Chapter 2

Insert 2


Lwini really has a way of drowning my soul sometimes I even think I'm getting too involved in this boy's life. I really don't know what should I do next maybe I should  give it up already the sad part about this is that Lunga also doesn't wanna be part of this not that he doesn't love his son he adores his son dearly but he has had enough from his maternal family. He has experienced the worst from them they once swore at Lunga's Father in the presence of his wife and both families. Mxm I shouldn't get too involved or I will be this emotional broken all my life...

I'm driving on a freeway to town maybe I'm imagining things but I think I'm being followed this red BMW X6 has been following me I saw it when I was leaving Lwini's township and now it's here on the freeway. I have to confirm my suspensions I drove to town I then took a turn off to Spaghetti junction I drove straight to Botanic Gardens Park if this car is really onto me then they will come closer. I parked got out of the car and called the security guard to tell him I'll be late he should look after my boys in the meanwhile..

Him: Mrs Duma

Me: Goodday Mr Mkhize I'm calling to inform you that I'll be a bit late because I'm stuck on traffic please look after my boys I'll make it up to you.

Him: I'm not a babysitter njalo MakaKwandile

Me: Please Mr Mkhize

Him: You owe me I should be on my way home now

Me: Thank you so much

I hang up. I know he sounds like he doesn't want to look after my kids but he loves them dearly and he also loves my tips.

I kept on peeping hoping I will see the Red car but nothing maybe I was imagining things I got back in the car when I was about to start the ignition I remembered that I have a bug detector. If this car is following they might have also installed a certain tracking bug or device but for now I'll go get the kids I'll check that later.


Lunga hasn't got back to me yet I guess he's still busy I guess he's still busy I checked my phone once again and nothing. It's been two hours since I tried calling him. I then tried to call Chris

Chris: Boss

Me: Where are they?

Chris: Boss she took an unexpected turn off I think she is suspecting that she is being followed...

Me: Are you dump? Did you make it that obvious?

Chris: Hare boss I will find her via my GPS tracker.

Me: You even more stupid! That woman knows all these kinds of stuffs she wanted to do IT after matric you think she won't figure that out?

Chris: Boss I did it for times like this right now I can't see her so the GPS will help me hare boss I didn't mean to scare her off I thought because I'm driving an expensive car she won't notice me.

Me: Just make sure you locate them and  keepme updated don't wait for me to call you! For heaven sake you were referred to me as the best spy!

Chris: I am I ju...

Me: Shut the fuck up and do the job!

I hang up. If it wasn't for my friendship with Lunga I would quit this right away I have a bad feeling about it.


I got to school and Mr Mkhize was already waiting for me with the boy.

Him: You took your time mother.

Kwamkelwa: Mommy I'm hungry where  have you been?

Me: I'm so sorry boys I was...

Kwandile: Stuck on traffic. Mr Mkhize told us.

Me: I'm sorry again I'll make it up to you. Get in the car.

They went to the car and I gave the security guard R50 just to thank him

Him: Haw! Is this all I get?

Me: It's not month end yet

Him: Even last month you said the same thing

I took out another R50 and gave it to him went back to the car and drove. The way the traffic is I don't think I will check the bug anytime today so I will have to make another plan.

I took my phone and called my friend.

Her: Hello stranger!

Me: Hey babe 

Her: And what favour do you need this time?

Me: You know me too well

We both laughed

Her: Yeah you only text me when you miss me so when its a call it must be urgent

Me: Yeah right I need you to ask your man to take us home...

Her: Aibo what's wrong with your car?

Me: Nothing I feel like someone is following me so I will leave it at a gas station for the night.

Her: Don't worry I'm on my way hubby is not here and he left the car where are you?

 I told her where she will find me and drove straight to the location. Few minutes before the kids gets irritated Zee arrived. We got out and locked the car I then gave the car keys to the station manager.

Zee: So what's up?

Me: I think it my suspensions but someone might be following me I don't know why but I feel like my car is bugged too.

Zee: What? No ways! Who could do that?

Me: I don't know an Ex maybe

Zee: You don't have bitter exes

Me: I don't know man 

Zee: Let's hope it's just your imagination

I kept quiet and we drove home

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