Seven Part One

Chapter Seven Part One

Sonke drove in to our drive way and I saw Sonke’s mother holding Yanda in her arms.

I got off the car while Sonke carried my bags in to the house I scooped Yanda from Sonke’s mother and I squeezed her in to my arms.

She smiled with so much joy showing off her dimples. I kissed her cheeks and he ran her hands in to my afro and started speaking in baby language.

I spoke to her back then I greeted Sonke’s mother. We walked inside the house and she told me she was preparing something to eat.

I walked to the lounge then I realized I wanted to be alone with my daughter I took Yanda and we walked upstairs to my bedroom where Sonke was busy on his phone on.

I left Yanda with Sonke in the bedroom and walked to the in suit. I changed in to a dress and I wore my doek as my hair was a mess.

I walked out while Sonke was with Yanda in the balcony.

I sat on the bed and I cuddled a pillow. They looked so sad while they stood outside the balcony. A part of me felt sad like we have lost something we were all excited and looking forward to.

I became emotional but I tried to not go in to that state Yes I felt like I have not really mourned my child and I needed to.

Sonke walked in while I was still in my blues.

Sonke: U-Right baby?

I gave him a short smile

Me: I am okay
Sonke: Lunch?
Me: I will be down just now
Sonke: Okay we will go down then
Me: Can I stay with Yanda for a while?
Sonke: Yea sure

He walked over to me I took her as bubbly as she is she threw herself at me and we just smiled at each other as our eyes met

Sonke walked out and I sat Yanda on my lap. She looked so beautiful and flawless. She played with my pillows while I just stared at her.

I tried to think how beautiful my next baby would be. If she would take Sonke’s looks or my looks. If she was going to look anything like me or Sonke or if it was really going to be a she or he.

I cried not even noticing it tears just fell from my eyes and all I did was just stare at Yanda.

Sonke walked in without knocking on the door. I looked at him and he looked at me with worry written all over his face.

Sonke: Babe. Why are you crying?

I realized then even my nose was now running I quickly wiped tears from my face.

Me: I didn’t even realize.

I took Yanda and I gave her to him.

Me: I am coming now.

I left him standing there in awe I quickly ran to the in suit and I washed my face. I applied a face cream and then walked out of the in suit and Sonke was sitting on top of the bed with Yanda on his lap.

Me: You still here?

He looked at me

Sonke: Are you okay?
Me: Yea I am fine
Sonke: Lee are you okay?
Me: Sonke I am okay
Sonke: Don’t you want to eat here instead?
Me: No it would be rude of me
Sonke: They will understand
Me: Sonke I am fine
Sonke: Okay. Let’s go.

I walked ahead of him and he followed me carrying Yanda. We got in to the dining table and Mamiki was busy having a conversation with Sonke’s mother.

Mamiki: Oh Lethuókuhle mntanami

I smiled and I gave her a hug while she sat. I pulled out a chair and sat next to her.

Me: Unjani Ma
Mamiki: I should be asking you?
Me: I am good ma
Mamiki: Are you sure?
Me: It will take some times but akukho okungadluli
Mamiki: That’s my girl

She held on to my hand and squeezed it.

Mrs. Shange: I made jumbo burgers with Avocado and beacon
Me: Mm Just what I needed
Mrs. Shange: All for you my angel
Me: Thank you Ma
Sonke: Can I have a beer?

Looking at his mom

Mrs. Shange: Sure you can.

He woke up and walked to the kitchen and came back with a can of castle light.
Mrs. Shange said grace and we dug in. Sonke Fed Yanda in-between his eating.

During lunch everyone felt a bit awkward and we all avoided the pregnancy and baby topic.

After lunch Sonke’s mother had to leave and Mamiki continued with hair daily chores.  Sonke made Yanda sleep while I worked from my bedroom. I had a lot of emails to get through as I received some from the office wishing me a speedy recovery. Sonke also submitted a claim to the car insurance and cellphone insurance.

I decided to get up and prepare our clothes for the next day then I went downstairs to help Mamiki in preparing supper she refused at first but I told her I needed to keep myself busy.

We prepared veg lasagna with cream spinach and butternut. I baked a cheese cake with berries with an Oreo crust.

I went upstairs to and I took a shower then I bath Yanda and went downstairs and fed her. After that I made her milk and left her three bottles in the warmer then I prepared the table.

I went to call Mamiki and she walked with me I knocked on Sonke’s study and told him supper was ready. We all sat down and said grace and we started eating. Mamiki tried to make conversation but my mind was just not there. I couldn’t wait to finish eat and then go to my bed and sleep.

Sonke didn’t finish his food as he excused himself and went upstairs taking Yanda with him to tuck her to sleep. After eating I cleared the table and then left all dirty dishes in the dishwasher and I walked upstairs. Yanda was fast asleep so I went to our bedroom to sleep.

Sonke was already in bed but on his phone. I took off my gown and warm sleepers and I laid next to Sonke. We laid in silence as he was busy on his phone.

We laid in bed while he was still on his phone until he broke the silence.

Sonke: You prepared clothes for work
Me: Yea I need to go back tomorrow
Sonke: Need?
Me: Yes
Sonke: You don’t need to?
Me: I need to keep busy Sonke so I have to go back to work.
Sonke: But you not okay?
Me: Said who?
Sonke: I can tell
Me: I am fine
Sonke: Lee you cried here earlier on and during dinner you were just not yourself.
Me: How am I supposed to be?
Sonke: I don’t know but you just not Lethu
Me: I’ve just lost my child Sonke of cause I am going to cry every now and that is normal.
Sonke: We not I’ve.

I just pulled my pillow more lower and switched my side lamp off.
I honestly had no energy to be fighting with him over this. I am the one that lost the baby and not him. I was the one who was unable to protect my baby and not him.

He switched the light off and pulled his body closer to me. He threw his hands over me and pulled me closer to him.

My body was just cold and the duvet was not doing any justice. He woke up and switched the air con on and changed it to heater mode. Then he got back in to bed and cuddled me.

My body shivered as I was still cold.

Me: I need a blanket
Sonke: But you’re hot nje babe.
Me: I am feeling cold.

He got out of the blanket and walked outside of the room. He walked in and switched my side of the lamp.

Sonke: Baby drink this.

I sat up right and he gave me something that tasted like Corenze C to drink.  He then walked out and came back again. Switched the lights off and then got in to bed and cuddled me.

I started feeling hot and then my body started to sweat. Sonke still held my body tight until I fell off to sleep.

I think I must have fallen asleep as Sonke woke me up while opening the curtains.

Sonke: Baby its past 10am you need to wake up.

Past 10am? I woke up and looked at my side watch and it was 10.24am.

Me: Baby why didn’t you wake me up for work?
Sonke: your body needed to rest and plus we looked so perfect with you in my arms.

I blushed as he said that.

Sonke: Come I made you breakfast

I woke up and sat up right and that breakfast trey looked so amazing with a rose in it.

Me: Baby Ngiyabonga.
Sonke: Eat up I will run your bath water so long.

My stomach grumbled with the breakfast smell. I grabbed it and ate the beacon with wedges and eggs and hot cross buns with Melrose in it and a cold pineapple juice.

I burped after eating then I got out of bed and walked to the in suit. The aroma was so divine. The whole place smelled of nature. Like I was not even in my own home.

Sonke: Bubble bath for my love.

He had roses Patel’s all over the foam he helped me undress and then got my inside.

Sonke: I will leave you to it.

The water was so warm and it felt so damn good on my body. I dipped my entire body into the water and then I came out.

I felt like I was in some country with just peace in my heart.

I laid on the water for quite a while until Sonke walked in and stood at the entrance.

Sonke: Is my wife still alive?

I giggled

Me: Yes
Sonke: Good. I’ve left your clothes on top of the bed.
Me: Clothes?
Sonke: Yeah we going out for a drive
Me: to?
Sonke: That’s for me to know

He smiled and walked out.

My stomach knotted I wasn’t even sure if I want to step out of bed.

I quickly bath and finished up and walked out of in suit. The bedding and curtains were changed to lighter colours.

Me: My husband can be such sucker for love.

He left a mini skater skirt with a vest and vans.

Me: Strange.

I got dressed as I was advised.

I fixed my afro and the applied my make up to hide my broke face look.

I grabbed one of my sling bag and that’s when I realised I no longer have my traveling make-up kit and a purse.

Sonke walked in while I was still puzzled.

Sonke: Ready?
Me: Um Yes I am

I looked at Yanda and she screamed for me throwing herself at me.

Sonke and I laughed while Ii cached her. I started playing and kissing her while he brushed my face smudging my lipstick.

I didn’t mind that smile was just too perfect.

Sonke took a few random pictures of us while we bonded. I put lipstick for her and we took selfies with Sonke’s phone.

Sonke: We are running late so may we?
Me: Last picture with you
Sonke: I Though you would never ask.

We took selfies together then with Yanda then we walked downstairs. Mamiki was nowhere to be found so I assumed she was reading a book somewhere in the house.

Sonke had the G-class ready so I buckled Yanda in and I got in the passenger seat and he drove off.

We drove for about an hour and then we arrived to this farm house park in Ballito. Flag town animal farm.

Sonke looked at me and smiled

Sonke: We came to an animal farm
Me: Really?
Sonke: Yes. Something different
Me: I love it
Sonke: Wait till Yanda see all her friends
Me: So my daughter is an animal?

Sonke burst out laughing

Sonke: Sometimes

We both laughed together. The rascal was sleeping flat in the back seat with her mouth dripping.

Sonke took a picture of her then he unbuckled her.

We walked in and we bought snack right away then we went to see the animals. Sonke took Yanda on a pony ride and she loved it.

Afterwards we had lunch at the animal farm then we drove back.

Sonke and I were tires as fuck that I even fell asleep in the car.

Sonke woke me up when we go home. The first thing I needed was a bath as I was filth with Yanda’s junk.

Yanda put Yanda to sleep while I went to our bedroom and I switched the shower on and undressed myself. I got in to the shower and I stood in the shower as hot water hit my bare skin.

The shower door opened as I was still floating in my cloud and I quickly covered myself.

Sonke: It’s just me
Me: Oh
Sonke: Can I join?
Me: um

I stood there naked trying to figure out if I should or shouldn’t allow me in he didn’t even wait for me to answer but he just walked in and closed shower door.

He just kissed me unexpectedly and before I knew it I was screaming his name in pleasure.

After showering we both took a nap as we were beyond being tired.

I woke up an hour later and Sonke was not in bed I woke up and used his sweat pants that was on top of the bed with my vest and walked to Yanda’s room. The little rascal was still asleep so I woke her up and gave her a bath then I dressed her up in warm clothes as it was getting colder.

I took her downstairs and I gave her 2 bottles of purity and her milk.

Sonke walked out of his gym with just his shorts on I immediately got turned on thinking about what he did to me in the shower.

He looked so hot with sweat all over him upper body he used a hand towel to wipe his face. He stopped and kissed Yanda’s cheek and kissed me lips.

Sonke: You okay?
Me: Yeah I was just feeding Yanda
Sonke: Let’s go out for supper.
Me: Where to?
Sonke: Tasha’s.
Me: Okay
Sonke: I will call for reservations
Me: Okay I will change Yanda while you at it.

We both walked upstairs then we separated in to different rooms. I changed Yanda to leggings and a dress then I left her in her court so I can go change.

Sonke was dressing up when I walked in I stood in my robe trying to think what to wear.

Sonke: A nice dress would do
Me: Which one

He walked to my side of the robe and pulled out a dark green skater dress.

Sonke: This is nice
Me: Okay

I went to freshen up in the in suit then I came back and wore it with gold sandals and just my watch.

We walked to Yanda’s room and walked to the car and drove off. I realized that I haven’t seen Mamiki for the whole day today so I had to ask Sonke.

Me: Where is Mamiki?
Sonke: She left early this morning her youngest daughter is not well so she is needed at home.
Me: Oh No
Sonke: She said she will call when she gets home.
Me: I hope it is not serous.
Sonke: Me too.

I borrowed Sonke’s phone to call her and he gave me.

I called her but the phone rang to voice mail.

Me: No answer
Sonke: She will call when she is good

I took a deep breath.

Sonke: Noxy called.
Me: And?.
Sonke: To check up on you
Me: Why didn’t you tell me?
Sonke: You were asleep and I didn’t want to disturb you.
Me: Ow okay. I will try her later
Sonke: And mom called
Me: I was sleeping?
Sonke: Yes
Me: You put me in to some deep sleep then
Sonke: Always.

We looked at each other then we laughed at that statement.

Yanda laughed way to louder than us as if we were talking to her.

In 20 minute we were parking in gateway.

Sonke: New purse?
Me: Yes Please
Sonke: We have two hours before the shops closes.

I took the pram from the boot while Sonke unbuckled Yanda. He pushed the pram while we walked passed Truworths. We went to Hugo Boss and I got myself a nude handbag and nude purse then we went to Mac and I got my make-up bag with make-up accessories then we walked to eat at Tasha’s.

After supper we drove home all full. We didn’t even park the car in the garage as it was drizzling.

We ran into the house and as always Yanda was sleeping. I tucked her in while Sonke locked the house then I went to change in to my PJ’s. Sonke walked in just when I was changing but he pulled me to him.

Sonke: There is no need for that.

We made love throughout the whole night and the weather was just perfect.

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