Thirteen Part Two

Chapter Thirteen Part Two

I smiled as he ran his hands on my face and tucking my hair behind my ear.

Me: I am sorry too. I haven’t been the best person to be married to.

I am sorry for the cheating temper moods and separations. I know it has not been easy for you too but you held it down for us and made sure Yanda and I have a home.

I leaned over and I kissed his lips then help me with applying sun protect on my skin.

Then I laid on his chest. He switched his phone on and went to his Instagram for a live video. He started a live video saying how much he loved me and I added my input that I am his ride or die.

He also added it on WhatsApp then we started viewing our old pictures on Instagram.

Looking the picture of out late 5 kids didn’t hurt as much as it did before it actually gave me the strength that my marriage can survive anything and I will kill for Sonke. That is one promise I have made to myself now.

We ate out fruits while sipping on our drinks Sonke took pictures of me in the beach with my bikini and of us together while swimming.

We watched the sun go down then we decided to drive back home before it could get colder.

We drove home while I cuddled in his chest falling asleep right where I belong.

When we reached home we unpacked everything in the car then we took a hot bath together. He took a nap after bathing so I decided to spoil him too. I went downstairs and I placed scented candles in the lounge and I placed pillows and a shawl down on the mat I called Mr. Delivery and I ordered chicken licken wings and pizza then I made salad and chocolate mousse desert and I left it on the fridge.

I quickly changed in to my black and pink lingerie and I wore my warm gown and slippers over. Once the delivery arrived I played the best of Luther Vandross music videos and I sat on the lounge sipping on my wine. He didn’t come down for over 15 minute so I decided to warm the food and I set the place then I called him.

He answered on a 5th ring his voice was way too deep and I could tell he was in a deep sleep.

Sonke: Babe.

Me: Vuka Phela Love.

Sonke: Eish what is the time?

Me: 7.30pm.

Sonke: Where are you?

Me: Downstairs waiting for you.

Sonke: Nxese babe I am coming.

Me: Please bring a blanket.

Sonke: Okay Love.

I looked at myself in mirror and I loosened my gown a bit revealing my cleavage.

I looked at myself in the mirror again and I looked too cute to be normal and my boobs looked fuller but then my bubble burst when I realized that I was getting my periods so I couldn’t be pregnant even though I feel like I am.

I heard Sonke running down the stairs but then the footsteps sound stopped as he was close y.

Me: Lee.

I smiled to myself.

Me: Lounge.

He slowly walked down the lounge stairs and he spotted my face in the mist of the dark.

Sonke: Wow.

He slowly walked down with the blanket in his hand.

Me: I hope you don’t mind having supper here with me today.

Sonke: Not at all.

I woke up and we at on the shawl and adjusted the cushions.

Me: I made pizza.

He looked at me and laughed out loud.

Me: Ngampela.

He tasted the pizza and then looked at me.

Me: I didn’t know we own debonair now.

I laughed out loud as I got caught.

He kissed me in between the eating.

Me: Thank you the deco just turned me on.

I laughed out loud.

Me: Don’t rush the desert is coming.

He blushed as he continued eating his pizza and then to the wings and his beer.

He fed me and I did the same and after eating we had the desert and then we cuddled near the fire place with the candles and TV on. We cuddled and kissed in between leaving love bites on each other.

I woke up and walked to the lounge to refill my wine and get his beer then I walked back in to the room unplanned my gown opened and Sonke’s eye widened so I quickly stopped and covered myself.

Sonke: No no.

He woke up and placed his hands on my waist and started kissing my neck.

Sonke: I’ve never seen this lingerie.

Me: I got it for Christmas but I just couldn’t wait that long.

Sonke: You love the big man neh?

Me: I think you mean my addiction.

Sonke: I got a freak of a wife.

Me: It takes the right guy to bring out a woman’s inner freak J

Sonke blushed and pulled me towards him and moved closer to kiss me then pulled away.

Me: This robe did not reveal all this by mistake.

He laughed out loud.

Sonke: I love you.

We kissed while he ran his hands over me but it was torture as I had the glass of wine in one hand and beer on another hand.

Me: Babe.

Sonke: I can’t stop now.

He kissed me while slowly removing the gown off me I couldn’t literally feel myself dripping as I wanted him so much so I kneeled down and placed the glass and beer on the floor and I removed his pants and started licking my boss. He started groaning and slowly moving his dick in to my mouth. I didn’t back down but I gave him what he needed until he couldn’t take no more of me pleasing him. I woke up and sat him on the shawl while he watched me undress. He looked at me like I was some sort of candy that he has always been dying to eat.

I wanted to please him a bit more but he woke up and placed me against the wall and pulled down my thong and started eating me. I moaned in pleasure as I whispered his name my whole body vibrated as he made me cum with his tongue.

He got up and lifted my one leg and entered me without any side my pussy accommodated him as it has been longing for him. He started pressing on me slowly with slight on increased as I scratched his back due to such pleasant feeling. My body tightened and I felt the woman in me ready to blast out and it did without any warning. He laid down on the shawl and I started grinding him while his hands held me tight on my butt and smacking it with every chance he got. I need he was ready to reach that cloud as I felt his body getting tensed. He lifted me up and placed me on the couch with my legs in the air and he started fucking me hard while I screamed in pleasure. I felt his boys splashing in to me then he collapsed on his knees and placed his head on my stomach. I got up and started kissing him and he did not waste any time in kissing me back.

We then cuddled on the floor until we both passed out.

The next morning I woke him up to go to church but he was out of it so we walked in to the bedroom I showered got dressed and drove to church.


I switched the radio on and played kirk franklin on my way to church.

Life felt good and I sure as felt too blessed to have a dull moment.

When I arrived at church I went to confess and then I went to the main service which ended in an hour then I drove to Sisanda apartment to check on her since I couldn’t speak much on with her over the phone.

I drove in to the complex and parked my card in the visitors parking then I walked up to her apartment.

I knocked two knocks and then she opened with her PJ’s on.

Me: Sorry am I disturbing you.

She gave me a huge smile and hugged me tight.

Sisanda: I am so glad you came.

She opened the door wide allowing me to walk inside the flat.

I walked in and the place was sparkling clean.

Sisanda: Coffee?

Me: Hot chocolate would do.

Sisanda: Coming right up.

I sat on the couch while she made my hot chocolate in the kitchen.

Me: So how is this place?

Sisanda: best. I don’t think I have ever been this free in my entire life.

Me: I am happy to hear that.

Sisanda: I also have a follow up interview this weekend with your friend.

Me: My friend?

Sisanda: Yes the one you gave my CV too.

I smiled as she said that I emailed her CV to one of our client who just expended his business.

Me: That is great.

Sisanda: I’ve always wanted to work in a shipping company.

Me: Then you will love working there.

She walked over with two cups of hot chocolate with cream and mush mellows on the top.

Me: Mhh this looks yummy.

Sisanda: I am glad you love it.

Me: trying to make me fat?

Sisanda: No at all.

She sat opposite me and we enjoyed the hot chocolate.

Me: How are the kids?

Sisanda: They are good yazi I cannot wait to be up and working so I can take them.

Me: I am sure they miss you.

Sisanda: I miss them too much.

Me: Sonke misses you too.

She stopped drinking her hot chocolate and looked at me.

Sisanda: I wish things were different.

Me: Please come over sometimes for dinner or supper.

She nodded her head.

Sisanda: I will.

Me: What about your mom?

Sisanda: She is not my mom.

Me: But she raised you in to the woman that you are now.

Sisanda: But she has never loved me the way I should have been loved.

Me: I am sorry.

Sisanda: Sometimes I feel like she blamed me for her husband cheating on her.

Me: I am sure she didn’t see you that way.

Sisanda: She did the only person that loved me was Sonke there is never day where I felt like he is not my brother because he made sure he provides for us as a family. We were close until life happened.

Me: He is your brother never allow other people to come between the two of you.

Sisanda: I know. Just that I loved Sithembiso Lethu having to choose my family over him almost killed me.

Me: Kanti what happened?

Sisanda: He didn’t tell you?

Me: No.

Sisanda: He paid Vuyo to seduce Sithembiso and he took pictures and sent them to me and I broke up with Sithembiso.

Me: No ways.

Sisanda: Yep I fell for the trap and he also got hurt in the process because Sithembiso ended up cheating with Vuyo and she fell pregnant but ended up terminating the baby because she didn’t know who the child’s father was between the two of them was.

Me: Oh my God.

Sisanda laughed.

Sisanda: The funny thing is that Sonke fell in love with Vuyo but it was too late because she had already caught feelings with my man.

Me: It must have been hard for you.

Sisanda: I managed the pain but he couldn’t with those hoes he was dating.

Me: But maybe it was for the best Sithembiso was not a good guy.

Sisanda: They had their beef after Sithembiso started fucking with Noma and he fucked with Lisa. Things became messy.

Me: This does not sound like Sonke.

Sisanda: But it’s over now. I know the truth.

Me: truth?

Sisanda: Vuyo hired someone to have Sithembiso killed I know it was not Sonke.

Me: Why would she wants her husband killed? Didn’t she love him? And how do you know all this?

Sisanda: Funny neh the things we do for money.

Me: How could she?

Sisanda: She is a hoe that is why.

Me: I know she has been all over Sonke lately.

Sisanda: you need to put her in her place.

Me: I don’t think that is my duty Sonke should do it.

Sisanda: Sonke and mom will always have a soft spot for Vuyo. You might be the wife but I am sure mom secretly wish Vuyo was the wife.

My heart broke as she said that I just wanted to run out and cry in my car.

I took a sip of my chocolate.

Sisanda: But we all know Sonke loves you and only you you are his light and he is you sky. You guys are inseparable because you are meant for each other.

Me: I love Sonke more than anything.

Sisanda: And Sonke loves you Sonke would kill the entire country for you alone. Just don’t ever cheat on him.

I took another sip of my chocolate trying to hide the guilt.

Me: I will never.

She smiled and then looked at her cup and then back at me.

Sisanda: I didn’t give you a chance and I want to apologize to you I thought you were a spoiled brat who just cared about herself and no one else. When I sent you a text I really didn’t think you were going to respond.

I laughed.

Me: It’s okay Even Sonke thought I was a spoiled brat.

We both bust out laughing.

Me: thank you for giving me a chance.

Sisanda: I have been an ass and I am sorry for it.

Me: I can only accept your apology in one condition.

Sisanda: And that is?

Me: You come over for Sonke’s 30th birthday party.

She took a deep breath with a worry look on her face.

Me: Please.

Sisanda: Can I at least think about it?

Me: Yes you can.

Sisanda: Okay thank you. How is Yanda?

Me: That Rascal she is visiting your mom for the weekend. We needed some quality time.

Sisanda: Mhh I saw your instagrame live chat.

I laughed out loud.

Sisanda: I am glad you guys are still holding it down.

Me: Prayer.

Sisanda: It helps.

Me: True.

Sisanda: More hot chocolate? Or I can make you something to eat.

Me: Oh No thank you I am sure Sonke is about to send out the whole entire police force to look for me.

She laughed out loud and shook her head.

Sisanda: For you? 100% he would.

I blushed to those words.

Me: Let me go please think about coming over I will give you one week.

Sisanda: Okay 7 days?

Me: Yes.

We hugged and then I walked to my car all smiley u really didn’t care about half the things she told me about the past I was just looking forward in to being with my husband.

I got in to the car and I drove to Durban north and I collected a few snacks and meat to cook for lunch.

Just when I was pushing my trolley in to the parking I spotted Vuyo getting out of her SUV.

I turned quickly so she would not see me I packed my grocery in to the boot and pushed the trolley aside so I will not be interrupted when driving out.

But it was too late as I heard her voice behind me.

Vuyo: Mrs. Shange.

I turned as if I was surprised to see her.

Me: Oh Wow Vuyo you look good.

Vuyo: Oh my Thank you it’s called love.

Me: Damn so soon? But then finally. I am happy for you.

Vuyo: Thank you pity your marriage is not doing so well.

Me: Pity you not to close to use to know how great we are doing.

Vuyo: I guess you are viewing your marriage in rose coloured glasses.

I burst out laughing at that statement.

Me: Yes it do because even with a naked us I see bliss.

She laughed and shook her head and came closer to me.

Vuyo: You know what the sad thing Lethu is is that you are stuck with Sonke whether he hurts you or break you you will never ever be able to move on from him because he will kill every guy you attempt to be with like how he has killed all the losers you tried to fuck with. So nje I don’t blame you for sticking with him even though your heart is no longer there. Your life is screwed either ways.

My heart got weary I felt as if I was running out of breath and tears threatened my eyes but I fake a smile.

Me: That is because I will kill every bitch he tries to move with.

I winked my eye and walked past her leaving her with a smirk smile.

I got in to my car and reversed out and drove in to my house.

My whole entire mood changed instead of going I wanted to hit a U-turn to gateway and go drink my fears away. Questions ran through my head.

Was Vuyo right?

Was Sonke involved in having Raymond and Marcus killed?

Am I too scared to move on because I will be lonely?

I closed my eyes for a moment trying to get all these thoughts out of my head but I was distracted by a hoot from behind me and I realised I am driving on an incoming lane so I quickly moved back to my lane and dropped my speed.

The guy car behind me over took me and he drove on my side it was a young lady who seemed to be my age. I opened the window and she screamed out if I was okay and I smiled and said I was she asked me to be safe and I thanked her warning me she smiled and drove off.

I got in to my gate and I drove in and parked the car in the garage. I wished I could stay inside the car as I just couldn’t see Sonke at this very moment all the fears I have been avoiding and brainwashing are slowly creeping in again.

I took the grocery bags and walked in to the kitchen.

Sonke was dressed in his light blue denim and white sweater with white diesel sneakers he stood in the microwave as he was busy warming something.

Me: And now?

I walked in with the packets and left them on the counter.

Me: Where are you going?

He took out his sticky wings from the microwave and turned to look at me.

Sonke: I have been waiting over and hour for you.

Me: Why?

Sonke: What do you mean why? You left your phone in the house and I couldn’t even get hold of you.

Me: But I told you I am going to church.

Sisanda: I know just that it took you forever to come back from church.

Our eyes met as he said that so I looked away and started unpacking the grocery.

He stood against the fridge eating the chicken while he looked at me as I walked up and down the kitchen putting.

Sonke: I know you went to see Sisanda.

I stopped with what I was doing but then I continued trying to not look so guilty.

Me: And who told you that?

Sonke: SMS from Sisanda.

I stopped and looked at him.

Me: You went through my phone?

Sonke: I didn’t see anything wrong with that we married.

I shook my head and I started thawing the meat.

I felt his hands around my waist and a kiss on my neck.

Sonke: I am not mad at you you are a good person and you want to see everyone happy.

My heart felt at ease but at the same time it was heavy as I wanted to know the truth about Marcus and Raymond.

Me: Thank you.

I turned around and I looked at him.

Me: I need to ask you something

He kissed my neck and ignored me.

Me: Sonke Please.

He stopped and looked at me while playing with my hair.

Sonke: Mhh Babe.

Me: Were you involved in having Raymond and Marcus killed?

He stopped and stared at me.

Sonke: Ray?? Marc?? Remind me who are those people again?

Me: Marcus my ex Sonke.

Sonke: Oh that guy.

Me: And Raymond.

Sonke: The lawyer dude?

Me: Yes.

Sonke: Really?

Me: Yes really did you have them killed?

Sonke: Why would I?

I pushed him aside and I walked to the lounge but he followed me.

Sonke: Is this what was said at church? That I killed your side niggers?

Me: No Vuyo told me.

Sonke: Vuyo?

Me: Yes Vuyo. She knows everything about us even things you hide from me.

Sonke: So you married to Vuyo now?

Me: Wena you are loyal to Vuyo now? Her pussy is that good?

He slapped me across my face but I managed to balance with the couch.

Me: That was a question.

I walked out of the lounge to the patio to get away from him.

I breathe fast in and out to keep tears from falling out of my eyes.

I felt his presence as I overlooked the pool.

Sonke: After a great time together things get to this.

Me: I just want you to be honest with me for once.

Sonke: Fine I did arrange for a car accident for Raymond and Marcus. I will never share you with anyone as long as I live and I told you that before we could even date. You are mine and I am yours. Don’t ever forget that.

I hugged myself and squeezed my waist to control the pain it felt like I am the reason why both these man are dead. If I didn’t get involved with them they would still be alive.

I felt tears falling down from my eyes the pain was too much. It was not because I loved either of them but it was because I was in-denial thinking Sonke didn’t do it but I was wrong.

I was not angry at Sonke but I was angry at myself for allowing this to happen.

I stood for over 15 minute in one place staring at the pool it started drizzling and the breeze blew my hair.

Sonke: King and JT invited us to go Eyadini for Inyama and chill.

I shook my head.

Me: You can go I don’t think I am up for it.

I wiped my tears and I turned around but Sonke was no longer behind me. I walked in to the lounge and he sat on the couch in silence with the TV off. I walked to my bedroom and I changed in to warm clothes and I went through my phone.

I wanted to keep my mind occupied but my heart was just heavy.

I was in no mood of driving or leaving the comfort of my home so I decided to bake.

I walked to the kitchen and I wore my apron. The weather changed from bad to worse it started thundering and the hail stared falling. I really didn’t care much.

I took out my baking mix and started making my chocolate cake I decided to roast lamb and veggies while I am at it for supper.

I poured myself a glass of wine and started drinking it.

I turned and I spotted Sonke sitting on a high chair that my glass dropped.

Me: You scared me.

He just stared at me.

I started cleaning the mess as he sat in silence looking at me until I was done then I went back to my baking.

Sonke: I am sorry for slapping you.

I didn’t respond to him.

Sonke: All I try to do is protect you and not hurt you.

I turned and looked at him.

Me: And kill innocent people?

Sonke: I did not kill them with my bare hands I arranged for the hits.

Me: Bottom line is you arranged it.

Sonke: Okay Yes I arranged it how else was I supposed to deal with it.

Me: How did I deal with your infidelities?

Sonke: You are a woman not a man Lethu. They wanted to take you away from me and our kids. I could not sit around and let them do that.

Me: You are crazy.

Sonke: Ys about you.

He got up from the chair and walked to me. He placed his hands on my shoulders.

Sonke: Ngiyakuthanda babe I don’t want to lose you.

My heart sank.

Sonke: I regret for ever having them killed but if I have to kill for you I would do it again. Babe you are my everything and I am nothing without you.

My heart started aching and I felt as if I was running out of breath.

He kissed me and I could not pull back as I wished I could I kissed him back as a sign that I am forgiving him even though the guilt was too much for me to handle.

He stopped and looked at me and kissed my forehead.

Sonke: Please forgive me for being so imperfect.

I smiled not even looking at him.

Sonke: You need help?

Me: No I am good.

Sonke: Let me warm the cottage pie for lunch then we can watch Netflix.

Me: Okay.

I took out my roasted meat and placed it in the warmer I took my cake out and applied the cream and decorated it then I left it in the fridge.

I went to wash my face and then went to the lounge and cuddled in his arms while I waited for the storm to pass so we could fetch Yanda.

We watched the Game of thrones but I passed out in his arms.

I was woken up by something heavy sitting on my stomach and it was Yanda. She smiled as soon as our eyes met and she started kissing me all over my face.

Sonke started laughing and I knew he was too blame.

Sonke: Dinner is ready?

Me: Kanti what is the time?

Sonke: 5.30pm.

Me: I slept for two hours?

Sonke: And more I even drove home to pick Yanda up.

Me: I guess I was exhausted I still feel tired.

Sonke: Both you and Yanda she struggled getting up.

Me: I guess it is the weather.

I looked outside and it was still raining.

Sonke: The food will get cold come.

I woke up and carried Yanda to the living room I buckled her in her chair and sat down. The food smelled good and I felt hungry as if I have not eaten in days.

Me: Thank you for taking over and setting the table.

Sonke: Anything for you.

We smiled and we said grace and dug in. after supper Sonke tucked Yanda in then we showered and snuggled in bed.


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