Whenever I'm feeling down and drained Fashion caf├ę is the place that cheers me up. Their theme is so arty and calming there are reaped jeans on the walls artily pinned various colours of candle remainders on the floor next to the flower pots the atmosphere the cars passing 3 or 4 meters away the soft rare kind of music I mean you can't even tell what type of music this small fancy restaurant is playing... I'm sitting here alone and the restaurant is quiet today usually there would be cars parked outside and people revving this place. I adore their platters if I was much of a eater I would probably sit here and finish them all.... I was interrupted by a male voice in my admiring of this small fancy restaurant.

Voice: (clears throat) Hi

Me: I turned my heard to face him Molo(hello)

Him: What does a beautiful lady like you doing here in a lokish?

Me: To grab a meal just like everybody else I guess

I said that giving him a 'you are so stupid look'

Him: Silly me! 

He smiled and offered himself a sit

Him: You don't mind do you?

He asked as he got sitted

Damn I would worship the woman who gave birth to this dark chocolate handsome guys... Lulama get yourself together! 

Him: Aren't you supposed to be home cooking for me and our kids?

Me: What?

Him: I mean you can make a really good wife of mine

I rolled my eyes and showed him my left hand

Him: Ooops! Just when I met my wife someone has made themselves comfortable with what is mine

Me: Sorry that is not gonna make me laugh

I said that trying so hard not to smile

Him: Funny enough just because you are thinking about it melts my heart obviously you found it funny

We laughed

This is a first after my marriage though I don't entertain or allow men to entertain me I show them the way as soon as they start hitting on me I guess I was too upset and I needed this talk or somewhat company.

Me: I'm not staying I'm just waiting for my order then I'll lea..

Him: Where are my manners? I am Theo Mawawa I live here in this township.

He gave me a look obviously he wants me to introduce myself too..

Me: mm...oooh I.. I'm Trudy...Trudy Duma please to meet you Theo.

He extended his hand for a hand shake I did too he did the unexpected by kissing it.

Those lazy eyes of his landed on mine and for a moment I was uncomfortable. I was rescued by a waitress.

Her: Ma'am your here is your order

I quickly removed my hand and stood up

Me: Thank you

it's okay you can keep that

Her: Thank you Ma'am can I get anything for you sir?

Theo: Yes her numbers

He said that starring at me okay this keeps on getting more uncomfortable I mean can't this man see the ring on my finger?

Waitress: Excuse me sir I didn't catch that

Theo: I said I would like to have her numbers or e-mail address anything that will help me be in contact with her

Waitress: Sir I am talking about food or drinks...

Me: Look please get us two cappuccino with whipped cream

Her: Yes ma'am

She walked away and I sat down

Theo: A woman in control I like it

Me: Don't get ahead of yourself you have until I finish my cappuccino start talking

For a moment there was silence I don't know what kind of a woman I am but mostly what I say goes and I don't take shit.

Theo: How old are you?

Okay that was the most unexpected...

Me: What!

Theo: Sorry that came out wrong but I'm curious I mean I believe you're on your early 20s but already married

Me: Mr that what happens when love finds you

Theo: So you are happy?

I have to go have few errands to run before my kids come back from school.

Theo: Oh you have kids?

Me: Yes two boys

Theo: Wow a young mother like you how old are they? 

Me: 6 and 4 years

Theo: That is very nice mind if I meet them?

Me: Give me your contacts I'll think about it

He took out a business card and gave it to me

Me: Mr Mawawa it was nice to meet you.

I smiled took my bag and my food and headed to my car.

I am Lulama Trudy Duma married with two kids and I am 23 years old. I don't have a job as yet I'm still trying to find my foot after the marriage the kids and not being able to go to university to further my studies. My husband Lunga Duma is 28years and is working as a civil engineer and he is hardly home.

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