Sixteen Part One

I woke up with the alarm off I started panicking and looked for my phone which was next to me I ran to the door and I locked my bedroom door without even checking who was inside the switched the En suit lights on and walked inside and no one was there I opened the safe and took out Sonke’s Gun. The house phone rang from the kitchen and I assumed in was the security checking up on me.

Yanda slept through the whole buzzing of the alarm I locked the sliding door and I called Bantu but he didn’t answer so I called King.

King: Lethu.

Me: King someone is in my house.

King: Sorry?

Me: The alarm just went off someone is trying to break in to my house or already inside my house.

King: Fuck. Lock the door on where you are and keep Sonke’s gun.

Me: I have done that.

King: Good I am on my way.

He hung up while I sat again the En suit door shaking my ass off. My heart skipped a beat when my cellphone rang and it was the security company calling and I told them I am alone in the house and they said two vans are already outside my gate I hung up and I patiently waited for King but phone rang again and it was Bantu.

Me: Bantu.

Bantu: Lethu what is wrong?

Me: Someone tried breaking in to the house King is on his way.

Bantu: I am coming.

He hung and King called again.

Me: Hello.

King: My boys are outside open the gate for them.

I woke grabbed Yanda as she slept on my shoulder and opened the door and ran downstairs and I opened the gate and sat under the seat on the kitchen entrance.

Someone knocked on the door and I asked who it was and they said security so I opened. They told me the house is cleared King walked in and I ran to him with Yanda.

King: I am here now.

Me: I have called Bantu.

King: Good I think its best you be with Bantu for the time being until Sonke is back.

Me: I was so scared.

King: Security camera saw two guys jump over the fence they are around here so we need to search for them stay indoors until Sonke gets here.

Me: Okay.

Just before King could finish talking Bantu walked In with his Boxers and Vest I wanted to laugh but time didn’t allow me to.

Bantu: Sho King.

King: These motherfuckers are still here take Yanda and Lethu Use her car as it is bullet proof.

Bantu opened the garage and took my G-class and I ran inside the car with Yanda as soon as Sonke go to the drive way.

King walked to us Let me know when you at home two cars with my security will follow you and stay with you for the night.

Bantu: I will come right here after I drop them off.

King: Sho.

Bantu drove in speed to smallville with Two cars following us as soon as we got home he unlocked the house and two security stayed in the house while some roamed around the outside bantu changed in to his sweater and he left. I tried putting Yanda in to sleep but it was such a mission as her bottle and my phones were at my house I went downstairs and I made her rooibos tea and gave her and she seemed to enjoy I snuggled her up on the couch until she dozed off to sleep. I placed her to sleep in my bedroom while I was doing that I heard noise coming from Bantu’s bedroom. I ran downstairs and I got a knife and I stood at the door entrance and asked who is there and a female voice was like it me Kate. 

Me: Kate? WTF is she doing here?

She opened the door and got a shock of her life as soon as she saw the knife in my hand.

Kate: Oh my God.

I looked at the knife and quickly put it behind me.

Me: Sorry I thought the kids were with Mathema and I didn’t know that you here.

Kate: I landed in the afternoon I thought Sonke told you.

0.301961); line-height: 21.600000381469727px; text-align: justify; font-size: 18px;">Me: No he didn’t.

Kate: Sorry to stress you out I didn’t know you were here.

Me: I got here few minutes ago.

Kate: Where is he?

Me: He?

Kate: I mean your brother I just woke up and his not in bed. I had too much wine that is knocked me out.

Me: Oh emergency at my place he will be back soon.

Kate: Okay let me not keep you then.

Me: Yeah sure. Goodnight.

Kate: Goodnight Letho.

I walked back in to my room and I closed the door feeling all so awkward I had no idea Kate was down too I wonder how Sibahle is doing.

I laid in bed with my angel running my hands on my stomach with my baby kicking like nobody’s business but eventually I dosed off to sleep.

I was woken up with Bantu talking on the phone facing my bedroom window. The sun was out and Yanda was lying right next to me with her thumb in her mouth.

Me: Hey.

Bantu turned around and looked at me and faked a smile he looked messed up as if he hasn’t slept the whole night.

Me: You look tired.

Bantu: I am I didn’t mean to wake you up but Sizwe is on his way here with king.

Me: Good news?

Bantu: I hope so. Take a shower I will be downstairs.

Me: Okay.

Before he could walk out the door I had to ask him about last night.

Me: Bantu.

He turned and looked at me.

Me: What happened last night?

Bantu: Nothing to stress yourself about it sorted.

Me: Is my house safe.

Bantu: Hell yeah.

I smiled and nod my head as he turned around and walked out. I took a shower and wore my sweat pants and a t-shirt. I left Yanda to sleep as he was still asleep I went downstairs and king was already sitting on the dining table having breakfast with Bantu the gate buzzer went off and I assumed it was Sizwe.

Me: I got it.

I walked to the kitchen and I checked on the gate camera and it was his car so I opened the gate while opening the front door he collected his brief case and walked towards me. He had a similar style to Sonke as he used a G-star denim pants with a diesel golfer and Armani sneakers. 

Sizwe: Good morning Mrs. Shange.

Me: Hi Sizwe

Sizwe: Are you okay? 

Me: I want my husband back home

Sizwe: By tomorrow morning everything will be sorted

Me: Come in

I let him through as I followed him to where Bantu and King were sitting. I join them as I sat next to Bantu.

Bantu: Sizwe just the man I wanted to see.

King: All in order boss.

Sizwe: I got the cameras footages king you did well and now at least we know who is behind all this.

King: And I cannot wait to get my hands on her.

Bantu: Let wait and hear what Sonke has to say first.

Sizwe: I think he should decide on what he wants to do with her.

Me: Her?


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