Chapter 7

Insert 7


I long finished eating and it was getting darker Lungile hasn't been back. I stood and prayed "God let this be your way of showing me that you will never abandon me nor forsakeme God you made a promise to stay true to me as long as I stay true to you. Right now I need you to lift me up I am out of strength and I need you to carry me through this darkness Amen" 

I went to the door and closed my eyes as I was getting hold of the door handle I inhaled and twisted the handle. 

Me: Almighty be praised! I worship you Lord! Thank you Jesus you are so powerful. I knew you will never leave me this long 

 The joy I had just for being able to see outside I've been locked up in this place for far too long that I have forgotten how nature smells like. I wasn't so worried on being caught by my twin it's was like someone else has taken over my entire body and mind. I was imagining myself out of this misery. I was wearing a jean that he swapped with me when he held me hostage and took my clothes I never change after that I had a very dirty t-shirt on and no shoes so I will have to walk bare footed. I opened the door wider and stepped outside it would have been difficult to escape during midday as this place is so far from the street and people. As the darkness has taken over it was much easier to point the right direction I could see the lights so I went straight to that direction. I hope I find help before my brother catches me.


Trudy has been sleeping for far too long now I took the boys to shower and prepared dinner dinner is now ready I need to wake her up. I instructed the boys to watch TV in the lounge as dinner will be served soon they are very disciplined kids they take instructions as they are. I went to the master bedroom to wake Trudy.

She was sleeping so peacefully holding one of my big Teddy bears. I stood there watching her for approximately 15minutes she then tossed...

Me: Wakey wakey Mommy

Her: Hey it's rude to stare

She said in a sleepy voice

Me: Sorry I can't help it God made you with patience

Her: What time is it? 

Me: 18:30

She sat up straight

Her: Ohh damn I need to be home so I can prepare for school tomorrow

Me: I can go with you to fetch whatever you gonna need you don't need to be alone in this state

Her: No we have invaded your privacy far enough

Me: Don't say that I have learned new things from you and the boys

She chuckled

Her: Like?

I sat on the bed next to her giving her enough space to be comfortable with that

Me: Like being a family man I never thought of it until my friend tried to hook me up with his wife

Okay that suddenly changed her mood

Me: I'm sorry I shouldn't have said that

Her: No it's okay at least you're being honest

unlike that excuse of a husband of mine

Me: Dinner is ready come we will be waiting for you

I stood up and headed to the door before I walk out she said something

Her: I'm catching feelings for you Mr Mawawa

I stood there with my back facing her it was like someone just cursed me with a freezing spell I wanted to turn and respond to her but I couldn't I just stood there like a statue. I felt her wrapping her arm around my waist...

Her: I may be hurt and confused but it feels so right to be around you

I turned to face her

Me:  I... We...can...can I be excused? I need the bathroom

Her: I never thought you would pee on your pants because of me

She laughed passed me and went down the cloister. She started singing unbreakable by westlife

Her: took my hand...touched my heart...held me close...you were always there...by my side..night and day...through it all...maybe come what may...swept away on a wave of emotion...

Her voice is so angelic that I was soo lost in all of this my house is so big that you can't hear someone from the down stairs I believe she was still sing all the time I was standing there I went to the bathroom and looked myself in the mirror am I really in this awkward situation. There was a time where I would jump for this opportunity but right now Trudy knows my intensions and still wanna know me better why? I washed my face and went to them.


When I was with Lunga I received a call from my Dad saying that there are rumours that Lungile might be arrested for smuggling drugs in California. My Dad has his way of making matters sound hectic yes I was suspected but there are no leads coming my way one of the journalist there is just trying their luck on me. I know you are confused I've been living both my life and my brother's life. I'm uneducated so I can't do his job so I smuggle drugs and pretend to have contracts overseas. I was with my Dad and I made sure mom is not there she knows her twins so she will tell by the time I walk in that I'm Lungile.

Dad: It didn't take you long to come

Me: I was in the country

Dad: And you don't even come to greet your parents... You turning to be like your brother

Me: Sorry Dad just that I've been busy lately it's not easy to be a family man

Dad: I see your mom is dying to see you she went to a stokvel and she might be home anytime

Me: unfortunately I'm not staying I need to go and look for Lungile. I promise to come tomorrow.

Dad: Kulungile Ndodana it was good to see you

We shook hands and I left. I was best feeling experiencing love from my Dad I've been longing for it. I made sure my mother's driver delays the arrival of her until I leave home. I then texted him to get her home safe I sent a message and flip! I remembered I didn't lock the abandoned house! Damn this bitch must have escaped by now! I'm in deep shit!


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