Chapter 1

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Before I drive to Addington Primary to pick my boys I had to pass on Lwini's home. Lwini is Kwandile's biological mother she has a lot of attitude and meeting up with her is a nightmare. If I didn't know better I would call her a bitter ex but she was never in a relationship with Lunga they just happened to have a child together and I am raising that child as my own he is my first born.

I packed 10meters away then took my phone to call Lwini.

Lwini: Ya

That is how she answers her phone when I call her

Me: Hi I'm outside

Lwini: Manje awngeni ngani? (Why don't you come in?)

Me: I have to fetch the boys from school so if you don't mind please come outside.

Lwini: We sisi ngathi awuzazi uzeleni LA( Looks like you  don't know why you came here)

Ok arguing with this crazy woman is like fetching water with your hands. I got out and walked to their house. The yard is very untidy there are empty cans and bottles of alcohol looks like they were having a party on a Thursday.

Me: Sanibona (Good day)

They all greeted back and offered me a sit

Me: I'm not staying can I borrow Lwini for 1minute?

Lwini: Cha ntombi khuluma khona la( No say what you have to say here)

I look at my phone and time was not on my side.

Me: Lwi... I came to remind you about the adoption papers look I know it's not an easy thing to do but I promise I will take very good care of Kwandile. There are things that he is left out in them because he is not fully under my guidance please Lwi have a heart for that little boy and hand him over to us he will be  yours too but full responsibility will be on me and his Dad.

I sighed...

Me: His friends are going to Harare next month he also wants to join them

Lwini: My child is not going to Zimbabwe

Me: And who is suppose to break those news to him?

Lwini: You! Aren't you staying with him?

This woman really doesn't have a heart for her son

Me: Look I have to go please think about what I said it really is best for Kwandile. Thanks for your time.

I stood up

please think about what I said it really is best for Kwandile. Thanks for your time.

I stood up just before I said my goodbye to everyone...

Lwini clicked her tongue

Her: Buvele ungazi uzonzani la wena sdwedwe (Why did you come here you trash)

I took a long breath

Me: Nisalekahle (Goodbye))

I walked out. When I got to my car I locked and laid both my hands and head in the steering wheel. This was a bad idea coming here trying to convince Lwini into signing the adoption papers was a bad idea. I should have not came here. This woman know how to stir up your mood. 

When I was calmed I started the car and drove to Addington.


What my friend sent me to do is awful but because I owe him this much I have no choice. Lunga and I met in high school we both went to a special school if you ask me why I won't tell you because I also don't know. We were normal kids in a special school and our parents couldn't care to explain what we were doing there so we chose to let them be.

I have been away for quite some time I just came back in the last six months and the first friend I got in touch with when I came back is Lunga. He told me he is away because of work and all that. When he came back last month he told me to look after his family even if it means having a secret affair with his wife. Ya  ya I know he must be crazy but I understand him he told me that his wife is very committed stubborn and intimidating and damn he was right that woman is different. So now I have to keep tabs on her so that she will bump into me for several times she has to believe that there is something that was made for us. Even though this sound easy and all but I am  worried also what if she falls for me and decides to leave my friend? Lunga said we will deal with that if we get there of which he doubts we will even go there. The plan is to protect her and the children from Lunga's past enemies who will be out of jail later this year.

I took my phone out and called Chris

Chris: Boss

Me: Where is she?

Chris: She is on the freeway to the city I think she is going to fetch the kids.

Me: Keep tabs on her and update me

Chris: Yes boss

I hang up and called Lunga it rang unanswered and led me straight to voicemail. I left him a message saying:

Me: Bro it's me step one is done I bumped into her when she was grabbing lunch for her and the kids I'll tell you all about it when you get back to me.

I hanged up and went to my car.

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