Five Part One

Chapter Five Part One

When I arrived home the lights were still on I walked in to the dining room and Mamiki was not there so I assumed she was in Yanda’s room.

I warmed the chicken Pizza she had made and I ate it with a can of beer.

As much as it was not healthy for me I just could not ignore the craving. After eating I reset the alarm and went upstairs to check on Mamiki in Yanda’s room but she was not there

I walked in to my room and to my surprise Sonke was sitting on my bed rocking Yanda.

I walked towards him while throwing my bag on the couch.

Me: Baby

He smiled and left Yanda on top of the bed and walked to meet me half way.

We stopped and looked at each other admiring each other and blushing at the same time.

He pulled me towards him and hugged me and I clung on to him.

We hugged each other for long being in his arms gave me peace. Feeling his body tight against mine gave me joy. I being with him made me happy.

He let me go and looked at me.

Sonke: You look beautiful.
Me: You look fresh.

W smiled at each other and he knocked our bodies against each other again giving each other the tightest hug ever.

He left me lose after a while and kissed my forehead.

Sonke: I missed you.
Me: I almost died without you
Sonke: We have a long way to go you cannot die on me just yet.

He lifted my chin up and gave me a baby kiss then he pulled out.

Sonke: I love you

That melted my heart and I started tearing.

Me: I love you too Sonke God I love you

I buried myself in to his arms again and I just broke down.

Me: I wasn’t sure if you will be coming back home
Sonke: Shu I am here now love wami and I am not going anywhere

I lifted my head away from his chest and looked up to him our eyes met.

Me: You promise?
Sonke: I promise.

He leaned his head towards mines and planted a kiss on my lips from a bay kiss to a deep and kiss and before reality checks came in to effect we were kissing each other like mad.

His hands were all over me and I was just squeezing my nails through his PJ’s and with no lie. The chemistry was strong. The connection was beyond being normal. We wanted each other more than anything.

He sat on the couch and I sat on top of him kissing he split my lets apart pulling my pencil skirt up and moved my G-string aside and pulled his short PJ’s down revealing his bazooka.

He rubbed him against my v-jay while kissing me. I got wet instantly and he slid his dick in that I moaned in pleasure.

I started riding him while he had his hands placed on my butt we kissed in between but the feeling was just overwhelming.

The pace increased and before I knew it was singing his name and wet his entire manhood with my cum.

He helped me with his hands and increase the pace as if he was the one fucking me he kissed my neck leaving a love bite and I knew he was exploding his boys in me. He groaned while at that mood until his body relaxed we kissed while I sat on top of him.

I realized just how much I love my man and I don’t think I will be able to ever being without him.

He smiled while admiring me and he laughed.

Me: What?
Sonke: You seem to be a lot heavier than the last time

I laughed at his statement then I answered him.

Me: Are you trying to say I have gained weight?
Sonke: I am trying to say Mamiki has been taking good care of you.
Me: She has
Sonke: And how was the holiday you had in Zimbali?
Me: Zimbali?
Sonke: I know you were out with your girlfriends?

I laughed with embarrassment.

Me: I was going to tell you
Sonke: You behaved so I am fine with it.
Me: How did you know?
Sonke: I know everything that happens around you.
Me: Oh the security
Sonke: I know people who know you love.
Me: Baby
Sonke: Just know that you are safe everywhere you go. Thank you for choosing my place and making sure Yanda and Mamiki are safe too.
Me:  Always.

He kissed me and then woke up from the couch and pulled me out.

Sonke: We need to cuddle the whole night.
Me: Let me shower first
Sonke: Why you late vele?
Me: Backlog
Sonke: Boss

I Laughed.

Me: Soni was the boss she deserves a damn big bonus on her birthday
Sonke: You should look in to it.
Me: I will.

I walked in to the in suit and showered and then wore my sexy lingerie and walked in to the bedroom.

Sonke and Yanda were fast asleep next to each other I didn’t want to wake Sonke up as he looked at peace.

I moved Yanda to my side I went downstairs and I switched the lights off and I snuggled next to Sonke with Yanda next to me.

It felt so good being in my man’s arms with Yanda next to me just the way I prayed we will be.

The three of us slept through out the whole night in the morning I woke up and changed Yanda’s nappy and gave her the bottle and put her back to sleep in her court.

Sonke was still fast asleep so I decided to wake him up his favourite way I gave his big joe joe a blow and he woke up with be twirling my tongue on his.

He moaned and groaned while I was down on him and I felt his body hearing up I stopped and I got on top of him and I started riding him. He didn’t even give me a chance to complete what I started. He turned me over and lifted my leg up and starting stroking in to me. He was gentle yet rough a bit but I enjoyed every bit of it.

I moaned his name until I reached a climax he turned me over and stared fucking me from the side I felt every inch of him as he groaned and whispered my name.

I felt myself splashing in to him as I came for the second time and within minutes I felt his manhood splashing inside of me. We collapsed against each other.

Sonke: I missed this.
Me: I missed having to be pleased kanje

He kissed my shoulder planting another love bite

Sonke: And I missed marking my territory.

I laughed and then I figured I might as well tell him that I am pregnant.

I also made a mental note to call Dr. Lumnia’s office in regards with the appointment.

I got on top of him and he placed his hands on my hips.

Sonke: You are glowing Sithandwa sami
Me: I have something to tell you.

He looked right in to my eyes

Sonke: What is it?

I took a deep breath in as I didn’t know how he was going to take the news. He loves Yanda too much and I don’t know if he will be fine with having another child in such a short period of time.

Sonke: Babe khuluma phela

He ran his hands on my back opening my lingerie. Giving me that sexual feeling.

Me: Remember I told you I wanted to have more of your kids?
Sonke: Which you don’t remember telling me but Yeah
Me: Well I didn’t take any contraceptives for the past months
Sonke: And that means?
Me: after you left I took a home pregnancy test because my boobs felt fuller and I craved beer.

He looked at me in shock

Sonke: Beer babe?
Me: It’s almost out because I have been drinking it
Sonke: What do you mean?
Me: To cut the story short I am 10 weeks pregnant

He smiled and looked aside then bit his bottom lip then looked at me. My heart race increased as he just stared at me. He looked at me from my tummy to my boobs and then right in to my eyes.

Sonke: Do you know how happy you make me?

I smiled as I felt like the starts were dazing in to my eyes.

Sonke: Yazi baby with this whole separation and fights we have been having I didn’t think we will really get here

Me: I know it has been hard. I didn’t think we will overcome this.

Sonke: I didn’t think you will still want to have more kids after everything that has happened

Me: Neither did I but if God is blessing us then we just have to accept the blessings

Sonke: True my love. Thank you for putting up with me and being the wife that you are to me. I want is to build a marriage with trust. Loyalty and respect. I want you to be able to be safe with me. I also want you to be my best friend if that is okay with you.

Me: I would love that.

Sonke: Please trust me.
Me: Please trust me too.
Sonke: Let’s try this.
Me: Work?
Sonke: I will skip it this week until next week.

He pulled me towards him and we kissed then we cuddled in each other’s arms.

Sonke: Mom told me about the fall out you had with Sisanda
Me: Yeah she crossed the line
Sonke: Thanks for having my back even when I am not around.
Me: You would do the same
Sonke: Always. Did you tell mom about the pregnancy?
Me: No I haven’t told anyone.
Sonke: Why?
Me: I wanted you to be the first to know
Sonke: Have you been to Dr. Lumnia?
Me: Yes I actually have an appointment tomorrow
Sonke: We have an appointment

I giggled in while he held me tighter.

Sonke: I hope you didn’t drink last week
Me: Not even a sip
Sonke: I don’t like this beer craving kodwa
Me: Tell me about it
Sonke: I can’t wait to tell mom
Me: I can’t wait to tell my girls
Sonke: Boy or girl?

I laughed

Me: It’s still way too early to tell I could be having twins for all I know.
Sonke: Sesizobona khona

We cuddled until I had to wake up for work. I took a shower then wore my pencil skirt with just a vest. My cleavage was just out there even though my boobs felt heavy.

Sonke: You look too sexy to be married.
Me: Allow me to enjoy my body before my stomach shows
Sonke: And this will be a big one I can just tell
Me: How?
Sonke: You are already picking up weight and your skin is just pure bliss

I blushed as I rubbed my stomach.

I kissed him and grabbed my bags.

Me: I need to eat breakfast I am starving.
Sonke: And me?
Me: Woza baby.

He got off bed and wore his gown then he helped me with my bags.

Sonke: I hear you have been using my car
Me: Only way I could feel closer to you
Sonke: Don’t get mad when I use your one series
Me: I think I love the golf more
Sonke: No Lee
Me: Why not?
Sonke: It is not safe for you?
Me: yeah yeah yeah

He kissed my cheek as we walked down the stairs.

Yanda was already on her high feeding chair trying to feed herself.

Sonke laughed at her as we settled down.

We helped ourselves as Mamiki was busy in the kitchen.

I took a bit of everything on the table and I gunned it down my throat. Sonke looked at me in aweh and laughed.

Sonke: This is going to be a good 7 months

I laughed as I continued enjoying my breakfast.

Mamiki walked out with another bowl for Yanda and she just stood there in shock.

Mamiki: Yanda and here I thought she didn’t like the porridge and I went to make a cereal for her.

Sonke: Ma ugimba lo. Uyabona nje ukuthi bafuzene noLethu

We all laughed while Mamiki sat down and dished her breakfast.

Sonke: Ma it looks like we have an additional member to join our family.

Mamiki: Additional?
Sonke: Yes. We having baby

She looked at me in aweh

Mamiki: I just knew it. Congratulations
Me: I am sorry I didn’t tell you Ma I wanted to tell Sonke first.
Mamiki: That is understandable Sithandwa Sami. Look at God
Me: His amazing neh?
Mamiki: Too much
Sonke: Siyabonga Ma
Mamiki: I will cook something nice to celebrate tonight
Sonke: Save it for tomorrow. I will invite mom for supper
Mamiki: Tomorrow is perfect.

We finished off breakfast and Sonke offered to drop me off at work so I took the offer.

He packed my bags in to the golf and got in to the driver’s seat I sat on the passenger seat and we drove to work.

I took a photo of him as he was in his PJ’s. We did a short video then we played music while he held on to my hand.

We reached the office in 20 minute he didn’t come out as he didn’t want his staff to see his in his PJ’s we kissed and I walked out of the car with my bags and went straight to my office.

I settled in and I called Noxy.

Noxy: Mfazi Wakwa Shange
Me: Oh Shut up how are you?
Noxy: Less happier then you. what’s up?
Me: I am pregnant
Noxy: Again?
Me: Hawu kunani?
Noxy: Third time?
Me: Screw you

She laughed out loud

Noxy: I am joking boo congrats. When did you find out?
Me: Last month
Noxy: Last month
Me: Yes
Noxy: And you tell me now?
Me: I wanted to tell Sonke first
Noxy: His back?
Me: Yes when I got home he was there
Noxy: Wow man congrats
Me: Thank you
Noxy: I hope it’s the last one
Me: No 2nd last
Noxy: Jesus
Me: Bye Noxy See you on sat
Noxy: Shame so you won’t be drinking?
Me: No
Noxy: Wait didn’t you drink last week?
Me: Virgin cocktails
Noxy: You hoe.
Me: I love you too
Noxy: You are so smart.
Me: Too much
Noxy: I will tell Bantu the good news.
Me: Thank you has his girlfriend given birth?
Noxy: I have no idea he is very secretive these days
Me: I will call him later
Noxy: Me too
Me: Okay I have to get back to work
Noxy: Duur me too
Me: Lord. Bye Noxolo.
Noxy: bye.

I decided to get back to work Sonke sent me an email telling me he loves me.

I started blushing all over again and I replied back with a heart.

I sent Dr. Lumia and email confirming my appointment and she replied confirming the time is 2.30pm tomorrow.

I called Sonke right away so he won’t make plans.

Sonke: Sithandwa Sami
Me: Love
Sonke: Missing me already?
Me: Just a little
Sonke: Should I come pick you up?
Me: No babe I am swamped with work. I am just calling to tell you that the appointment is at 2.30pm tomorrow.
Sonke: That’s perfect. I will be done with my work by then.
Me: you coming in tomorrow?
Sonke: No babe I have a few errands to run.
Me: Oh okay
Sonke: We will speak later babe I got king on an incoming call.
Me: Okay. I love you
Sonke: I love you too.

I hung up and decided to get back to work.

I sent Soni an email to come see me and she arrived after a few minutes.

She knocked on my door and I asked her to come in. she walked in and sat opposite me.

Soni: You asked to see me?
Me: Yes.

I smiled at her and she smiled at me.

Me: Since your birthday is coming up we have decided to give you a tripled salary for this month since you have been working so hard on Sonke’s absent. We are both very impressed with your work and please keep it up.

She smiled at me with so much joy.

Soni: Thank you so much Mrs. Shange. I don’t know what to say
Me: You don’t have to say anything. Just keep being the best PA that you are
Soni: I will Mrs. Shange.
Me: Also Mr. Shange is back in town and he will resume work on Monday.
Soni: Okay Mrs. Shange. I will make sure his office is cleaned and all set for Monday.
Me: Also tomorrow I have an appointment with my doctor so I will be out of the office for about an hour
Soni: Are you okay?

I smiled at her and the blushed.

Me: Well we are having another baby so I have to go for my second check-up
Soni: Oh my god no wonder why you look so good. Your body has been on point and your skin is just beyond normal.
Me: Really?
Soni: Yes. You are glowing.
Me: Thank you
Soni: How far are you?
Me: A couple of weeks
Soni: This is good news. Congratulations
Me: Thank you.
Soni: Now it all makes sense. With your eating habit and you getting thicker. Wow Mrs. Shange this pregnancy will really suit you.
Me: Thank you

I started blushing and the she excused herself as it was her lunch time.

She walked out and I ordered my lunch to be delivered in to my office.

Around 1pm I received my food and I dug in after lunch Soni walked in to my office and told me I have a delivery.

She gave me a bouquet of roses that came with huge box of Ferrero chocolate and a card.

She then left the office and I opened the card and it read.

*To the most beautiful wife in the world. I just want you to know that I love you – Sonke*

I blushed to myself and I wasted no time in getting the chocolate in to my system.

I sent Sonke a text while I was at it.

Me [I love you more Mr. Shange.]

I got back to work but it was hard as I kept thinking of my husband.

My phone buzzed with a Text notification.

Zeeno [Congrats friend. I am so happy for you. Another baby shower loading.]

I sent a text back.

Me [Thank you my angel. Please get married so we will celebrate your triplet’s baby shower]

She replied within seconds.


Zeeno [Hell no. Screw you]


I sent her another text.


Me [I love you.]

Zeeno [I love you tooJ]


I got back to work and this time around I got caught up for hours around 3.30pm someone knocked on my door and I asked them to come in.

Sonke: Please stop over working
Me: Babe

I woke up and he walked in and gave me a hug and the kissed my lip.

Sonke: Your lips taste sweet.
Me: it must be the chocolate
Sonke: Can I have some?

I showed him the box

Sonke: Gimba

I laughed while smacking him on the shoulder. I looked at him and damn baby looked fine in denim short with his raw white Tee and white Vans.

Me: You look good
Sonke: For you

I started blushing again.

Sonke: Ready to go home?
Me: So early?
Sonke: Who owns this company?
Me: you
Sonke: So I am requesting for you to leave early.
Me: I would never say no to that.

I started packing.

Sonke: Your daughter is being a princess downstairs.
Me: You came with her?
Sonke: Yes we went shopping.
Me: Without me?
Sonke: Well mummy was busy working and we got bored sitting at home.
Me: I am so Jealous
Sonke: But we got something for mummy.
Me: Really?
Sonke: Yes.
Me: Okay I am ready to leave now.

Sonke bust out laughing while taking my bags.

Sonke: You love freebies.
Me: you owe me for leaving me alone for over 8 weeks.
Sonke: Hay Baby you’ve been counting?
Me: Yes.

I walked out and Sonke walked behind me with my MacBook bag. I noticed Yanda with braids all the way from the stair way.

Me: You did her hair?
Sonke: Yep. Mamiki took me to this kiddie’s salon in Musgrave. It was such a mission though. I ended up leaving her with Mamiki.
Me: She looks so beautiful.
Sonke: With your big forehead.
Me: And your ugly nose.

He busted out with laughter.

The ladies at reception were all over Yanda she noticed me and started crying for me to take her.

I greeted the ladies and took her from Soni.

She smiled at mama showing off her dimples. I kissed her cheek.

Sonke said his goodbyes and we walked out to the parking.

We got inside and Sonke drove us home.

When I got home I went straight to the dining area to see what Sonke got for me but I didn’t find anything so I went upstairs.

An IPhone packet was on the bed with Afrokwazi gift bag. I walked in and I sat on the bed leaving my bags on the side.

Sonke walked in before I could open the packets.

Sonke: Really Lee
Me: I couldn’t wait
Sonke: Baby Lami kodwa. Go ahead.

I opened the IPhone packet and Sonke got me an IPhone 10 S

I screamed that even Yanda got a shock and looked at me while sucking on her dummy.

Sonke: Hayi Baby it is just a phone
Me: That’s comes with love hawu
Sonke: I need to take it to the store though to move all your data to the new phone
Me: Cool you can do it tomorrow
Sonke: I got myself a IPhone 10 I prefer small and compatible
Me: I love my new phone.

I opened the gift bag and it had a necklace with small tiny design written LSHANGE.

Me: Baby This is beautiful
Sonke: You like it?
ME: I love it
Sonke: I am glad

I walked up to him and I kissed him. Yanda rose her hands as if I was going to carry her.

I looked at her and I noticed her ears were pierced.

Me: Haibo Baby

I touched her ears and she frowned

Sonke: I had to.
Me: She is so nunuz. I can’t believe I didn’t notice it until now
Sonke: I did it at browns.
Me: And how expensive was it?
Sonke: Way worth it she cried a little.

I looked at Yanda and I carried her.

Me: You did so much with daddy today?
Sonke: We did her hair first then did grocery shopping then Mamiki came back we went to gateway to get mummy’s gift and then we decided to pierce then we shopped.
Me: Shopped?
Sonke: Yes few clothes for Yanda and me
Me: Me:
Sonke: Nje baby we got you a phone
Me: Just a phone
Sonke: Lee
Me: Okay.

I kissed him on his lips and thanked him. He helped me with my new phone while I showered.

After showering I went downstairs and I helped Mamiki with cooking. Sonke and Yanda watched soccer in the living room.

After cooking we set the table and ate supper then we snuggled in bed just the three of us.

Sonke and I were just all over each other like the time he broke my virginity.  We just couldn’t stop kissing.

Yanda fell asleep and I think I fell asleep after her I was woken up by Sonke the next day asking me if I am going to work cause I overslept.

I guess being in his arms gave me that long deep sleep.

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