She let loose of her dreadlocks and gives herself a brief stare on the mirror. She twist the sink head and the water runs down she collects some with her hands and wipes her face. As the water drops are still dripping on the side of her face she gives herself one more look. 

How did she get here?

“Ratoo!” He screams that Reetoh again she rolls her eyes and clears her voice before answering.

“Coming Robert.” She grabs the towel on the side wipes her face clean and then she heads back.

He’s already in bed all waiting for her. They are spending the night here today. Normally they get stolen moments during the day she has never got to spend more than an hour with him but here she is not quite sure she’s ready to spend the entire evening with him.

“Missed me?” She climbs in and settles next to him. Her heart is already rushing this is not an easy job but then she has to do it. The mounting bills have to be paid.

“I thought you had left.” He says sending his hand over to the other side of her neck. He grabs it softly and pulls her closer for a kiss. She leans closer and they kiss.

“Are you ready?” Well that’s him alright. The way he doesn’t waste time you would swear that he’s on a rush to do something huge but one round is just enough for the old tiger. He hits it and the grandpa gets to sneeze then he would be out like a dead cow. She still wonders what are they going to do for the rest of the night. They could have just settled that one round somewhere like they usually do and then drop her home. This is just a hotel bill gone too waste she can’t even enjoy her time here properly because she still has to carry a wrinkled white old man.

“Wait let me be on top.” Easy does it. At least that would minimise the time of his round and she will also get enough time to sleep.

“No I want to look at you when I put it in.” She holds herself from almost bursting out.  She always does most of the job anyway. Sometimes she asks herself how this old man is related to Daniel. Comparing the two size would just be an insult to Daniel.  But then the big guy has long ran his race. They are caught up here in this situation because he’s just refusing to accept that he’s old and retire peacefully. His fellow white peers buy yachts and spend the rest of their retirement days sealing across seas some even turn those yachts to their respective homes .Here he is worrying about putting  it in maybe he’s a domesticated black on the inside who also fears anything relative to water.

“Okay you’re the boss.” She gets off and lies on her back. He wastes no time he’s already on top of her and has her pinned down with the weight of his body. He isn’t on the heavier side but no one wishes to have someone on top of them doing nothing.

“Kiss me.” Another turn off. She doesn’t understand why he insists on being on top if he’s still just going to be a dead weight on top of her and expect her to be the one on action underneath. This is going to be some long ass night! Nevertheless she lifts her head up and meets his lips. 

He continues patting her body she has a lingerie on and it’s already up and allowing him all the access he needs.

He moves from the mouth to her breasts and starts folding each one of them while spreading his saliva across of them. This is more like someone opening a can of saliva to wet you up rather than an ordinary breast sucking. She’s already praying that he could just speed the entire process up.

Like he heard him or something he pulls down his trunk and rolls a condom on. He moves to her mound and uses two fingers to rub the outer lining. She tries so hard to think about how Daniel or one of her ex’s would have done it. That always bring her back to action.

“Baby.” He stops and stares at her.

“Mhmm?” She responds with a tone of annoyance. She was already adapting and warming up to him and then he just brings her back to square one.

“Look at me.”_Robert.

She slowly opens her eyes and finds him starring at her. God she did not sign up for this!

“What?” Who stops a foreplay  just to ask you to look at them? This white grand pa is going to be the death of her.

“Your friend.” He looks at her and expects her to guess the friend.

“Which friend?”_Rato.

Not like she has a pack of friends she has two and he only knows one but you might never know. He has to clarify.

“The one at the coffee shop.”  He says. He’s not so good in remembering stuff he left Daniel in charge for all those. He doesn’t have it in him anymore that’s why he gave each of his children a piece so that he can just focus on the remaining years of his life. His old the next thing to being old is death. No lies detected.

“Thando?” She’s confused. He has never brought Thando up in their conversations before why would he ask about her?

It always them and their silly rounds

nothing more nothing less.

“She’s beautiful.” He says.

Of course she knows Thando is her friend and they always complement each other. Can he just cut an entire foreplay just to complement Thando? She says nothing and waits for more clarity.

“Do you think she would have an interest in spend  some time with us some of these days?” God never sees to amaze! Spend a day with them for what?

“As what?” She’s still not getting his point.

“You know.” He clears his voice and swallows a lump.

“As in a 3 sum.” He says shyly.

This old man and refusing to grow up. Now he want to venture into 3 sums she holds herself again from another laugh. This is crazy.

“Thando has a boyfriend she’s serious about.” She doesn’t even want to start imagining the whole encounter. Thando doesn’t even know about the things they do and now he wants to play houses with her too. One bold man this one.

“Oh okay. Would you mind spending time with me and a friend?” He asks yet again. He has always wanted a 3 sum and Anna would never give him that. He wouldn’t even try bringing that up to her there’s a lot of things that Rato does and his wife doesn’t. That’s why he keeps coming back and back for some more she’s worth a while.

“What friend?” This guy is starting to have silly ideas. Now he wants to make her a sandwich 2 white slices and a burnt egg. It’s not happening.

“Some guy I play golf with.”_Robert.

“Why don’t we just focus on what we’re doing here.” Someone has to remind him what they were doing in the first place. She’s already turned off but she can force the feeling back other than having to listen to him plot about a 3 sum that will never happen.




“And we finally eat.” She says as he places a plate before her. Her intestines were already screaming in terror and demanding to be fed while he just stood there and played with vegetables instead of putting them in the pot.

It doesn’t look so bad but it’s still food she won’t go to bed on an empty stomach.

“ Bon appetit !” He says with a huge smile. You’d swear he has done the most wonderful job with the proud smile he has own no doubts he sees himself as Bobby Flay right now. But then again Bobby did fail to come up with a perfect samoosa shape at some point.

“I hope we don’t end up at the hospital.” She chuckles and picks one spoon. Uphuthu and the sour tasting chackalaka. Whoever told koo that can manage to make chackalaka really toyed with them. There’s nothing  chilly about this or it might be that he bought a mild one.

“So tell me. Are congratulations in order?” They didn’t talk about the proposal since madam didn’t show up. She still needs to know what’s happening. She can’t be seen spending time with a soon to be husband repeatedly.

“Uh. I’m still waiting for her to come back. I don’t even know when will that be.” He sighs and takes a sip. He isn’t having wine but a Hunters dry  cider today. He just had one glass and left the rest of the bottle to her.

“What does she do?” They didn’t talk that far the other day. He was a bit hurt and let down she couldn’t flood in the questions.

“Flight attendant.” He says and takes another sip.

Maybe that’s why she’s always away then.

“They do get off’s right?” Those people have long hours but she’s sure they also get off’s.

“Yes sometimes. But it does happen that she gets an off while at another country or place maybe a 1 day off and then be expected to fly again tomorrow.  She just books and rests wherever they are.” He says.

Tough one. She didn’t know that it happened like that she thought that they just wake up and sleep home every day. Like taxi drivers and conductors do.

“You’ve never took her to the coffee shop?” Had she known that he had a girlfriend she wouldn’t have spent decades crushing on him.

“Searching if you know her?” He chuckles. This can only mean that she’s interested in knowing her.

“No .” She chuckles shyly. Of course a part of her wants to know her. She wants to know the lucky girl who stole her man.

“She’s a Maphumulo.” He says and sips on his cider once again.

Say what?

“Thee Maphumulo’s?” She pops her eyes out. There’s only a one Maphumulo he can talk about like that a Maphumulo that doesn’t need any introductions. If she’s also that Maphumulo then he has to clarify.

“Yep. Thee Maphumulo’s .” He grabs a piece of his wors and devours it. What a brave man.

The Maphumulo’s are a well known family around Durban. Strong links with the Mkhwanazi brother’s or family  and they are both on the taxi industry. Mr Maphumulo senior has 16 taxis at all and his son’s have also ventured in the taxi business on their own. The Mkhwanazi’s are above them a bit but they are all still big shots. How can he manage to score a Maphumulo?

“Wow. I only thought that they had boys. 5 of them right?” She asks. This is getting interesting she always thought that the Maphumulo’s have male kids only.

“It’s a story for another day. But they do have two girls Thulile and the younger one.” It’s not in his place to be discussing this. Two much info for the day.

“Okay. I wouldn’t be working if I was her.” She says boldly. Who would trouble herself about going to work when she has a family to provide to her every needs. She would just sit home and ask for money every day of her life till she marries a rich husband. Which is not so hard to find when you are all rich and connected.

“Enough about Thuli let’s go sit down. Do you play video games?” He says getting off his chair. He’s already cleaned up his plate and her she is still amazed by the girl he’s dating. She picks her wine glass and follows any way. He’s already started to connect the video game.

“What are we playing?” She’s praying that it’s not soccer.

“Fifa 8.” Oh come on! She sits down and waits for him to sit.


“No ways!” He pops out his eyes.

“Yes ways.” She chuckles in excitement.

“No ! You cheated.” He’s still shocked how she beat him but the score is before him ;4-1 . Not by one point not by 2 but an entire 3.

“No I didn’t.” She laughs at his facial expression.

“I beat you I beat you!” She starts singing in rejoice and dancing in front of his face just to irritate him. He frowns.

She throws herself next to him and grabs him with a big  hug.

“I’m sorry!” She frowns and makes baby faces just to rub more salt on the word. He turns to her in a chuckle.

“You enjoying this ain’t you?” He stares at her.

“Every single bit.” She also stares back their eyes lock. Moment of silence!


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