She finishes combing her hair and gives herself the final look on the mirror. Perfect! She goes over to the bed opens the zip of her handbag and tosses the phone and charger inside. She’s already.

“Thando! You are going to make us late.” Abidoza walks in . He’s tired of waiting for her to finish they’ve been waiting for ages now . For someone who needs people’s lifts she can be slow.

“Chill ! I’m done.”She says latching the bag on her shoulder. Finally they can go.

“I was almost coming to drag you .You really should try being more punctual .”He says with his fingers tapping his phone screen as they walk out . They walk over to the parking and find Rato already there waiting for the both of them.

“I almost called Daniel to come pick me up .I can’t afford to be late at work.” She says as soon as they get in .Drama queen as if being late can get her into trouble.

“Yeah right.”Thando rolls her eyes .She’s sleeping with the boss why would she worry about being merely late? She can just do as she pleases and pays the ‘good way’ later.

“What’s wrong with you?”Rato frowns . She noticed her roll her eyes on the front mirror.

“Nothing friend.” She wears a full innocent smile. Like a kid who has just been promised a pocket of sweets . This one can be annoying sometimes.

“Asambe Abidoza.” She turns to Abi who’s already adjusting his sit belt.(Let’s go Abidoza.)

“Behave wena!” Abi points a finger to Thando and gives her a warning look . She knows how she can be sometimes. All over the place and entangled in people’s businesses . They don’t get how she was created at first they felt like she was a nuisance till they got to know that she’s harm free. She is just what she is.

“I’m sorry.”She frowns like a kid who’s just been denied treat . She is quite childish at times.

“You guys should be paying me.”He says as he drives off.

“What for?” They both ask .

“ There’s no difference between me and an Uber driver now.” _Abi.

“Suka you crazy kanti.”Thando fully rolls her eyes this time around she knows Abi can handle it . Drama king ! By giving them a lift every morning he’s now an comparing himself to an Uber . He should just pick them up every after shift so that he’ll fully earn that job tittle.

“We are not wasting any money on a doctor Mfana.” Rato intervenes. Did they have to go there?

“Future doctor!” A brief smile from him. He isn’t a doctor yet but there’s no doubt he’ll be . Hearing his friend call him that just does it.

“Don’t you do diagnosis?” Thando asks. She couldn’t butt out this one.

“Well I do.”They are ticking the right boxes right now.

“Then you are a doctor.” She concludes. Dummy! To actually think that he thought she was going somewhere with this. Anyone can diagnose google does that for people all the time . He didn’t mind being drizzled a bit it makes everything worth it . But then Thando…

These two always remind him of his home . That’s why he was so excited to open his space up to them . Growing up with 6 sisters and a strict mom wasn’t easy being the only boy was the hardest . But he must admit having these 2 make him feel so close to home and always uplifts his spirit. “Wena Thando yekela ukuphapha.” He needs to call out each wrongs he spots even at home he used to love playing peace maker . Bringing her sisters together . You can only imagine the chaos of 6 different females

trapped under one roof . Yes his other sisters went their own way and got married whilst inkosazana made weaves at the corporate world but they still got together for special occasions . They still do.

“What did I do now?”She frowns.

“I see what you are doing with the whole Daniel and Rato thing.” He says. Lerato drops everything and turns to him. They both have to hear this out.

“What am I doing ?” She’s lost .They haven’t even talked about it that much to have her doing things about it.

“You are judging chommie . I know you are.” Rato grabs the platform with both hands.

“Why would you think I’m judging you?” She frowns . What’s giving them that idea.

“Your little comments. You might not pay attention to them but to me it paints a picture of you not approving what I have going on with Daniel.”She continues.

“He’s a kid.” She still can’t get over the age difference.

“Uyabona . This is exactly what I’m talking about.” Abi digs in observing her from the front mirror . Indeed his senses weren’t wrong.

“Pho kunani?”Rato raises her tone . You can tell she’s getting slightly irritated.

“You are going to mess things up for yourself at work with his parents.”She feels like if this thing could end bad or turn out sour that will affect her work badly . The Anderson’s can’t have her corrupting their son and let it go like that.

“Why do you always have to be negative. Yeses ! Uyinja yomuntu.” She clicks her tongue . Now she’s done speaking to her about this.

“I just don’t want you to make a mistake.”Thando says. Rato has left the chat she pulls her earphones and officially distances herself from this conversation.

“Look Thando I know you are concerned but … Don’t you think it’s too much?”He needs to be the matured one around here . Now he goes back to the brother duty.

“What are you on about?”She pops her eyes .

“Just let Rato be and let her enjoy her new found companion.” _Abi.

“And you are seriously calling it that?” Her eyes are still out. She can’t believe they are having this talk right now he should be helping out talk some sense in her .But here she is.

“All I’m saying Rato is an adult .Let’s just allow her live her life like we are also living ours.” He’s hoping she gets that .

“So you want me to sit here and lie to her?” _Thando.

“Lie njani manje?”She just lost him. How will she be lying if she just backs off a bit?

“He probably doesn’t love her.”She mumbles that out.

“Well asazi . I don’t know what’s making you say that and I won’t argue your point .However we are not in his heart are we ? Please let’s just support our friend.” He pulls over . He’s already parked outside The Cofffee Hub they’re here.

“Bye Abi.” Rato kisses his cheek and heads out . She’s really fumed up.

“Bye friend.”Thando smiles as if nothing happens then she pushes the door.

“Think about my request Thando.”He’s serious about this one .He really wishes that she can just stop being Thando for once and take things seriously .

“I’ll think about it.”She walks over to the shop . Another long day ahead.


They’ve already started serving people. It’s still around 10 and Thando is at the front today .She’s seen all her usualties and a few new faces around but she hasn’t seen the specific face she needs to see for her day to be lit . He always swings by and grab a cup of coffee before work that’s usually between 7:30 to 8:00 . Today he’s late.

“Mngani.” She tries hissing for Rato’s attention. She says nothing but gives her a dead stare.

“Mngani!”She calls again this time around being louder . She can’t ignore her on purpose.

“I haven’t seen him today .” She complains . The weirdo is directing that over to someone who’s busy taking order’s a couple of feet away from her .

“Angikukhulumisi.”_Rato.(I’m not talking to you.)

“You are still there. Ayyy man forget I said anything bad about Da…” Rato pops out her eyes and manages to get her to stop. Ops! She almost blutters out.

“Really?”She throws her arms and ask silently.

“Sorry.”She gives her the same tone .She really didn’t have to get to that point. Surprisingly Rato chuckles.

“Your order will be ready just now.”She directs to her customer. Thanks goodness he didn’t mind Thando’s destruction . This one has no timing she finally walks over to her.

“What couldn’t wait for me to serve my customer in peace?”_Rato.

“I haven’t seen Siyabonga.”She frowns. Like she’s supposed to be here waiting to spot him as if that’s her job. She rolls her eyes.

“He will come like other days.”She says and starts walking over to the kitchen . She doesn’t have the time for this.

“You think so?”_Thando.

“I know so! Now get back to work.”

“Yes Mrs Ande…” Ops!She turns and gives her a death stare.

“My lips are sealed.”She signals .Rato chuckles. No point being mad at this ass .


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