Guess who’s here ?” Rato walks behind with a huge smile.

“Who?” Thando asks munching on her muffin . She’s already on her lunch break and isn’t that much interested on what got her friend this happy. The look on her face  you could swear she won the lottery or something.

“I said guess.” Oh! She not serious. She picks her cup and send it to her waiting lips if she’s going to tell her who it is she will .If not she won’t she isn’t about to let her coffee run cold over guessing.

“Alright let me head back and serve Mr mbodla.” She says with an evil smirk .She knows that might strike a nerve.

Mr whom?” Hold on a second  she knows one guy with a deep voice and it can’t be who she thinks it is.

Ayy  continue paying attention to your sour coffee. Kwazi bani I might get to score myself Mr Zee.” Wait what? She jumps and almost knocks the cup in front of her down.

Manje awusho ngani?”She jumps off and runs inside like a mad person. Rato just stands and laughs at her reaction . She could have seen her face when she mentioned Mr Zee  her friend really has it bad for this guy .

She runs off to the front without caring any less about her surroundings. She could probably knock the kitchen staff and scar the customers but she doesn’t care .Mr Zondi is in the house for lunch and he didn’t swing by for breakfast coffee . Who knows  he might not be here for the usual late one . She gets to the front and finds no one but just the customers she left sitting  when she had out for her lunch break. Damn Rato!

Girl !You should have seen your face.” She turns to find Rato chuckling behind her .She can’t believe how she just became the flash and run off to see Siyabonga.

“You are a dog.”She frowns .How can she do this to her.

“I’m sorry . I was just t..e..easing you.” She tries finishing that off hardly. She hasn’t had a good laugh in ages.

Mxxm !You are an asshole.”She’s even making it worse by laughing at her .She could choke the life out of her right now.

“I’m sorry .”She’s still laughing.

“Whatever cunt.” She’s so furious right now. Siyabonga is a no go zone  they shouldn’t joke about Siyabonga. She knows how bad she has it.

Okay  I’m really sorry babes.”She quits laughing .The moment has passed.

 Mxxm mother fucking asshole.”_Thando.

Thando chill .I said I’m sorry.”Okay !She’s taking this way too far.

“You are a cunt.”She continues. This one isn’t okay upstairs.

Aiybo friend  I said I’m sorry.”She chuckles .”What if he comes in and finds you wailing insults.”_Rato.

“I don’t care .I don’t give a fuck about Siyabonga  in fact he can just go to hell . You and everyone else must go to hell too.” She’s really mad.

“ Aw what did I do?” An additional voice . It’s sound a bit familiar .She looks at Rato and pops her eyes it can’t be.

Rato.” She whispers looking like someone who’s been caught stealing candy .She messed up. Rato just chuckles once more  the moment is already weird.

“I hope you meant here.” She addresses that to Siyabonga . She smiles at him one last time then walks back to the kitchen .Why would mean her  what’s going one. Thando just keeps her space and just continues starring at the exiting Rato  she can’t even get the courage to turn back and face him.

“Aren’t you going to greet me?”Damn it’s really him  she recognizes the voice .She slowly turns and wears a faint smile .Everything is just awkward now.

Siya … Hey.” She tries to drag her tired smile .She just single handedly ruined everything for herself.

“Can I have some coffee?” At least he’s still smiling.

“Sure.” She turns and walks over to the counter  she follows her. She just stands on the other side and looks at him as if she doesn’t believe it .Like someone is going to pinch him and tell him that she’s been dreaming. This feels so unreal.

“Aren’t you going to guess my coffee?” He chuckles . She doesn’t join in  she just stands there and looks so shocked.

51 51); font-family: sans-serif; font-size: medium;">“Right! An Americano?” She starts tapping the screen.

“Guilty.” He smiles. She clears her throat and continues with his order . She goes over to the back and prepares it . Then she hands it over.

“Thank you.”

“Look Siya. I’m sorry for saying I don’t care .I do care but not that much. Aiybo I mean  I care but I don’t care care . I mean I care for you as a person  you know that type of care . Just not tha…” It’s already sounding weird .Can’t she just vanish and save herself from this embarrassment .

Wait  wait .Hold on.” He laughs .This is indeed funny .”I get you .No need to bite your tongue.”

“You forgive me ?” She gives him puppy eyes.

“Even though I don’t know what you did  I forgive you.” He says . He seems pretty cool.

“Thank you.” She lets out a huge sigh in relief. She can’t wait for him to exit so that she can breath . Wait ! He isn’t moving. “Anything else ?” Maybe he forgot something.

Actually  I have a request .” _Siyabonga.

Okay this she has to hear. “I’m listening.”

“I know we don’t know each other that much  I mean we only met yesterday when you predicted my coffee . But I have this huge favor I want to ask you.”Boys and being too slow . How can he tell her that he hasn’t been noticing her all these months of being in and out the Hub ? What kind of witchcraft is this?

“Continue.”He has officially lost her .But she still has to be polite.

“What are you doing Sunday?”Okay she got her back. Her eyes start sparkling.

“Nothing.”She smiles . She has been waiting for this moment to happen for ages . She’s been praying for it.

“Can you help me out with something?” Not the exact words she expected him to put it but this may be his different way . So…

Yes  I’d love to help you.” She smiles.

“But you haven’t even heard what I want you to help me with .” He laughs . Snap that’s true  now she’ll seem like she has it bad. She frowns.

“Whatever it is  I’ll be happy to help.” She tries to smile awkwardly . She shouldn’t have done that.

“What if I want you to help me kill someone  would you happily do that too?”

“With pleasure !” They both laugh this time around .For a moment she felt like she has already lost all her chances but being the person that he is all thanks to that .She’s now back to being smitten and confident about their upcoming date … Well ‘helping him out’ if that how he prefers to call it . They exchange numbers and agree on the perfect timing  then he heads out . Her every day dream!

“Stop drawling.” Rato walks back to the front.

“I’m not.” She tries to hide her blush .She is drawling and she knows that . You can’t blame her  she can’t hold herself.

“And?” Rato already has her eyes out and they’re written excitement. She too can’t wait to hear what Mr Dreamy was saying  she has been bothered by Thando about him every single day of her life ever since he became their customer . She also deserves to know how their man is actually like  its feels like he’s also her man too now.

“And what?” She rolls her eyes .This is something she isn’t prepared to tell . But Rato’s look tells her that she has to start singing like a bird.

Aiybo. I wannna know .Bua hle!” She finally remembers her root . You don’t get Rato to talk her native language very often  Durban brainwashed her . She used to think that she’s just an ordinary Zulu who has a siSotho name  the way she’s so fluent in isiZulu.

“Well he asked me to help him.”She still has the same smile she had when she heard those words directly from him.

“That’s it?” Her face suddenly changes .

Yebo  that’s it !”She emphasizes on the last part . She doesn’t know what she expected  well technically she does since they’re both vouching for the same thing .Nevertheless tough this is better than nothing . He finally did notice her .


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