We arrived there and to my surprise the press was there so we had to be escorted by security inside the court. I just got annoyed that fact on who could lead this to the press when we have tried so hard to keep it out of the papers.

As we got inside my phone starting buzzing with the office calling.

Me: Mrs. Shange Hello?

Soni: Hi Mrs. Shange It is Soni here.

Me: Hey Soni Listen I can’t talk right now.

Soni: I am sorry to disturb you but the clients have been calling non-stop with the drug arrest that happened to Mr. Shange.

Me: Tell them no comments are yet but we will be doing press during the course of this week. For the time being please get PR to draft a letter to our clients dissing all accusations ask them to forward it to me and Sizwe to be signed off before forwarding it.

Soni: Okay I am on it.

Me: Thank you Soni we will speak later.

I hung up Sizwe and Bantu were both glued on to me.

Me: It’s all over the news.

Sizwe: How could we miss that and who could have linked this.

King: Vuyo or Lisa I am sure.

Me: Fuck these bitches.

Bantu: Sonke needs to sort this shit out it has gone too far.

King: He doesn’t ever listen.

Me: If he doesn’t get this shit sorted out I will.

I clicked my tongue as I said that.

They all looked at me and then looked at each other but I honestly meant every word. I am tired of Sonke’s hoes thinking they can keep ruining my life like this.

Sizwe didn’t say anything we sat in court all quit waiting for the judge to walk in. I noticed Sonke being brought in my securities he looked at me and smiled. Instead of him looking all horrible he actually looked good for a guy that has spent days in jail. Bantu winked at him then he looked at king and smiled and then made eye contact with Sizwe.

Judge Khoza walked in and we all stood up he called the case number and Sizwe and Judge Fitzmaurice walked up to the judge and they both handed their files and evidence to her she then dismissed them as she went through the files and after a while she went through the formalities as she introduced herself to those who didn’t know her she then read through the charges against Sonke and then went through the evidence brought through by Sizwe and started stating how the state has failed to arrest the correct culprit as with the finger prints and pictures it shows no full and proper investigation was done on this case and she is dismissing it as Sonkesethu Shange is found not guilty.

She then called both the lawyers aside and spoke to them and dismissed the court. I felt like jumping up and down and Sizwe really knew his job I guess Sonke is paying a lot for this.

Sizwe walked to us and directed us to the waiting room to wait for Sonke we waited for about an hour before his made his way to it he shook Sizwe’s hand and Bantu’s and he hugged king he then moved to me and smashed his lips against mines while pulling me tightly towards him he then ran his hands on my tummy and kissed it.

Sonke: I missed you guys.

King: Okay thank you for the bold and beautiful can we plan a way out as the press is out there.

Sonke: Press??

Sizwe: Yeah someone linked the story out.

Sonke: Fuck.

Bantu: I know.

King: The press can be sorted what about who could be in the crowd to kill Sonke or any of us for that matter.

Sonke: Haibo King.

Bantu: it’s bad Bantu.

Sizwe: They even broke in to your house to attack Yanda and Lethu if it was not for the alarm and king getting there in time ingabe we are talking another story.

Sonke: This is bullshit who is behind this.

Me: Your hoes.

Sonke looked at me and tighten his jaws.

Sonke: Watch your mouth Lethu Not here.

I slightly looked away with embarrassment.

King: Lisa and Vuyo.

Sonke: Vuyo?

King: The footage shows Vuyo putting the drugs in to your boot.

Sonke: How I mean.

King: It’s not the right time to be talking about that right now Will discuss it late. Right now we need to get out of here.

Sonke: Sure.

King: I am using a bullet proof you need to use it.

Sonke: Okay.


They both walked in to the man’s toilet while we sat down waiting for them Bantu looked at me.

Bantu: You okay?

Me: I will be fine.

Bantu: Watch how you speak to your husband around people respect is important when it comes to marriage and relationships.

I nod my head and looked like Sizwe who pretended to be not listening to us.

Sonke and King walked out after a while.

King: We ready guys lets hit the road.

We woke up and followed king Bantu pulled me towards him making sure he is protecting me. We walked to the car with the press pushing up and asking questions but neither of us spoke until we reached the car. I sat in the back with Bantu and Sonke while Sizwe and King sat in the front. Sonke pulled me towards his as I laid my head on his chest while he ran his hand on my tummy.

We reached SmallVille in no time Bantu offered Sonke a short and T-shirt to freshen up and he did so in my room we ate lunch and then Sizwe made his way to his apartment with a few security organized my king. King gave Sonke and I lift to the house along with Yanda the place seemed secured with security guards outside the yard.

We got inside and I started unpacking while Sonke and King locked themselves in the study.

0.301961); line-height: 21.600000381469727px; text-align: justify; font-size: 18px;">I checked on my mails and Sizwe approved the letter so I approved it and forwarded it to Soni to send it to our clients then I started baking to clear my head.

King came out of the study after two hours if not more and said his goodbye and left. Sonke stayed in his study for over an hour until he came out I was already preparing supper in the kitchen when I felt his kissing my neck.

Sonke: I missed you so much.

Me: I missed you too.

He stopped kissing me but I didn’t turn to entertain him I just continued to chopping the veggies.

Sonke: You angry at me?

I didn’t turn to look at him.

Me: Why would I be?

Sonke: Angazi you tell me.

Me: I am not.

Sonke: You can’t even look at me.

Me: I am busy Sonke I have to finish cooking and then checks on my emails and then Yanda and I am tired as it is.

Sonke: What did I do?

Me: Nothing.

Sonke: Stop this please.

I turned around and looked at him.

Me: I am happy that you home but can I finish up here and then then we can have this conversation? Please.

Her shook his head and walked away.

Honesty I was pissed at the way he responded to me in court he said I must mind my tongue like what the fuck.

Yanda cried out to get out of her feeding chair so I took her out and she started wobbling around the dining area I let her be and continued with my cooking until I felt Yanda on my feet’swanting me to carry her.

Me: Sonke…

I screamed for him but he didn’t show I picked Yanda up and walked up stairs to our bedroom and the bedroom door was open I could hear Sonke screaming all the way from the passage.

Sonke: I trusted you how can you do this?

He kept quiet for a moment and then went on.

Sonke: Me Vuyo?? Me?? After everything I have done for you for us? Everything we have been through you betray me like this?

I stood at the door entrance as he stood against the sliding door to the balcony.

Sonke: Crying is not going to help you now Is that the reason why you wanted to see me? Or you thought I was never going to find out? Is Lisa paying for this? Answer me demit.

He cleared his throat.

Sonke: I hope you know what you have started and you out of all people should know me better.

He pulled the phone away from his ears and he slammed the sliding door shutting it closed and he clicked his tongue. He turned and his to his surprise I was just standing there and staring at him with Yanda all in shock too.

Our eyes met and he ran his hands over his short hair that was now growing He threw his phone on top of the bed and walked past me and Yanda.

Me: Sonke.

Sonke: Not now Lethu.

As he walked down the stairs I followed him.

Me: I need help with Yanda Sonke.

Sonke: Put her in her room it baby proof and I am sure she will love to play with her toys I need to sort something out I will be back.

Me: Shit.

Yanda mimicked my word and I said no baby that’s a bad word she laughed as I took her to her room and took all her toys out and left it on the floor I put the TV on and switched the baby monitor on and I took the other one from my bedroom and went to finish cook.

Deep down I was bitter and angry at Sonke and Vuyo I wanted to just kill the both of them as I was now getting tired of this secrecy that they have and Sonke has the softest spot for Vuyo and it was getting the demon out of me. After cooking I checked on Yanda who was now sleeping on the floor with her teddy I woke her up bath her and changed her in to her PJ’s then fed her dinner then I made her watch TV in the lounge. I tried calling Sonke but his phone rang with no answer so I decided to set the table then I took Yanda as I needed to shower. I got to the bedroom and realized his phone was on top of the bed I tried getting in to it but needed his fingerprint so I just left it.

I took a bath as Yanda played with her dolly then I wore my night dress with my gown and we went downstairs to wait for daddy time was not 18H45 and still no word from him.  I ate on my own then I switched the lights off but his MacBook was flipped opened so I walked up and sat on his chair. I went through his emails and he had a lot from his clients which I didn’t open but the one from king was read so I went in to it as it had attachments.

I clicked on one video and it was Sonke’s car driving on the Durban north freeway then he stopped at the garage then another one where he pulled up at Vuyo’s house he got off the car with a packet and rang the bell and Vuyo opened the door and smooched each other while at the door.

My heartbeat when from normal to another level I don’t think I have ever reached. I put Yanda on the floor as I went through to another video it seemed like an hour later where Vuyo got out of the car and opened Sonke’s boot and put something and closed it and rushed back inside.

I opened another Video and it was Sonke coming out of the house with his T-shirt and Jeans and looked at the time and then got in to his car but as he drove off Vuyo opened the door with Sonke’s jacket and wallet and gave it to Sonke the smooched again just before Vuyo could run back in to the house as Sonke drove off.

I heart literally froze and I held on to my heart when I looked at the date it was the past Friday Sonke came home late. I picked Yanda up as I paced up and down the house in the back of my head if felt like Dejavu and I could have sworn Sonke went to Vuyo’s place again.

I went upstairs and changed in to my sweat pants and sweat top and took Yanda. I took my car keys and walked straight to my SUV we got inside and I buckled her on her seat and I drove off to Vuyo’s place as I was fumingly mad. 

The gate was opened when I got to her place so there was no need for me to ring the buzzer I got off the car and I rang the doorbell leaving Yanda asleep in the car.

It took over two minute for someone to open the door and to my surprise it was this bitch Vuyo.

With a shock on her face she looked at me.

Vuyo: What are you doing here?

Me: Where is Sonke?

Vuyo: The last time I checked he was your husband now what the hell would he be doing here?

I slapped her without even thinking twice about it she held on to her cheek.

Me: Didn’t I tell you to stay away from my husband?

She smiled through the shock on her face so I slapped her again and this time around her bottom lip cracked and blood flowed through.

Vuyo: Is this the best you can do?

Me: No this is nothing compare to what I will do to you.

I grabbed her by hear braids as she tried pushing me off but my grip was a lot tighter that she couldn’t get away from me even if she wanted I pulled her out of her veranda and in to the drive way and I started kicking her as she was on the floor but she held on to my leg and pulled me as I hit the ground with my head I heard her say something as she slapped me but her voice seemed to be fading away as I blacked out.



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