“Goodnight Thando!” Adrian waves and walks out . She waves back too and pulls the last chair up. She’s been at the front putting the chairs up the tables whilst waiting for Rato who’s cleaning behind she’s almost done . The other staff has left it’s just them Rato and her plus the manager. He’s somewhere at the back doing paperwork or something he’s always the last to leave and he leaves along the last staff to exit .He can’t actually be the only one around here this is Durban it’s not safe. If he was to be left alone he’d just be putting himself on the hotspot and inviting unwanted guests.

“Rato!” She looks at her wrist watch and feels a brink of annoyance kicking in . What could be holding her?

“Rato!” No response . She locks the door and heads back in search for her . She starts at the kitchen where she’s supposed to be but finds no one then she heads behind . Maybe she took out the trash or something. She walks back in after finding the whole space just dark and empty then she heads to the office maybe she’s helping their manager or something . The light is still on he’s still here obviously but the place is just too quite . Rato is just like her she can’t spend even a minute without talking . What could they be doing that requires them to be all focused and quite ? They should have heard her when she was calling.

“Ahhhh!” That’s a soft moan. She changes her faces and stops for a while. “Yeah baby. Yes ! “ This time around it’s obvious that’s Rato. She creeps and finds herself peeking at the open space they didn’t close the door completely .

She’s met by the shock of her life. Rato’s feet wrapped around Daniel’s waist who has his trousers on his knees they are both too busy to notice her. She pushes the door open.

“Friend it’s late now we have to go!” She pops her eyes out and says that as if it’s the normal thing to say whilst showing her wrist watch. They both jump of each other and hide their shame in shock. Daniel pulls his trousers up whilst Rato pulls her jeans and fixes herself . They are both embarrassed Thando just stands there popping her eyes out with a smirk . You’d swear she’s a lunatic. Rato walks over to her and grabs her hand.

“Asambe mngani.” She clears her throat and pulls her out.(Let’s go friend.) They both walk out she’s slightly embarrassed whilst she’s beyond shocked .

“You are going to tell me what just happened right?” That she has to ask . The whole event is still unfolding on her mind.

“Ayy chommie ! I don’t kiss and tell.” She tries to hide her blush.

“Wow . Our ride is going to be here a few minutes from now I’ve requested.” She says looking at her screen . The bolt driver is going to be outside very soon great thing she disturbed their little hanky panky before he got here.

“Cancel it.”


“We won’t need it .Daniel is driving us tonight.” She says grabbing her bag.

“You and who?” She’s shocked.

“Who else lives with me?”_Rato.

“How did you get a white boy agreeing to driving you to the other side of town this late?” This doesn’t make sense. Daniel has never been the one to drive to that kind of zone especially not where they live . Even its busy

he would rather hire a taxi for them . His car is too precious to be spotted in their type of zone.

“Let’s just say the Sotho magic does things .”She smirks .There we go again that thing of hers and believing that Sotho’s have a golden one down there. She always narrates about how their libia is pulled for specific reasons.

“Ayy ayy stop there! Where is he I wanna go home and rest?” She says looking around like she’ll spot him anywhere.

“He’s coming.”

“Sorry ladies I had to sort some things.”He heard them . Those things were probably jerking off he definitely didn’t reach his orgasm . Thanks to Thando . They all walk out and hop on the waiting Audi A3. Perks of being a rich white kid . He’s the manager here because his parents own this place he’s one of those who saw no interest in school . After his matric he decided that he wants to help around the family business whilst his other kind went on and furthered their schooling . His parents didn’t see any problem with that in fact they saw it more fitting to have one of them take charge instead of a stranger whilst they focused on the other two cafes . That’s just how it is with this race .


“Thanks for the ride baby.” Rato reaches forward and kisses him before heading out . Thando is already waiting outside rolling her eyes in annoyance . She finally joins her.

“Really ?” She asks in annoyance.

“What?” She smiles and passes her she opens the bag and searches for the key.

“He’s baby now?” To think that she has never had a thing about him till seeing them on the act. Lerato never shuts her mouth about such things every time she gets a new boyfriend she’s always the first to know. She doesn’t have a chest it doesn’t make sense why she hided this one from her.

“Yes he’s my boo.” She chuckles and unlocks . The both leap up the pile of staircases.

“Imihlola ayipheli!” (You never seas to amaze me.) She ignores her and continue making her way up the 4th floor. There are no lifts around here you get your own fair cut of exercise every time you walk up and down these steps.

“So when did it all start?”_Thando.

“It’s been over a month now.”She rolls her eyes Thando can be slow sometimes.

“Wow!” That explains a lot . The more time she spent behind helping him with paper work and how they’ve been the last one’s to leave late lately kanti bayadlana. “But his a kid chommie.” She continues.

“5 years younger it’s not that bad . Besides it wouldn’t have been a problem if I was the younger one.”

“Yes because you are woman.” She never viewed her friend as the type to date younger boys white ones for that matter.

“Don’t judge me.” She says.

“But he’s 22!”_Thando.

“I said don’t judge!” Her tone changes. This is indeed surprising. She still can’t believe that she’s all out corrupting a white kid. Wait till the Anderson’s hear. They’ll be hell to pay.

They get to the door and step in a few seconds later . Thando sinks herself on the couch whilst Rato walks straight to her bedroom.

“Abangani bami!” A deep loud voice makes it way from the kitchen.

“Hey babes.” Thando says paying less attention but scrolling on her phone.

“Ayke wamuncuke manje? Where’s Rato?” He asks sitting next to her.

“I think she’s changing or something.”_Thando.

“Rato! Don’t do that . We don’t great anymore?”He shouts at the loudest peak of his voice. A door opens and Rato walks back in.

“Hey Abidoza.”She rolls her eyes and sits on the other couch.

“Girl! I was starting to think that I’m not visible.”The drama! He’s always been that dramatic one on the trio. Abidoza their diva.

“I’m angry at your friend?” She looks at Thando . Thando lifts her eyes up to find her giving her that look.

“What did I do?” She asks .

“She disturbed me when I was about to reach an orgasm.” She frowns. Hello !Shut the front door.

“With whom?” Abidoza is shocked. Aren’t they coming from work since when does work give them orgasm?

“Daniel Anderson.”_Thando.

“Which Daniel Anderson?” He pops his eyes out.

“How many Daniel’s do you know?”_Rato.

“Unamanga!” He claps Thando’s hand and gags his mouth open . Both Thando and Rato chuckle.

“Okay okay!All the juicy details.” They both just stare at her and laugh. They know he won’t rest till he fishes the rest of the news out . It runs in the three.


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