Chapter Six

Sonke woke me up with a hot steamy sex the next day we both stayed in bed until 10am with Yanda who was so awake and not giving us a chance to nap after Sonke took all my energy.

I took a shower and wore a mini Ankara with sandals Sonke said he was not keen on going so he will stay at home and work and pack. I packed extra clothes for Yanda since she was going to be staying at her grans place since Sonke and I were going away.

Me: Babe are you going to be going anywhere?
Sonke: Not really
Me: May I use the golf?
Sonke: Why?
Me: babe I am already late and I have to move the cars out to get my one beamer.
Sonke: Okay just fill in the patrol for me love
Me: Okay love

I took Yanda and buckled her in her seat and got in to my car and drove off.

The weather was just perfect for the occasion I hot a quick stop at tops and got a bottle of Ciroc Cruz and Singleton with juice for myself then I drove to Inanda. I stopped at Sonke’s home first but Cee-Cee and Sonke’s mom had left so I went ahead and drove to goodies home.

Noxy and Zeeno were already there as the cars were parked outside. I parked behind Sonke’s mom and I unbuckled Yanda and we used the back entrance.

The kitchen was busy with Goodies sisters but they all were happy to see me Sonke’s mom took Yanda as she was in the guest room. I went to Goodies room as she was there with my girls and her other friend Nku. They had already started drinking even though goodies looked beautiful in her attire.

I think being nervous got to her I applied her make-up to hide her being tipsy then we all chilled until the ceremony ended with the elders.

They confirmed that the ceremony went well and goodies is officially Mrs. Godongwane to be.  The party they began as there was a deco outside the house.

I loved the way Sotho people finalize everything. The guy pays Lobola and then all is sorted. No Membeso and Mabo. After AmaLobobolo the girl gets married.

I helped with serving food to the nearby neighbors and invited guest then we all chilled on the deco area where Goodies and her fiancé threw a few speeches then the parents had their own speeches.

I saved my speech for the wedding day. I crossed my finger it would happen way after I have given birth.

Sonke’s mom also gave a speech as she has been goodies mom for years and goodies grew up in front of her. She passed her congratulations and wished them all the best.

Sonke kept calling me to find out if I was done. He seemed so bored like he had nothing to do.

He told me he was done packing and was just waiting on me.

Around 4.30 it started drizzling so I decided to say my goodbyes and go home but Sonke’s mom bagged me to leave at 5.30pm when the rain stops. I listened to her and chilled a bit even through Sonke was blowing my phone up with calls.

Around 5.15pm he called me like 6 times and I answered on the 7th time.

Me: Baby
Sonke: Are you coming or not?
Me: I will leave at 5.30 babe
Sonke: Why? Ulinde in?
Me: The weather is bad here
Sonke: Didn’t you realize that when it started drizzling?
Me: Babe you not being fair now.
Sonke: If you not here by 6.30 I am leaving without you
Me: You can’t do that
Sonke: Watch me.

He dropped the call.

I walked over tp his mom and told her that Sonke was now acting up and I had to go she gave her a go ahead. I said my goodbyes to my girls and I got in to my car and I drove off.

The weather got really bad on the way and plus the roads were not too good. I struggled a bit seeing the road as there was also mist on the road.

Sonke called again and I told him I was on my way so he chilled out a bit.

When I drove past Besta road I noticed two cars were following me. A maroon VR6 and a Polo Vivo. The Vivo drove of my lane behind me while the VR6 drove in front of me. I decided to move on the slow lane and drive on the fast lane which I did. When I did that the VR6 Drove in the same pace as me and the Vivo changed the lane and drove behind me. It was hard increasing the speed as the cross road is also very busy. I didn’t want to end up knocking anyone but when I hit the turn from cross road to take the M3 freeway the VR6 knocked my car over I swerved my car to get back on the road but the Vivo was behind me that it knocked me from the back and the car hit the steel on the side of the road. I pressed my breaks but the Vivo hit right behind me causing my car to flip.

My car flipped once and landed back on its tired then it stopped on the side steels. I felt fine even though my head hit the starring I was still drowsy from the airbags. I looked on my review mirror and the two cars stopped behind me three male guys walked out and two were carrying guns. They looked at the condition of the car.

One said this car is fucked we can’t take it now one responded by saying we need to recruit another one or we are screwed and another one said lets go before someone sees us.

They got in to their car and drove off. I tried moving but my seat belt was stuck and I couldn’t find my phone or my bag. Within five minute a tow truck pulled up next to me and it was an Indian guy.

He asked me to come out of the car and I told him I am stuck. He opened the door and I don’t know what he was looking for in the back of my car because it took him five minute to attend to me.

He cut the seat belt and I tried moving but my abdominal would not let me I felt like I was cut in two and I could not feel my stomach butt and legs.

I told him I can’t feel myself and he grabbed my bag from the back and my phone on the bottom of the car and told me he is getting help. Next thing I knew the guy drove off.

I sat there panicking as I thought I was going to die the pain grew stronger and I closed my eyes and prayed.

I felt as if I was drifting away as I heard sirens headed my way. I felt like I am falling in to a deep sleep.

I saw paramedics asking me if I was okay but I could respond as I felt like I was drugged. The paid was unbearable then I passed out.


I woke up to a white clean place with beeping sounds the white curtains were surrounding me and I had cords plugged in to my arms and hand.

I heard a familiar voice and it sounded like Sonke he sounded pissed off and swearing.

I looked up and he was looking out the window and he was on the phone talking to someone.

I tried talking but I chocked then I coughed he moved the phone from his ear and walked towards me.

Sonke: Babe
Me: Water

He walked out of the glass door and within few minutes he came with a glass of water and a Nurse and a man doctor I think.

Sonke: Here

He lifted my head up and I drank some water it tasted horrible but it cleared my throat.

The nurse did something on the machine while the doctor checked my eyes. He asked me to tell him who I was and I did then we made notes on the board and then walked out with the nurse.

Sonke stayed with me looking at me with so much relief I tried to think back as why on earth am I in hospital because I was driving home to go away with Sonke.

Sonke and I starred at each other while I put on the confused look.

Sonke: What happened?
Me: What am I doing here?
Sonke: You were in an accident

The memory came flashing back and my heart race increased.

Me: They wanted to hijack me
Sonke: Did you make them out
Me: No but its was a maroon VR6 and a grey polo Vivo
Sonke: Did you get the number plates?
Me: It had no number plates no. I didn’t pay attention to the number plates
Sonke: That is enough info babe

He kissed my forehead.

The doctor opened the door and requested for Sonke.

Sonke: I am coming back
Me: No don’t leave me
Sonke: I will be right outside

He slid opened the white curtain for me to see outside the glass window.

Sonke: I will speaking to the doctor outside and you will see me. Give me five minute.

I nod my head and I realized just how heavy my head felt. I touched my face and I had a bandage just above my left eye.

I looked outside the glass window and Sonke was discussing something with the doctor. Sonke didn’t seem pleased as the doctor was trying to explain something to him. He put his hand on his head and started scratching his hair he walked away from the doctor and sat on a seat that was outside.

The doctor sat next to him and said something to him but he looked like he was miles away he then woke up leaving the doc on his own and walked back to the room.

Me: What’s wrong?
Sonke: You okay. There is no internal bleeding. Just minor scratches on your body but you are fine.
Me: When can I go home?
Sonke: He will keep you here overnight for observation and he will update us kahle tomorrow.
Me: Please don’t leave
Sonke: I am not going anywhere babe ngizohlala la.

He sat on the chair and rubbed my hand. I felt tired and as if my body was over working. I closed my eyes a bit and I passed out.

I woke up with Sonke’s mom and Noxy in the room. This time around the headache was not so bad and I was in a different room then the room I was the last time I awoke.

Me: Ma

Noxy woke up from the couch

Noxy: Boo Boo

I smiled at she touched my hand

Mrs. Shange: Sithandwa sami how are you feeling?
Me: Tired
Noxy: Probably the medication
Me: Where is Sonke?
Mrs. Shange: He went to get something to eat
Noxy: Phela he didn’t sleep the whole night
Me: I feel hungry too
Mrs. Shange: Let me get you something

She walked out of the room and Lethu sat down and looked at me.

Noxy: Sonke found the guys who tried to hijack you
Me: That was quick
Noxy: They stole your belongings
Me: No it was the tow truck driver. He took my bag and cellphone.
Noxy: No ways
Me: I swear
Noxy: The paramedics only found your wallet on the floor with just your cards only.
Me: He took my purse because I told him I couldn’t move and he told me he is getting help.
Noxy: That scumbag

I tried laughing but my abdominal hurt.

I touched my tummy and I looked at Noxy.

Me: Nothing happened to my baby right?

The door opened with Sonke’s mom carrying a trey with breakfast.

Mrs. Shange: Here we go.

She sat on the chair on the other side facing Noxy and me.

Mrs. Shange: Let me try and feed you.

I looked at Noxy who had a worried expression all over his face.

Me: Noxy nothing happened to my baby right?

She looked at Mrs. Shange and then looked at me and then back to Mrs. Shange.

I looked at Sonke’s mom.

Me: Ma

She tried speaking but it’s like she ran out of breath.

Me: No

I just knew it judging by their response and expression.

She shook her head and started tearing.

Noxy: I am sorry love I don’t know what happened but the baby didn’t make it.

It’s like my whole world crashed right in my face. My heart rate was not normal and I felt like I was getting blinded as my headache got worse.

Mrs. Shange: I am sorry my baby

I struggled breathing and Noxy and Mrs. Shange held on to my hands.

Me: I want to be alone

The door opened and Sonke walked in.

He looked like a mess he was still using the same clothes he was using when I fell asleep. He didn’t have any food parcel with him but all he had was his phone on his hand.

Sonke: Babe you are awake
Me: Ngicela niphume

I looked at Noxy and she woke up.

Sonke looked all puzzled the walked past him as he stood at the door entrance.

Me: Please leave
Sonke: Nami?
Me: Go
Sonke: Why?
Me: I want to be alone.

He closed the door and stood at the door and just leaned his head at the door. I started crying and he walked closer to me but I didn’t want him to touch me. I faced the other side and he cried. He sat on the chair and rubbed my back as he could not see my face.

I knew he was hurting as much as I was but he didn’t say anything about it. I just didn’t worry about his feelings at this stage my feelings mattered the most and I just broke down then I even struggled to breath.

Sonke didn’t say a word. It was as if he was no there but I felt his hands rubbing me to calm me down.

I felt so upset and I just didn’t know who to blame. My heart ached so much that I felt the pain I felt when I last my five kids.

Life is just not fair no matter how much you pray that it works out for the best. I really wanted to be alone.

Me: Sonke please leave
Sonke: I can’t do that
Me: Please
Sonke: No

I tried breathing in between my crying but I let out a few cried out loud.

Me: I need to be alone Sonke
Sonke: No you need to eat

He woke up and walked to my side with food while I had tears all over my face. He wiped the tears from my face with tissue.

Sonke: Please eat
Me: I am not hungry
Sonke: If you don’t eat the doctor will keep you here for longer
Me: I don’t care
Sonke: Don’t be like this
Me: I need some time alone
Sonke: Don’t Shut me out
Me: I am not

He stood in silent and just looked at me He grabbed a shawl that was on top of my bed and walked to the studio couch and laid on it. I curled up in bed and pulled the pillow towards me and I cried.

I think I cried until I passed out as I was woken up by the nurse telling me I need to bath and eat.

I was not in the mood of getting up but I needed to freshen my body up.

Sonke was no longer in the room so I assumed he left after I fell asleep.

I woke up and my bed was a bit messed with blood. The nurse walked me to the in suit bathroom that already had water prepared for me. She helped me undress then I got in to the water. Bathing myself was not the problem the cramps were just too much and I was bruised on my left face and arm.

After bathing she came in with my normal warm Pajamas from home and helped me dress.  She went to fix my bed then got me food.

I ate then I sat on the couch trying to stretch my body as I was tired from sleeping.

The doctor walked in after a while and asked me how I was and told me I should be fine to go home the next day. I accepted it as I wanted to be in my bed and not disturbed.

I sat and watched the TV as I had no phone or MacBook to keep myself busy with.

Bantu walked in after a while he had a worried face but changed it in to being happy when he saw me sitting on the couch. He was with Noxy.

I tried waking up to hug them but my abdominal would not give me justice.  Bantu told me to sit down and he sat next to me and hugged me.

It felt so good having my family around just us and no one else. I broke down and cried and Bantu pulled me in to his arms.

Bantu: I am here Sisi and I am going nowhere.
Noxy: We are always here.

We had  a group hug.

Bantu: How are you feeling?
Me: Surviving
Bantu: Don’t worry sisi. It will all pass
Me: Thank you
Noxy: We tracked your phone and it was found somewhere in phoenix
Me: The tow truck guy
Noxy: Sonke found him
Me: Good
Bantu: He will rot in jail
Me: What happened to the guys who tried hijacking me?
Bantu: Jailed
Me: Good
Noxy: Sonke is well connected no one could have gotten away with this
Bantu: Yea but he will have to get another car
Me: The car is badly damaged?
Noxy: Written off
Me: Oh shit but he did add me as a second driver to the insurance
Bantu: Then I don’t think he will have a problem
Noxy: Yea he won’t
Me: He loved that car
Bantu: He can get a better one with a new face uplift
Noxy: Or the same one if he want he has contacts
Me: I suppose.

I looked at Bantu

Me: How are you?
Bantu: I am fresh Sisi I have another son. Named Luthanda Brain Khumalo
Me: English name?
Noxy: We have a white chick in the family now
Me: This is good news hey congrats bhuti
Noxy: Yeah but what’s with baby boys in the family? You the only one who is lucky with girls

Bantu laughed

Bantu: Or Maybe Sonke is
Noxy: No it’s Lethu
Me: Its called luck guys

We all laughed.

Me: Photos please
Bantu: Sure

He pulled out his phone and showed me photos Brian looked too cute with his ligh brown eyes and Bantu’s nose moth and ears.

Me: I love him already
Noxy: Wait till you meet him in person
Me: His here
Bantu: I flew down with both my sons
Me: OMG can I get out of here already?
Bantu:  Soon Sisi
Me: Doc said tomorrow I should be fine to leave
Bantu: Perfect I will bring them over because I will be here till next weekend. I want to do a ceremony yesphandla for them
Me: That is good
Noxy: long overdue
Bantu: True
Me: I am proud of you
Bantu: Thanks you
Me: Pity you became such a hoe
Bantu: Ha Lethu
Noxy: Kodwake Sibahle was such a good woman
Bantu: She is pregnant now
Me: No
Noxy: So soon
Bantu: Yea engaged to some politician from Sandton
Me: Wow Am I delayed or what?
Bantu: No. you just a durbanite

We all laughed while I smacked him on his shoulder.

The nurse knocked and walked in. she apologized for disturbing us and told me Mrs. Shange is outside to see me.

I asked her to allow her in.

She walked in with a Woolworth’s packet.

Mrs. Shange: Sithandwa sami
Me: Hi Ma
Mrs. Shange: Bo Khumalo
Bantu:  Ma Shange
Noxy: Sawubona Ma
Mrs. Shange: Naze nafana nihleli ndawonye
Noxy: Siyabonga ma

Bantu woke up and sat on the chair giving sonke’s mom a place to sit next to me.

Mrs. Shange: I got you juice and your favourit chocolate mousse
Me: Thank you Ma Ungathi uyazi bengiyihalelani
Mrs. Shange: I am glad yazi. You look fine today
Me: I feel fine ma. Sorry about Izolo
Mrs. Shange: its fine my love
Me: Thank you
Mrs. Shange: Phela you are my daughter. I have to understand when you are not okay.
Me: Where is Sonke?
Mrs. Shange: I don’t know I thought I was going to find him here
Bantu: He went home to bath and change since his been here the whole morning
Mrs. Shange: Oh hayi kulungileke. How is your wife Khumalo?
Bantu: She is fine ma
Mrs. Shange: Ave emuhle. Uvakasha nini yena?
Bantu: Hayi usase Goli yena. But she will visit soon.

Noxy and I looked at each other and smiled.

The door opened and it was Sonke on the door.

Sonke: Sanibonani?

We all greeted back. He walked in to the room and sat on top of my bed.

Sonke: How are you feeling Lee?
Me: I am okay
Sonke: Have you eaten?
Me: Yea I had lunch
Sonke: Good.
Bantu: Eish guys I have a new born baby waiting for me at home. So I have to love and leave you
Noxy: Oh please Mathema is doing a good job nje with Brian
Mrs. Shange: New born?
Sonke: Yes ma he has a new small baby boy
Mrs. Shange: Hawu siyakuhalelisela
Bantu: Ngiyabonga ma
Mrs. Shange: How old is he
Bantu: A few weeks
Mrs. Shange: And his mom didn’t come?
Bantu: Hayi vele uncela ibodlela ma
Mrs. Shange: Ooh this new generation
Bantu: Hey Ma

We all laughed. Bantu walked to me and kissed me forehead.

Bantu: Will speak later
Me: Okay.

Noxy Hugged me.

Noxy: I am his chuffer phela so I need to go as well
Me: Thank you for coming to see me
Noxy: Will speak late Goodies said she will see you tomorrow beno Zeeno and Ian.
Me: Okay Send my love to them
Noxy: I will.

They said their goodbyes and then walked out of the room.

Sonke: Ma Yanda uyathethema lapha endlini
Me: Why?
Sonke: Her teething I think
Mrs. Shange: Hayi let me go see her ke
Sonke: Mamiki has it hard
Mrs. Shange: Maybe she missed Lethu
Sonke: Maybe
Mrs. Shange: I dropped her off ekuseni and she was fine
Sonke: Angimazi ke unani
Me: Ave enamamoods
Mrs. Shange: Kakhulu.

Mrs. Shange woke up and said her goodbyes and walked out of the room.

 Sonke moved to the couch and pulled and cuddled me.

Sonke: I am happy to see you like this
Me: I’ll be fine
Sonke: I know you are
Me: Sorry about your car
Sonke: No its fine the insurance will probably approve for me to get another car
Me: What are you going to get?
Sonke: I haven’t had the time to think about it
Me: Sorry
Sonke: It’s fine baby I am using your beamer at the moment
Me: Okay
Sonke: Yanda misses you she kept looking up stairs thinking you are going to come down stairs
Me: I miss her too The doc said I might get discharged kusasa
Sonke: That is good
Me: I miss my house

He wrapped his hands tighter and we laid in silence. It felt good being in his arms.

Me: I am sorry about our weekend away
Sonke: It’s fine babe as long as you are okay.
Me: Thank you babe.

We stayed and watched the TV I didn’t even pay attention on what was happening but I just enjoyed being in his arms. We stayed like that for hours reminiscing about our past and marriage. I also told him about how the event went at goodies place.

Around 5pm the nurse walked in with my food I shared with Sonke as he was hungry to but it was not enough so he went out to get Nando’s.

I freshened up while he was gone and I continued watching TV Sonke walked in after a while and we dug in as the food was amazing.

Sonke tucked me in after eating and I fell asleep.

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