Chapter one

I haven’t seen Sonke since I kicked him out of the house. God knows I would love for him to come back but my heart doesn’t allow me to. My future needs a chance.

I decided to get up and get ready for work since I stayed in the entire weekend plus I fi don’t go to work he will probably give me a warning as I  have no doctors note.

I woke up and prepare a banging outfit to use for work.

I got in the shower and for the first time in a while I decided to take a cold shower my shower was longer than usual as I took my time showering and trying not to think to much.

I applied lotion in my body and then used my knee length pencil skirt with a sleeveless blouse and red bottoms to compliment my handbag I didn’t apply much make-up but I kept it natural and I put my box braids in to a bun and  walked  in to Yanda’s room who was not there.

I walked downstairs and Mamiki was feeding Yanda her morning cearel.

Me: We up so early?

Mamiki: She’s probably missing Sonke today she is grumpy.

The hit me like a train wreck I didn’t expect Mamiki to say what she said after all that Sonke put me through. I put on my smile back on and laughed the anger out of me.

Me: Maybe you slept well ma?

Mamiki: Yes my baby and you?

Me: Yes I did

Mamiki: Off to work today?

Me: Have to

Mamiki: You look beautiful

Me: Thank you the gym seemed to have helped me a bit

Mamiki: I should join you

Me: Please ma I need a gym partner

Mamiki: Maybe next week my love.

We both laughed to that statement as we both knew she would never join the gym.

Me: Maybe I should sign up at virgin active

Mamiki: And what will happen to Yanda if I am not around?

Me: They have a nursery

Mamiki: Ay I don’t trust anyone with my angel

Me: That is why she is grumpy ke because she wants no one but you.

We both laughed as I walked towards my angel and I gave her a kiss on her check she grabbed my neck piece but I got away before she could even pull it off me

Me: Ha Yanda. You have broken so many of my necklaces I don’t trust you in this department.

I sat opposite them and I ate a fruit salad and a plain yogurt.

Me: Ma since it is just the two of us in the house you don’t have to cook if you not up for it.

Mamiki: No Sisi I love cooking and you could carry some food for Sonke it is not good for him to be eating take outs so much. The last time I went to that house there was no decent food.

Me: oh Okay.

I woke and gathered my work staff and I kissed Yanda and said my goodbyes to Mamiki.

I walked to the garage and I noticed Sonke’s Aston Martin I decided to have it take to Zimbali. I don’t want anything reminding me of him at this stage.

I got in to my BMW and I put on Cici the Busisiwe and I started it off from Track one Busisiwe.

I start my car and I drove out of the garage and the main gate and got in to the freeway I sang along to the music as I wanted to make sure I am at peace by the time I get to work.

It took me over 45 minute to get to work due to traffic Sonke’s car was already in the parking’s so I braced myself.

I walked as  was late and I saw a few heads turning I was not sure if it was due to my outfit or due to me not being at work for over two weeks with no explanation.

I greeted Soni just before I could walk up to my office but she seemed swamped with work.

I got in to my office and I settled in I got a knock on the door just before I could switch my MacBook on.

Soni opened the door and smiled.

Soni: Can I come in?

Me: Sure

She walked in and closed the door behind her.

Soni: Mrs. Shange how are you?

Me: I am good and how are you?

Soni: I am good just that we have a problem

Me: Yes

Soni: Two of our HR Managers resigned last week and we are swamped with work

Me: What did Sonke do about it?

Soni: He said it is your department so we should wait for you

Me: When is their last day?

Soni: They resigned with immediate effect.

Me: So who is doing their jobs right now?

Soni: No one

Me: I need a meeting with the HR team Maybe after lunch

Soni: Okay I will ask the receptionist to get in to it

Me: Also I need a meeting with the recruitment manager ASAP if possible

Soni: She is attending interviews in the next few hours she should be available after 11am

Me: Cool I will send her an email

Soni: Okay and Mr. Shange asked to see you as soon as you walk in

Me: okay I will see to him as soon as I got everything on the ball

Soni: Okay thank you for your time

Me: Anytime.

She woke up and walked out of the office closing the door behind her.

I logged into my MacBook and I sent receptionist an email and I attended a few urgent emails which Sonke were CC’d on. I then touched on my make-up and then walked downstairs to his office.

Soni was just acting wired as I passed her desk to Sonke’s office.

I knocked on the door and he asked me to come in. I walked in and I must say he looked stunning with his white shirt and maroon tie on. His hair was cut and he trimmed his beard. He looked way too hot then the way I had imagined how he would look.

Sonke: Oh Hi Lethu

Me: Sonke

I stood and folded my hands underneath my boobs

Sonke: Have a seat

Me: Is this work related?

Sonke: Yes

I pulled out a chair and then sat opposite him we faced each other as he moved his MacBook to get a better view of me.

Sonke: Did Soni tell you we have two HR Managers that resigned?

Me: Yes she did

Sonke: Great I need you to take over their work until we find replacement

Me: Well I have a lot on my plate to as I have meetings that I need to attend and I am also backlogged.

Sonke: I know that is why I am going to ask you to put in at least 3-4 hours extra each day.

Me: Sonke I can’t do that I have to be home early to be with Yanda.

Sonke: Mamiki is available to stay with Yanda until you are done with work.

Me: Can’t I work from home after hours?

Sonke: It will not be fair for the entire HR team as I also want them to work extra hours this month. HR and PR is doing badly and the report I have is pathetic.

Me: But that is not my fault

Sonke: For a person who has shares in this company think like a business owner and not an employee.

Those words just knocked me off my attitude Sonke wants to make sure that I over work so that I will not have time to myself and right now he got me where I cannot come out.

I gave him a smile to get that angry face away I cannot give him that satisfaction.

Me: Okay fine.

Sonke: Great Please let the HR and PR Team know about the overtime effective as of today.

Me: Today?

Sonke: Yes

I took a deep breath in and I smiled 

Me: Okay anything else

Sonke: No.

I woke up and walked towards the door.

Sonke: Oh Lethu

I turned around to look at him.

Sonke: You look stunning

Me: Thank you.

I walked out of the office and my face changed to a gorilla that’s how mad I was.

I got in to my office and I started off my work as I had a long fuckery of a day ahead of me.

Around 11am I went to the boardroom and I had a meeting with the recruitment manager and the team with finding two HR Manager Replacements ASAP. The meeting went on for about an hour as we had to go through on the requirement and start off salary.

I went out for lunch at 12.30 as I needed to get away from the office.

I drove to the Westwood mall and ate lunch at spur then I drove back to work before Sonke starts timing my lunch breaks. I got to work and I had a meeting with then HR then with the PR Team.

No one was happy with the overtime but it was not my call I advised them to send their grievances to Sonke should they have.

I went back to my work station and I got back to work. My Phone was still off and to be honest I had no intentions of switching it on. It’s been a peaceful world without it.

I left work around 7.30pm and everyone was gone as the PR and HR Team left at 7pm.

Sonke probably left was too early as he is the boss. I got in to my car and I drove home. Yanda was fast asleep by the time I got home. I apologized to Mamiki and told her Sonke wants me to work extra hours.

She didn’t have to have a problem so I asked her not to cook supper as I will eat supper at work.

I took a shower then I got in to bed and I fell asleep straight away.

The rest of the week was the same I kept out of Sonke’s way and I think he did the same as he was out of his office most of the time we communicated on emails and it was only work related.

On Friday he sent the driver who pick Yanda and Mamiki up and once again I had the whole house to myself and the fucked up part was I will spend the entire weekend working due to the asses who decided to resign at the time like this.

Saturday I woke up early and I hit the gym them I had breakfast and then I decided to switch my phone on.

It had a lot of messages from WhatsApp to I-chat and Text messages.

I checked on my WhatsApp and it was mostly my girls and sonke’s sisters checking up on me. It was so funny that everyone knew what was going on between Sonke and I but no one was budging in this time around like how they did when I moved out.

My phone rang and it was Bantu I don’t know how he senses that my phone was on.

Me: Bhuti

Bantu: My baby sister

Me: How are you?

Bantu: I should be asking you that

Me: I am good hey better each day

Bantu: So you guys are going through the divorce?

I felt my stomach tightening up when he said the word divorce as Sonke and I haven’t really discussed that. I hated him but no so much that I would actually divorce him and to top it all I could be pregnant even though my body is not telling me.

Me: Well we haven’t discussed that

Bantu: So what are you guys doing? Living apart for what?

Me: He moved out

Bantu: Didn’t you tell him to leave your house?

Me: He is cheating?

Bantu: You guys are separated what do you expect him to do?

Me: But he moved out Bantu even before I could tell him to never come here

Bantu: So you made your bed Lethu

Me: whose side are you on Bantu?

Bantu: I am on no one’s side Lethu Lento yenu is becoming a norm ukuthi when someone messes up one needs to move out. What’s with this childishness?

Me: What did you call for Bantu?

Bantu: To check up on you and if you are okay

Me: Well I am fine

Bantu: Do you still love Sonke Lethokuhle?

Me: I don’t know right now

Bantu: When will you know?

Me: Once my head is cleared out a bit

Bantu: When do you think that will be? In the next four years maybe?

Me: I don’t know Bantu can we please stop talking about Sonke

Bantu: Sure I am officially a single man. The divorce went through last week.

Me: And you are happy about that?

Bantu: Yes I am yazi I can now love a life of a bachelor.

Me: I cannot believe you actually went through with this

Bantu: There was no love anymore Lethu rather she left me than me breaking her heart plus she has moved on.

Me: With?

Bantu: Some doctor guy

Me: How do you know?

Bantu: I had her followed and I asked her and she confirmed

Me: When is Kate due to give birth?

Bantu: Anytime now

Me: What about her?

Bantu: She is love

Me: Are you sure?

Bantu: Yes she is real and straight up. That is what I love the most about her.

Me: Okay

Bantu: Plus I got full custody so Sibahle can keep her broke ass away from my family

Me: No Bantu

Bantu: Ngiyadlala I told her she can come see our son if she wants to but she was mad that she cut my call and blocked my number.

Me: I don’t blame her.

Bantu: Yeah don’t be like her lose everything you have built over pride.

Me: Bye Bantu

Bantu: I love you

Me: I love you too

Bantu: Take it easy okay and talk to Sonke

Me: I will try

Bantu: No do it.

Me: Okay Bye

Bantu: Sure.

I hung up and finally I could catch my breath.

I sat on the couch with my head up looking at the roof there was just so much in my head and I just didn’t want to think anymore.

My phone buzzed with Text notifications again.

I went through my text and I had a few from Sonke’s mom asking me how I was and if she will see Yanda anytime soon.

I ignore her text and went on to read the rest.

A few were from Bantu asking me to get back to him and Noxy was also asking me to call her when I get a chance

I also had a few Text from Cindy asking me to call her se we could meet A text from Noxy asking me to visit when I get a chance and a few Voice Mail messages.

I dialed my voice mail box and listened to my voice mails Most of them were from Sonke but he was quiet on all Voice mails but they were long then one minute. Some I could hear him breathe.

I went in to my whatsApp to check his DP he had a picture of him with Yanda. I could tell the picture was taken at Zimbali as I have never seen it. They both were smiling showing off with their dimples even though Yanda had a dummy in her mouth.

He appeared as online and I started shaking.

I went out of my whatsApp and put my phone aside I tried to work which was a mission but I managed to. I needed a few emails to be approved by Sonke so I emailed him and the decided to cut it with work around 14h00

I made a sandwich and then decided to have a glass of wine while I soak my body in to a bath tub. I laid there for a while thinking what to do with my life.

I decided to take Cindy up with her offer.

I got off the bath tub and dried my body and went to my bedroom and I called Cindy.

Cindy: Finally

Me: Hey Girl

Cindy: What’s up with you Lee you have been quiet kwenzakalanai?

Me: A lot has been going down Are you free today?

Cindy: I am bored to death actually

Me: Want to go out?

Cindy: Sure I have been craving Max’s meat

Me: Max?

Cindy: Yes Max’s lifestyle we will just stay there for the meat and watch the game and then come home.

Me: Oh Okay

Cindy: Maybe Noxy can join us to. Mina I need to distress boo. I got a lot on my plate and your husband won’t give me time out.

Me: Okay let me call her while I get ready.

Cindy: Should I pick you up?

Me: Please I am in no mood of driving

Cindy: Okay Give me an hour and a half

Me: Okay.

I hung up and called Noxy

Noxy: Jesus child why you are so quiet?

Me: Long story want to go to max?

Noxy: Emlazi?

Me: Yeah Cindy and I are going there

Noxy: Sure vele I am not doing anything. Since I am closer I will meet you guys there

Me: Okay No problem.

I was undecided on what to wear so I settled on jeans high ankle boots and a sweater since the weather was not looking good. I put my make-up and put my box braids in to a bun.

I decided to carry my sling bag that matched the print on my sweater and ankle boots.

I sat on the lounge waiting for Cindy but it was not that long until she called me up to tell me she was outside my gate. I opened for her and she drove in with her Polo Vivo.

I reset my alarm and then walked out of the house and got in to Cindy’s car she was playing DJ Tira so I felt the vibe right away.

Cindy: What will you be drinking boo?

Me: Well I was drinking wine

Cindy: I only have Henessy

Me: We can stop a tops I will but red square

Cindy: Cool.

She drove off and we stopped at the spar in Glenore I got myself a six pack of purple ice gum and snacks to nibble on in the car. We stopped at the garage and I decided to fill her tank as it was only fair since she was driving.

We then drove to Umlazi banging the babes wodumo then we changed to Dj Tira and then to distruction boys. I really felt good and I started loosening up a bit.

When we got to Max we struggled finding parking that we ended up parking behind max and we walked to the entrance we paid R100 entrance fee each and then we went to buy meat.

We got red meat voers and chicken wings. We took to the grillers and then we came back to buy booze. Cindy got herself six pack of hunters dry and I got myself six pack of purple ice. We decided to buy a bottle Absolute and we purchased shooters glasses. We ordered hubbly and we got a table not very far from the stage.

We sat there and we started drinking the absolute as a shooter then we sipped on our cider. Soccer had already started between Sundowns and Kaizer chiefs and the score was 1-1.

Our food arrived and we did not waste any time. Noxy arrived in just a minute.

Me: You late

Noxy: Husband of mine didn’t want to babysit

Cindy and I broke down in laughter.

Noxy: What?

Cindy: Who ever told you that a man baby sits?

Noxy: is that not how marriage works?

Me: It looks like it

Noxy: I had to take the baby to Mathema cabanga I am so mad at him nxa

Me: He was watching soccer?

Noxy: Yep plans I didn’t even know about

Cindy: Nothing new there

Noxy: Thank you for the invite I needed this

Cindy: I think I needed this more

Me: Actually I do

We all looked at each other and laughed.

Cindy: Njabs and I are not working out guys we fight over everything and getting out of that house is my everyday wish. I can’t stand his mom and she hate me with a passion.

Me: Why?

Cindy: Angazi

Noxy: Mina I can’t take care of Banzi guys he hates working and I don’t see myself as the type of a woman that looks after a man.

I couldn’t help but laugh to imagine my sister as that type.

Me: Banzi is a good guy very business minded and No he will not work for anyone.

Noxy: But his capital does not allow him to open up his open business

Me: Then help him out with your savings it’s your future now not your alone

Noxy: Oh no I have witness too many cheatings nje in marriage I have witness too many cheatings nje in marriage mina I will leave his ass

Cindy: That’s what I used to say

Me: Same here

Noxy: But you doing so well without him Lee Look at you? You look beautiful and you don’t need him and his money

Me: I know but my heart needs him. Right now being without him is killing me and Yanda reminds me of him and it hurts

Cindy: I know what you mean

Noxy: Hayi guys if you can survive so many years on your own you can sure as hell do it without a cheating husband Mina I will dump his ass the moment he looks at another woman.

Cindy: Easier said than done Noxy your marriage is still weeks old and things will be roses colored glasses 5 years down the line it will be a different case.

Noxy: Maybe but right now I need to drink to tell his ass off when I get home and he will drive to pick up the baby.

Me: Give him a break tu His a great husband.

Noxy: True though. Best I have ever had

We all smiled to that comment.

Me: As for you Give your mother in law a break but her roses and take her out on a Saturday and spoil her.

Cindy: With who’s money?

Me: Her son’s money but don’t tell her

Cindy: That could work

Me: See

Noxy: Witches

We all laughed at that statement.

Noxy: How is Sonke?

Me: I’d be lying if I answered

Cindy: Don’t you guys see each other everyday?

Me: We work in the same building but we don’t see each other he keeps away on my side and I do the same. I go out for lunch or lock myself in my office with my blinds closed.

Noxy: This is torture

Cindy: Why though? Yanda?

Me: He has a driver that pick her and Mamiki on Fridays and bring her back on Monday afternoon

Noxy: So you have settled with that?

Me: I don’t know

Cindy: But his not cheating nje

Me: I know but he has not given me any signs that he wants us back together

Noxy: What if he is waiting for you?

Me: No I know Sonke

Cindy: Speak of the devil

Me: Why?

Noxy: Don’t turn but he just walked in with Jimmy King and some guy I don’t know.

Cindy: This is going to be one hell of a night

Noxy: I have a feeling Banzi will end up here

Me: Oh God

Cindy: Just relax they are still looking for a table

Noxy: Plus they haven’t spotted us. Maybe he will go to the VIP. You know how choosey your man is.

Me: Can I just get out of here.

They both looked at me like I am crazy and they both said it at the same time “Uyahlanya”.

The three of us laughed while still eating getting to swallow my food was too much of a mission I didn’t look that good to be bumping in to my ex well my husband who is about to be my ex-husband. God how will I even look at him.

I downed a few shots down and I told the girls we need something stronger.

Noxy woke-up and walked to the bar while Cindy and I continued sipping on our cider. Sundowns was now winning with 2-1 and the game was 20 minute away in to ending and Max was slowly filling up.

Noxy came back with a bucket of a 12 pack of Hooch 6 pack of purple ice 6 pack of hunters dry and a bottle of Absolute.

Noxy: the night is still young

Cindy: Now you talking

Me: You are driving Cindy you cannot be drinking so much.

Cindy: Darling I have no husband to get home to he decided to take his mom to Sun City leaving his wife behind.

Noxy: Yooor that is deep

Cindy: I married an asshole nje

Me: No he is a good guy with bad habits

Cindy: Jesus why don’t you see that in Sonke?

Me: Mxm

They laughed as they were getting on my nerve.

Cindy: Yeah and girl put on your lipstick cause he just saw us

Noxy: He is not sure though

Cindy: He is he is just not sure if Lethu is the one we with

Me: Lord

Noxy: fix yourself please.

I took my baby wipes out and took out the remaining lip stick and applied a matte lip stick.

Cindy: Perfect

Noxy: beautiful.

I sat there too eager to look behind me but I just couldn’t too much pride to do so.

The game ended with 2-1 and Sundowns won. The house was on another level and a DJ started playing on the decks and people started dancing.

A few guys approached our table but we turned them down as I didn’t not want any drama with Sonke I just wanted to finish my remaining 7 bottle of ciders left and go home.

While we sat there minding our business Noxy looked at me fucked.

Me: What?

Noxy: Some girls walked in and they sitting with Sonke on their tables

Me: Do you know them?

Noxy: No are his friends not married?

Me: They are

Noxy: This is some fuckery shit

Cindy: Maybe they needed space since ingasekho indawo

Me: lord

Noxy: Your man is gone girl

I just wanted to break down and cry right there.

Noxy: And his bitch just walked in with some guy

I couldn’t help this time around but turn and our eyes me. She looked at me with an attitude and then held her man’s hand.

Me: Sam she can be such a bitch

Cindy: Sam

Me: Yeah that bitch I told you Sonke was cheating with

Noxy: hayi kodwa when you caught them having sex that was classic. Good thing you shot him.

Cindy: No you did what?

Noxy: I don’t even know why I took that gun Jesus what If I killed him.

Cindy: You shot Sonke?

Noxy: Yes and was too shocked she did that and went in to labor

Cindy cracked out laughing that people who were nearby looked at us.

Cindy: So when you were in hospital and he was in hospital he was shot by you?

Me: Don’t tell anyone

Cindy: girl I give you a 10

She woke up and hugged me.

Noxy: That is why I am so confused why he is till behaving like this he should be a straight up decent husband manje.

Me: Mxm

We all laughed and I realized just how much I needed to pee but I couldn’t walk past Sonke and his crew since they were sitting right on the way to the toilet.

Me: Guys I need to use the bathroom

Noxy: Ready to see Sonke?

Me: No

Cindy: Use the mobile toilet

Me: That is my only option right now

Noxy: Good luck.

Cindy: Do you want me to come with you?

Me: Erm no I should be fine

Noxy: He will still see you though

Me: I am not hiding from him I am just avoiding a conversation with him.

Noxy: lord.

I woke up and without looking behind me I turned my whole body and walked towards the entrance I kept my head down just to look at where I am going as I didn’t want my eyes to end up with Sonke and the hoes he is sitting with.

The security guard stopped me and I showed him my band and he laughed so I loosened up a bit.

He asked me where I was going and why I was leaving so early so I told him I am going to the mobile toilet as I needed to pee urgently and there is a long queue inside.

He allowed me to leave I walked out to the nearest mobile toilet and lucky it was empty. I got inside and I locked the door and I did the deed.

I reapplied my make-up and then walked outside I walked back to the entrance and the security guard complimented me and for some reason I could not help but blush. I mean it’s been a while since a guy told me I look beautiful even though I feel damaged inside.

I thanked him and walked back to my table.

Noxy: That was quick

Me: It’s too cold

Cindy: Have more vodka.

I poured some and shot it down my throat The DJ was doing damage on the dance floor so Noxy and Cindy stood up and danced while I took videos of them. We ended up taking selfies but they were not good enough so we asked this guy that was sitting in front of us with his friend and he took photos of us. We thanked them then Noxy uploaded it on Facebook tagging Cindy and I.

We continued dancing and just having some girl night out.

Before I knew it I heard sonke’s voice behind me.

Sonke: Ladies

Cindy: Mr. Shange

Noxy: Sonke

They all smiled even before I could turn he walked on their side and gave each of them a hug then he walked to my side.

Sonke: Lee

Me: Hey

Sonke: I wouldn’t expect to see you here?

Me: Well here I am

He moved closer to me and I could just smell his cologne. i moved closer to him as i just wanted to hold him he took it as a hug so he wrapped his hands around my waits while I kept my hands on his shoulder.

I could just tell that he was working out as his Abs were just on point. I looked at the girls they were with and already they were starring down at me like I was about to lose the war.

I quickly moved away from him but he pulled me back.

Sonke: I missed you perfume smell.

I smiled and then looked away for him to get the picture that I was uncomfortable. He let go of my waist and looked at me to my shoe.

Sonke: You look good

Me: Ngiyabonga

Sonke: What are you drinking?

Me: Purple ice

Sonke: You driving?

Me: No

Sonke: Then how are you getting home?

Me: Cindy

He looked at her as they were both dancing with noxy. The Vodka was kicking in big time.

Me: Or Noxy

Sonke: Ay okay.

Me: Who did you come with?

Sonke: King Jimmy and his cousin and Jimmy’s colleagues

Me: Oh

Sonke: Let me not keep you from your friends

Me: Okay

Sonke: Enjoy

Me: You too

He walked away and for some reason I couldn’t help but turn and look at him as he walked away king and my eyes met and he waved his hand at me and then jimmy. Sonke turned to see who they were waving it and he realized it was me so I quickly turned around.

He looked so fine and I could still smell his cologne on me. Sonke always look good in black even though his dark in complexion.

Cindy clicked his fingers and said Hello.

I smiled when I realized they were both staring at me.

Cindy: See you will never get over this guy

Noxy: Till death do them apart.

They laughed while cheering with their ciders.

I opened another cider and drank half down to kill the nerves I was literally shaking and I was now sober as a judge.

I took the bottle of Absolute and drank straight from the bottle I am not even sure how much I drank but it was quite a lot. My chest was on fire so I needed to down it with a cider.

I sat down for a white and kept drinking the absolute from the shooter glass the downing it with my purple ice.

Noxy and Cindy were busy dancing as Junior Da Roca was now on the deck. I started feeling hot so I took my sweater off and placed it on the table and stood up and moved my body.

God knows I am a goat when it comes to dancing but I tried to move to the rhythm This DJ was way to good and I looked around and everyone was moving. As much as I wanted to turn to check Sonke out my pride didn’t allow me to.

I sat down and continued drinking my cider until Sam rocked up in my face. She sat opposite me while Noxy and Cindy had their backs faced on me as they were dancing.

Sam: So you and Sonke are doomed

Me: Yeah its hoes like you that wreck happy homes

Sam: No the problem is you don’t how to keep a man

Me: Is it? The last I checked you were his fucking bitch when did he upgrade you

Sam: Fuck you

Me: He does it better

I grabbed my cider to take a sip but she flung it with her hand before I knew it she was pulling my bun and I screamed for her to let me go.

The guys behind me started asking her to leave Nosy and Cindy heard the commotion and they turned. Noxy wasted no time that she grabbed her wig and it came out for her head and she was left with straight back braids in her head.

Sam: You bitch

Noxy: What you going to do?

Sam: Give me my hair back

Noxy flung her hair out of max that it fell on the parking near the mobile toilet.

Sam: You hoe

Noxy: I fucked you up the last time and today you called for it

She and my sister pulled each other with clothes and I started screaming for Noxy to let go.

Cindy poured her hunters dry on her and before I knew it the bouncers were pulling them apart but Sam was on another level.

Noxy took her absolute sealed Vodka and as she was being pulled by the security guards Cindy took the ciders and I followed them with our bags.

The security guards took the four of us at the entrance and asked what the problem was Sam went to get her wig but Cindy followed her and started hitting her and they both fell on the ground.

I stood against the toilet as I was afraid to move or I would have hit the ground my head was spinning on another level. Noxy helped Cindy up and they started pouring cinders on Sam and before I knew it Sam’s boyfriend was attaching Cindy and Noxy but the security guards were holding him.

It felt too much like a 3D movie for me as I continued sipping my cider while I balanced with a mobile toilet.

Sonke came out with king and asked Sam’s boyfriend what his happening and he started calling Noxy and Cindy names and before I knew it Jimmy punches his face and the security guards took their guns out and asked all of us to go. Sonke walked up to me all so pissed off.

Sonke: Is this how you behave Lethu?

I tried pushing my braids away from my face since Sam opened my bun but our bags fell on the floor.

Sonke: look at you?

I didn’t have words for a come back

He picked the bags up and grabbed me by my arm 

Sonke: Where did you park?

I was so lost that I pointed left then right then I pulled my arm away and I walked to Cindy.

Me: Where did we park?

Cindy: Behind let’s go

Sonke walked to us

Sonke: Lethu how are you going home?

I ignored Sonke and I walked with Cindy while Noxy walked behind us.

Noxy: That Bitch I need a one on one with her in the ring I will rearrange her face.

Cindy: We should go back and kill her nje she fucking got us kicked out

Me: Stupid hoe

We walked to the car I struggled finding the keys from Cindy’s bag that I ended up giving her to look for them. She opened the side pocket took them out and unlocked the doors and we got in.

Sonke opened the driver’s side door.

Sonke:  Cindy I am sorry to be rude but you can’t drive like this

Me: Sonke we are trying go home

Sonke: Not in this condition

Cindy laughed which opening her cider

Cindy: I always drive myself nginje

Sonke: Can I call your husband to pick you up from Lethu’s place?

Cindy: That asshole is not in Durban so you will be wasting your time.

Sonke: Banzi?

Noxy: Banzi what? Awungiyeke ngaloyo

He looked at me while I pretended like I am thinking.

Me: We will get an Uber.

Sonke: Where is your car Noxy?

Noxy: I have no idea where I parked.

Cindy and I laughed

Noxy: Guys help me find my car

Me: Awukhumbuli?

Noxy: Somewhere ngaphambili kodwa

Sonke closed the door and we all got out of the car and walked towards the front side of max she unlocked it and we saw the lights flick on and off then we walked her to it but King was already there.

King: Ladies

Noxy: Hi

Cindy: Hello

Me: King unjani?

King: Listen Please give me the vivo car keys and I will follow you with it Sonke will drive this car and Jimmy will drive Sonke and his cousin will drive eka Jimmy it is not safe for you girls to drive from here kunke.

Cindy: Uqinisile

Noxy: Okay

I was like what the fuck these bitches just let  us lose so easily? Nxa.

Sonke came and got into the driver’s seat while we all got in the car and Noxy took the passenger seat we drove Noxy to her house in Westville then then Cindy and I got in to Sonke’s car and we drove her to Entuzuma then we swapped back to Sonke’s car and he said his goodbyes a drove me home.

As soon as he parked the car in my drive way I threw up inside his car I tried to hold it but I couldn’t. He got off the car and helped me inside the house but I still threw up in the bathroom he gave me water but it was all just coming out.  After a while it stopped.

Sonke: You okay now?

Me: Yes

Sonke: I have a long drive ahead of me so I have to leave

Me: You leaving me?

Sonke: Well I have to sleep Lethu and you told me you don’t want me here

I busted out crying like a baby

Me: You want me to sleep in this big stupid house alone? You took my baby and she is not here and now you want me to die alone here. Why Sonke why?

She looked at me so confused and then looked at my clothes.

Sonke: You even messes your hair uyazi

Me: I don’t give a fuck about that right now you are leaving me Sonke? Why?

Sonke: Come let me help you upstairs

Me: I don’t want to go upstairs

Sonke: oh and I won’t carry you when you like this.

He ran a bath tub on the main bathroom and started undressing me while I was crying and sobbing like a baby. He made me get in the bath tub and came back with a bath soap and started helping me bath. It felt good but at the same time I was angry at him as if I haven’t said what I needed to say to him.

Me: Why did you leave me?

Sonke: You asked me to

Me: I can’t and I won’t share you

Sonke: You don’t have to share me and No you were not sharing me I told you nothing happened or was happening between Vuyo and I

Me: But what was she doing in our house

Sonke: Our house?

Me: We married so I can still claim it when we divorcing it is our house

Sonke: She said the door was opened so she helped herself to my bedroom

Me: You left the door opened?

Sonke: I think I did when I went to park your car in to the garage but the bottom line is she wanted me but I told her I am trying to work on my marriage and if you don’t believe me you can check my phone. I am not fucking with anyone

Me: How do I trust you?

Sonke: The same way I trust you

Me: I have never cheated like you

Sonke: Yes but you have 

Me: Please man you’re a hoe

Sonke: Mxm why am I even here?

I got up and wiped his hands

Me: Ok ok Sorry Please don’t go Sonke Please.

He sat on the toilet seat and gave me a towel to dry myself which I did being in that water made me worse as I couldn’t move my body to well I wore a guest gown and walked out.

Me: I want more ciders

Sonke: No

I walked to the bar and I half absolute that was opened Sonke came and took it away from me.

Sonke: Since when do you drink so much?

Me: Since you left me

Sonke: You the one that told me never to set foot in your house again

Me: I didn’t mean it I was hurt.

Sonke: It’s late Lethu can we sleep and we will talk in the morning

Me: You will sleep in the guest room kodwa

Sonke: Fine

Sonke helped me up the stairs until we got in to my bed he tucked me in and switched the lights off and went downstairs.

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