Chapter 9

Insert 9


I slept on the guest bedroom avoiding Theo. I woke up early and took a long bath before I prepared the kids for school. I had on my leather skinny pants a white vest long black shrug and white sneakers. I went to their room to wake them to my surprise they were not there and the bed was made. I went downstairs They were all in the kitchen having cereals.

Boys: Morning Mommy

Me: Morning... How did y'all sleep?

I was trying by all means to ignore the stare Theo gave me

Theo: We slept okay wena?

Me: I can't complain

Theo: You can make yourself breakfast me and the boys are leaving in 10min

Me: Where you off to?

Theo: School. And I'm off to work

Me: I'll start packing I'll be out of your house before you leave

Theo: That's not necessary... You can go home to get a few things and stay here until all of the mess is sorted.

Me: There is nothing wrong with my life I'm going home. My husband will come back to his senses

Theo: If you say so

I made my self a banana smoothie and went upstairs and started packing. Just when there were leaving I also went to my car

Me: I love you boys

Theo: You really leaving?

Me: I have a house remember?

They got inside the car and drove off I put the bag inside the car and went to lock the house. I also drove off.


I won't say I love Trudy but spending a weekend with her showed me another side of her. I shouldn't have told her what my friend sent me to do but after she told me how her marriage has been I felt sorry for her. I figured that she is one strong woman. No woman would get married at the age of 22 and experience loveless marriage. Trudy has never been intimate with Lunga since they came back from the honey moon how sad. But despite all that she is still faithful and loves her husband dearly. I thought I had her yesterday but she managed to pull out. I'm also lonely I also need a woman in my life but I can't be hurt again. In my last breakup I tried to commit suicide. I loved that woman with all I had but she left me for someone else. I have trust issues when it comes to woman and I can be over protective at times. I feel like betraying Lunga I feel like taking what's his and make it mine. What's the point of having a wife and kids if you not gonna play family man? What's the use of working and be rich if you not gonna spend your money with your loved ones? I can do a lot better than him I can take very good care of Lulama and the kids. I just have to play my cards right. If I get closer to the boys I can be close with Trudy too. 

KD: Thank you uncle Theo for driving us

Me: I can do that everyday

I smiled as I parked for them to get out 

KK: Really? Sofika nge Q7 everyday?

Theo: And I can pick you up also

KD: That would be awesome

Theo: Now go to school I need to go to work

They got off and couldn't stop waving at me as I was leaving.


I went pass by Game store to get a small luggage case for Kwandile's trip in the next two months . The schools will be closing him and other three of his friends will be leaving for Zimbabwe. One of the parents is in charge of all the expenses organising and whatsoever the activities they will be doing there. Lwini hasn't approved of this trip and I don't know how I will convince her to fix the paper work for Kwandile's trip if she signed the adoption papers it would've been better. I did the shopping and when I was leaving I received a call

Me: Hello

Voice: Trudy

Me: Lunga is that you?

Him: Baby

if she signed the adoption papers it would've been better. I did the shopping and when I was leaving I received a call

Me: Hello

Voice: Trudy

Me: Lunga is that you?

Him: Baby are you alright? Where are the kids? Where are you?

Me: Lunga what's wrong you scaring me

Him: Where are you? I need to tell you something but you need to sit down first.

Me: I'm in a parking you can talk

Him: Lungile has been living my life I know you will be confused but you've been living with my twin brother I don't know how you couldn't recognise him but he is that good. He kept me hostage for almost 11months yesterday I managed to escape and I am currently in Limpopo. I don't have money to come back home and I am scared for my life. I need you to help out on this one

I was silent this whole time some of the things he said made sense but how? How did he manage to fool all of us? I was shocked my husband has been abused by his very own twin brother...

Him: Lulu are you there?

Me: How did it all happen? How do I know that I'm not speaking to a wrong twin?

Him: Ask me anything I'll confirm

Me: What is my deepest secret?

Him: Your mom is HIV positive

Me: How did she get infected?

Him: She was taking care of your older sister

Me: How do you know this

Him: You told me when you got pregnant and you were scared of doing the texts especially because I told you I'm type O blood.

Me: I have my doubts but I choose to believe you

Him: Great this phone belongs to someone who took me in yesterday she said I can stay for two  more days please try to go and tell my mom about what I told you and make sure Lungile doesn't suspect anything he is probably busy right now looking for me everywhere. Take care of yourself and the kids

Me: Okay baby I'll do my best can I call you here?

Him: Yes she left this phone with me

Me: Okay baby I love you

Him: I love you too

Me: Bye

Him: Bye

We hangup... I was out for a moment I had mixed emotions I didn't know if I should be rejoice that my husband is safe and will be home soon or should I beat my self for not noticing that I slept with his brother. Everything is a mess first I found the truth about Theo now this....this is too much

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