Chapter 5

Insert 5


The day was well spent with Mr handsome his sweetness reminded me of the good days I had with Lunga when I was still in highschool. He would humour every situation regardless of how painful it is. I'm starting to believe that Theo is another version of Lunga. Some say to get a diamond you have to let go of a stone maybe my days with Lunga had come to an end. Ke zingane zakwethu okungapheli kuyahlola if this guy could ask me out I will  definitely say yes with a capital letter Y.😁 

We ended up having dinner at his place more movies and games for him and the boys and I was burning in the kitchen. After dinner he offered to drive us hope and that I leave my car he will bring it first thing tomorrow morning before I go to church.

Him: And we have arrived!

Kwandile: Mommy why didn't we spend the night at uncle Theo's house? It's big enough to accommodate us

Me: Ah ah don't be too forward boy you only met this man today and suddenly you are so fond of him

Kwandile: He's nice nje mama

Him: Exactly what I told your mom the first time I saw her

Me: Don't lie! You were busy making a fantasy life out of me

Him: Oh really now?

We laghed

Me: Thank you for the day well spent

Him: It's only a pleasure Mrs Mawawa

Me: Ay sis man! Umfaz womuntu lo

Him: Not really or should I say not for a very long time?

Me: You so silly come on boys it's way past bed time

Him: Goodnight boys

Boys: Night uncle Theo!!

Him: And you I might not have your contacts as yet but I have your car keys

Me: Meaning?

Him: Meaning we will trade

I chuckled

Me: Psss you must be joking

Him: No I'm not keys for digits

He winked I couldn't help smiling

Me: Goodnight Mr Mawawa

I softly banged his door just to irritate him held my kids hands and walked to the house to my surprise we found their father in the lounge.

Me: Love?

Boys: Daddy!!!

They ran off to him

Kwamkelwa: We've missed you Dad

Him: I've missed you too kids but it way past your bed time now you should go to bed.

Kwandile: But Dad you ju...

Him: We don't argue what do we do?

Boys: We listen

Him: Wonderful! Now be good boys and go to your room

Boys: Bye Dad we love you mom

Me: Goodnight boys

They went to their bedroom

Me: This is a surprise

Him: Come sit next to Daddy

I went over to him

something is very weird about him Lunga loves smiling but ever since WD got married he hardly smiles  maybe he feels trapped in this marriage maybe that's why he is always away.

Him: So where have you been with the boys?

I sat on his lap

Me: Out 

Him: I know care to detail?

Me: Went for few games with friends and movies then we had dinner at a friends house

Him: Oh I see

Me: What time you got here

Him: Very early like 09:00 or 09:15

Me: We left very early

Him: I noticed

Me: Have you eaten?

Him: Yes I had a takeaway

Me: I'm sorry about that if I knew you were coming I would have prepared something for you

Him: Don't worry about me

Me: Ok babe so what brings you here?

Him: I thought you said you wanted me to be here

Me: Oh so you back for good?

Him: No baby just for tonight

I got up

Me: What the use vele Lunga? You might as well go back to where you came from

I went to our bedroom and locked the door...

We've only been together for 6 years married for 1 year but already my marriage makes me wet my pillow every night...


I hate Lunga  for forcing me to get closer to his wife I can tell from the way she looks at me that she is gonna fall for me hard soon there will be divorce paper hitting my friend's face... I also can't get off her out of my mind she is intimidating a little but fun when you are around her I've only spent few hours with her and already she brings out the best out of me. I really don't understand why Lunga would leave such a lovely soul alone and lonely to go and work that far maybe I have to talk some sense into my friend.

I was distracted by a hard knock on the door I stood and opened

Me: Haw ntwana!

We bumped shoulders

Me: Awsasho ukhona

Him: Surprise

Me: And I am surprised

Him: Had you took my family out for movies

Me: Actually we were here not that we went out

Him: Cool so are you two getting along

Me: Dude what is it with you? You seem desperate to have your wife cheating

Him: I want her to feel safe in your arms that's the only way you can protect her

Me: If you say so

Him: I'm not staying I'm going back to work

Me: At this time?

Him: Yes my wife locked me out of our bedroom so I have to leave

Me: You will lose this wife of yours

He chuckled

Him: To who? You? Never! That woman is beyond committed

Me: If you say so

Him: Goodnight Nigga see you soon

Me: Ayt sharp

I closed the door and sat on the couch my friend is out his mind


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