Chapter 4

Insert 4


Someone very close to me might have done this I read somewhere that a bug or tracker should be installed by someone who will also have access to remove it so that it can be charged. But who? I can't think of anyone. I searched inside the car dashboard had nothing front sides had nothing top roof had nothing also I got out of the car. I wanted to check inside the plastic bumper but I stumbled on it inside wheel well. Damn! Just about the size of a smartphone!

I took out my phone and phoned my husband...

Lunga: Hey

Me: Hey

Lunga: I thought you were still upset

Me: I am you won't believe what just happened

Lunga: Lwini again?

Me: No my car has been bugged

Lunga: What? How did you...are you okay?

Me: Yes I'm fine was just letting you know

Lunga: Do you need protection?

Me: If only I had a husband who cared

Lunga: Don't start Lulama you know I care and that's why I'm doing all I can to give you and the kids the best life

Me: We don't want the best life! We want the happy life! Is that too much to ask?

My voice started breaking

Me: Bye Lunga

I hunged up and exhaled... He really doesn't sound like the man I got married to ever since we came back from the honey moon he has changed he used to make me his first priority but now no he doesn't care at all. I even think I made a mistake by settling down at a young age. Maybe I should just go back home...

Theo: And you are crying!

I didn't even notice that I was now crying he wiped my cheeks with his tie

Theo: Is that why you kept us waiting? To cry here all alone?

I couldn't speak I had a lump in my throat

Theo: And what is that?

I was holding my cellphone and that tracker

Me:'s a tracker or should I say a bug

Theo: A bug?

Me: Yes I have a stalker obviously

Theo: Come here

He hugged me tight that I felt safe in his muscular arms for a moment there... Something hit my conscience

I pushed him a little

Me: The kids

Theo: Yeah the kids

Me: Let's grab something to eat I'm sure they are dead hungry

Theo: Please lead a way

I got back into my car and we drove


I'm starting to hate my brother even more his family is giving me more headache everyday! Lunga has always been my parents favourite and he is not even that smart he was taken to a special school because he is a slow learner how could he achieve so much before me?? I am the smart one here I should have everything first the most beautiful wife the kids the luxury house the cars the excellent job actually I should have his life why not??? We are identical twins for heaven sake no one will notice except for my mother and that wife of his ever since I swapped places with him I have been avoiding them a lot.

I was very furious as I drove to the abandoned small house to see this stupid twin of mine

Lunga: Water please

His voice was breaking and that made me a little bit better

Me: Shut up!

Lunga: Lungile please have mercy in your brother

Me: You not my brother! You not my blood! You nothing to me except for a curse! I hate you Lunga! I hate God for making us siblings! Worst he made us twins!

I spat on his face

Lunga: Brother what did I do to you? Why don't you work yourself out and maybe you could become something better? Why do I have to suffer the consequences of your laziness?

Me: I said shut up moron!

Lunga: I'm sorry

He held his left ear with the cuffed hands I've been biting it when I felt like punishing him

Me: I'll come back later with your water

Lunga: Lungile please! Don't leave me here! I won't mention your name

I banged the door and locked

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