrassment I pulled the sheet to cover my boobs.

Sonke: You don’t remember?

I shook my head

Sonke: We in our house the guest room.

I looked around and then it all came back my house. The guestroom that Sonke revamped then it hit me that I am sleeping in the same bed that Vuyo slept in.

I tried waking up but I laid my head back as it felt as if there was a brick in my head.

Sonke: Relax Let me get you pain killers.

He woke up butt naked and wore a guest robe and walked out of the room.

I looked around for my phone but it was nowhere to be scene I tried waking up again but it was pointless.

Sonke walked back in with water in his hand and handed me two aspirins.

Sonke: Take this it should help.

I lifted my body up and I took the pills and he helped me drink the water then laid my head back in to the pillow.

Sonke: hungry?

I shook my head as my throat was throbbing and I had no intentions of eating.

Sonke: Let’s stay In bed until you feel better.

He took his robe out and got in back to bed and cuddled me.
I felt so hot and confused.

The last I checked we were separated how did we end up naked in the guest room? It all didn’t make sense to me. I felt like a stranger in my own body.

Sonke: I know how to make you feel better.

He started kissing my neck.

Me: My body is trying to recover
Sonke: After this is will be better
Me: No Not now
Sonke: Tired of my biggie already?

I giggled to that statement I can’t never get over Sonke’s dick even if I prayed to.

Me: No I need to feel my body again I feel like a stranger
Sonke: What do you expect? After consuming so much of alcohol?
Me: It was just ciders
Sonke: And a half bottle of Vodka

It hit me I drank Vodka and I am having black outs. Fuck. What did I say to Sonke?

Sonke: But you are very outspoken and honest when you drunk half the things of what you said last night made sense and I want you to know I am sorry for fucking your life up.

Me: It’s cool.

Sonke: So you were serious about having my kids?

My heart froze for a moment.

Me: I said that?
Sonke: That’s what you said to me before we made love you said you want me to give you more kids
Me: No

He woke up so he could have a better view of my face.

Sonke: Do you remember anything?
Me: Yes we dropped Cindy and Noxy home. I threw up in your car.
Sonke: After that?
Me: You tucked me in to bed then and then
Sonke: Then?
Me: I remember having sex and I was calling your name and I put a love bite on your neck and you went down on me and then we cuddled.
Sonke: Do you remember what you said?
Me: No
Sonke: Do you remember asking me to stay?
Me: No
Sonke: Do you remember bagging me to sleep with you?
Me: No
Sonke: Do you remember asking me to move back in because you cannot raise Yanda on your own and that you don’t want to be a single mom and if I ever cheat on you I will end up in come because you will shoot me?
Me: No
Sonke: This is unbelievable.

He woke up from the bed.

Sonke: Do you even remember our conversation?
Me: Saying what?
Sonke: Never mind.

He woke up and started dressing up.

Me: Where are you going?
Sonke: To my place
Me: Why?
Sonke: Why shouldn’t I? You don’t remember anything that we spoke about so what is the point of me staying here?
Me: But we still married.
Sonke: Temporary separated
Me: So this is how it is now?
Sonke: Do you want me to stay?

I tried to think if I was fine with all that he put me through a lot and just before I could answer him he snapped.

Sonke: I Figured
Me: Wait.

He got dressed while I sat there looking at him the headache was giving me no peace and I did not have that much energy to even run after him and beg for him to come back. I was not even sure of on what exactly he was mad about.

I just switched the Aircon on and buried my face under the pillow and for some reason I fell in to a deep sleep.

I woke up feeling so light headed and hungry I woke up from the bed and used the gown Sonke had on. I walked to the kitchen and I defrosted marinated wings and I grilled them. I drank a lot of water so I could get the alcohol out of my system.

I ran a hot bubble bath and I just laid in the water. I remember that Sonke and I had sex and I wanted to ask him if we used protection as I have been skipping my injections.

I got out of the bath tub and dried myself I looked for my phone and it was nowhere to be scene so I wrapped a towel around myself and went downstairs.

I found it on the kitchen counter with my purse and sling bag.

I plugged it on to the charge and messages started flooding through. I went to dials and I dialed Sonke’s number.

He didn’t answer but I dialed him again and he answered.

Sonke: Lee what?
Me: Why are you so mad?
Sonke: Because you don’t know ukuthi ufuna in one moment you want me and the next you not sure. I am a grown ass man and I can’t keep living like this.
Me: Give me some time okay
Sonke: Time for what?
Me: You won’t understand
Sonke: try me.
Me: Did we use a condom last night?
Sonke: You told me let’s try for a baby so we didn’t use any protection.
Me: How did I even end up in the guest room?
Sonke: You came to me ngilele and you said you wanted to cuddle.

I heard people in the background with house music.

Sonke: I can’t talk right now
Me: Where are you?
Sonke: At the car wash
Me: Where?
Sonke: KwaMashu
Me: Where?
Sonke: Wiseman’s car wash.
Me: Oh okay. Cool then
Sonke Sho.

I hung up and I charged my phone I decided to have a red square as I needed energy.

I then prepared my lunch and I ate after eating I went to clean on the bathroom and I changed the guest room bedding and then went to fix myself so I could check up on Cindy.

I wore my denim shorts vest and with my long denim shirt with gold sandals and gold studs.

I grabbed another bottle of cider and I got in to my BMW.

The time was now 12pm so I decided to hit a quick stop at the salon and do my hair and nails.

I stopped at uMhlanga and I upbraided my hair I put an 8 inch Peruvian weave then I did my nails and I drove to Entuzuma.

Cindy’s car was parked outside just like we left it at night but her door was opened and I could tell she was probably cleaning or cooking. I knocked on the door and she said come in as if she knew it was me.

Me: hey
Cindy: Girl
Me: You look good
Cindy: No you look stunning
Me: Oh the hairdo?
Cindy: Yes
Me: but I am hung
Cindy: Have more cinders
Me: I am having red square
Cindy: Good girl Food?
Me: Oh No
Cindy: I just finished cook Hubby is  probably on his way back with his mom.
Me: Happy?
Cindy: I missed him
Me: I can tell
Cindy: Sonke?
Me: His mad at me
Cindy: Why?
I threw up in his car

Cindy cracked up with laughter.

Cindy: How I mean what the hell
Me: Lapho I have black outs and we fucked

Cindy laughed out loud again.

Cindy: What happened to you?
Me: Vodka it does this to me
Cindy: Well thank God is was hubby
Me: I wouldn’t make that mistake with anyone trust me I am crazy when I drink Vodka and Sonke can handle me.
Cindy: Haibo and we hit that girl
Me: Which girl
Cindy: Sam Samantha something like that
Me: We hit her?
Cindy: Me and Noxy
Me: I don’t remember
Cindy: we got kicked out of Max nje

I laughed so hard at the same time I was sad that I didn’t remember.

Me: No ways
Cindy: After that I remember nothing
Me: Getting home?
Cindy: Lutho
Me: Sonke ended up driving all of us home King drove your car
Cindy: Jesu
Me: Sonke wanted to call Njabulo to come pick you up
Cindy: I would have been dumped nje
Me: Tell me about it.

We sat on the veranda and drank our ciders. Around 4.30pm I decided to drive home as I had to prepare for the next day.

I got home around 5.30pm then I ordered Pizza and took a shower. Pizza arrived and I dug in then I chose my outfit for the week to compliment my hairdo and then I dived in to bed.

I woke up just before 6.30am I took a shower then I wore my flare jumpsuit with a white tight boob top I put on my black heels and I grabbed my work staff and put it in to my car.

I made a smoothie then I locked the house and drove to work.

Sonke's car was already parked when I drove in I parked next to his car and the walked inside the office.

I walked straight in to my office and then started off with my work.

Around 1pm I ordered lunch from the canteen and it was delivered to me I dug in then I got back to work.

At 3.30pm someone knocked on my door and it opened without my approval.

Sonke: Lethu

I turned to look at the door and it was Sonke.

Damn he was looking fine as ever that I wanted to strip him naked right there.

Damn he was looking fine as ever that I wanted to strip him naked right there.

Me: Hi
Sonke: Wow you look beautiful
Me: Oh Thank you
Sonke: When did you have the time to do your hair?
Me: Izolo come in

He closed the door behind him and walked in and sat opposite me.

Sonke: How are you feeling?
Me: My body is exhausted but I am managing
Sonke: Good
Me: And you?
Sonke: I am fresh
Me: I am glad
Sonke: Listen I am going to be away for a month I need to go to Europe for some business with king.
Me: A month?
Sonke: Yes

I took a deep breath in I was ready to nag him but then I realized he was not asking me. He was telling me.

Me: Okay
Sonke: So I need you and Yanda to be safe
Me: We always are
Sonke: I will have extra security at home and here at the office
Me: Okay
Sonke: And I will Skype you
Me: When do you leave?
Sonke: Tomorrow
Me: So Soon
Sonke: It’s urgent King just informed me.
Me: Ey Okay.
Sonke: This will give you enough time to figure things out about us
Me: What do you mean?
Sonke: When I land I want to know if I am coming home or going through with the divroce.
Me: Sonke.
Sonke: I love you and don’t ever forget that
Me: I know
Sonke: I will come over tonight to pack some of my staff
Me: Okay.

He woke up and closed the door behind him.
I was hurt at the fact that he was leaving I missed him just before he could even go.

For some strange reason I started crying I shut my MacBook down and I laid my head on my hands on the table and I just broke down.

Just when I thought we could work things out and he goes away. Not seeing him for the entire month of May is going to kill me.

The door opened and I lifted my head up and to see who it was and to my surprise it was Sonke.

Me: Hey

I started wiping tears out of my face and felt so embarrassed with my pride crushed.

Sonke: You okay

I looked away trying not to meet with his eyes.

Me: Yeah Okay
Sonke: You sure?
Me: yeah what’s up?
Sonke: I wanted to know what time you do finish maybe we could do supper before I go
Me: Well you know I have to put in extra hours so I finish at 7.30pm.
Sonke: You can finish at 4 today. I will pick you up around 5 for supper.
Me: Okay
Sonke: Are you sure you okay?
Me: Yes I am
Sonke: Okay.

He walked out closing the door behind him.

I wiped my face and I completed the rest of my walk. I sent an email to the team telling them I will finish early but they can find me on my phone if there are any emergencies.

I packed my staff and I headed to the parking Sonke had already left as his car was not in the parking. I got in to my car and I drove home.

There was no traffic so it didn’t take me that long to get in to my place.

I got home and I took a shower then I changed in to my jeans and vest with baby heels.

I fixed my make-up I went downstairs and Sonke pulled up on the drive way with Mamiki and Yanda.

I went to kiss Yanda but that fatty was sleeping on her rocker.

Sonke: Ukufuzile
Me: Oh hell no

I took her out of her rocker and carried her in to the house.

Sonke followed me with Yanda and Mamiki’s overnight bags and left them in the lounge.

Mamiki took Yanda to her room.

Sonke and I decided to go so we will come back early and spend time with Yanda.

We waited for Mamiki to come down from upstairs and we told her then we were left.

We decided to use my car and we drove to uMhlanga at 19th Avenue.

Sonke took the lead as if he had this planned for weeks.

We were taken to our seat by the waiter and Sonke ordered our starters.

Sonke: Umuhle
Me: I am getting so much of compliments lately
Sonke: Angazi you just glowing lately
Me: Really
Sonke: Are you in love?

I laughed out as he was trying to charm me.

Me: I think so
Sonke: Lucky guy
Me: I know

We looked at each other and we smiled.

Our starters arrived and it was garlic bread with chicken Peri-Peri source wings.

The waiter then came with a bottle of white wine.

Sonke: Enjoy
Me: Thank you

I said a silent prayer and then I dug in the food was just out of this world. Sonke and I enjoyed it and I could just tell with me just looking at him.

After our starters we had our main meal which was pork strips brazed with a grilled lamb and steak.

It tasted out of this world even the wine went down smooth that I even forgot Sonke was leaving in the next few hours.

After the main meal I was beyond being full I kept yarning as I was full.

Sonke: Baby you enjoyed your food
Me: Too Much
Sonke: Nami yazi
Me: I could tell
Sonke: You look happy
Me: Food makes me happy
Sonke: I know

I blushed as he said those words he knows just what I need at what time.

Sonke: Want to take a walk at the beach?
Me: Desert?
Sonke: Wakaberry?

My heart melted.

Me: Yes Please.

He signaled for the waiter and he attended to us he asked for the bill. I excused myself to powder my nose.

I walked to the ladies and I fixed my make-up then I applied my lip gloss as I felt chances of me and Sonke kissing.

I then walked back to our table and Sonke was already waiting on me.

I followed him out in to the car and we drove to Wakaberry. Finding parking was not much of a hassle like it always is.

We go off and we walked to Wakaberry and we mixed our frozen yogurts then we walked out to the pillar. We decided to walk in the sand and we sat on the rocks.

We were not saying much to each other but it felt as it our hearts were doing the talking as we just blushed every time our eyes met.

Sonke: Remember the last time we were here?
Me: You made a lot of promises
Sonke: We Promised to make it work at whatever costs.
Me: I still love you
Sonke: I will always love
Me: What are we going to do about it
Sonke: I want my family back
Me: Me Too
Sonke: Me going away is going to give us enough time to know what we want moving on from all of this is going to be hard but through it all I want my family Lethu. I miss us.
Me: Not as much as I do and I know we are stronger then this
Sonke: I am glad we are on the same page.

I smiled to him and he did our heads moved in closer to each other but he pulled away as if he wanted to tell me something then he kissed my forehead.

We looked at each other then he looked away.

Me: Are you okay?
Sonke: Yes. You?
Me: You seem strange
Sonke: I got a lot on my mind
Me: Like?
Sonke: This trip
Me: What do you mean
Sonke: I will be attending a lot of meetings and I am just hoping things will go well
Me: Whatever it is Please be safe
Sonke: And please keep safe and indoors until I am back
Me: I will try
Sonke: Don’t try Listen to me and do as I ask
Me: Okay

We both stayed silent for a while

Me: Drugs?
Sonke: I don’t want to discuss this right now
Me: Okay.

He opened up his arm.

Sonke: Let’s go.

I out my hand in his arm and we walked to the car we got in and he started driving home Sonke held on to my hand and he used his one hand to drive.

It took me back to how we were even way before we could get married I was just trying off this relationship and I had no idea we will end up here.

I love Sonke so much that I would die should anything happen to him.

I could feel that he is hiding something from me but I didn’t want to over stress and worry too much. I trust Sonke and I know he has everything under control.

We got home and Mamiki was watching some Indian channel on TV we apologized for disturbing her but she said she was sleepy already so we let her go.

I went to my bedroom and washed my face and then changed to my warm PJ’s and I started packing some of Sonke’s clothes.

 He came up after a few minutes carrying Yanda.

Me: Wow she is awake at this time?
Sonke: I woke her up. I Just couldn’t leave without my baby seeing me
Me: You make it seem like you are leaving tonight
Sonke: I need to be on the flight by 3.30am
Me: Why so early
Sonke: We need to be early
Me: Okay
Sonke: Thanks for packing for me
Me: it’s the least I can do

He smiled while Yanda played with his beard.

Sonke was hiding something from me deep down I knew it had nothing to do with a woman but it had something to do with his business and king.

I packed his staff and he played with Yanda until he was done.

He placed his luggage aside and asked me to come sit with them in the bed.

Yanda was sleepy and she laid on his chest while I sat next to him.

We sat in silence until Yanda drifted off in to sleep Sonke left her on his side and he just moved over and kissed me unexpectedly.
With the shock I got I placed my hands on his chest ready to push him away but I wanted him to kiss me so I kissed him back.

For the first time in a long time we kissed a passionate kiss without interruptions or being skeptical.

I fell backwards on the pillow and he followed my lead but we were disturbed with Yanda moving.

Sonke stopped kissing me and he woke up picked her up and rocked her till she fell back to sleep. I woke up to look at myself in the mirror.

I won’t see my husband for the next month and I am dressed in warm PJ’s looking like a bear.

I felt his hands on my waist and he kissed my neck.

Sonke: Where were we?

He continued kissing my neck while I stared at him from the mirror. He stopped and looked in the mirror and we looked at each other in the mirror with my head against his chest. He rested his chin on my head and wrapped his hands tighter on my waist and smiled.

He turned me around and we kissed like crazy this time around it was as if we haven’t kissed in years.

I stopped and looked at him.

Me: Yanda is sleeping here
Sonke: I know.

He just went on and kissed me again and my knees got weak right away.

He stopped and took my hand and I followed him he walked out of our bedroom in to the boy’s room.

He switched the lights on and kissed moving all the way to the bed we kissed until we reached the bed and he laid me down and got on top of me.

I started getting nervous and he could sense it.

Sonke Relax I got you.

I closed my eyes and then we kissed he started undressing me and I help undress him and before I knew it he was inside me and he was so gentle and slow. I was moaning his name while he groaned in pleasure. His body felt so warm against mine that I wanted to be stuck on him forever.

He grinded on me while I left bites on his shoulders This time around we were not fucking but we were making love. Love that had so much connection. We kissed in between the sex and he stayed on top of me until we reached a climax.

We kissed and then cuddled in bed he held me tight in to his arms until I fell asleep.

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