The Coffee Hub has managed to score a special place in his heart. Besides being the closest place to his workplace and serving the world’s best Mocha latte’s and Cappuccino’s their staff is very friendly and good at what they do . He always finds himself at their front counter every time he needs to unwind and just have a bit of his favorite drug . Coffee! There’s nothing that beats having a cup of coffee before in between and after a busy day . That’s how regular he is at this place. He walks past the available tables and heads straight to the front he can’t sit down he has a lot of work to get back to . He just managed to grant himself a few minutes to screed down grab a cup of coffee and heads back to those pile of papers he left on his desk. Their office is at 9th Ave Florida road just in front of it there are tons of restaurant’s and eats out but The Coffee Hub stole his heart . His colleague used to order in here and somehow he’d be the one to finish her coffee.

“Hi.” The lady behind the counter greets with a simper.

“Hey I’ll have a…” He replies with his eyes down on his wallet counting a few paper notes. She cuts in.

“ A caffe Americano intense with an earthy flavor.” She says punching in his order . His eyes pop out in response.

“How did you know?”He is beyond shocked .

“It’s my job to know. You having it here or as a take out ?” She says and continues pressing on the screen paying no attention at his shocked face. He is still trying to make up how she knew he’s going to order that. “You always order the same thing.” She rolls her eyes and aids to his confusion her hand is already out waiting to receive the payment. Is he that predictable?

“I’m sure you now know the prices at the back of your head .” She chuckles he still gives her that look .”That will be 30 bucks thank you .” She says boldly.

“Oh where’s my head at . There you go .” He hands over the 3 R10 notes. She moves over to the coffee station and turns back to him in a dash with a coffee cup in her hands. She places it in the counter grabs a pocket of sugar and passes a serviette.

“Enjoy.”She says with one huge blissful smile. He accepts and walks out with the cup planted in his lips . Damn! There she is again admiring his presence . He’s been here a couple of times for him to gain her notice . A sexy Zulu man with a deep voice and a too die for body . He really does look like he sleeps and haves fun at the gym he is all muscled up. Every time he’s around he just looses it she gets so excited and ends up blubbering a lot . She didn’t mean to let him know that she’s been eying on him

she’s not always at the front to notice what he drinks they change shifts . There little coffee shop is more than just a coffee shop people come over here and dine over their fantastic coffee and cakes. It does get busy around here and they go all around tables serving people but she tries as much as possible to be the one to serve their number one customer . The guy in her dreams . A hunky Siyabonga Zondi.

“Geez stop drawling.” Rato says hitting her with a swap on her hands. She says nothing but chuckles. “You really like this guy huh?”She stands in front of her in the other side of the counter.

“L-O-V-E !”She drags that for a better statement .”The word is love.”

“Ayy I give up on you shame.” She claps her hands.

“ Ngiyamuthanda Rato.” She frowns.(I love him Rato.) She knows how judgmental this one can be she stomps her feet and makes the face to plead her case.

“Thandana girl I’m not jealous.” She walks over to the tables and starts cleaning them up .There is nothing else they can do right now except to pretend to be dusting up nothing it’s a quite day. Mid month is always the worst.

“I just hope I didn’t scare him.” Her face changes the reaction she gave her and the look all over his face can mean 2 things . He might be thinking that she’s some weirdo.

“Ayy wena futhi ! What did you do now?” She stops and turns her full attention over to her.

“I kinda made it obvious that I’ve been eyeing on him.” That’s alone is embarrassing to say.

“You are not saying anything.” If there’s one thing she isn’t a seer she gotta give her more than that.

“I told him exactly what he was going to order.”

“Yoh lomntwana ayy man ! What did you do that for?” Her tone speaks volumes she isn’t happy with her . What happened to playing it cool.

“I was so excited chommie .” She pleased she knows the look she’s giving her right now. If she was in court she would have found her guilty by now.

“Ayy my friend you and your excitement . Let me continue with these tables .” She buries herself in the tables before her Thando just stands there and pulls her fingers anxiously . She admits that she wasn’t supposed to be that forward with him . What if that makes him see her as a weirdo and makes him stop coming to their café? Some guys don’t like forward girls and she’s exactly that . That’s why she’s been so unlucky at finding and sustaining a relationship. When she’s in love she makes sure that she does that to full lengths and she’s the type to seas every moment . She has thought about showing him her advances or even shooting his shot but him being the type of guy that he is she always gets nervous and holds herself . There only way she can hide her anxiousness around him is being a blubber head that’s way she can hide the exact way she’s feeling . It has always worked . She’s the kind that talks herself out a situation.


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