Chapter Four

I woke up with a light heart I guess I am happy with the idea of Sonke coming back. It’s been the longest two months ever and we are just two months away from Yanda turning a year old and I have the best news ever.

I woke up and fixed my bed I walked next door to Yanda’s room and she was awake drinking her milk.

Me: Fatty you don’t get full nana?

She smiled at me while removing the bottle from her mouth I she showed her adorable teeth that have got me in and out of hospitals.

I took her out of the court and carried her to the dining room and I placed her on her feeding chair. I started preparing a heavy breakfast as I felt so hungry.

After preparing my breakfast I fed Yanda and then I ate my full greasy English breakfast and then down a cold ice orange juice.

I went upstairs and I got Yanda ready for her visit to grandma and I packed her staff I took a shower and wore my maxi dress and got in to my G-class and drove to Inanda.

Ma Shange was busy watering her garden when I arrived she stopped and ran to the car and took Yanda out and started kissing her. Yanda being the child that she is she was happy and loved the attention. I took her clothes out and then walked with mom in to the main house.

The house looked warmer with the new furniture and deco I was so homey compare to house it was before.

Me: I love the style
Sonke’s mom: Tell me about it changing the furniture was a good idea and thank you for helping me where you can
Me: Anytime Ma
Mrs. Shange: Break Fast?
Me: No Ma I just had a full greasy breakfast I just want to go home and have some me time and with Mamiki not around she is giving me a hard time with her teething.

She gave me a smoothie she had made and I enjoyed it as it was ice cold then I told her I needed to leave as I needed to clean the house and prepare for Sonke coming home. She didn’t keep me but told me to leave.

I got into my car and I drove home I cleaned the house and I started cooking which was chicken sticky wings and I grilled steak and prawns. I then made a chocolate mousse with strawberries and I kept it frozen.

Around 3pm I took a nap and to my surprise I woke up at 7pm and it was dark in the house.

I checked on my phone and I had no missed calls from Sonke or king.

I took a quick shower and wore my lingerie and gown over I then set the table with candles and roses petals and I waited for Sonke.

My phone rang while I was in the dining room so I had to run to the upstairs by the time I reached upstairs the phone had stop ringing.

I checked and it was JT calling so called her.

JT: Hi Lethu
Me: JT Unjani?
JT: I am good listen king told me they are coming home today have you heard anything?
Me: No nothing as yet. I am waiting for Sonke to call me nami.
JT: Okay let me know if you hear anything
Me: Okay you do the same
JT: Will do.

We hung and I sat on top of the bed I tried calling Sonke’s phone and it took me straight to voice mail.
I logged in to Skype but he was offline so I left a message.

Me – Baby call me please

I took my phone and went downstairs I felt way too hungry to wait for Sonke so I dug in from the starters to the main meal and desert.

I made myself a virgin mojito and I drank it ice cold.

I took a blanket and switched the TV on and sat in the lounge waiting for Sonke.

I think I probably dozed off as I was woken up with my phone ringing. The caller ID was another I have never seen but Trucaller picked it up as Switzerland.

Me: Hello
Sonke: Baby
Me: Where are you?
Sonke: Baby I am not coming home
Me: You not coming home?
Sonke: I need to be here for the next few weeks
Me: Weeks?
Sonke: Yes
Me: This is crazy now seriously
Sonke: Baby this is business.
Me: I know but you already gave in a month and now weeks? Its ridiculous
Sonke: Sorry Sithandwasami
Me: We need you home
Sonke: And I will come home.
Me: King?
Sonke: King is here too
Me: JT has been looking for him
Sonke: He will call her
Me: Do you know that I even went out in cooking your favorite meal and buying a new lingerie?
Sonke: Ncese baby
Me: It’s fine Sonke Money comes first to you now I know
Sonke: Don’t talk like that
Me: Ngithini?
Sonke: Trust me baby this is for Yanda’s future and our future I am building la
Me: Whatever
Sonke: I have to go babe I can’t have your number traced but I will speak to you soon
Me: Okay
Sonke: Bye

He hung up again unexpectedly I felt so mad that I just threw my phone against the couch and I cuddled a pillow.

I walked upstairs and I got under the duvet and I cried. I think I must have fallen asleep as I woke up the next day with heavy eyes.

I wanted to sleep the whole day through but I had to get my act right. Sonke not being around was not the end of the world.

I woke up and i ate a fruit I cleared the table and vacuumed the dining area and went to take a shower and wore my mini skirt and vest to pick Yanda up so we can be home early.

I went downstairs and the house intercom buzzed I checked on the camera and it was Sonke’s mother’s car so I opened for her.

I checked drank water preparing myself to tell her Sonke didn’t come.

She knocked on the door and walked in with Yanda in her arms.

Me: Hi Ma
Mrs. Shange: Unjani Sithandwasami?
Me: I am good.

I took Yanda from her and I gave her a kiss I then kissed Sonke’s mothers cheek and then showed her to the dining area.

Mrs. Shange: I am sorry Sonke couldn’t make it home I told him how excited you were.
Me: You spoke to him?
Mrs. Shange: Yes he called me last night
Me: Oh I didn’t know.
Mrs. Shange: He was worried about you when he called me he said you didn’t take the news well
Me: I just don’t understand why he has to be away for so long he has family to be with
Mrs. Shange: He promised to close up the deal and come home quick
Me: Yeah Right.

I left Yanda on her feeding chair

Me: Would you like something to eat?
Mrs. Shange: Yes my love we here straight from church and I am starving.
Me: Let me prepare something.

I walked in to the kitchen and I decided to warm the sticky chicken wings I made last night with steak I prepared green salad and I ice cold mojito and a virgin mojito for myself.

Me: How about we at in the garden it’s not always this warm outside lately
Mrs. Shange: You right. I will help with Yanda and her chair.
Me: I will set the table.

I went into the garden table and I cleared the leaves and spared germ guard and then came with the food in a buffet style. I then served her the ice cold mojito.

We said grace and we dug in.

Mrs. Shange: I feel like I am in some restaurant yazi.
Me: That good?
Mrs. Shange: Too good you need to give me this recipe.
Me: Udlala ngami ma
Mrs. Shange: Trust me Sonke futhi uyazithandela okunje
Me: Steak is his favorite
Mrs. Shange: I know he told me besides missing his family he missed the food
Me: I can imagine the frogs he eat there

We both laughed Sonke’s mom gave Yanda a piece of chicken and this fatty wasted no time.

She dunk it straight in to her mouth.

We discussed that we will help Cee-Cee with her baby’s birthday party for this coming weekend.

I offered to give mom R2500 just to add on what they run short on and I will bring a gift form Yanda Sonke and I myself.

After lunch we sat on the pool area discussing the Yanda’s upcoming birthday as she was going to be turning 1.

Sonke’s mom said she wanted to bake for Yanda and I was fine with it we agreed since Yanda’s birth date fell on a Wednesday we will have a small family party  at her place and then on that coming weekend throw a big party here. I was fine with that.

Around 4om she left and Mamiki came home at 5pm. I ordered Nando’s from Mr. Delivery as I was way too tired to cook and I could tell that all Mamiki wanted was sleep.

At 6.30pm we had supper then I tucked Yanda in to sleep and then I settled in my bedroom. I was not eager on talking to Sonke so I kept my phone on silence until I passed out.

The next week was just the same for me work and home. I felt like I had no life but my body was changing I became more fairer and my boobs grew an inch bigger I felt nauseous most of the time but I didn’t throw up I started getting weird cravings like Peanut butter Corn bread Coffee Half cooked boiled egg and beer.

Mamiki could pick up that I was not myself but she didn’t ask me anything plus I wanted Sonke to be the first to know besides Dr. Lumnia.

 On the weekend Mamiki and I dressed up for the kiddies party we hit a quick stop at gateway and I got the baby a few outfits from guess kids and earth child then we drove to Inanda.

Yanda and I used a matching tennis dress from Polo just that it was different colors.

When we got to the Inanda the house was packed as if it was an adult party we didn’t do anything as they had a full catering and deco was set Mamiki just enjoyed herself drinking Bernini.

I told them I was not drinking cause I had to go home and work after the party Sonke’s mom understood but Cee-Cee gave it no rest.

Sisanda was still avoiding me and I really didn’t care actually I didn’t give a fuck cause the man she claims Sonke took away from her he killed my kids.

I tried by all means to stay away from her as she picks up an attitude when she gets drunk.

The party went well Goodies came through later on and we sat in Sonke’s outside bedroom catching up. She said I looked different and I was glowing and I just knew she was suspecting me being pregnant but I didn’t spill the beans.

She drank her Savanah while I drank my juice she told her boyfriend is ready to come over and propose to her family and he planned it for the end of next month.

I planned to come over on Friday with Noxy and help out but I will still confirm with Sonke if it is okay for me to sleep over at her place and if his not fine with it I will sleep here at his mom’s place.

Around 4pm she left and I also prepared to leave with Mamiki. We said our goodbyes and then we drove home. We hit a quick stop in gateway and got supper from Mimmos then we drove home.

Mamiki was completely out of it as she was tipsy she even skipped supper. Yanda and I ate supper then we hit the bed. The next day we went to church then drove to La Lucia to do our monthly grocery.

I bumped in to LK while I was there.

LK: Mrs. Shange you look beautiful

I smiled at her as I knew she was being sarcastic.

Me: Thank you you look good too
LK: Thank you.
Me: How is Vuyo?
LK: I wouldn’t know yazi but I am sure your husband would know since they are now besties.
Me: She is part of my family
LK: Wow how sweet.
Me: I am actually rushing so let me not keep you.
I walked inside Woolworth's leaving her at the entrance.

There is just something about this woman that pissed me off.

LK: Sonke

I heard her say Sonke so I turned around and we looked at each other.

Me: Sorry?
LK: Sonke where is he?
Me: At home. Why?
LK: Pass my greetings
Me: Will do
LK: One more thing.
Me: Sure.

She walked closer to where I stood.

LK: Before you go. Tell your husband I know my kid died because of him and if he thinks with Sithembiso  being dead it is over with me. Well his got something coming.
Me: What kid?
LK: All you have to do is pass on the message not ask me question.
Me: Go screw yourself poor bitch.

I walked away leaving her in awe.

She probably thought I was going to beg for her to tell me more kanti I am not interested. I know woman like her hate to see something beautiful and that is Sonke and i.

I walked inside with the Yanda in the pram I purchased what I needed then I got out ASAP that woman is just dodgy.

I got in to my car and I drove straight home. I prepared lunch and something hot for Mamiki as I knew she could be hung over.

I sent her a text telling her lunch was ready she rocked up looking like a zombie. We ate and then she went back to her room. Yanda and I watched cartoons and around 5pm I prepared supper. At 6pm we ate and then we called it a night.

I hadn’t spoken to Sonke for almost a week I was mad as fuck at him. Hearing his name nje turned my stomach inside out.

The following week work was just the same my boobs were really starting to be way too visible I used bigger shirts to keep the attention from me.

Noxy called me on Wednesday unexpectedly.

Me: Hey Sis
Noxy: Lil Mama ucashephi?
Me: With Sonke not around I’d rather hide in my house thank you

She burst out laughing then got straight to the point.

Noxy: Listen we need to be together this weekend so we can plan goodies event.
Me: Will she not be busy?
Noxy: She said she has all that she needs so she wants to get wasted this weekend.
Me: Let me guess you too?
Noxy: I need time out.
Me: Zeeno?
Noxy: She will be down from PMB on Friday so we can book out.
Me: We can stay in Sonke’s holiday house in Zimbali
Noxy: Will Sonke be fine with it?
Me: I am sure he won’t mind
Noxy: Okay so how do we get there?
Me: By using our husband H1
Noxy: Smart idea.
Me: I will have Yanda dropped off at her Granny’s place on Friday
Noxy: Even better let’s take them to Mathema I am sure she will love being with them and Mamiki.
Me: Yes I will ask Mamiki and text you tonight
Noxy: Okay so we on?
Me: Tell the girls Si on
Noxy: Shot

We hung up and I got back to work. I went out to the canteen for lunch as they had hake and chips.

When I went back to the office I had a few missed calls from an unknown UK number so I assumed it was Sonke. I tried calling back but the call just cut off.

I continued working until I had to leave to home when I got home Mamiki had cooked prawns for supper and I almost screamed as I was craving them the whole day with an ice cold beer.

Mamiki: You and beer?
Me: I am missing Sonke
Mamiki: With beer?
Me: Yes Ma
Mamiki: Are you sure?
Me: Yes
Mamiki: when last have you been to the doctor?
Me: For what?
Mamiki: Injection
Me: Last month
Mamiki: Oh hayi okay

I ignored looking at her I just ate my food in silent. I decided to tuck Yanda in since Mamiki made me happy with supper. After tucking Yanda in I took a shower and then snuggled in bed with a full stomach and best ice cold beer I have ever had.

My phone rang just when I was about to pass out It was a UK Number so I knew it was hubby.

Me: Hello
Sonke: Lethu

He sounded pissed off

Me: Unjani?
Sonke: I have been trying to get hold of you
Me: Work babe
Sonke: I even called the office and I was told you are not in your office
Me: It was lunch time I have to eat
Sonke: So you still mad at me?
Me: Since we on that topic when are you coming home?
Sonke: Babe

I cut him off as he was about to give me excuses.

Me: Never mind I will see you when I see you
Sonke: Babe stop acting like this.
Me: Like what? You forgetting that you have a daughter and a pr…

I stopped before I could say pregnant


Sonke: And a what?
Me: A busy wife who is running your business and needs you.
Sonke: Baby I know I will be home soon.
Me: I hope so
Sonke: I promise.
Me: Okay
Sonke: We will speak tomorrow love I have to leave for a meeting now.
Me: Okay

He hung up as always as if he was rushing.

I snuggled back in bed and fell asleep instantly.


The next day we woke up with Yanda’s fever up so I took her to a GP and he told me her teething Is causing the fever he gave me something to mild It and something for her teething.

I decided to not go to the office and I stayed home and worked from home.

While I was home I asked Mamiki if she will mind spending the weekend in SmallVille with Yanda and Mathema as I have to go somewhere. She told me she didn’t mind so I text Noxy giving her a go ahead.

I left work early the next day as I had to go home and pack but Mathema had already beat me to it.

We drove to SmallVille and Banzi’s H1 was already parked outside home.

We got inside and the whole crew was there with their luggage Noxy didn’t even give me a chance to bond with Mathema as she rushed me to go. I parked my car in the garage and then packed my luggage in to the H1.

Zeeno Goodies Cindy Sean and Ian where there.

I drove as I was the one that knew the way and plus they were all drinking. Cindy put on her phone on Aux and we blasted Gqom music while they sipped on their alcohol. I drove with Cindy in the front seat so she kept offering me Ciroc but I was not budging.

We stopped at Ballito shopping center and we bought food meat and all the junk we will need. I got myself a lot of cocktail dressers so the girls won’t notice and force me to drink booze.

When we landed I took Sonke’s bedroom while Ian and Sonke took the same room which consisted of two bed Cindy and Zeeno took one bedroom that had 2 singles and Cindy took Yanda’s room. I closed Yanda’s court bed and set the single bed up and we started grilling pork for supper.

We all changed into our bikinis but I wore my body costume as I felt like my stomach is showing.

I made an ice cold sex on the bitch cocktail and I lied telling them I added vodka and they believed me we sipped on our drinks then ate supper then we all spoke about our problems and drama we have been having since last year.

We also spoke about max and how much we all missed him I also missed him even though I felt guilty.

We all went to bed around 3am Cindy woke up early in the morning and told us to dress up as we were going out for breakfast she took us to this beautiful restaurant that had gorgeous hunks. At one stage I almost lost focus but then I reminded myself I am pregnant.

We all ate breakfast but it was like I was eating for three everything tasted good and Devine that even Ian asked me if I am not pregnant yini.

I ignored him until I was done we then went to the beach and then went to the house. We deiced to go out clubbing so we all wore sexy freak-um dresses the club was too posh and hey the rich guys stole our eyes. Only thing I did most was eat and even though some guys were hitting on me I didn’t pay any attention. Too many niggers have died because I entertained them so there was no way I am entertaining anyone.

Sean disappeared with another guy which made going back home such a hassle without him we tried his phone over 20 times until he answered and told us to pick him up at some hotel as he was with his new bae.

We got home around 4am and I was hungry as fuck. When we got home I warmed already made chicken wings and I ate in Sonke’s bedroom then I snuggled in between the sheets.

Ian woke us up with a banging breakfast the next day we cleaned the house and around 3.30pm we decided to drive back to Durban.

The weekend was extremely out of this world as I had not had so much fun with my girls since I got married. I hated the idea of not telling them I was pregnant but I had to be discreet about it.

We dropped off goodies and Sean at Inanda and then we dropped Ian in phoenix and Cindy at Entuzuma then we drove to SmallVille. I was so tired when we arrived home but we had to drive home as it was work the next day.

I moved my luggage to my car and I drove Mamiki and Yanda home we stopped at galitos and ordered take-away and then headed straight home.

Mamiki helped herself while I showered by the time I came down Mamiki had left for bed and Yanda was sleeping in her room I ate and then went to my bed and slept peacefully.

The next day I went to work only to find that we are backlogged so I had to work till 7pm with the rest of the staff we had shipments that were delayed and stock that was not packed. We managed to be done by 7pm which was the only time I could drive home.


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