Seven Part Two

Chapter Seven Part One

I woke the next day and Sonke was not in bed I felt fresh as ever.

I walked in to Yanda’s room and she was not there with her rocker so I assumed Sonke went to buy breakfast as it was just after 8am.

I walked downstairs and I found a note on the dining table.

*Please get dressed and be ready by 9.30am. We going away for the rest of the week.*

I walked to the kitchen and tried calling him from the landline but his phone rang in the lounge.

I grabbed an apple then went upstairs. I noticed our luggage bags were not there so I took a shower so I can prepare myself for this get away.

A part of me got all excited wondering where on earth we are going.

I wore my tight diesel denim jeans with a chiffon vest and ankle boots.

I brushed my fro and applied my makeup.

Sonke came exact at 9.30am and started hooting from the outside.

I quickly grabbed my handbag and rushed downstairs. I got in to the driveway and he smiled at me.

Sonke: You look lovely

I smiled

Me: Thank you
Sonke: Ready?
Me: Yes I am
Sonke: Cool. You can get in the car while I lock up.

I got into the passenger seat and Yanda was busy eating a banana.

I sat in the front seat and buddle up. Sonke got in after a few minutes.

The weather was still bad so he had the heater on.

Sonke: We going to Margate
Me: In this weather?
Sonke: Why not? I will keep you warm.

I smiled as he started the car and started driving.

We stopped at the garage and he filled the patrol then we drove off.

We played Kanye west. Drake and Kendrick Lamar and rapped along to their songs. I did a few mini videos and he uploaded a few on WhatsApp and Instagram.

We reached Margate but passed it we passed shelly beach until we got to a place called Manaba beach. We stopped outside a big house. .

Sonke: We here

He got off the car lifted the garage opened and took keys from a locker and walked back in the car. He handed me the keys.

Sonke: You can check the house while I get out staff out of the car.

I took the car keys and Yanda who I left in her rocker. I walked up the yard stairs and then in to the veranda. I unlocked the door and walked inside. It was more of a bachelor house as the kitchen dining area and lounge in one area but it was too posh with expensive leather couches. A big screen flat TV and expensive furniture. It was more of Sonke’s style rather than mines.

The house smelled like it was cleaned a few minutes ago. 

I walked in and admired the house I went to check on the bedrooms and there were three bedrooms and each room had a beach view and a balcony.

Sonke walked in with our luggage and I helped it moved to our bedroom that consisted of a baby court. I started unpacking while Yanda stood on the court looking at the beach view.

Afterwards I went to the kitchen and Sonke was already sipping on his beer with food on the dining table.

Me: Ribs
Sonke: Pork

I wanted to throw myself at him and kiss him for the food but the food looked to divine to kiss Sonke.

I walked over and sat down I gave Yanda one rib and she got straight to it. I starting muffing right away.

Sonke joined me while he sipped on his beer. It smelled good but I imagined the taste and I figured I needed wine.

I looked at him.

Me: Do we have wine?
Sonke: Eish no but we have Jameson
Me: Can I?
Sonke: Sure.

He walked to the kitchen and mixed the drink for me and came back with it in ice.

It tasted so good and went down well with the food.

After eating Sonke suggested we go to the beach the sun was just too much but we preferred the sun compare to the Durban weather.

I changed in to my bikini and a shawl I put Yanda in to her swimming suit and Sonke used his sorts. We locked the house and walked to the beach along the rocks.

There was no way we could even attempt to swim.

We walked and sat on the rocks taking pictures then we walked back in to the house. I applied baby oil on our bodies and we put Yanda to sleep. Sonke and I fucked from one corner of the house to the other. We literally left each other exhausted.

We had a braai for supper then we put Yanda to bed and continued with each other. The next day we took a drive to Shelly beach were we swam and shopped a bit had lunch and came to back to the house a noon. Sonke and I made a quick snack and put Yanda to bed and we watched a movie in each other’s arms.

We smoked week and drank Jameson. We got high together.

I woke Sonke up with a good sexy morning gory then we showered together. We ate breakfast then we sun bath on the pool area.

Sonke’s phone started ringing non-stop from the lounge. He woke up and then came back after a few seconds and handed the phone over to me.

Me: Ubani?
Sonke: You’re Family
Me: Okay

I took the phone.

Me: Hello
Bantu: Lee where you at?
Me: Me I am in port Shepstone
Bantu: What are you doing there?
Me: Family gateway
Bantu: I thought you were going to come for the kid’s ceremony
Me: Oh fudge why didn’t you remind me?
Bantu: You have no phone
Me: Fudge
Bantu: Impossible to come back today?
Me: I can speak to Sonke and see what he says
Bantu: Nibuya nini?
Me: I am not sure
Bantu: Please try and come back today. You guys can spend the night here as a family.
Me: That would be nice
Bantu: Ngzozwa ngawe
Me: Okay.


I hung up and handed the phone back to Sonke.

Sonke: What’s up?
Me: I forgot that bantu wenzela izingane zakhe isiphandla
Sonke: That is nice
Me: He wanted us to be there
Sonke: But we are having our family time nje babe. We took off work to be here.
Me: But I would also like to be with my family.
Sonke: Okay so what do you suggest that we do?
Me: Leave today maybe
Sonke: Today?
Me: Yes
Sonke: Never

He woke up and took Yanda and walked inside the house. I followed him with as I did not understand his reaction.

Me: Why not?

He ignored me and went to leave Yanda in the bedroom I followed him.

Me: Why?
Sonke: Don’t scream at me especially in front of our daughter.

He walked past me leaving the room I followed him.

Me: Why can’t we leave today?
Sonke: Because we are on a holiday. That is why
Me: We’ve been here since Thursday Sonke. We have distressed and we are fine now.
Sonke: I didn’t come here to distress I came here to have quality time with my family. You complained when I was not home for weeks and I am trying to cover for those times I was not home.
Me: Thank you for being so considerate but we can go home now.

He stopped sipping on his beer and looked at me.

Sonke: I am not leaving but if you want to go you can do so.
Me: We came with one car
Sonke: Get a cab if you need to leave Lethu.
Me: You are just an ass.
Sonke: I am an ass?
Me: Yes you are. You don’t want me to spend time with my family

He woke up and walked closer to me

Sonke: The only person who is an ass here is you you killed my child because you did not listen to me when I told you do no go Inanda. You didn’t your own shit and ended up killing our baby. So don’t come here and act all prefecture then me nxa.

He walked away in to the veranda leaving me standing there like a stature all shocked with what he just said.

It was not my fault that I had a miscarriage I didn’t ask to be hijacked.

Tears flowed from my eyes and I sat down on the couch and I broke down.

serif;">Tears flowed from my eyes and I sat down on the couch and I broke down.

I can’t believe all along Sonke blames me for losing our baby.

I grabbed a pillow cuddled it and I cried I tried to put the pain away but it was too much. I killed my own baby.

I think I cried until I passed out as Sonke woke me up. He looked beyond being pissed.

Sonke: Get dressed so we can go.
Me: Where to?
Sonke: You said ufuna ukugoduka didn’t you?

I looked at myself and I was in my swimming costume.

I woke up and walked to the bedroom and wore the jeans and vest that were on top of the bed.

He had packed everything so I kept my clothes in the packet and stuffed it on the back pocket of the luggage bag.

I walked out of the balcony and he was smoking a cigarette.

I froze for a moment and I stood at the entrance.

Me: You smoking?

He turned around and looked at me and took another pull he turned around and looked away.

Me: Since when?
Sonke: I told you when I am frustrated and stressed I smoke so I won’t end up beating the hell out of you.

My heart raced that I ran back inside the house my tears. I took Yanda and the car keys and walked out.

Me: Will be in the car.

I walked to the car and I buckled Yanda and I waited for him all nervous and teary.

He came down after 15 minute and put our luggage bag in the car and then got into the driver seat with a can of beer and switched the car on. He reversed out and the garage closed.

He took a huge sip of his beer then he burped.

He put his seat belt on and started driving.

I kept my eyes glued on the window while crying he was driving on a 160 I think as the car was so speeding.

I held on tight to my seat belt. Yanda was asleep in the back seat and I was hungry as fuck.

He switched the radio on but plugged his phone and played Reason SA.

We stopped at a garage and he went in to the back of the car and came back with two cans of beer. He walked in to the garage and came back with chips and Sir Juice and handed it to me.

He got in to the car and drove off. We opened his can and continued sipping on his beer.

Me: Babe don’t you think you shouldn’t be drinking.

He put the volume up a bit and ignored me.

We were driving past gateway in no time in the next 10 minute we were parked outside my house.

He sat on his driver’s seat with no interested of leaving the car.

Me: Are you coming in?
Sonke: No

I looked at him and he turned to no look at me.

I got off the car and took Yanda with her bag and my hand bag he didn’t even wait for me to press the buzzer and he just reversed out and speeded off.

I took a deep breath in and pressed the buzzer Mathema opened for me and walked out of the house and took Yanda.

Mathema: Are you okay?
Me: Not really. I need to fix my make-up.

She took me in to the garage and showed me a mirror I applied my makeup and fixed my fro then I walked out looking better then how I was.

Bantu noticed me and he came and hugged me then we walked to Noxy and the elders of my family members.

They all asked me where was Sonke and I had to lie to tell them he had to start home first.

I ate food while Yanda disappeared with kids. Bantu reintroduced me to Kate then I went to chill with Sibahle then I went to chill with my friends Zeeno and Ian.

I sipped on a few flying fish trying to kill the pain in my chest.

Around 9pm people left and there was only family left. Ian and Zeeno were to leave the next day so I chilled for a while as I had an option of asking Bantu to take me to my house or sleep over in my room.

Around 10.30 we heard a hoot coming from the main gate and it was my g-class. i walked to the gate as I know how crazy Sonke can get.

I opened the gate and walked to the driver side he opened the window and looked at me. He looked so drunk.

Me: And now?
Sonke: Are you not coming home?
Me: Bantu was about to bring me
Sonke: Get Yanda then let’s go.

My stomached knotted.

I walked back in the house and I said my goodbyes Yanda was already asleep in my room. I took her walked back in to the car. I buckled her in buckled myself in the passenger side and he drove off speeding to our house.

We reached Virginia in 15 minute. He didn’t park in the garage he just stopped on the drive way. He go off before me and he opened the door and reset the password.

I got Yanda and got inside the house and locked I took Yanda to her room and I went to freshen up on the in suit.

I took a shower then I went to bed. Sonke walked in after a while and he showered.

I tried sleeping but I was too scared. He walked out after a while and snuggled next to me.

He smelled fresh though as I could smell his shower gel and tooth paste.

I could feel that he was awake and I was awake but we were silence. I needed to know what was on his mind as I couldn’t sleep but he broke the ice.

Sonke: Babe

My heart skipped a beat and I took a deep breath in.

Me: Yes
Sonke: I am sorry about what I said earlier on I know the miscarriage was not your fault. I just wish that sometimes you could listen to me.

Me: You right if I did come home the time you told me to I would not have lost my baby. It is my fault.

I started crying. He sat up right and switched the side lamp on.

Sonke: No Baby. It was bound to happen either way.
Me: I could have prevented it.

He pulled me in to his arms and for the first time after we lost our kids we broke down and cried.

Sonke: I was really looking forward to have another baby in the house. One moment we were happy and the next we were crushed.

Me: I am sorry babe

Sonke: It’s not your fault. I shouldn’t have blamed you.

Me: I wanted a baby Sonke

Sonke: We will have babies’ babe. We’ve survived a loss before and we can.

I looked at him

Me: I am sorry if you ever feel it is my fault we lost the baby. It was never my intention and I hope you could forgive me.

Sonke: I love you Sithandwasami and I am sorry to make you feel less of a woman for losing our baby. It was not my intention and I was upset. Ngicela ungixolele babe.

Me: I do. Please forgive me too

Sonke: I do. I love you my angel.

Me: I love you too.

We hugged each other and cuddled until I fell asleep.

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