He switches off the stove and heads back to the couch. It’s almost Scandal time and that means he’s a bit late with her cooking. Well he always comes early than everyone so most of the time the dinner duty is on him he doesn’t really mind. He used to hang around her sisters and help where ever he could every time they were cooking. Well most of the time there was just two sisters out of the 6 who’d be cooking but he still enjoyed cooking with them. The atmosphere at home was way too different from here but he still enjoyed. He does get home sick every now and then but things are just not easy.

He lies on his back crosses his knees over and then pull out his phone. It’s been a long time since he called home he slides to the whatsApp dialing log and clicks on the contact he wishes to destinate the call too. He takes a deep breath as it rings a few seconds later a smiling face covered in lime pops out.

“Mfanufikile!” She screams excitedly. They haven’t been in contact in a long time yes she doesn’t have an issue against him or his way of life but she is aware that she has neglected him. A bit of guilt flows in but the excitement of seeing his brother overweighs it.

“It’s Abidoza now.” He rolls his eyes and chuckles.

“Suka! I’m so excited to hear from you.” Her eyes start glittering with tears. She’s always been the emotional she’s always had an issue with holding her tears every time she’s angry or hurt.

“I’m happy to see you too mtasekhaya. Ngishaya nje I’m even scared that you won’t pick up.” He knows the rules of the process she’s going through. That’s why her not contacting him is understandable circumstances are forcing her to keep off anything related to her phone.

“I’m home for the weekend. It’s only a matter of time till I complete this whole thing this was just the last step I needed to take. Majority of the things happened in the water.” She smiles. She has come a long way she never thought that she would be standing after this while but here she is. Going stronger and stronger by the day.

“Uphi umama gogo?” His tone changes. (Where’s my mother gogo?)The pain reflects for someone who was outcast for being what he really is seeing him that way and having him ask about his mother is big. MaNzimande made it crystal clear that they’re cutting all ties with him she didn’t even give him time to explain himself. She didn’t hear him out like a mother.

Being able to contact Nozibani and Bonnie is the last link he still has with home.

“She’s doing fine. She’ll come around someday .” She tries to assure him. Things aren’t so easy their side. She’s also holding on and enduring everything so that her initiation can be completed. There’s nothing she wishes for more than completing the entire process and then getting the freedom she deserves. Aphilise abantu.

“Ngiyanikhumbula.” A tear streams down. (I miss you.)

“We mi…” She doesn’t get to finish that off.

“You are an ass Rato .A real asshole.” Thando and Rato walk in arguing like always forcing him to cut the call. They have been friends for the longest of times and they’ve been together for years but he still pulls the tough card before them. These two asses need a bit of a mother figure and a mature person around them. He can’t break down on them. He wipes his tears fast and turns his attention to them.“Seningena nikhuluma ngezinqa anisakhumbuli ukuthi kungqongqozwa kanjani?” His face changes

these two can be annoying. (You come in talking about butts don’t you remember how to knock?)

“Says a bigger ass.” Thando rolls her eyes and walks over to the bedroom.

“Okay! What’s wrong with her?” Reversed roles! Now she’s the one walking in and heading straight to the bedroom. He does recall this it happens most of the time and they always switch roles.

“I told her crush that I will stab him.” She chuckles.

His eyes pop out he’s surprised that she even finds that funny. The last day Rato said something like that someone landed at the hospital and she was almost in some serious shit.

“Rato you know that you can’t go around stabbing people?” The motherly role needed ASAP. He can’t believe that he has to adapt quickly and own the moment every time the kids of the house decide to be naughty. He has to think about creating a naughty corner.

“But this one deserves it.” She frowns and sighs deeply.

“No one is getting stabbed Lerato.” Thando walks back with a glass of water. She opens a pills container throws some in and the gulps the water.

“Aren’t you supposed to be having those after meals?” He turns to her. He can’t believe that he’s here correcting another one then the other one decides on having pills in an empty stomach.

“I need them now. “ She says. She’s a bit quite than usual she probably does need them.

“Okay so will anyone tell me what’s going on?” He walks over to the kitchen takes 3 plates out and starts dishing. He always waits for them to come back before he dishes he has a hard time when he’s working a night shift.

“Sya! He decided to be an asshole and use our girl. That shit pisses me off.” Rato clicks her tongue . You can’t tell by her facial expressions that she’s really steamed up.

“Who’s Sya?” He isn’t sure if he has heard about that name in his life and he is anxious to know who is he and how did he manage to get her friends this pissed off.

“Thando’s crush! Which rock have you been hiding under?” She frowns. She thought that they were all on the same boat.

Thando shut her eyes and tries to turn the rest of what they say mute. She isn’t interested in this conversation and wishes to distance herself from all of this.


“Thando!!” They both call her back to the land of the living. 

“What?” She opens her eyes to find them both starring at her weirdly.

“Your phone is ringing.” _Rato.

She turns back to her side to find her phone indeed ringing. She picks it up and sends it over to her ears.

“Thando hey.” The voice says.

“Hi.” She replies flatly. 

“I thought you weren’t picking up. Are you mad at me?” That’s the only thing that could explain her friend’s reaction. He did butt out earlier and didn’t face the situation he already feels bad about that.

“ No I’m not mad at you. Why would I be mad at you?” That manages to melt her a bit. Having him worry about whether or not she’s mad at him is a huge thing. She gets off the dark zone in an instant.

“I was starting to get worried. You know we didn’t get to finish our talk earlier.” He takes a deep sigh. There’s something he intended to do but her friend’s attitude ruined all that. He still needs to thank her for all the trouble.

“What did you want us to talk about?” She isn’t sure why she’s smiling but a part of her feels like smiling. She isn’t ignoring it.

“I still need to thank you properly.” They continue  the rest of the chat with both Abi and Rato waiting anxiously for her too finish. They’ve already noticed the sudden mood change and are all out to hear about it.

She finally drops the call and they take their dive.

“Who was it?”_Rato.

“What did he want?” Abidoza.

You’d swear that they all own this phone or something. She just chuckles and forgets completely about her troubles.

“Bitches get some wine we are celebrating.” She chuckles.

“Not before you tell us who was it?” He’s being the extra nosy one right now. He didn’t know much about the Sya guy now he doesn’t want to be left out in anything.

“Where’s my food?” She remembers that they had started dishing when she zoned off. She didn’t even feel the need to eat then but now it’s catching up.




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