Chapter Fourteen

The following weeks we had less work as most companies were ready to close for the festive Sonke and I worked on the bonuses and gifts for this year. The finance team worked on the budget and we agreed the closing day to be the 20th of December to the 10th of January. We sent out e-mails and letters to our clients.

On the Saturday Sonke babysat Yanda as I lied and told him I have to visit my sister.

Noxy helped me with an outfit for Sonke we settled on a soccer field cake and the Lolo's Deco agreed on arriving on Saturday midday to put everything in to place.

I booked leave for Sonke and I on the Thursday and I invited his friend and family for a birthday lunch ordered platters at pick n pay then I went back home.

Sonke and Yanda were playing soccer in a garden when I got home so I made bookings at pop up society then I changed.

After half an hour I went to call them and told them we have booking for dinner as I was too lazy to cook.

Sonke wasted no time I took Yanda upstairs and changed her in to comfy clothes Sonke walked in after a few minutes looking and smelling great as always.

Sonke: Ready?

Me: Yup.

Sonke: Mercedes?

Me: Yes.

He took Yanda and walked out. I took the bags and followed him. I entered the alarm and locked the house then we drove off to Glenwood.

I ordered their famous burger while Sonke ordered the meat platter we got Yanda fish cakes with bangers then we all enjoyed the food. Sonke got beers and I had ciders. Yanda fell asleep after a while so we drove back home.

We got home tucked Yanda in and we fell asleep in each other’s arms. My sleep broke around the mist of hours I felt something moving inside my stomach but then stopped. I wanted to wake Sonke up but he was going to think that I am crazy. I woke up and went downstairs and I ate cottage pie that was in the fridge then I went back to bed.

I struggled sleeping so I kept fiddling with my stomach it felt as if I was bloated. Eventually I fell asleep as soon as I laid my head on Sonke’s chest.

The next morning I dropped Yanda off at school then I drove to work with the G-Class. I checked on who was coming on Thursday. I ordered a cake from Boss cakes in Musgrave so I was now set for the day.

After work Sonke picked Yanda up and decided to stop at clicks and I got four happy blue pregnancy test I got myself something for my stomach as it felt bloated the whole day then I drove home.

I made pap with T-bone steak wedges and mushroom sauce while Sonke bath Yanda and fed her supper afterwards.

Mamiki was busy doing her grocery shopping as she was going to leave after Sonke’s birthday.

Around 6.30pm we said grace and ate supper then I tucked Yanda in while Sonke showered and prepared for bed.

I made sure I used the guest bathroom to do my test as I didn’t want to give Sonke false hope when I was not even sure myself. I had to wait for five minute for the results and it kept me on my edge.

I went to make tea while I was at it just to kill time then after 15 minute I walked back to the bathroom. When I saw the results I screamed forgetting that it was night time I managed to stop myself when it hit me that this was not accurate to me until I see a scan.

I switched the lights off but bumped in to Sonke on my way up the stairs.

Sonke: Babe what’s wrong?

Me: Nothing I am just happy.

Sonke: Why?

Me: Bantu is coming over this weekend I just missed him.

He laughed out loud while helping me up the stairs with my cup of tea.

We got in to the room and we snuggled up while watching Netflix on his MacBook.

After drinking my tea I felt a bit horny so I moved his MacBook and got on top of him and started kissing him uncontrollably.

He stopped and looked at me.

Sonke: Are you okay?

Me: No I miss you.

He wasted no time in getting in the mood we kissed fucked and then snuggled to dream land.

The next I went to the office with the biggest smile in the world I sent Dr. Lumnia an email for an appointment but I was told she will only be available next week on Friday as she is away.

I goggled on the app on weird signs of pregnancy and how to eat healthy to get a baby boy. I ordered veggies and herbal ice tea for lunch. I called Noxy and I told her I did a test and it was positive but I don’t want to tell Sonke until I know for sure that I am pregnant and she understood. I updated my status with “God is amazing” then I got back to work.

After work I drove to the pharmacy and I got myself preg omega and flowers for the house since Sonke has not got flowers for me then I drove home I got home and I cooked seasoned rice with sausages and chutney Sonke helped with Yanda while Mamiki rested since she has been spring cleaning the house we ate afterwards and then we went to bed the next day was pretty much normal and I acted so busy so that Sonke will not even ask me about his birthday tomorrow. King and JT called me and told me they planned just a dinner pre birthday party night and then we can go home. I liked the idea so I asked king to get a few clothes from Mamiki so Sonke will change in to them and he can pick him up early. The plan was for Sonke to not know I will be coming as his boys wanted to surprise him.

I left work early so I wanted to plan a nice romantic dinner for us since he will be busy the next day.

I went to do my hair which was box snoop braids as he likes it and manicure with pedicure then I stopped at Woolworths and I got a black number from Bonang’s design with roses Patel’s Woolworths none alcoholic wine I got chops and lamb and the 30th balloon and Cîroc from tops. I drove picked Yanda up from school and I send Sonke a text so he won’t rush home.

Me [Babe Noxy got the flu so I pick Yanda up early and we went to check on her. See you at home. Xoxo]

I got home and asked Mamiki to babysit Yanda as I had plans with Sonke she didn’t mind.

I marinated the meat and grilled it while I made Greek salad on the side with basmati seasoned rice and mushroom sauce on the side.

When the food was ready I took it to Mamiki to enjoy I bath Yanda and as soon as she fell asleep I took her to Mamiki then I decorated out bed with roses Patel’s. From the floor to the bed and bathtub.

I decorated the table and set the candles all over the place with flowers on the table I played Beyoncé on the DVD and I turned the lights down low. I went upstairs showered then wore my number with a sexy cocktail dress and my pencil heel I grabbed my bag and got into my car.

I sent JT a text that I am leaving the house and she told me the location is beluga and the boys are there already.

I drove to beluga and I waited for JT and Noxy. We met up and walked in the lounge and Sonke’s jaws dropped but then looked mad as he did not approve of the dress.

I went over to him and I kissed him then greeted the rest of the members.

I sat next to him and held his hands.

JT: Mr. Birthday.

Sonke smiled showing off his side dimple.

Noxy: I love this.

Sonke: This is a surprise I thought it will just be us.

Me: without telling me?

Sonke: I was just about to call you.

Me: Yeah Right.

The waitress walked to our table asked us (ladies) on what we are drinking.

Me: Passion fruit and lemonade.

Sonke looked at me.

Me: On my pre birthday night?

Noxy: Hawu Ngampela bo.

King: Good wife.

JT: Kahle king its Sonke’s birthday and he doesn’t mind Lethu drinking.

Me: Who said I won’t be drinking? I need to eat first.

Noxy: Mhh

JT: Nice answer there.

We all laughed.

After the food was delivered we all said grace and dug in Sonke and I shared our meals as I wanted his roasted lamb instead of my pork.

After eating I ordered desert while everyone was already drinking and I ate it on my own. The ladies ordered a bottle of Moet while I ordered cocktail.

I excused myself to the rest room I quickly went to my waiter and asked him to make my cocktail as a virgin cocktail and don’t mention a word to my friends. I fixed my make-up then I went back to the table.

We all started drinking and reminiscing about the past. Banzi walked and he looked all messy. He sat next to Noxy and whispered something in her ear and she pulled her face and then join the conversation again.

King ordered shot for everyone and I had to force it down as there was no way he would allow me to not drink the shot.

Around 10.30pm we all decided to call it a night and I drove Sonke home since he left his car at the office.

When we got home he was welcomed with my table design he gave me a look and I just smiled.

Me: Pre birthday ntoni ntoni.

He saddened his face.

Me: What?

Sonke: We just ate.

Me: you not hungry?

Sonke: Just a bit.

Me: just a bit it is. Sit down.

I went to the kitchen and warmed the meat and served him with just a salad I also ate the same as it was late.

He sipped on his cognac while I drank juice after eating he went upstairs to our room to shower while I cleared the table.

I went upstairs and changed in to my lingerie and waited for him under the duvet. He came out with just a towel on his waist and he winked at me. He got on top of me and we started kissing me and undressed me without even seeing my lingerie.

We made love like tomorrow would never come it something that I wanted and most importantly craved for.

In the morning I awoke before him Mamiki was already up feeding Yanda after Yanda was done eating we went to our bedroom and Yanda started jumping up and down the bed asking her daddy to wake up.

He probably had a hangover as he tried opened his eyes.

Yanda and I started singing for him and he let out a smile Yanda and I kissed him and we laid on top of him annoying the hell out of him.

Sonke: May I please get some sleep?

I laughed out loud and I kissed his cheek.

Me: Come Yanda we need to let daddy sleep because he will not be sleeping in the next seven months.

I sat there staring at him waiting for a comeback.

He opened his eyes and looked at me and I smiled he lifted his body up and Yanda screamed for him and threw herself at him. His attention was still on me as he smiled at he looked at me

Sonke: Are you serious?

I took his hand and I placed it on my belly I could feel the baby bump but i was not sure if he could. He smiled and kissed me on my cheek.

Sonke: Thank you baby.

I blushed while Yanda looked at us all confused.

Sonke woke up and picked her up and walked out to the balcony with her while I laid on my back and ran my hand over my tummy. I tried to imagine on what baby I could be having and if it was a boy he would look like Sonke.

Sonke and Yanda walked in after a while all happy laughing and bubbly.

Me: Aren’t we all happy?

Yanda: Huppi birfday to dada.

I burst out laughing as she said that even though it sounded so sweet in her baby language.

Sonke: That’s my princess.

Me: Our princess Sonke.

He winked as me.

Me: Breakfast is ready Mamiki wanted to spoil you.

Sonke: Mamiki deserves a triple bonus.

Me: True which is why she is leaving on Sunday early holidays for her.

Sonke: She deserves it.

Sonke walked back to bed with Yanda and we cuddled until Mamiki called us for breakfast we went downstairs and we started eating.

Sonke: Ma We pregnant.

Mamiki: Wow again.

We all laughed even though it hit the nerve side of it for me all I do most is pop babies.

Sonke: Yes Full house Ma.

Mamiki: Congratulations Zingane zami. God keeps blessing you.

Me: True.

Mamiki: Just be careful this time around.

Me: I will Ma.

Mamiki: Happy birthday Shange

Sonke blushed.

Sonke: Thank you Ma.

We enjoyed breakfast and then Mamiki took over Yanda while Sonke and I showered.

King rocked up just after 10am and drove off with Sonke.

I quickly drove to Q-Dose and got him a set of Armani Shirt cufflinks and a silver watch.

I got steak lamb chicken wings pork and wine then to Virginia bakery and got the birthday cake then drove home.

Noxy came over early with Sonke’s mother and the helped me with drilling the meat while I cleaned the patio and set the table.

Mamiki helped me with designing the table while I went upstairs and changed in to a decent summer dress showing off my gorgeous filler cleavage.

People arrived in the next hour then Sonke came with king after a few minute he was surprised to see quite a few people.

He changed in to his denim summer short and a t-shirt then went to join his friends in the patio.

Bantu also arrived with his kids with Mathema the kids had grown so much and all I wanted to do was just carry them.

Mathema looked after the kids in the garden with Mamiki while Noxy and I serves Sonke’s friends.

We had crumbed mushroom with spinach for starters then we had a buffet feast for lunch with wine cocktails cognac and beer for the guys.

After lunch I picked up the cake with a 30th candle sign on it and his friends started singing for him while he blushed.

He cut the cake and then we all dug in we chilled sipping on our cocktails wine beer and cognac then around 7pm people left.

Mamiki helped me clear out the place while Sonke helped with tucking Yanda in once we were done we both had a quality moment in bed and exploring each other.

The next day when we got to work his employees had put money together to have a braai after work and they got him a few gifts which he loved we ended up heading home after 8pm due to the fun we were having at the office.

The next day since it was his surprise birthday party I had to make sure he is not in the house at 12pm so I text his mom asking her to take control of that part and she agreed.

Sonke had no idea on what was the plan as he wanted up to go to Maxi’s lifestyle on the afternoon and I agreed with him.

Around 11.30am he got a call from his mom and told me he will drive with Yanda to his mom place and be back later on.

I called Lolo and she rocked up by 12.30 she set the deco in the garden while I drove to pick the cake up.

Lolo’s team used the outside guest room to prepare the meal while I got Sonke’s black outfit.

Around 3.30pm people started showing up and I made sure the car are parked further away from our house so that Sonke will not see.

JT arrived looking hot with a short black number even king seemed embarrassed by it.

By 5PM the Naked DJ was all set and invited guest had all arrived the camera guy was already on the game taking pictures and Sonke’s mother sent me a text that they are on their way.

I went to the house and waited for them to arrive while Noxy and Bantu helped with making sure my guest are well taken care of with snacks.

It didn’t take that long for them to arrive I waited for them in the kitchen as soon as Sonke’s mother walked in she winked at me with a huge smile.

Me: Oh Hi Ma.
Mrs. Shange: Makoti.

Sonke walked in right after her.

Sonke: Babe Mom is stressing me out.

I looked at him and then her.

Sonke: Look at how she is dressed.

Me: She looks hot.

Sonke: My Point exactly.

Me: Occasion?

Sonke: Driving from home to here.

I couldn’t help but burst out laughing I was not expecting her to come up with an excuse like that.

Ceecee walked looking great.

Me: Wow.

Sonke: Even Ceecee looks good.

Me: I see.

Sonke: And you too.

I laughed out loud.

Me: Can we have a moment?

Sonke: Sure.

He handed Yanda to Ceecee and took my hand and we made our way to the bedroom as soon as we got there I closed the door and looked him in the eye.

Sonke: Yes.

Me: It is your official birthday party.

Sonke: Official?

Me: Friends Business partners and family invited.

Sonke: When did you plan all this?

Me: No questions allowed for now as I need for you to change.

I opened the robe and took out black Chino and black shirt with black shoes.

Sonke: Haibo Babe.

Me: Black is the theme.

He started laughing.

Me: Baby stop it we need to go. Please change.

Sonke: Okay.

He changed and while fixed my make-up I left him to escort his mom to venue but she had already left.

Sonke walked in after a while slaying all I wanted to do was just jump right at him and rip his clothes apart but I just had to wait till this party is over.

I walked with him to the garden where the lights looked absolutely gorgeous in blue.

We walked in and everyone clapped as a sign to be wishing him a 30th birthday party.
The DJ played his favorite track from Black Coffee.
All his friends from Inanda and Colleagues started dancing and he just smiled and started to whistle to greet his friends.
People clapped and some whistled back until we reached our table. Jimmy started as the MC of the party and everyone threw around jokes with speeches food was served. Just when Sonke and his mother was about to cut the cake Sisanda showed up at the door. I ran over and hugged her and she hugged me back I took her hand and made my way to Sonke and his mom. Sisanda ran over and hugged Sonke while breaking down and crying.

Sisanda: I am sorry Bhuti wami Please forgive me.

Sonke hugged her back and then kissed her forehead.

Sonke: I missed you fatty.

She smiled and they hugged each other again I was already in tears as I have never seen Sonke so moved in heart and hugging another human being that way. Ceecee walked up to Sisanda and hugged her. The mother didn’t seem to entertain it as she stood at the cake waiting for Sonke to come through and cut the cake.

The DJ played music while Sonke and his sisters bonded I walked over to Sonke’s mother and kissed her cheek and hugged her from behind.

Me: They love you Ma and I love you.

She sobbed as I could see sparkles in her eyes I quickly wiped tears as they feel off and I took her with me to the ladies and she just broke down. I didn’t know what the reason was but I felt her heart tearing apart.

Ceecee walked in after a few minutes and asked to be excused with her mother I walked out while Sisanda walked in. Sonke was not with his friends chatting like there was no tomorrow even Bantu was part of the conversation. I walked over to my girls and joined them as they went on with dancing and drinking.

After a while Mrs Shange walked out with her daughters all happy and smiley they helped Sonke cut the cake and then the real party began the party went on for hours until people started leaving the cleaning service cleaned the house while Sonke and I made out in our bedroom.

The next day it was just the two of us bed food and sex until the next day. With Mamiki gone and Yanda at her granny’s place it was easy for Sonke and i to fuck and bond.

The next week Sonke gave out bonuses and the office closed I continued working from home for our clients that wanted their staff delivered even during their festive season.

On Christmas day we stayed over at Sonke’s home on the 29th we came back home packed and then drove to Manaba beach where we decided to spend our new year’s eve weekend at with my family for a change.

Bantu was over with Kate while Noxy was with her husband Banzi. As soon as we arrived we went to the beach while the boys marinated the meat later on we made salads then we chilled on the pool till late.

With my bikini showing off my baby bump it was too obvious that I was pregnant Bantu didn’t seem to be too pleased but nothing was going to kill the happy spirit I was in.

The next five days we spent there was the best Kate was too much of a humble soul that I didn’t think she deserved Bantu in her life but then sometimes love leads you in to loving the total opposite attraction of you.

On the 3rd we all drove back home with our rides while Bantu and Kate flew back to JHB.

Sonke and I were too tired to drive over to his mom’s place to pick Yanda up we got home unpacked and snuggled on the couch till the late hours and Sonke ordered Nando’s for supper as I was too tired to cook.


Sonke and I seemed to be way to happy about this pregnancy the stomach was bigger than normal but the only different thing this time around was that I was happier and bubblier then my previous pregnancies.

The holiday seasons ended Mamiki came back and the company reopened for the New Year.

Yanda became more attached too my and too much of a cry baby she wanted me all the time and it seemed to exhaust me with the belly getting bigger each day.



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