He’s here in front of the Hub again. He doesn’t normally get afternoon coffee but he still has something that he need to do. He didn’t get to do what he was here for yesterday he didn’t find the time to come during lunch and for the morning coffee nevertheless he still needs to thank Thando.

He takes a deep sigh and takes a step forward.

“Okay chommie I’ll catch a taxi!” The door swings open. It’s Thando and she looks like she’s heading out he stops and smiles. This makes everything easy.

“Thando.” He’s still smiling.

“Sya! I didn’t expect to see you at this hour.” She also smiles.

“Dropping in for coffee?” They both know his coffee schedules and this is not it. He doesn’t normally come during these hours it’s just after 5.

“I actually came to see you.”Yep. He couldn’t just drive and pass when something was bothering him. His mother taught him the importance of being thankful to people. Thando deserves a bit of a token of his appreciation after the troubles she went through.

“Lucky me.” She smiles. That’s why it’s easy to get along with this one free spirited and always happy. There’s something that he does to him whenever he’s around her she also brighten up his mood.

“I would have asked you on another day but got any plans for today?” He just thought about now. Rather than having to wait for the weekend he can just ask her to come over for dinner and cook for her. He doesn’t know much but it’s definitely eatable.

“Going home preparing dinner for the duo and that’s it.” She says.

“Okay. Why don’t you have dinner with me? I’ll cook?”_Sya.

“Is that your weird way of asking me out for dinner?” She rolls her eyes and chuckle. They’ve been here before this one needs to learn more about direct speech.

“I still need to thank you.” He also joins in and laughs. He could have just ask her to have dinner with him but he still needed to check if she’s up for it.

“Okay. I’ll cook for you!” She sighs deeply. The last time he drove her all the way to KwaDabeka to order her around the kitchen.

“I’m the one cooking today.” He smiles. She’s letting her taste his own hand today. He doesn’t normally cook for ladies but this one deserves the treat.

“And what will I do?” She frowns. She honestly doesn’t mind being at the kitchen honestly she loves her own food. She has already told herself that she’s cooking today and she can do it anywhere. Her friend’s will have to forgive her for this.

“You’ll just have a glass of wine in your hands and catch up on your favorite shows. Like they do on those sissy movies.” He chuckles. He does watch romantic movies from time to time that’s where the romantic dinner proposal was inspired. He’s been learning a lot on these programs he does have tips or two in making ladies happy.

“Okay. As long as you don’t burn the house. “ They both laugh and head inside the car. Off they go!

In no time they’re following his script. His is on the other side of the count with a lot of veggies and a huge mess in front of him. She’s been stealing glances at him and sometimes he would scratch his scalp and look like he’s trying to figure out the next movie. She got tempted to offer a hand but ignored that thought she’s enjoying her every sip. The wine is already halfway done and  Sya is barely through with his glass.

“Opps!” Before he knows it he knocks a glass down. Just as when he was trying to save it from falling it slipped and broke.

Great ! Now he has to stop and clean this mess.

“I’ll get it.” Thando storms up. That’s it she needs to help out.

“No. I’ve got it.” He says. He searches for the broom and a dustpan.

“I’m hungry Sya you’ve been at it for over 2 hours.” She frowns. She’s a bit dramatic it’s  been an hour but she’s still hungry. He bends over and tries to sweep the broken bottles to the dustpan that moves the spilt wine drops too.

“You were supposed to pick the bigger bottles first then wipe the wine and then sweep the little bottles.” She rolls her eyes. If she doesn’t step in they won’t be eating. She moves over to the pot and she’s surprised to see an unattractive uphuthu and chackalaka.

“What are the veggies for kanti?” He has a lot of veggies in front of him potatoes tomatoes and he hasn’t used any of them. She didn’t even know that he was preparing uphuthu and this one looks more like a pap.

“I always see on the TV they take out everything and anything they have when they are cooking.” He says throwing the bottles in the bin. Mhlola never sees  to amaze! She laughs.

“So you took out everything just because you saw it on TV?” Someone better hide the remote because wow ! This one is going crazy.

“Yes. It makes everything easy.”He defends himself. What if he gets another thought when he’s still cooking having things close by make everything easy.

“You not even using these.” She’s in stitches. She has seen it all he’s worse than Abidoza. That one is a pro now and he even cooks better than Rato.

“I could still need them.” He also laughs.

“So all this while you’ve been warming chackalaka?” She asks upon noticing an already prepared Koo chackalaka can. He bragged about being the one cooking

you’ve been warming chackalaka?” She asks upon noticing an already prepared Koo chackalaka can. He bragged about being the one cooking kanti he’s only warming already prepared stuff.

“I’m cooking it.” He frowns.

“It’s already prepared.”_Thando.

“I’m still using a stove and a pot so I’m cooking it.” He says. She just laughs no point in arguing this.

“ What are we having with these?” They can’t just have uphuthu and chackalala they need something meaty to balance the dish. And it doesn’t look like he’s preparing any meat.

“Oh snap! The microwave.” He springs to the microwave. She just stares and laughs he opens it and finds the overcooked wors waiting for him. It isn’t that bad though they can still manage it   even though it has shrink from being overheated.

“Umuntu uyodla kunzima lana.” She laughs.(Will have a hard time eating here.) He continues trying to save his wors and he rushes back to the pots before they burn.




Last day before the night shifts and he’s spending them all alone. He thought he would find Thando already here preparing dinner but he just came back to an empty house and he had to prepare it himself. He’s done now and has dished for himself it’s clear that he will be eating alone. Rato isn’t in yet she too is supposed to be here already but then maybe something else pop out.

That’s always the case with the two they just disappear without saying a word leaving him all worried. The least they could do is alert him when they’re not coming back instead he just sees by their actions. He has got used to it do.

He thinks about calling Bonnie but it’s already late. She’s a family person now she can’t attend to him just because he’s bored. The husband and kids need her more. He can’t call Magaye too she has iphehlo and school to prepare for. 

Life has been really crazy these past few years the lawyer sister is always busy Futhi has her life and the others are still treating him like an outcast he is. They went from being the united family to something messy.

‘Knock knock!’ He’s about to take the empty dishes to the kitchen when he hears a knock at the door. At least Rato is back he can finally catch some hot scoop of the day.

“Rato I thought you are also sleeping out.” He smiles opening the door. 

His smile is wiped off the instance he notices who it is. He tries to push the door quickly but he holds it.

“Ufunani lana?” His face changes. (What do you want here?) This is the last person he expected to see. Not after everything that  went down.

“I’m here to see you.” He smiles.

see him how? After everything he just rolls his eyes and moves away. He comes in.

“I don’t have all the time Mzi!” He has to say what he came here for and then leave. His time is already over and he’s forcing it right now.

“I miss you.” He walks over to the couch and sits down. He’s been missing him and he didn’t plan for  it to happen that way. He’s been trying to forget about him and he regrets lying to him but he had no other choice. He still needs him.

“Okay I’ve heard you. Now leave!” He points at the door. Seeing him just brought back everything. He isn’t ready to face him the bastard lied and made a fool out of him.

“I’m sorry.” He says standing up.

“You are sorry?” He chuckles in disbelief. Sorry doesn’t fix a thing him of all people should know that. He broke his heart he looked at him straight in the eyes and lied countless times. Then he just says he’s sorry.

“I love you Bidoza. I really love you.”_Mzi.

“What about the other person?” He can’t stand here and claim to love him when he just comes with another baggage. 

“That case is different.” He shouldn’t have lied but this isn’t easy. This is hard on him too but he has no choice. He has to continue living his life the way society expects him too.

“Come back when it isn't different then.” He clicks his tongue. He can’t believe this man’s audacity.

He expects him to leave but he just walks up straight to him. He grabs his cheeks and pushes his face closer to his.

“What are you doing?” He moves back.

“I miss you.” He pulls her back and manages to plant a kiss.

“I miss you so much.”He pulls back and kiss him once again.

“Mzi please.” He says softly. 

“I need you Bidoza I need you so bad.” He pleads.

“You know we shouldn’t be…” He lets out a heavy sigh. Mzi is forbidden from this he knows what’s at stake but he’s still here making him weak. He hates and loves every moment of this at the same time. 

He quits fighting it and they continue kissing. Mzi’s hands run down his body and reaches for his flat ass he grabs and cups his butt cheeks. He feels his shaft rising too power.

“I missed you.” He pulls back and kisses him once again. No one tells him to reverse he pushes him with his tongue down his throat all the way to his bedroom.

He stands all naked before him after a while. It’s been countless weeks since he saw this sight of him. A sight he always thinks about before going to bed and something he always dream about. How can something so wrong be this beautiful?

“I don’t have condom’s .” He remembers. They haven’t been intimate in a long time and he hasn’t  bothered buying condoms. He’s the only person he has been intimate with. His first and he thought he would be his forever.

“Fuck that! Woza la.” He says pulling him closer by his one leg. Soon his knees are up to his chest and he has his wet tongue pleasing him on his behind. He moans deeply as he is  enjoying every sec of his warm tongue giving him  a deserved rim. He doesn’t regret staying all this while anymore the intense pleasure is making up for all the lost time.


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