Her Replacement

Author : Philee Khuzwayo

Genre :  True Story

Description :  So here I am all dressed up, looking too much of a lady just because Gift has asked me to join him for dinner at his hotel in Ballito.I applied my makeup, yet looking in to my eyes, asking myself if I really want to go out on a date with a married man. I mean I was raised better than this and if my parents could find out, they would be so disappointed.I wore my black pencil dress with my black high heels. I tied my weave in to a bun and grabbed my purse and made my way out to the door as I received a notification that my driver was outside.I locked the door behind me and made my way out to a silver Toyota classic and sat on the back seat.“Hi” as I greeted the driver and he looked at me on the rear-view mirror and smiled “Hello Miss” I smiled back as he started the car and drove to Ballito.I went through my phone and I had a text from Gift.[How far are you?]I replied back.[On my way]I sat on the back seat starring on to the top of the car and asking myself over and over again “Thando, are you ready for this?”I sat back and I remembered the very first time I met Gift, It was 14 on Chartwell down the Umhlange centre, he was sitting in the corner waiting for me to arrive, I was dressed on my usual which were jeans and a spaghetti top with sandals. He looked very handsome being dark as he is, chubby and a full Casper Nyovest type of a beard. I looked around as if I couldn’t recognise him until he stood up and waved his hand at me and I smiled and walked closer to him. The hug was very much wired and cold for a first time meeting. He opened the chair for me and I sat down, he walked over and sat across me and he took a sip of whatever cider he was drinking and asked me if I will be drinking anything. I said I will have an appletizer, he called the waiter who came through and he asked him to get me appletizer. He smiled and said you are beautiful in person and I blushed not even knowing what to say. He told me his name was gift, currently based in Mpumalanga but has his business in PMB, Mpumalanga and in Durban. I nod my head as he continued. I am in to civil engineering and my life keeps me busy all the time he said.We were disturbed by the waiter bringing my drink, he placed it on the table and asked if there was anything else we needed, gift looked at me and I shook my head and I said no thanks. He smiled and then walked away as Gift took another sip of his cider making me notice a black beautiful ring on his marriage finger.He noticed that I was looking at the ring and he looked at it as I took the first sip of my drink and then I placed my glass down on the table.“I hope you won’t mind but I am married” he said.I swallowed my drink hard, trying not to choke on it but I think my facial expression sold me out as his changed from being serious to being concerned.I smiled trying to get rid of the stiffness on my face. “Yeah it’s cool” I said as I took another sip of my drink.“wow, I am so glad we are over that part, I was a bit worried on how you going to take it” he said. I smiled and all I said was “It’s cool”. He went on and sipped on his drink and then asked me if I was hungry. I shook my head and told him no I was okay.He called the waiter and asked for another drink while I took my third sip. He told me he had one more client to meet and if I was okay with it and I told him I don’t mind. He pulled out his phone and made a phone call while I sat just stared at him and his ring in his hand.“Thando, what are you getting yourself in to? “ I asked myself silently as I smiled to Gift. He told me to stay here as he will get the guy and then get back to me, he walked out and came back with a decently very hot guy. He introduced me as Thando and then the guy as Tebogo. We shook hands and he sat down next to Gift and then they started going through some building designs while I went through my phone trying to look busy.

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