She’s dropped off at the gate once again .She’s off today so she doesn’t have to worry about rushing inside for a change she just walks slowly listening to her earphones and rethinking about her night.

She hasn’t had such a wonderful night in ages yes nothing happened. She slept on the guest bedroom like she did on the first night there were together but yesterday was different. A lot of things nearly happened and that makes her believe that they might have a chance after all.

Upon walker closer she approaches Mphephethwa who’s already smiling like a kid spotting candy. She rolls her eyes in annoyance not this again.

“Beautiful lady.” He greets she looks the other way and pretends as if she didn’t hear a single word. She has her headsets on so that’s a perfect excuse.

“Thando!” He calls out yet again. She has passed him but she can still hear him the volume on her headsets isn’t that loud.

“Thandolwethu Ndaba.” She feels a pat on her shoulder. She turns back and meets his smiley face again. This one just doesn’t give up.

“Sorry I had my earphones on. What’s up?” She heard him alright. She hoped that he would get the drill and disappear.

“I wanted to greet you. How are you doing MaNdaba?” He smiles once again. If smiling did a thing for someone this guy would have been handsome already. Instead he just looks like a burnt fat cake. And then he expects Thando to date him total disrespect.

“Okay. I’m fine thank you bye!” She says and turns back to her journey. Before she can even take a single step she feels something grab her arm. It’s him again.

“Why are you doing this to me MaNdaba?” He looks sad. For the first time he’s not smiling and she has never seen him like this. Okay maybe she has been mean to him more than usual.

“I’m sorry. I just had a long night I want to get inside and sleep. It’s not you.” She might not like him but he’s still a human being. He has feelings. She of all people knows how bad rejection feels like she too can’t handle it well. She’s even on every day candies just because she can’t cope with emotional strain. She would hate herself if she made someone else feel bad.

“Is it because of him?” He frowns. He did see him get off a guy’s car he also did the other day and she didn’t sleep inside. He’s the one guarding this place so he knows the in’s and out he would have seen her coming back yesterday when his shift has started. This could mean that they’re dating.

“That’s a friend.” She chuckles. Yes that’s none of his business but she’s still on the circle to not ruin his day.

“So I still have a chance?” His face sparkles. In her mind she’s like dream on but she has to let him down gently.

“Who knows.” She gives him an assuring blink. Deep down it’s never happening.

“Cool. Why don’t you go out on a date with me?” He’s back to his jolly persona and his now smiling like nobody’s business. As if she has already said yes.

“Uhm. Like a date?”Of course he meant that. Still a thought of that alone makes her cringe she can’t even bare to imagine the two of them sitting over a meal and chatting for over any hour. That’s one brutal thought.

“Yes. Pick the place and I will take you there.” He says boldly. You don’t need to ask to know that he’s having the best day of his life. Something that he has been dreaming about and wishing for is finally taking place and he feels that he is just seconds away from capturing Thando’s heart. UmaNdaba wakhe the angel of his dreams. Her saying yes will make him the happiest man alive.

“We will talk about it some other time Mphephethwa I need to go rest.” She yawns and hopes that he buys it. He too is supposed to be tired he just came from a night shift the only thing on his mind right now should be his bed and getting home not some silly dates.

“Okay Ma. Let me not disturb you anymore. Okuyinamba nje.” He smiles hand her his phone. She knows what that means she’s supposed to fill the phone up with his number. She accepts it and types Rato’s she’ll deal with it once he calls that’s her own fish to fry. Mphephethwa thanks her then she’s finally free to head inside. 

She walks up the flight of stairs and notices a familiar face. Even if things were the same this is indeed who she thinks it is. What is he doing here?

She thought that they were still on a ‘hate him ‘mood could she be wrong? That’s the thing with the three of them they’re the three musketeers

you hate one and you  face the wrath of the trio. More like buy one and get a two extra.

They pass each other without greetings the last time was rough. They two ended up sharing insults with him. They wouldn’t have just kept quite when he hurt Abidoza’s feelings. It doesn’t work like that. She rushes inside to catch it heated.

“I thought you’ve left already what did you forget?” Abidoza’s shows up at the doorway with a huge smile. He almost freezes when she sees Thando’s face instead of Mzi’s.

“Yah ngakubamba!” Thando smirks standing in front of the door.(Yes I caught you!) You’d swear that she’s waiting for him to usher her in. He just tries to laugh guilty and walks over to the couch.

“What are you own about?” He fakes a smile. Busted!

“You know. A tall on the bigger side mkhabad gent . Ufunani lana?”_Thando asks still keeping her ground.( What does he want here?)

“Come in Thando.” He rolls his eyes. He can’t believe that he expects them to finish everything while she’s standing in the middle of the door. They’re adults she needs to come in settle down and then they will talk about  it.

“Oh thanks .” She makes a move. This one is crazy sometimes you’d swear that she indeed needed his go ahead before coming inside. Thando does act weirdly some times.

“Start explaining!” She sits next to him.

“He apologized.” He says grinding on his teeth. She rolls her eyes in a dash. There they go again.

“And you forgave him?” Sometimes she wishes that she can knock some senses into him. This one is always vigilant but very week when it comes to Mzay’fani. If he wasn’t a ‘righteous Christian’ So his congregation thinks. She would have concluded that he used Muthi on Abi. Everything he says he listens ; every empty promise he makes he believes.

If this one isn’t originally a boy she would have moered him a long time ago but then she’s scared that the man inside might wake up and he might beat her back.

“I love him mngani!” He frowns. Why won’t they understand? He loves that guy and he means the world to him.

“Yeah love.” She says nothing more but chuckles. She wants to throw in a stone but something holds her. Here she is hoping to hook up with someone’s soon to be fiancé that’s just as bad as the situation their friend got himself into.

He went to church they listened to the sermon and he just saw a boyfriend. One that comes with a lot of baggage.

“Yah. I’m glad you understand.” Finally someone gets him. Thando has always been her personal favorite because she understand his situation. If this was Rato he would have received a long lecture now.

“So tell me. Where did you guys sleep?”He has to ask that after they made him cook last night. It was not his turn.

“I slept at Sya’s place.” Her face lit up.

“Mhmm and did you get some?” She knows these kind of topics excite him. At first she was uncomfortable with sharing such information with him thinking that he might get turned on or something but then she eventually got over it. He’s their sister.

 “Uhm.No!” She rolls her eyes. She doesn’t operate like that she isn’t planning on giving him some. He won’t get some till it’s clear what’s going on and she would still have to wait for 3 months before letting him cut it. 90 days rule 90 days rule!

“Okay. Your girl got some.” He smiles . 

“You wouldn’t have said no.” She knows him. His very weak when it comes to Mzi . She never knew that gays took the virgin breaker thing seriously there’s virginity on the back too right? It’s either that or their friend is just crazy in love with the guy.

“You know I haven’t had some in months.” He frowns. He didn’t expect her to judge him on this one.

“Okay I’m sorry friend. How was it?” She leans closer to him.

“The best. I didn’t take you guys seriously when you said it gets uncomfortable when you haven’t had it in a while down there. When he was inserting it yerr I nearly streamed .I thought I was a virgin again.” They both laugh. That’s the Abidoza she knows. Maybe this guy does make him happy in his own weird way after all.

“Look at us here loving wrong men.” She sighs and sinks back on the couch. The thing with Syabonga isn’t just a stupid crush she really loves him and she already sees a future with him.

“How is yours wrong?” He wasn’t aware that the dreamy Syabonga is also wrong in a way. These two hide a lot from him sometimes. He should also just quite his internship and go join them at the coffee shop.

“The guy is all ready to pop the big question.” She sighs.

“What big question?” He’s lost.

“The ‘WILL YOU MARRY ME ‘ one.” She rolls her eyes. This thing irritates her but she tries not to show it.

“Yoh askies mngani. But he isn’t married yet! Look at me crazy at a married pastor with kids. Yours is really better.” He says.

His situation is indeed worse. Out of all the people he chose an undercover man of God. The person is still hiding his true feelings from the rest of the world he too remains on the hidden secretes shelves. That moment he’s the only person he loves.

“It would have been better if he was just dating an ordinary person.” This is also one heavy part something that she can never take lightly.

“Who is he dating kanti?” Now his interested to hear it all.

“A Maphumulo.” She sighs.

“The taxis Maphumulo’s?” His eyes pop out. Everyone knows them the entire Durban knows them. The only thing she can do is nod.

“Muqome mngani so that we can have access  to the Maphumulo brothers. Maybe I might score the military bae Qinisela.” He smiles.

“Weren’t you saying you love Mzi a few seconds ago?” She narrows her brows. How can he jump from Mzi to Qinisela in seconds.

“Yes but we are speaking about Qinisela right now.  The every girls and gay guys out there dream.” She can’t believe that he’s blushing over this Qinisela guy. Who is he anyway?

“Who is Qinisela?” She had to ask. She doesn’t personally know the brothers but she does know that there are 5 Maphumulo brothers and they come from a taxi family.

“You don’t know Qinisela?” He’s shocked to know that someone doesn’t know Qinisela. Well he’s at camps all the time anyway he travels a lot .They too got to know him because he was dating a doctor at the hospital when they had started their internship. He did swing by from time to time till they separated because well… He stopped coming.


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