Fifteen Part Two

I heart sank and my hands started shacking a female officer took Yanda but she screamed out crying as she didn’t know the officer they started searching while the dogs sniffed on my car but couldn’t find anything until they were done.

A male officer advised me I will have to come down to the station as they will be keeping my husband for questioning and I have a right to be in contact with his lawyer.

I told them I will follow them as I need to call out lawyer.

I peeped on the car that Sonke was on.

Sonke: Baby call Sizwe I need at the station as in now.

Me: Okay babe. We got this.

He smiled at me and then went back to his pissed off look.

I got inside the house and plugged my phone in the charger I went to sonke’s MacBook and I found Sizwe’s contact details and I rang him from the house phone.

He answered on a 4th ring just when I was about to give up and redial the number.

Sizwe: Shange.

Me: Hi Sizwe its Mrs. Shange here.

Sizwe: Oh Hi Mrs. Shange sorry I assumed it would be your husband on the line.

Me: He asked me to call you he has been arrested like two minutes ago.

Sizwe: WTF for what?

Me: Cociane they found drugs in his car.

Sizwe: Damn.

Me: I don’t know what to do I was told I need to come to the station.

Sizwe: Which station?

Me: I am assuming it will be the Durban north police station.

Sizwe: Okay let’s meet there in an hour.

Me: Okay.

I hung up and I called king but his phone took me straight to voice mail I tried their home but there was no answer. I tried Kings Wife but her number also took me to voice mail so I called Bantu instead. He answered on a first ring.

Bantu: You won’t give up right?

Me: Sonke has been arrested.

Bantu: What??

Me: I don’t know what to do.

Bantu: Where are you?

Me: In my house.

Bantu: Is that Yanda crying on the background?

Me: Yes

Bantu: Hold still I am on my way to you.

Me: Hurry.

Bantu: Don’t call anyone until I get there.

Me: Okay.

He hung up and I hung up and attended to Yanda I tried feeding her the bottle but she pushed it away I rocked her until she was calm and eventually she fell asleep. Bantu rocked up after a few seconds with Mathema. She didn’t say anything but she just walked towards me and gave me the tightest hug ever a part of me felt overwhelmed but crying was not part of an option. Shewhispered in my ear and said “Everything will be okay”. I nod my head as I feared should I say anything that I will just break down.

Mathema: Yanda where is she?

Me: Upstairs.

Mathema: Let me check on her.

Bantu walked up to me and hugged me then looked at me.

Bantu: We go this King is handling things but we still need to go to the police station.

Me: Okay.

Bantu: Go fix yourself I don’t want people believing this whole bullshit is true.

Me: Okay.

I walked up in to my bedroom and I changed in to jeans and t-shirt and baby heels then I applied my matte lipstick. I grabbed my bag and walked to the lounge where Bantu was impatiently waiting for me.

Me: I am ready.

Bantu: Let’s go.

He got in to his car and I got in to the passenger seat and he drove off in speed to the police station. He hardly said a word to each other all I wanted to see was my husband and tell the police that all this is a mistake.

As soon as Bantu parked the car outside the Durban north police station I opened the door but he held my hand back.

Bantu: It will all be okay.

Me: Sonke is innocent.

Bantu: All I am trying to say is no throwing tantrums inside we need to respect the cops and all them to do their job. All I am asking is that we meet them half way.

Me: Okay

Bantu: Good Shall we?

Me: Yeah.

I opened the door and stepped out while Sonke followed me in to the station we walked in and it looked busy as some people were busy speaking to the receptionist Bantu didn’t bother waiting in the que he just walked up to the receptionist.

Bantu: Hi I am looking for the detective in charge with Sonkesethu Shange’s case.

The police officer looked at him and they focused his attention back to the lady he was speaking to.

Bantu: Sorry can I get attention please.

The police officer then asked for Bantu to wait his turn as she was busy with someone else he showed us the que and asked us to join the que to be assisted.

I walked to the que and stood there with so much of impatience written all over my face.

Bantu walked out as he was too annoyed to even be indoors. I stood in the que for over 30 minute until I was called up. I asked for Sonke and I was told he is held in custody so I asked to speak to the detective in charge of the case and I was told he is out on break I must come back after one hour or wait for him. I told her I will wait for him as Sonke’s lawyer is on his way.

26 0.301961); line-height: 21.600000381469727px; text-align: justify; font-size: 18px;">I sat down the bench and tried calling Bantu but he didn’t answer my call just when I ended my call I noticed a very tall and handsome gentleman in a dark blue suit walking in with his brief case he did not wait in the que that was currently there but he walked to the receptionist after a few seconds he turned and looked at me and walked to towards me and I stood up. He introduced himself as Sonke’s lawyer and I remembered his face on the parties and functions we have held over the past years.

Sizwe: Don’t worry Mrs. Shange I have everything in control. I have spoken to detective Smith as he is the one in charge of this case and he is expecting me.

Me: Thank you for coming here so soon.

Sizwe: Let’s have a seat.

Bantu walked in as soon as I sat down with Sizwe Bantu walked up and sat next to me.

Me: This is my brother.

Bantu let out his hand.

Bantu: Bantu Khumalo.

Sizwe: Sizwe Ntuli.

Bantu: Have we met before?

Sizwe: I think on the wedding day and on Sonke’s birthday.

Bantu: That is right I thought your face looked familiar.

Sizwe: We meet again.

Bantu: Bad timing though.

Sizwe: What really happened?

They both looked at me.

Me: Wait I need to call king.

I woke up and walked outside the door and called king and he answered on a 3rd ring.

Me: King.

King: Lethu.

Me: Sonke has been arrested.

King: What?? Why?

Me: Drugs

King: Drugs?? What drugs?

Me: I don’t know king I went out for breakfast and when I got home the police were all over the place.

King: Where did they find the drugs?

Me: I don’t know.

King: Where is he now?

Me: Durban North Police station.

King: Who else knows about this?

Me: Bantu Sizwe the lawyer and me for now.

King: Who is handling this case?

Me: I heard Sizwe mention detective Smith.

King; Shit…..

Me: King??

King: Lethu keep your phone with you I will be in contact with you.

Me: Okay.

I ended the call and walked back to the police station and sat next to Bantu while they both started at me.

Sizwe: Mrs. Shange I am going to need you to tell me everything that happened and if there is something that happened and I need to know I think you should tell me.

Me: Well Sonke was with King last night so I thought he might know something.

Sizwe: I am lost.

Me: After dinner last night Sonke said he had an urgent meeting with king so he left and I am not sure what time he go back home as I woke up in the morning and he was next to me.

Sizwe: So what does that go to do with what happened today?

Me: Because all this doesn’t make sense where did the police find the drugs?

Sizwe: What happened today?

Me: I woke up in the morning and asked Sonke if we could go out for breakfast and he said he was not up for it so I left and when I came back the police were all over my house.

Bantu: This does not make sense where was the drugs planted?

Me: Definitely not in the house.

Sizwe: I need to hear Sonke’s side to validate everything. So Mrs. Shange you are sure there was no drugs in the house?

Me: Yes I am sure.

How can I help you?? We all looked up and Detective smith stood before us.

Sizwe and Bantu woke up and they introduced himself and Mr. Smith introduced himself and they looked at me.

Smith: We meet again Mrs. Shange.

Me: Hi.

Sizwe: I need to see my client.

Smith: Yes of cause only his lawyer for now.

Me: Please just a minute.

Smith: I am sorry His lawyer or no one else.

Bantu: It’s fine.

Me: No It’s not fine I need to see my husband.

Smith: Mrs. Shange you will see your husband once we are done with the interrogation Please respect our Job policy.

He gave me the stare and directed his look to Sizwe.

Smith: This way Mr. Ntuli.

Sizwe turned and looked at me.

Sizwe: I got this. Okay.

He then followed detective smith while I sat down all sad and mushy.


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