Chapter 0ne

I took a quick shower and went to join my daughter who was already peeling vegetables on the kitchen counter. I was a proud mother at that moment. As soon as she saw me she grinning at me. How I loved these moments without her father. We prepared her favorite meals which is Mac and cheese with buffalo wings on the side. Time does fly when you are having fun. The next moment we heard was the door handle being opened and his cologne filled the room as soon as he entered inside the kitchen. Tshiam ran when he saw his dad. They have a very tight bond that no one can break and I'm glad. As much as I'm not pleased with his father I know that he will never forsake his daughter no matter what. "Good evening baby." His tone was not the one I was used to. Could it be that he is seeing someone? Or is he really changing to be a better man? I had these thoughts and snapped out as Tshiamo was calling me."Mama Daddy greeted you hau. Why did you not answer him?" "As I said Tshiamo I have a lot of things to think about and I am your mother. Its not the other way around okay? I love you but I would appreciate it if you could give me my space and let me the adult stress about my things." "Mama what's wrong kante? You've been sad these days and you snap at me if I ask you about certain things. Why?" "Kante Tshiamo bothata ba hao go kae? I am your fucken mother and if I have stress its mine not yours do you hear me? You don't know what I'm going through and you won't even understand cause you are a child! So stop fussing about me please." I ran all the way to our bedroom leaving her with her shocked father and locked the door. Tears gushed down my pink cheeks as I remembered all the good memories that Kagiso and I had when we were in our teenage years. How did we even get where we are? We used to be madly in love that was before we decided to get married. The sweets were removed and we were given lemons. I cried till I had no tears left in me. For the first time since I got married to Kagiso I kneeled down and talked to Him. " Father I kneeled down and talked to Him. " Father I know it has been a long time since You and I talked. Father I beg you to help me. I am tired of constantly fighting with my husband. I'm tired of drinking wine from 9am to 1pm and think about what went wrong. I am tired of being his punching bag. I am tired Father I beg that you take my life right now. I have sinned against you many times but I beg that you love me with my sins. Help me regain my power Almighty and be with me in every step of the way. I put my child in your warm hands. In the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen." After what looked like a long time he came inside using the spare key. "So when were you going to tell me that you drink and cry? In front of my kid Palesa. My fucken kid? I will show you to never mess with me ever again." This time I didn't fight I let him be. It started from slaps to punches in the stomach. He dragged me to the the bathroom and tore my night dress. He beat the shit out of me and I stood there and did nothing. He opened the tap to the shower to make sure that Tshiamo doesn't hear anything. He molested me once again this time he killed me in and out. Tears we pouring out like waterfalls. "Daddy what are you doing? You are killing her!" Momo screamed and that was lights out for me.


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