There's no me without you season 2

Author : Ouma Betty Ntsukunyane

Genre :N/A

Description :

Season 2Chapter 1Lindiwe?Dear God why am I even still alive? My heart is failing me and my soul is drained?Every day is the same, it's dark, cold and empty. It's useless to even cry because it changes nothing, it's been a week since I left Sfiso and honestly I am battling with my heart because it keeps begging me to run back to him but I refuse. I will fight it until it gives up or I give in but for now Sfiso carries for me more pain than love.Someone?s at the door, oh! I drove to my parents? house that night. They were so shocked about my state as I tried to explain to them what Sfiso did to me and to us. Jake was so mad he wanted to go back and teach him a thing or two but I begged him not too. I asked them not to tell him where I was. Of course I am worried about my son but I am not fit to be a good parent to him not now but I will go back for him, I just need to gather my strength. That's what I am now, I am weak and defeated and I don't think I am too strong to face reality and face Sfiso again knowing what I know now: That he doesn't love me the way I thought he did. That was the entire basis of our marriage that as much as I was willing to die for him he would also take a bullet for me, we moved together, he jumps and I would jump, I hurt and he would hurt, we carried each other and put each other?s happiness first but I guess somewhere along the line I sold myself short. I gave more than I received and I taught him how to treat me and I easily accepted that I was second best to him.?Sisi vula tuu? That?s sinovuyo, she?s been knocking on my door everyday every morning since I came here. I looked myself in here because I don't want to face the world, I am not ready to carry the burden of the guilt they will make me carry for leaving my husband and child and I am definitely not ready for the pity stares.Me: Go away please.Her: I am not going anywhere so open up.She's so grown up, she's 16 years but she's very matured.Me: Hai Sino don't bore me please.Her: I am not going to school today so I will just sit here and sing for you.She starts singing, my Lord! This girl is not gifted, she's dragging a song that I can?t even recognise which song it is. After about 15 minutes I can?t take it anymore so I drag myself off the bed and go open the door.Her: Hey sisi.I don't know seeing her makes me emotional again because she's so innocent and I used to be like that before Sfiso ruined me.Her: Come here don't cry.She sits on the bed with her back against the headboard and I lie my head on her thighs.Her: Don't cry sis, man are dogs. He'll never get another woman like you and he'll die miserable.I laugh for the first time this week.Me: What do you know about men being dogs Sino?Her: Ask no questions hear no lies.Me: Wow!Her: I am glad you feel better.Me: Didn't even take much thank you sis. I love you.Her: That?s what little sisters are for. I love you too but haa! You need to bath sista.Me: Really Sino you had to ruin a good moment.Her: No I love you but Yho! Hai ngeke sisi! This room I swear a dead mouse will surface somewhere.Me: Uyadelela manje!Phuma!I stand from her and she's in stitches. That's Sino for you she's very straight forward with you and yet very respectful. She's the light in this family, always been.Her: Plus I am late for school.Me: Thought you were missing it.Her: No ways I am writing a Science test today.Me: Nerd alert!Her: Nerd my foot!Me: Sinovuyo!Her: I am sorry!She quickly runs to the bathroom and runs water for me.Her: Your water is ready. I love you and you?re going to make it.Me: I love you nerd. Enjoy your day.She smiles and starts running I am sure to her room. That ones loves pressure, she never does things in advance loves doing everything in a limited time space.I sit in the water with oils and salts, it's very calming. I use my bath towel to wash my shoulders one by one it feels like I am throwing something off them. My neck is sore, eyes stingy and I have a headache probably from hunger. I look myself in the mirror whilst drying myself, I look skinny, the unhealthy kind.Mom is in my room; my bed is made, curtains opened and there's a fresh aroma in the room.Me: Ma.She stops whatever she's doing and looks at me for the longest time. Her eyes twinkle with tears, she opens her arms and I practically run into them.Her: I am sorry my baby. I was not aware that things were getting worse, I failed you as a mother, I am sorry Lindiwe.Me: You didn't fail me mama, Sfiso is the one who failed me. Oh! Mama it hurts so much, right here(pointing at the her left side under her breast). It hurts so much I feel like I can?t breathe.Her: Shhh ! It?s going to get better but you need to be strong.Me: I don't think I can mama.Her: Look at me.I look at her through my blur vision, she points to the bed and we both sit. I keep wiping my tears with the back of my hands.Her: I have never told you how you were conceived, I was raped.Me: I figured.Her: What you don?t know is that I was raped by my father for four years because him and my mother wanted me to bear them twins. They aborted 12 of my children because they were not twins.Me: Mama?Her: That's not the point, the point is the 13th child was strong, she fought for her survival and that was you. You fought even when I treated you badly as a child. That's the kind of person you are Lindiwe, you're a fighter and baby I know now it looks like your back is against the wall but it will get better you just need to keep fighting.Me: But Sfiso took all my fighting spirit.Her: Sfiso can?t take what you don't give to him, he's not God Lindiwe. So don't give him that much power over you. You're a Mbhele woman and we're strong and are not easily defeated so dig deep and find the will to fight.I wipe away my tears because I realise that I made Sfiso my God and I was the one who convinced myself that I wouldn't live without him but no more.Me: Thank you mama.Her: Don't rush the process but take baby steps, it will get better I promise.I nod and give her a hug.Me: Does this make us sisters?Her: Hai suka! I am your mother. This doesn?t change anything come down to eat.Me: Okay mama.I emphasise the mama because she deserves the title, only a mother can go through so much and still have room to love. I wear the clothes that she chose for me and go to the kitchen. Jake and the boys are having breakfast, mom goes all out with her cooking the table is fully set. Fana now permanently lives in London, he left two years back to support his girlfriend?s modelling career, we tried to talk him out of it but you know how love gets.Me: Good morning.Vuyo and Luvuyo: Morning sis.Jake: My angel, how are you feeling?Me: I am getting there.Jake: That?s all I want to hear.He holds my hand firmly on top of the table and right there I know I am not alone?SfisoA week. A fucken week! I am just a mess, I really thought Lynn would be back by now but I guess she has had enough this time. I look at my phone ringing one last time, it's work again and they can keep the job for all I care all I need is my wife back home, I need my heart and Lynn left with it.Siya: Dad!Me: What Siyabonga?Siya: Breakfast.Me: Are you handicapped Siyabonga? Didn't God give you two hands? Hai suka la! Go make your own food, I am not your maid.Him: This sucks! When is ma coming back?Me: Don't ask me shit!Him: Dad!I just rest my head on the kitchen counter, I am seriously losing it without Lynn. She needs to come home and fix her family. What kind of mother walks out on her child? On her husband? Don't all people make mistakes? I am only human and I deserve a second chance.Me: I am sorry boy, I am just under a lot of stress.Him: Are you guys divorcing?Me: Siyabonga! What do you know about divorce?Him: More than you?ll love me to know. So?Me: Wow! What do they teach you at school vele?Him: Don't avoid the question.I pat the chair next to me and he takes the seat.Me: Look, your mom just took a break from us just for a while but she's coming back. So,stop thinking about divorce and all that nonsense because it isn?t happening. We love you and soon we'll all be together.Him: I called grandma.I clench my jaws because mom is the last person I want to involve in this but I don't want to upset Siya so I play it cool.Me: No problem, you did what you thought was best and I am proud of you. Get ready your transport is probably on it's way.Him: Jason's mom can only drive us Tuesday to Thursdays, Mondays and Fridays are mom?s turn.Me: Oh! Well in that case let?s go.We drive to Jason's place first and pick him up. I am outside their school in 20 minutes.Me: You're cool right here or should I walk you in?Him: I am offended that you even asked.They both laugh and I feel so stupid.Him: Dad my allowance.Me: Mom gives you money? What happened to lunchbox.Him: Lunchbox Monday to Thursday and Friday money.Me: Okay no need to use that tone.He just shakes his head and I give him a R200 note.Him: You do know I am in grade 5 right?Me: Is that too much?Him: Nope just checking, thank you dad.He runs off with Jason, so cheerful. He deserves so much more than a broken family that?s why I need this fixed urgently. I call Lebo?s dad.Me: Pops.Him: Morning son .Me: Can we meet?Him Sure thing, can you come to the site?Me: Will be there in an hour.Him: Bring those croissants from Deli bakery.Me: Sure! sure!I drop the call, drive to Deli and then to the site which is a couple minutes away from the deli. He's still busy talking with one of the workers, he points me to his mobile office and I go and wait for him in there. Lebo's dad owns a few flats, has a construction company and now their building a mall, he also has a law degree and some other businesses he has shares in, I guess that's why Lebohang is so lazy because he knows that he has a lot to fall back on. He comes in after about 25 minutes.Him: I am sorry I kept you waiting.Me: No sweat.Him: Let me warm these up.He takes the croissants and pours two cups of coffee from the coffee pot. He hands me one and puts the plate of croissants in the middle of the table.Him: Talk to me.Me: Lindiwe left me.He shakes his head and takes a big bite of croissant.Him: Does it have anything to do with that girl that's occupying Midland?Me: A lot to do with her. She's pregnant.Him: Men cheat all the time but you don't go and make a mistress pregnant. Hai uyabheda struu!Me: If I wanted judgement I would have went to Jake, so please.Him: I am sorry just that I had much faith in you.Me: I really messed up but I need my wife back.Him: This girl, do you want to marry Her?Me: As in make her my second wife?Him: Yes.Me: No! I don't see myself with any other women except Lindiwe. Ines was a mistake that God knows I wish I could forget about but unfortunately life doesn?t work like that. If only Lindiwe saw things that way, if she could just realise that it was a stupid mistake and we can move on from this nightmare.Him: I am sorry my boy, women can be very difficult especially where infidelity is involved. They don?t understand that for us sex can just be sex no feelings involved. Anyway what can I do to help?Me: Can you accompany me to apologise to her and get her back?Him: Do you know where she is?Me: Yes she's living with Jake and Aunty Nom at least that's what Lerato to told me.Him: I will call your mom and we can go. When were you thinking?Me: I would say now or tonight but I know things don't work that way.Him: They don't but tomorrow will work plus it's a Saturday.Me: What do I bring?Him: Knowing Jake bring a cheque book.Me: Yah that one and money.???It's Saturday and I woke up feeling a bit off, I am nervous about today's events. Jason's parents agreed to babysit Siya today although he first put up a fight. According to him, he can fully take care of himself and doesn't need a child minder, that time he doesn't even know how to use a dishwashing machine. We're meeting at mom's place and then we?ll leave together from there. I take a shower after dropping Siya and shave, my beard has grown a lot in this week. I am losing muscle, and I have a constant throbbing headache which is a sign of over thinking. I wear a simple blue slim fit shirt and navy chinos with formal shoes. I drive home listening to:I'm Sorry by 3rd StoreeMaybe this was my last chanceI may never get to hold your hands againI can say that I'm a better manBecause you made me understandI'm so sorry that I tore your heart apart last nightAnd I'm sorry if I start you again todayI didn't mean to take your dreams and make them seem so triteI sincerely, completely, apologize for doing what I did?Yeerr! This song has got me feeling so emotional. I am dumb to have done what I did to Lindiwe. I know she deserves much more than I have to offer but I love her and I am willing to give it all up for her. She's my lifeline and I need her back home. That house is cold and empty without her, I feel like a lost soul. I know I shouldn't have hid stuff from her but I honestly meant to protect her. The financial help to Ines was just to make sure that my baby was taken care of, I don't care about her and as soon as the baby is born I would have fought for custody and I would get rid of her but I guess that was just wishful thinking.Mom: Hey baby how are you feeling? Can't believe Lindiwe just walked out on her family like that? But who am I kidding? She's Nombuso?s daughter walking out is what they do best.Me: Mom please.Lebo?s Dad: Teboho is already waiting for us on the crossroad so let's leave.Teboho is Lebo's paternal uncle, he was also there for the lobola negotiations. We drive to their place and I am sweating as we park outside the gate, my dad is very protective of Lindiwe and I know it's not going to be easy.Lebo's dad: Stop stressing we are leaving with you wife.Me: I hope so.Him: Praying helps.He laughs and I also discharge an uneasy laugh. I wish it was that easy but I know it's not either way I will fight to have my love back...???Couldn't stay away.

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