Five Part Two

Chapter Five Part Two

I woke up and showered I decided to wear my short denim dress with my Fenty Puma and left my mini afro up.

I applied a bit of make-up then I went downstairs for breakfast.

Sonke: Wow you look different

Mamiki: Bright

Me: is it too short?

I pulled the denim dress down

Sonke: A bit but since I am taking you to work its fine.

Mamiki and I looked at each other and laughed.

Yanda jumped from her chair and I picked her up and kissed her. She started playing with my earrings so I put her back in her seat.

I ate breakfast then Sonke took me to work with Yanda. He didn’t come in as he was in his sleeping wear.

When I walked in the office everyone looked at me weird like something happened and I didn’t know about it.

When I walked in to my office there was flowers and balloons with a huge cake written congratulations.

I walked out of the office as if I walked in to the wrong office.

Everyone clapped and the guys whistled from the canteen.

All I could do was just blushed and I thanked everyone using my hand.

Soni walked up and hugged me then all the ladies followed.

Me: Thank you guys.

I started tearing as no one has ever congratulated me for falling pregnant.

I asked Soni to take the cake and cut it for everyone and I kept my flowers and balloons in my office. I took a photo with Soni’s phone and I sent it to my mail box and emailed Sonke.

He replied with *Wow – my staff is amazing*

Soni came with the cake and my God you can never go wrong with a chocolate mousse cake.

Soni cleared my plates after eating then we got back to work. Around 12pm I went to eat lunch at the canteen then I went back to work.

Sonke arrived at 1.50pm and helped me with my bags then we drove to St. Augustine medical centre.

We arrived around 2.15 and I changed in to the hospital gown.

Dr. Lumia arrived around 2.35pm.

Lumia: Mr. and Mrs. Shange

Sonke: its good to see you again doc

Lumia: You look good Mr. Sonke.

She turned and looked at me

Lumia: How is my patient?

Me: Happy (While smiling)

Lumnia: I can see. I love seeing you like thus

Sonke: It must be the love

Lumnia: From you I hope

Sonke: Definitely.

We all laughed.

Lumnia: Well Lethu you know the process. I have to do all blood test and then do a scan.

I nod my head.

Me: I am ready

Lumnia: Great staff.

She took a few of my blood samples and then did my sugar and blood pressure. She was happy with the result so far.

She then applied gel in my stomach and proceeded with the scan.

We heard a heartbeat right away Dr. Lumnia spent a few seconds glued on the screen and the looked at me.

Lumnia: Can you see your baby?

Sonke: I can

He smiled

Me: Well I can just tiny

Lumnia: it is still early to identify the full body but here is the head feet’s and hands.

Sonke: Very active

Lumnia: true and healthy too

Me: That’s good news

Lumnia: Judging with your previous pregnancy I am so much happy with what I am seeing here. Your baby is bigger than normal but that is good that means the baby is growing healthy and you are eating all the right food.

Sonke: Even beer?

Dr. Lumnia looked at me

Lumnia: Beer?

Me: Cravings

Lumnia: Well beer is healthy as long as you don’t abuse it

Sonke: So she can drink it

Lumnia: I would not recommend it but sometimes when cravings get you you can’t do much. Maybe one glass a week.

Sonke: Hayi No

Lumnia: Also try if you eat healthy staff and take your vitamins you shouldn’t experience much of bad cravings

Me: Okay

Sonke: So nje no beer

Dr. Lumnia laughed.

Lumnia: It’s easy to judge. When I was pregnant I craved Gin and I sued to have a shot overnight and my baby came out good and healthy.

Sonke: Hayi I won’t risk it.

Lumnia and I laughed and she winked at me.

Lumnia: Well Lethu everything seems to be fine with you and your babies’ health. If I have any complications with your blood results I will call you but everything is good.

Sonke: Too early to know the gender?

Lumnia: Way too early.

We laughed.

Lumnia: My reception will have your vitamins and scan with a DVD.

Me: Thank you.

Lumnia: You are welcome.

She woke up and walked out of the room I changed then Sonke and I left and collected out staff from reception and we walked to the car.

Sonke: I sent Soni an email telling her you won’t be coming now as it is already late

Me: Thank you

Sonke: Too tired for a snack

Me: Snack?

Sonke: Yep

Me: Anything that I can eat.

Sonke laughed

Sonke: Babe here is your phone0

He handed me his phone and I took it. All my information was on the phone like my old phone.

The photos and pictures were there.

I checked on my whatsApp and I had a few messages from my friends congratulating my for the pregnancy.

I checked Sonke’s status and he had the picture I sent to him via email and his status had “Congrats to us being parents once again”

Me: Baby your status is so cute

Sonke: I am happy

Me: Me too

Sonke: Thank you Sithandwa sami

He kissed the back of my hand

Sonke: We make great parents

I blushed as I was beyond being happy.

He then drove to town and around market he stopped and left me in the car. He came back after five minute with boiled Millie’s

I got so excited that I didn’t even ask if it was for me I just started eating. He laughed and started driving to home.

I fed him from mines as he couldn’t really eat his as he was driving.

When we arrived home his mom and Cee-Cee were there.

I felt happy seeing them we hugged and then we prepared supper.

Mamiki made chops while I made sticky chicken wings. Cee-Cee made Greek salad while Sonke’s mom helped herself with wine.

Sonke cached up on soccer with Yanda.

Once we were done Sonke’s mom set the table and we did the buffet style then she called Sonke to come eat. She buckled Yanda in to her feeding chair and gave her chicken.

We dished up and then settled down. Mamiki said grace and then we dug in.

Mrs. Shange: I don’t think I will ever get tired of these sticky chicken wigs

Me: They are my favorite

Mamiki: Yet you hated chicken on most of your pregnancy

Cee-Cee: Me too

Sonke and I looked at each other

Mrs. Shange: Haibo kanti umuthi yini?

I smiled and looked at Sonke

Sonke: Yes ma she is a few weeks pregnant

Mrs. Shange: I knew it

Me: You did?

Mrs. Shange: First of all your Boobs’ nje

Cee-Cee: And your skin

Me: Wonke umuntu usho njalo

Mamiki: Angisaphathi ama cravings nokudla

Sonke laughed out loud

Me: I didn’t know until my boobs didn’t feel right then I did a home preg test

Mrs. Shange: this is good news baby. Uyakhula umndeni

Me: I am sure Yanda will be happy 

Sonke: I hope she won’t hit the baby ngoba nje she feels she is the diva

Mrs. Shange: She is still small Ngeke anake lutho

Sonke: Plus we still have quite a few months to go

Me: Yes

Mrs. Shange: Don’t forget to tell Yanda in the morning when she wakes up whisper in her ears and tell her she will have a baby sister or brother

Me: What is it for?

Mrs. Shange: So angeke agqilazeke

Me: Oh okay

Sonke: We will do so mom

Cee-Cee: Mina I am happy ukuthi I organize the baby shower

Me: Please I want a small baby shower please

Sonke: Tell that to your friends

Cee-Cee: Especially Goodies she will go big

Me: I know

Mrs. Shange: I heard her boyfriend uzovela kubo this coming weeked

Me: Yes kusasa

Cee-Cee: That is nice she asked me to come later on if I am not busy

Me: I will go and help out

Sonke: You didn’t tell me about it

Me: I completely forgot babe Ngikhumbuza umawakho. I had a lot on my mind

Sonke: oh

He gave a wired look and then continued eating.

Mrs. Shange: I will be there Sonke Plus isemini

Me: Yes

Sonke: I see.

Mamiki: I used to think they were sisters

Cee-Cee-Me too when you used to visit her back in the days

Me: You knew me?

Cee-Cee: Kind of. I just didn’t know who you were but Sonke had a crush on you

We all a laughed

Sonke: And who would have thought you would be sitting here today as my wife.

Me: Life

Mrs. Shange: It is beautiful

Mamiki: With God in it

Me: Yes Indeed.

Yanda started screaming for another chicken I gave her juice to drink and I gave her another piece.

She grabbed the chicken from my hand with no mercy.

We continued eating then I served desert which was a cheese cake with vanilla ice cream.

After desert we decided to chill in the pool area. Around 8.30pm Sonke’s mom and Cee-Cee decided to leave.

Mamiki went to sleep while I cleared the kitchen while Sonke tucked Yanda in. afterwards Sonke and I showered together then we cuddled in bed. Sonke didn’t seem to be himself so I had to ask what the matter was.

Me: Babe you okay?

Sonke: Yeah I am fine.

I looked at him in the eye

Me: You said we going to try and make this work neh? So kwenzenjani?

Sonke: Just that I had plans for us tomorrow. I didn’t know uya ko goodies

Me: We can chill together after the event

Sonke: I wanted us to go to out nje far for the weekend

Me: we can go Ntambama

Sonke: I am not going to try and convince otherwise cause your mind is made up.

Me: Baby don’t do this

Sonke: no it’s fine we will go in the afternoon.

Me: Thank you my love.

I kissed even though his not so cool with this idea.

We cuddled until I fell asleep.


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