The car picks her up in front of The Coffee Hub per as they agreed. After some last minute changes she had to go to work for a few hours last minutes calls but then it was only just a half day. She alerted him that she’ll be done before 3 so they decided on him picking her by 3 pm sharp. He’s already here behind his Volkswagen Jetta she stands on his side and he rolls the window down upon noticing her.

“Hi.” He gives him a brief smile. Her heart just melts in seconds. She just can’t believe that she’s here outside the coffee shop speaking to Siyabonga Zondi and waiting for him to usher her in.

“Hey.” She also greets. She stands her ground and smiles bravely she isn’t moving to the other side without him  telling him to. What if he actually plans on being a gentleman and open up for her?

“You look beautiful.” He looks at her from head to toe. 

Another ticket to her heart. At least he noticed unlike some people who couldn’t even spot the change. She’s always in black jeans and normal tops when going to work today she put in a short off-shoulder body hugging dress with a low back. She had to come in prepared for anything he didn’t say much about their date or ‘helping him out’ so he calls it. Nevertheless she still has to be prepared.

 “Thank you.”She starts smiling awkwardly. What are they still waiting for ?He should be out and opening for her already.

“Move to the other side.” He directs her. Not what she expected but she still moves from his side to the other one. He learns over to her door and grabs the hook then he pushes it open. What a lazy way of trying to be a gentlemen. She secretly rolls her eyes and gets in.

“So uright?” He asks as she adjusts herself. He looks at her once more and starts the car.

“Yeah I’m okay.” She smiles. Now that she’s in his presence she feels a bit shy. A part of her still can’t believe that a thing she’s been longing for for way too long is finally happening.

They slowly drift away from the busy town. They’re not heading South she thought that maybe he was taking home to the beautiful hangouts surrounding the South. Oh there’s still Pavallion in this direction they’re heading. There’s still a little bit of faith to hold on to.

Ops! They also pass Pavallion and it’s starting to look like they’re heading towards Pine Town.

Who’d leave Durban behind and drive you to Pine Town for a date? She orders herself for a chill though Pine Town is not a bad place and there are a few nice restaurants around there. Maybe he will surprise her.

After a long drive when they’ve already left the rest of Pine Town behind he turns and enters a short drive way. The gate opens on its own not what she expected for this place. The car slides in and her eyes are caught by a big house in front of them. It isn’t that bad it definitely stole the show on its days. Before the foreigners started building the new-in set of style for big houses. It’s a beautiful house but it’s definitely not a restaurant why are they here?

“We’ve arrived.” He parks right in front of the sliding door leading to the entrance and then he  loosens his sit belt. She’s still in awry but she also grabs her side of the hook and steps out. What kind of help was he talking about kanti?

He leads the way opens the door and they get in. The inside is a bit surprising than the outside. It doesn’t look too dated.

“Welcome to a place I call home.” He says leading her to the sitting area. “Feel free! I’ll get us something to drink.” He says walking over to the kitchen. She founds a couch and lowers herself on to it she still await to hear why are they here.

They could be at a restaurant right now and they would have already had their starters and indulging on the main. 

He comes back a few seconds later with a 2litre coke and 2 glasses. He places it on the table and starts pouring both glasses.

“I hope you don’t mind coke.” He chuckles handing her the glass.

“No I don’t .Why?” She accepts the glass and holds it over to her laps. He also takes his and sinks on the couch opposite hers.

“Majority of the ladies have a thing against coke.” He takes a sip and continues with his laugh. Interesting!

She lowers her brow and shows him that she’s waiting to hear more. She isn’t aware that they had restrictions against coke.

“You don’t know?” He pops his eyes out. This is the very first time he met a lady who isn’t aware that ladies nowadays don’t drink coke. His female colleagues talk about it it was all over social media. They too as guys have heard about it.

“I don’t.” She also pops her own out. Just for control she doesn’t want to be left behind in the moment. She sips the drink and places it  on the coffee table she has to listen attentively.

“Okay! Your gender believes that it makes it loose down there.” He burst out right after finishing . Down there where?

She looks even more lost.

“The vagina!” He rolls his eyes along with his long face

she can’t let him life alone.  She finally gets it and they both laugh.

“Social media said it?” She knows that something like this definitely deserves facebook. Those groups over there sure spread out a lot of info. She must have missed it somehow but then she’s just a sharist who shares anything she can share on her spare time. Nothing more.

“Actually a guy made a video explaining about. Says you guys should drink stoney.” He’s no longer laughing the moment has passed. She starts laughing about it now she’s getting it. She can be slow at times.

“That’s ridiculous. “ She knots. She’s almost in tears with laughter . He also shares a brief chuckles.

“So why am I here?” She asks looking around. Now that she’s warmed up to the place and him she has to know what kind of help is she here to offer.

“Oh yes! That.” He takes a deep sigh.

“I know you don’t know me that much we basically just strangers who have just recently met. But I must admit .Having you tell me what I was there to order made me warm up to you.  It made me realise that you might be the perfect person for what I need.”

Mhmm interesting. She almost chokes on her drink but she’s definitely excited to hear what’s coming up. She only moves her eyebrows to show that she’s listening and waiting to hear.

“I need you to help me execute a special meal for my lady.” He says with a brief smile.

Say what? Her brows drop like her breasts do whenever she’s taking off her bras. What the hell? 

“I thought you said lady.” She chuckles behind her glass. She places it back down and he isn’t laughing a long. He looks rather confused on what’s the joke about positions reversed.

“Yes a lady. My lady.” He emphasis.

Okay calm down Thando. He isn’t joking though she thought that he was just trying to tease her. Why is she here then?

“See I’m actually planning on proposing to my long time girlfriend. I don’t  have an exact thing planned out but I know that I have to whip up the perfect dinner as she’s landing tonight.  She’ll be here after 8 so please Thando I need your help.” He takes out a ring and shows it to her. What’s she landing from from Mars? Her face changes a bit she didn’t expect any of this.

Not only there is a lady in his life but he’s planning on proposing to that lady with her help. All those months of crushing all for nothing now she wishes that she didn’t mention that she can cook. They wouldn’t be here.



The table is already set. She has already turned down the heat on the stove as everything is almost ready. Italian lasagna salads and roasted meat. Mr wanted to make an exception since ‘thee lady’ is flying in from Italy. Out of all the lasagna’s she could have eaten in Italy she has to come here and tastes Thando’s too. Right after taking her dream man she sighs and walks over to Sya.

“So! When should I leave?” She asks placing the swap on the table and taking out her apron. It was easy finding her way around here moguy has everything in order. Clearly shows that there is a woman involved.

“ She’ll be here around 7. I still have an hour to drive you home.” He says looking at his wrist watch. It’s still after 5 so he can make it.

“Don’t you think you should request for me whilst you go fetch her?” This guy has zero romantic fibers in his body. His soon to be fiancé is landing and he’s not planning on fetching her.

“I would but she has her car at the airport.” He pleads his case. She always leaves on her own and comes back on her own. No struggle.

“Okay but I still think you should request.” No point driving with him all the way back. They’ve got absolutely zero things to talk about. It will just be awkward.

“I insist! Let me grab my ke…” A call interrupts him. He picks up .

“I’ll go switch off the stove.” She whispers. It could be her so she doesn’t want to get him into any troubles she moves to the kitchen.

“What do you mean you are no longer landing?” He raises his tone. She catches up on her way bag. She opens her eyes and waits for him to finish.

“But you said  you’re arriving today.” He frowns. After some talks he drops the call looking defeated.

“That was her.” He’s back.

“Yes” She’s awaits it didn’t sound good on her side.

“She’s no longer coming today.” He sighs.




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