Chapter 6

Insert 6


Ever since we were kids Lungile hated every bit of me the sad part is that I love my brother dearly and I can kill for him. I used to defend him every time when we were kids I used to protect him when he was in trouble but my parents would see that the culprit is him. Even though I did all that for him he does this to me. He hates me that much that he locked me up here for the whole year I never enjoyed my marriage and I doubt I will ever enjoy it after I know that my wife has been touched by my twin brother what is taking her so long to realise that he is not me? Are we that identical? And my parents? Why can't they notice that?

My behavior and Lungile's behaviour are totally different. I am even tired of trying to escape I have tried before many time with no success when he learned that I tried to escape he would bite my left ear and leave it bleeding. As I was stuck in my miserable thoughts I head the key twisting the devil has arrived. He came in he had a box of pizza and a bottle of water with him he stood there for seconds without saying anything.

Me: You brought food?

I said that trying to sit up straight

Him: You haven't had food for the past 3 weeks

Me: Thank you brother

Him: Call me that again and I will eat all tgi in front of you

Me: I'm sorry

He came closer and unlocked the cuffs

Him: You've been a good boy lately you will have a bath

As I said before I'm living like a dog I don't eat drink bath or sleep... I just sit on the floor that has one tiny blanket I don't know why he is doing all these good things today.

Him: And if you behave I will stop cuffing you

He removed the cuffs and gave me food. I started by drinking water I haven't

Had water in days.

Him: Your 60seconds start now

I went down to the pizza and ate like I was never gonna eat again there is no time to chew after 60 seconds he will snatch everything away so I have to be as fast as possible. 

Him: And 10 09 08 07....

His phone rang or should I say my phone rang

Him: Excuse me boy I have to take this

He went out and I had that 2seconds to breath if this house wasn't as empty I would hide some of this pizza for later on but the dirtiness in her I can't. I carried on eating the door was closed but I did not hear the key twisting I heard the car pulling out. 

Me: God would you have mercy on me today

I went to the door and listened it was quiet outside this might be a trap maybe he is somewhere around and he is watching over me maybe he wants a reason to hurt me again. I went back down and ate my pizza now I ate slowly like a human being. 


Lunga left when I told him to it's so unlike him my Lunga would have spent the night scratching the door annoying me until I open for him. Maybe he is cheating in me I'm here raising his kids and he is out there enjoying himself! I'm tired of being the best committed young wife! I woke up and did my hygiene process. I went to check on the boys and they were already awake today we are supposed to go to Church but I'm changing my plans. I told them to go brush their teeth and come down for breakfast. I went to the kitchen to prepare cereals for us.

Kwamkelwa: Mom what are we having today?

Me: Just cereals we going out for breakfast

Kwamkelwa: Okay mom

Kwandile: Aren't we going to church today?

Me: No boy I don't feel like being with your grandparents

Boys: Yey!

Me: And you too you hate church so much

Kwandile: If they had play time and Sunday school and we would've loved church

Me: It's okay boys we not going today Now eat up so we can leave.

And you won't believe that it's only 05:30am and I'm planning to go to Theo's house I just pray that he is not with a female that would be such a disappointment. 


I heard a car pulling off and thought it was Lunga I was shocked to see Lulama standing at the door I was only in my boxers I grabbed a couch cover and covered myself.

Me: Trudy!

Her: Hey is it a bad time?

Me: No what time is it?

Her: 06:15 

Me: And what brings you here?

Her: I'm with the boys we wanted to have breakfast with you

Me: Okay come in I'll go get dressed

Her: We also have a small packed bag

That came unexpected I dropped the cover and turned to look at her

I dropped the cover and turned to look at her I was out of words but I managed to go to her and hug her

Me: That means God answered my prayers

Her: Okay okay I cant breathe you squeezing me

We laughed 

I ran up stairs to get dressed as much as I hate what I'm doing to the poor child but I love spending time with her she is everything a sane man could ask for If I fall for her I don't know what will happen between Lunga and I. I am supposed to stick to the plan but it looks like she is after me and not the other way around this makes it difficult for me to stick to the plan. I went downstairs and found her sitting on the couch looking a bit uncomfortable.

Me: Shouldn't you be at the kitchen making us some English breakfast

Her: I need authority

Me: Who gave you the authority to come here?

Her: Okay fetch the boys I'll get it ready

Me: Done

I went to the car to get the boys

Me: Hello there little friends

I can't recall their names so I call the old one KD and the young one KK

KD: Uncle Theo can we spend the night at your house?

KK: Pleeeease!

Me: We will talk to Mommy

KD: Okay

They got out and went in the house

I stood there thinking what is wrong with Lunga? Obviously these boys are hungry for his love now they want me to be the father figure in their lives. I can also see that Trudy is lonely and she is starting to notice that now. Maybe I should just tell her the truth she deserves to know. That would also set me free if she still want to hang around with me it will be her choice after that but I will be free from these lies Lunga has put me in.


Coming here I was nervous but now I'm a bit comfortable Theo has a way of making me feel special we were done with breakfast and we were even fresh from the shower the boys were upstairs playing games and they asked not to be disturbed. We were chilling in the lounge watching some music videos and I was trying to paint my toe nails.

Him: Mind I do that?

Me: Can you?

Him: Of course I can trust me

He sat on the carpet and removed the coffee table he took my feets and put them on his thighs

Him: Okay pass me the nail paint

I gave him he started painting and he was very careful that there were no out lines

Me: You not bad

I pat him on the shoulder

Him: Come on agree with me here I can do better than you girls

Me: Naah you just being too careful

Him: Hey! Learn to appreciate!

We laughed

He then wind blew with his mouth wanting the paint to dry fast. I then got lost in my thoughts Lunga was also this romantic what went wrong?

The last time we had fun was on the honeymoon and after that we only made love once and that was it he never kisses me hugs me nor sleep with me. 

Him: And done! Hello! 

Me: Sorry was listening to that song

Him: No doesn't look like it I can see you were deep in thoughts what's wrong? 

He came up to sit next to me

Him: Is your marriage ok? Are you happy?

I started to get emotional

Me: I wouldn't be here if I was happy and everything was ok

Tears streamed down

I told him everything he tried to comfort me but I saw through his eyes that he wanted to say something by couldn't I wiped my tears and shifted a little

Me: What? You think I'm using you to be happy?

Him: I wouldn't mind that I could make you happy any day and everyday

Me: Then what's wrong?

Him: It's a long story and you won't like it

Me: You also have a wife?

He shook his head no

Me: You in a relationship?

He shook no

Me: Then what is it Theo talk to me

Him: Promise me you won't hate me and you won't overreact

Me: I can't promise anything until I know what you on about

Him: Okay Trudy I know your husband

That was a surprise!

Him: I know him and he is my best friend

Me: don't know you

Him: I have been living in Nigeria for the past 10years so you wouldn't know me I left when I was 18

Me: If you know him then why are you after his wife?

Him: He sent me he sent me to take care of you and the boys he want me to protect you from his past enemies who will be out of jail later this year the plan was...

Me: Wait! Lunga doesn't have enemies

Him: I thought so too until he gave me a task to take care of you

Me: It doesn't make sense this doesn't sound right tell me I'm dreaming

I started crying this whole thing was too much to take in. 

He was busy asking me to shout at him punch him at least be angry at him I couldn't the only thing that crossed my mind was what happened to my loving Lunga? He has turned into a monster

I cried in Theo's arms until I was out of tears I even passed out. I woke up and he wasn't around I got out of the couch. I checked the kitchen he wasn't there I stood there and tears came back. 

Him: I was giving the boys something to eat...are you crying again

Me: Can I spend the night here? I  don't feel safe at my house anymore

Him: Of course you don't have to ask

Me: Thank you I need to lie down

Him: Come I'll show you the spair bedrooms and you can pick yours.

Me: Do you mind if I sleep in your room? I'll go to the spare room later.

Him: Okay this way

I want to sleep somewhere I know I'm safe if it was up to me o would sleep  in his arm but maybe his linen would make me feel his presence. Theo was man enough to tell me the truth he didn't want to make the mistake of misleading me and I respect him for that.

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