Fifteen Part Three

Bantu rubbed my back trying to calm me down but I was just too upset I woke up and walked outside for some fresh air I sat on the bench outside the station looking around. Bantu walked out and sat with me while we waited for Sizwe and took him over an hour inside that interrogation room.

He came out and he suggested we drive to my house as king was at my house waiting for us. He followed us with his rover.

We go at home and Yanda was sleeping while Mathema was busy reading my new books she said she had made lunch and she served us while we sat in the dining table.

Me: Is this legit.

Sizwe: I am afraid it is.

Bantu: What did Sonke say?

Sizwe: A bag of cocaine was found in the boot of his car.

Me: No ways.

Sizwe: Finger prints will be scanned as Sonke claims he does not know where it came from and anyone could have planted.

Me: But how can we prove that?

King: I will get surveillance cameras on the places Sonke parked his car on for the past five days Chances are it could have been planted there for a while now.

Me: Do you think they broke in to my house since we were away?

Bantu: I highly doubt Security was tight.

Sizwe: Can you pull out cameras from your place King maybe these people were following him to your house.

King: My House?

Me: Yes maybe last night.

King: Last night.

Sizwe: Yes when he came to see you.

King: Me?

Me: Yes Came to see you last night didn’t he?

King: Oh Yeah Shit too much alcohol is damaging my brain.

Me: King???

King: I am on it let me call my guys. Excuse me.

He woke up and walked out to the patio.

Me: I don’t think Sonke was with king last night.

Bantu: King was wasted last night I am sure they were. Don’t look for something that is not there.

Sizwe: Let’s focus please.

Me: Okay sorry.

Sizwe: I will get the finger prints scans tomorrow if Sonke’s finger prints are not there then this will help us a lot but we will also need proof of these cameras king is on about once we have that they will release Sonke as there will be no proof that these drugs are his.

Me: So there is no way they will let him out today?

Sizwe: He needs to see the judge on Monday as they don’t operate on weekends.

Me: God.

Bantu: Two Nights Sisi and Mathema will stay here with you.

Sizwe: We need to keep this as discreet as possible we don’t know who is doing this to Sonke or this family for all that matter.

Bantu: You right I think Lethu should come to Smallville until Sonke is back.

Me: No its okay I am safe here Bantu.

Bantu: No Lethu.

26 0.301961); line-height: 21.600000381469727px; text-align: justify; font-size: 18px;">Me: Please Sonke I just need my space right now.

Sizwe: Being with family at a time like this is better Mrs. Shange.

King walked back in while these two were trying to convince to abandon my house.

Bantu: Nigga.

King: Handled I will have the footage in the next hour or two.

Sizwe: So please keep me posted I have to work on this case as I am sure Smith with request a hectic judge for this.

Bantu: Can they request.

Sizwe: Nominate.

King: Paying his off?

Sizwe: Depends who we can only see on Monday if he does end up going to court.

King: It won’t get there.

Me: I hope so.

Bantu: Well guys let’s eat up before the food gets cold.

King: True.

Me: I am not so hungry.

I woke up and walked to the kitchen and grabbed a fruit and then walked to Yanda’s room and she was up playing with her toys I kissed her and then carried her to my bedroom. I sat on the bed and cuddled her but she just wanted to explore my room so I let her be while I ran my hand over my stomach feeling my baby kick. The kicks were just too much and another part of me felt like I was having boys this time around.

Someone knocked on my door while I was in my thoughts and asked them to come in and Bantu walked in.

Me: Hey.

Bantu: Nice bedroom.

I laughed out loud.

Me: Thank you.

Bantu: Very Big too.

Me: Joys of getting married to a rich guy.

Bantu: Ooh I didn’t see that coming.

Me: Whatever.

Bantu: Sizwe and king left and I am thinking of leaving now Mathema seems exhausted.

Me: No problem I will manage on my own.

Bantu: Are you sure?

Me: Yes I just need to think a bit

Bantu: Okay I will check on you in the morning

Me; Okay. Thank Mathema for me.

Bantu: She made something to eat for the two of you.

Me: Thank God.

Bantu: No Thank her.

I laughed out again.

Me: I will ring her.

Bantu: No sweat but you still need to lock up.

Me: Oh yeah.

I woke up and carried Yanda and we walked downstairs I thanked Mathema for everything and they drove off I locked the house and then chilled in our bedroom around 6pm I fed Yanda then I tucked her in to my bed I ate supper and then switched the lights off and laid in bed and snuggled next to Yanda until I fell off to sleep.


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