Sixteen Part Two

The three of them looked at each other.

Me: She? Her? Who?

I looked at Bantu and he cleared his throat.

King: Lisa is behind all this.

Me: Lisa? How did she get in to Sonke’s car?

King: She managed to get in to my yard and when Sonke was visiting me she planted the drugs in to Sonke’s car.

Me: That bitch.

Sizwe: But the finger prints says something else.

The three of us looked at Sizwe.

Sizwe: It picked up three finger prints on the bag one which belongs to Lisa another to Lisa’s hit man and another to Vuyo.

Me: Vuyo?

King: Fuck.

Bantu: Damn.

King: Why would Vuyo be so damn stupid so this was planned?

Sizwe: Looks like it

Me: Wait hold on a minute. What does Vuyo got to do with all of this?

Bantu: Vuyo is working with Lisa in bringing Sonke down.

Me: why?

King: Good question.

Me: Fuck No.

I woke up and walked and I started looking around for my phone and shit I remembered that it is in Virginia. I banged the table.

Me: I need to see that bitch.

King: Not a good idea.

Bantu: They both tried to have you and Yanda killed last night.

Me: What?

Sizwe: Whoa

King: They sent hit man to get rid of Lethu and Yanda lucky you got to me and Bantu fast.

Me: They want to kill me? But why?

Bantu: Sonke will get to the bottom of this Lethu we just need to get Sonke out and he will take it from there.

I shook my head as my heart beat raced I know Vuyo wants Sonke but to kill me and Lisa what the fuck are these bitches up to.

Sizwe: Well guys since I have everything together I will hand it to the judge tomorrow morning. I have emailed all copies to you king should anything happen to me.

Bantu: That is what I was thinking maybe you should also stay here until Sonke is out.

Sizwe: No I am a big dog these bitches got nothing on me.

King: Bantu is right at least here it is secured.

Sizwe: Do you think they would?

Bantu: They know we have them on their tail and Lisa has tried to kill Sonke once and then Lethu who knows who is she will attack.

Me: Noxy.

Bantu: Security is already at her house along with Sonke’s family Enanda.

King: Good thinking Bantu.

Me: What are we going to tell them?

King: That Vuyo and Lisa is trying to kill Sonke’s family because they want the business that’s all.

Sizwe: Eish so I should get someone to pick clothes up from my place.

King: I will send a driver.

Me: My phone is also in Virginia.

King: I will go with you and you can pack what you need.

Me: Okay.

Bantu: Go now while Yanda is still sleeping Kate will look after her when she wakes up.

Me: About Kate why didn’t you tell me she is here?

Bantu: That is a story for another day.

Me: I see.

King: Lethu shall we?

Me: Yeah sure.

Sizwe: Wait she should wear a bullet proof vest.

I laughed out loud.

Me: Really now.

King: The car is bullet proof.

Bantu: Okay.

I walked in to Kings Car and he drove to my house.

It was a bit awkward in the car as I was just too shocked with the fact that Vuyo tried to kill me for what? Everything just didn’t add up.

We got in to my house I packed Yanda’s staff and then I packed my staff.

The house was still sparkling clean just as I left it I could have sworn no one tried to break in.

I gathered my toiletries along with Yanda’s food.

Bantu was busy on his phone when I walked in to the lounge he heard my footsteps so he stopped typing and looked at me and faked a smile.

Bantu: Ready?

Me: Yep.

Bantu: Will you need your car?

Me: Not really.

Bantu: Okay let’s go.

We locked the house as I reset the alarm and then we got in to the car and we drove off.

I checked on my phone and it had a lot of missed calls from a landline number but I really didn’t have the energy to look up the number or even call back. The moment we got in to SmallVille I charged my phone and I bath Yanda who was wide awake playing with Mathema. I changed in to comfortable clothes then I sat up in my room starring in to my MacBook doing absolutely nothing.

My phone rang again with a landline number slightly different then the missed calls ones.

Me: Hello

A man spoke very promptly and professionally asking me if I was Mrs. Shange. I said yes without even asking who it was. He then said please hold on the line. I familiar voice popped up on the other side saying baby.

Me: Hello Sonke?

Sonke: Yes babe it’s me.

My panic voice came through unintentionally.

Me: Baby…

Sonke: God I miss you.

Me: Please tell me you okay?

Sonke: Baby you know me Jail doesn’t scare me.

Me: Don’t talk like that.

Sonke: Sorry babe But I will be out soon okay.

Me: We miss you.

Sonke: Yanda and my unborn baby are okay?

Me: I am trying not to stress babe Yanda on the other side is taking advantage at the fact that you are not around being naughty as always

Sonke: It runs in our blood baby

Me: She misses you though

Sonke: I am missing all of you so much I can’t talk for long baby my nigger is just helping me out with this call.

Me: Are you allowed visitors now?

Sonke: Not as yet baby I will see the judge tomorrow so we will see afterwards.

Me: King and Sizwe got a lead.

Sonke: I am innocent babe this was just a misunderstanding.

Me: Definitely.

Sonke: I have to go don’t tell anyone I called you okay.

Me: Not even King?

Sonke: I don’t trust anyone right now Sithandwa sami No one please.

Me: Okay babe. I love you.

Sonke: I love you more.

Then I heard a dead line tone I held my phone tight in to my chest as I watched Yanda walking around from one point to another with toys in her hands playing houses.

I paged my phone and looked through our pictures until someone knocked on the door.

Me: Come in.

Mathema walked in with a trey full on fruits and snacks. She smiled and headed her way towards me but was stopped my Yanda begging to be carried.

Mathema and I just burst out laughing she placed the trey on my side table and carried her but she cried to be put down because she wanted the fruits on the trey. Mathema let her be.

Mathema: She loves food this one.

Me: She probably eats for me too.

Mathema laughed as she sat next to me on the bed.

Mathema: Are you okay?

Me: I am trying to be strong especially for my kids.

Mathema: I never knew how brave you were until I witness all the tribulations you have been through.

Me: It’s all God.

Mathema: And you faith in him.

I nod my head.

Mathema: Prayer helps in times like these.

Me: Thank you Ma.

She held on to my hand a sign to be strong and woke up and headed to the door.

Yanda was already eating the banana as she looked at me with her mouth all stuffed up and we shared a laughter together.

I ate the fruits and decided to make Yanda sleep as I needed to nap it didn’t take that long for both of us to get in to a sleep mode. Later I was woken up by Bantu telling me dinner was ready I woke Yanda up and we went downstairs and we ate dinner.

Bantu told me to be ready at 7am the next day as we need to be in court early. After dinner I bath and bath Yanda and we cuddled in bed watching cartoons on my MacBook until Yanda fell asleep and I snuggled next to her until I dozed off.

I woke up with my alarm ringing in the morning I switched it off and I woke up and took a shower then I wore my pencil dress that showed off my baby bun. Yanda woke up just before I could finish applying make-up I decided to bath her as I was early after bathing her I dressed up in to one of her summer dresses as it was beyond being hot then we went downstairs to have breakfast.

Bantu and Sizwe were already eating when I made my entrance.

Bantu: Damn I didn’t realize you are this huge.

Sizwe: And you look good with your tummy Mrs. Shange.

I blushed as I got that compliment from Sizwe.

Mathema: She has grown so much.

Bantu: Almost 30 now I am sure.

Me: Oh whatever Bantu Please don’t start with me.

Sizwe: You know pregnant woman can lose it bro?

Me: He is testing me.

They all laughed as I said that I sat down next to Kate as Mathema took Yanda the gate buzzer rang.

Bantu: I am sure it is king.

Sizwe: Hopefully we don’t want to get there late.

Bantu: True Plus we need his car since it is bullet proof.

Sizwe: Oh Yes we don’t need any incidents right now but I have submitted all my proof to the police station I am sure they are on their way to arrest this Vuyo chick.

Me: I just want to know why she would do this to Sonke after everything we have done for her.

Bantu: Those are questions for another day.

King walked in he smiled all the way from the door.

King: gentleman? Ladies?

We all greeted back.

King: Ready?

Me: Almost.

I ate up a fruit salad as quick as I could as I didn’t want to faint there while waiting for my husband to be released.

After a while we said our goodbyes to Mamiki and Kate then we got in to the car and we drove off to court.


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