Fifteen Part One

Sonke arrived home with shopping bags which seemed to be so weird as Sonke hates shopping.

Me: You went shopping without me?

He smiled and kissed me on my cheek then gave his attention to Yanda.

Me: So answer?

Sonke: I wish I went shopping but I didn’t Bantu dropped the bags at the office for you but I told him you left early since Yanda wants to be with you all the time.

I left Yanda’s food aside and walked over to the Zara and H&M Carrie bags I went through the clothes and it was beautiful clothes for me and baby Yanda.

Sonke: Bantu shopped for you guys.
Me: But Bantu hates shopping.
Sonke: Maybe Kate did the shopping.
Me: That is sweet of her. These clothes are beautiful.
Sonke: Yeah.

Sonke kissed my forehead and walked out of the bedroom. I went through the clothes then I decided to call Bantu but his phone took me straight to voice mail.

I called Noxy to just touch base but her phone also took me to voice mail so I just decided to let it be.

After dinner Sonke told me needed to see King urgently I cleared the table and tucked Yanda in. I showered then snuggled in bed while waiting for Sonke but I must have fallen asleep as the alarm woke me up the next day. Sonke slept peacefully next to me.

I woke up and showered since I felt fresher than other days and I checked on Yanda Little rascal was awake but talking to herself in her court. I bath her and then took her to my room to wake Sonke up as I wanted to eat out for breakfast.

Me: Babe.

He ignored me at first as I could see his eyes move.

Me: Baby

0.301961); line-height: 21.600000381469727px; font-size: 18px;">Me: Baby I want to go out for breakfast.

He opened his one eye and looked at me Yanda screamed for him as she could see that he was awake but instead he continued giving me a funny look.

Me: what?

Sonke: Really??

Me: I need a greasy breakfast today and I am too lazy to make one.

Sonke: But you can drive right?

Me: Well Yes I was hoping you would join us.

Sonke: Not today babe I am super exhausted.

Me: Fine.

I took my handbag and carried Yanda to the garage I took my car and I drove to Gateway Center.

We checked in at Panaroti’s and I ordered my breakfast along with Yanda’s breakfast as soon as the waiter served us we dug in. after breakfast we were shopping for a few things then we decided to catch an 11am movie. Around 3pm we were done so I drove home since my phone was off due to my battery dying.

When I arrived home I met an SAPS van with SA dog unit service I was asked to get out of the car but I refused since I could not spot Sonke and I didn’t understand what was happening. I locked my car doors but the police officers took out their guns and aimed at me until I saw Sonke at the back of the police car so I unlocked the door and took Yanda with me.

Me: What is going on?? Baby….

I was stopped by one of the officers who told me they need to search my car as they received a tip out that we have drugs in the house so they have to do checks in everything that involves me and Sonke since they have already found a bag of cocaine in Sonke’s golf.


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