Chapter 3

Insert 3


I have done this job several times where I have to spy on someone and I have succeeded in all my missions. Apparently that is the reason why I was recommended to work for this guy. But in this case I have my doubts I've spent the night opposite the Sasol Gas station hoping that the traffic  cops don't notice me as it is not permitted to park here. Spending the whole night here hoping this Trudy woman will come to fetch her car I really don't know why she left her car I tried asking the station workers but they had no answers for me. This woman must be young and uneducated but I bet she is very smart and she already knows what going on. I took my cell and dialled his numbers... He answered on the second ring

Him: Talk to me

Me: Boss she left the car at the Petrol station and I was not able to follow her I should have assumed that she went straight home but I have my doubts she already suspects that she is being followed so she could've gone somewhere else.

Him: Locate her and let me know

Me: Eish boss I'm not sure if it's safe to follow her anymore

Him: What are you saying? You quitting?

Me: Probably...

Him: Ay man ndoda(man) you can't do that!

Me: Hare boss you can find yourself another spy because I'm done keep the money too for your next spy

I didn't wait for him to respond I don't owe him anything so he must go to hell. I'm done.



Shit! I thought so! I knew this was a bad idea and a crazy one but NO my clever friend is smarter than me! Always has been. If this stupid guy of a spy get caught he can easily rat me out! He left with no money so he doesn't owe me any favours. I would say Lunga is stupid but we both are how can I agree on this?

I was busy pacing up and down in my bedroom as all these thought popped in my mind. My phone rang once and I answered hoping it could be Chris but to my surprise a female voice spoke

Me: Sure

Her: Good morning! Someone had a rough night

Me: Sorry thought it was someone else can I help you?

Her: Yes please

Me: How can I help you ma'am

Her: I need to speak to Mr Theo Mawawa

This is awful I can't recognize this voice

Her: Are you there?

Me: Yes! It's Theo speaking who am I speaking to?

Her: My answer is yes you can meet the boys.

Me: Lulama??

Her: Yes fetch us in 45minutes we going somewhere you can drop us off there

Me: What? What changed your mi..

Her: Do that or you won't meet them and you will never hear from me again

Me: OK.. I'll be the...

She hang up on me and I lowered my phone and stared at it for almost 60seconds I was surprised I thought she was just getting rid of me by taking my numbers! What is really going on? Does she know what I'm planning? Many questions were wondering on my mind... I stepped into a shower and took a bath


Zee dropped us in my house last night

I was surprised I thought she was just getting rid of me by taking my numbers! What is really going on? Does she know what I'm planning? Many questions were wondering on my mind... I stepped into a shower and took a bath


Zee dropped us in my house last night I don't know what is happening in my life right now but I blame Lunga for it if he was here he would protect us from every evilness of this world. Yesterday before I went to Fashion café we had an argument over the phone he told me his contract was extended to six more months and I went all mad about it. I mean I'm married to him not his house and kids for heaven sake. If he doesn't appreciate me this much I might as well keep my self busy with other people who value me. I'm not saying I want to cheat on my husband but a fair friendship won't kill a fly.

I called this Theo of a human being to come pick us up so that I will go get my car look for a quiet park of which I find impossible as it is a Saturday most people will be out enjoying themselves braaing or something.

He arrived 10minutes earlier and we locked and went to his car I thought the boys will be difficult but they are very friendly to him he drove us to Sasol Garage I thanked him and when I was about to open the back door for the kids to jump out he mumbled something

Me: Saying something?

Him: I was wondering if I can join you guys for whatever you will be doing today

Me: Sorry it's our bonding moment we don't usually do this

Him: Okay let the boys decide if they want me to come with you

Me: No I have spoken!

Him: Boys what do you say? Mommy's car or mine?

Boys: Q7!!!

Me: And who told you this is a Q7?

Him: Come on they are boys they have to know the cars... So what else should WD do mommy?

Me: Ok fine!!! Do something stupid with my boys you will regret ever meeting me I'll be your worst nightmare

Him: Ya ya Mrs Duma let's hit the road!

I went inside the store paid for my car and they gave me my car keys. I'm not driving anything expensive it's a Honda Brio this is my first car my in-laws bought it for me. I drove off first and they followed me. We parked at Springfield park I got out and went to them

Him: And what are we doing here? 

Me: Give me 30 minutes I'm here to confirm something then we will grab some breakfast

Him: Need help?

Me: No I'll be fine

I went back to my car took out the bug dictator switched it on and drove round about for 15 to 20 minutes it flashed indicating a tracker somewhere I got out and asked him to go park away from the park he did so. I got back to my car and started off again the dictator flashed again I then knew the bug is on my I need to know where.

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