I woke up with ice water being thrown at me I grasped for air but my body was tried down I looked around and I was sitting on the chair with my hands tied at the back of a chair I tried wiggling my way out but the rope was too tight. I looked around and I was in this dirty old room my baby was sleeping so peacefully on the floor with a blanket over her.

Someone slapped me to get my attention and it was Vuyo.

Vuyo: How dare you come and attack me in my house.

My head hurt like hell my neck felt strained but then again my whole body was sore.

Vuyo: Answer me.

Me: You not going to get away with this.

She laughed out loud while taking a sip of a wine that was on her hand.

Vuyo: Sonke won’t do anything to me he loves me too much.

Me: Who does he love the most between you and i?

Vuyo: He has wanted to leave your ass long time ago but then you keep popping his kids that’s the problem. You his surrogate.

Me: If it’s that so then why you have me here?

Vuyo: Lisa needs you not me you killed her son.

She looked at Yanda and then looked at me.

Vuyo: So she want’s payback.

Me: Your husband killed her Son and my kids did you forget to tell her that?

Vuyo: Oh please you seemed to have learned a lot from Sonke I see you like shifting the blame to innocent people.

Me: Sithembiso and innocent are two different words isn’t that is why you killed him.

She stopped moving around and looked at me.

Vuyo: And who told you that?

Me: Loyalty baby Know who you tell your secrets to.

She walked closer to me and poured the whole glass of wine in my face.

Vuyo: That is what loyalty is Bottom line is Lisa is going to get rid of you and Sonke and I will be together forever.

Me: Even if you kill me he will shag you and leave you because you are not worthy to be a wife. You just witch who killed her own husband because she was no longer good enough for him.

She slapped me on my face as much as it hurt I just felt numb.

Vuyo: You know nothing about Sithembiso and i.

Me: Correct but I know he was leaving your dusty black ass for Lisa I am surprised how she managed to get you to be on her side.

We were distracted my Yanda crying.

Me: Shuu baby Mummy is right here.

Vuyo: Yeah and Lisa is on her way for you while I get rid of this mother of yours for good.

Me: Sonke is already tracking you as we speak.

Vuyo: Mmm after that hot steaming fucking we had earlier on I am sure his happy not to find in that hell called home.

Me: Sonke was not with you.

Vuyo: Then where do you think he was?

Me: King.

Vuyo: I feel sorry for you sadly you don’t know the Sonke we all know.

Me: Sadly he will never love you like he loves me and his daughter.

Vuyo: Once you are gone he will.

Me: Like he would ever forgive you for killing me.

Vuyo: I am Sonke’s weakness in case you haven’t noticed I can turn Sonke in to being addicted to me in just a blink of an eye.

Me: Then what took you so long?

Yanda’s crying was not getting louder and I could tell Vuyo was getting pissed off.

Vuyo: This rascal of yours is getting to me.

Me: She is just a baby Vuyo.

Vuyo: I know how to make her shut up.

She walked towards her bag and pulled out a syringe.

Me: No Vuyo what are you doing.

Vuyo: She needs to go back to sleep I can’t deal with this.

Me: Vuyo all she needs it me to cuddle her and then she will go back to sleep Please don’t inject my daughter with that.

She stopped on her way towards Yanda and looked at me with a cocky smile.

Vuyo: Look who is begging now.

Me: Please I will do anything.

Vuyo: You in no position to do anything for me.

Me: I will leave town Change my identity just let me and my daughter go.

Vuyo: And what makes you think I should trust you.

Me: I love my daughter Vuyo and I chose her over Sonke you can keep him I was going to leave him after giving birth.

She laughed out loud.

Vuyo: Then why were you at my house if that is the case?

Me: To find him there and use it against the break-up.

Vuyo: You are lying.

Me: I am not. I swear on my life.

She continued walking towards Yanda and she kept quiet and smiled at Vuyo as she recognized her

Vuyo: She loves me

Me: Vuyo Don’t

My voice started cracking I tried to untie my hands but it was just impossible the robe was too tight.

She picked Yanda up and then injected her on her thigh while my baby screamed out in agony.

Vuyo: Don’t cry angel it will all be over soon.

Me: You bitch.

She looked at me as she ran her hands on Yanda’s back calming her down but Yanda lifted her hands for me to take her I felt so helpless with my hands tied and my baby crying out for me. Tears just flew down my cheeks and I just closed my eyes and asked God to please see us through this nightmare.

Vuyo: Oooh Look Mummy is crying.

I didn’t open my eyes and neither did I entertain her I tried to shut out everything hurt me as I needed to be strong for my baby.

Vuyo: Don’t worry Lethu she won’t see a thing.

Yanda was now calming down with the injection she just received I opened my eyes and I looked at her through teary eyes and she was laying her head on Vuyo’s chest while Vuyo still ran her hands softly on her back.

Me: I hate you.

Vuyo: Not as much as I hate you for stealing me man.

Me: You left Sonke for his best friend Lethu

0.301961); line-height: 21.600000381469727px; text-align: justify; font-size: 18px;">Me: You left Sonke for his best friend Lethu how is that my fault?

Vuyo: I was going to leave Sithembiso then you came along.

Me: Noma was already the picture.

Vuyo: Fuck that old Rat it was you who stole Sonke from all of us Lethu. YOU.

Me: And I am willing to leave him for you.

Vuyo’s phone rang the placed Yanda back to where she was and she answered.

Vuyo: LK Where the hell are you?

She kept quiet as she listened on the call.

Vuyo: Demit LK so what do I do now?

She listened again.

Vuyo: Have you sent them already?

She listened again.

Vuyo: Fine then and what do I do with her?

She listened again.

Vuyo: You are making this way too easy for me.

She smiled and looked at me as she listened to me.

Vuyo: Cool will wait for your team to take the child then I will get rid of her.

She listened.

Vuyo: If I could get them both here on my own then I am sure you won’t mess up.

She laughed out loud and walked over to me and placed the phone on my ear.

Lisa: Lethokuhle Shange.

I kept quiet and didn’t respond.

Lisa: I know you can hear me who is having the last laugh now?

Tears threatened my eyes.

Lisa: Sometimes when the big dogs walk in you should walk out but you thought you were also a big dog look at you now. 

I looked at Vuyo and she took the phone and spoke to LK.

Me: Looks like she has lost her tongue.

She listened again to Lisa as she walked towards the door and opened it then shut it again and spoke on the phone.

Vuyo: Okay See you soon.

She took the phone and put it on her back pocket and leaned against the door.

Me: Hope you happy about yourself.

Vuyo: I am not happy I am fucking proud of me.

Me: I am happy for you.

She smiled as we heard cars pull up outside she took her gun and then lightly opened the door and peeped for a while and then opened the door wide.

Vuyo: It took you guys very long to get here.

A lady’s voice spoke but I could not make out what she was saying as she walked in with Vuyo with two guys following her.

They all looked at me and Vuyo spoke out.

Vuyo: There is the baby sleeping there.

The lady dresses in a nurse uniform walked towards Yanda and picked her up.

Me: Where are you taking my baby? Please leave my baby.

The lady didn’t even look my way as she made her way out with Yanda.

The two guys followed her as Vuyo shut the door.

Me: Vuyo I am pleading with you please don’t do this.

Vuyo: I wish this was my call but Lisa wants Yanda with her and you we have a trip to take.

I shook my head.

Vuyo: Don’t be a bitch now because I will blow your head right here and right now if you try to outsmart me.

I nod my head.

I will cut the rope and you will go before and get in the boot of the car.

Me: Where are you taking me?

Vuyo: Home where you will meet your older kids.

Fuck so Vuyo was going to kill me.

Me: Vuyo let’s talk about this.

Vuyo: Please Lethu I am done talking okay. Now I will cut this rope and remember I will shoot right through that big belly of yours.

She walked behind me and started cutting the rope until my hands were loose.

Vuyo: Get up.

I woke up but my head felt so dizzy that I had to balance with the chair.

Vuyo: What are you doing?

Me: My head feels light.

Vuyo: I told you don’t act with me NOW GO!

I started walking towards the door as I could feel the gun right in my spine. When we got to the door Vuyo’s phone rang once again and I felt the gun slightly leaving me.

I turned around as she was busy getting the phone out of her pocket so I hit her with my elbow on her face and she lost her balance and moved back words while her phone fell on the floor with the gun.

I grabbed her hair as I slammed her head against the door and I ran for the gun and I took it. The phone was still ringing so I took and Sonke was calling.

Me: Baby Baby help me please.

Sonke: Lethu where are you?

Me: I don’t know.

I felt a hit on the back of my head and I went down on my knees whole the phone dropped she pulled me with my hair but I hit her with the back of the gun on her knees and she hit the ground I got up and pointed the gun at her and I just shot and shot until blood was gushing out of her and on the floor I dropped the gun as I started panicking and I looked around for the phone and I spotted it right next to her. I walked closer to her as I was scared she might still be alive when I got next to the phone I grabbed it and I tried dialing Sonke.

My stomach started hurting like mad as I wobbled my way out the door I spotted Vuyo’s car and I walked towards it I tried opening it but it was locked I sat on the floor next to it as Sonke’s phone rang and he answered.

Sonke: Hello.

I took a deep breath in as I started losing air and I struggled inhaling it in.

Me: So so Sonke.

Sonke: Lethu Baby talk to me.

Me: I I can’t breathe.

Sonke: King has tracked Vuyo’s car I am on my way baby.

Me: They too too took Yanda.

Sonke: Baby I can’t hear you just calm down and try to breath I will be there.

The phone fell off from my hand as I balanced my head against the door I felt blood coming out behind my ear I tried breathing in but my eyes were just too heavy to try and keep it opened then I passed out.



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