Bonga I went out with friends and got drunk on purpose because I didn't want Ntombi to go to that stupid therapist. I know how such things work. The therapist asks the patient tricky questions and patients end up spilling the bean on some deep personal things. Ntombi will find herself telling that woman that I've hit her a few times and the therapist will lay a charge of domestic violence against me without Ntombi's consent. This patient doctor confidentiality only goes so far. When a doctor feels their patients life is at risk they can tell a third person without the consent of the patient. All it the name of "saving a life". Ntombi doesn't need saving because her life is in no danger. My friends adviced me to put my foot down and forbid her from going. I thought me not pitching to pick her up at home would have been enough to make her realize that I don't want her to go but no she just had to play smart by asking that slut Sindi to help her. You know because I have eyes everywhere. Someone saw them getting on a taxi together. I didn't believe it first because Ntombi has never bothered to go to town alone. The furthest she's been out alone was to go to our local spaza which was just a street away. She does not know how the taxi system works either so obviously that skinny witch Sindi is corrupting my woman. I wanted to go to Sindi's home but I'm know better than to anger her old man. We grew up hearing that he is a gangster hiding behind a police uniform. I once saw with my own eyes how he nearly beat up a drug dealer to death with his bare hands. After realizing Ntombi had gone I went back to my friends they advised me to teach her a lesson. There is only one way to teach a woman without respect for her man a lesson. I went and waited at home. She came home late there's no way she was at the therapist all that time. I just saw red when she opened the door. She even had the nerve to hum a song. I don't remember hitting her all I remember is seeing her on the floor. I think her cheek was bleeding. Damn I hate what she makes me do! She even had the nerve to bring leftovers of the food another man bought for her. That was expensive looking food the kind rich people eat at these fancy parties of theirs so it couldn't come from Sindi she can't afford such had it been a pie yes but fancy finger food no! I returned to the tavern to calm down. I sat alone and decided to go home after a while. I want to ask Ntombi myself where she has been almost all day. I got into my car and drove off. I was still a bit drunk but I'm can't drive. When I arrived home I found the house completely empty. I at first feared that she went to the police but remembered that Ntombi is a weak woman she won't dare go. I decided to go look for her at Sindi's home. I didn't see her father's car in their garage so he must be gone. I went and knocked like a madman. Sindi: "You break that door you pay for it!" she shouted and opened the door. I could see that she was not expecting to see me. I've never been in their yard before. Me: "Where the hell is she?" I shouted while looking behind her hoping to see Ntombi. Sindi: "Tata!" she shouted loudly. Me: "Hey! I know he isn't home. I don't want trouble. Just give me what's mine" I shouted while in his face. She backed down clearly a bit rattled. Sindi: "Give you what's yours? Are we still talking about a human being with rights here or a piece of meat? Hey scum Ntombi is not "what's yours" she's her own woman. She is not here I don't know where she is and even if I did I'd rather die than tell you" she said and looked at me with a cold stare. Me: "Well that can be arra... " Sindi: "Tata! Tata!... " she shouted loudly and that's when I noticed car lights flashing behind me. Her father came out of the car flying. I shoved Sindi aside and went into the house hoping to find Ntombi. I didn't make it far when I felt her father hit me on the back with something. I lost my balance a bit. I turned to try and fight him but he hit me over and over again. Sindi was kicking my ribs helping her father to defeat me. Their white tiles were now red with my blood they weren't lying about him giving a real beating to those who hurt his loved ones but I didn't do that. All I want is my girlfriend and I'll go. Sindi's father dragged me outside and Sindi shouted for everyone to hear how I tried to kill her. People in my township believe in mob justice necklacing being their favourite. A few men came with home weapons from sticks to knives and I saw one with a tyre and patrol. I knew that if I didn't get out fast I'd die a painful death. Mr Koni: "I'm sure Ntombi will thank her neighbors for getting rid of an abusive drunk like you. Its men like you who put shame on us. I was angry when I heard what Ntombi said you did to her but to dare touch my child? My child?! Men let's get rid of this pest. He also sells your children drugs! Random Man: "Let the dog die already!" shouted the man while lifting a huge rock. I knew its to crush my head. Why are people so cruel? A man can't go look for his woman now? In the rural areas they would have handed Ntombi over and told her to go sort things out with her man. Clearly these men are uncultured. I got beaten more and each new blow was more painful than the last one. I felt someone put a tyre over my head and around my body. It was in that moment that I accepted death. The petrol got poured over me and I wept. I wept like a boy. It took me back to when I would cry when my father hit my mother. I didn't choose to be a bad person. Life has just never been kind to me. I have family back in the Eastern Cape but since I've been with Ntombi I can't visit because I don't want to leave Ntombi alone and don't want to take her to the rural areas because she might want to stay. Two very loud banging sounds brought me back to reality. There was suddenly chaos and perfect were running in all directions. I thought someone had decided to kill me fast and if that's the case I'll be grateful to that person. Gunshot is better than burning to death. I felt my body get weaker by the second. If I come out of this alive

Ntombi had better hope that I don't find her because I'm here because of her. I'm sure she was even in the crowd watching while I'm being beaten and perhaps even picked up a stone of her own to hit me with it. I will make Mr Koni Sindi and Ntombi pay for this. I'm sure there is someone who doesn't fear Mr Koni and I'm also sure that Ntombi can't hide forever like I've said I've got eyes and ears everywhere and something tells me Sindi and her father know where Ntombi us. Perhaps they took her to a safe house for abused women. Ntombi isn't even a victim of abuse. A few slaps every now and then surely don't count as abuse. If she was present when my father hit my mother she would have known what abuse it. Ntombi cries abuse for the smallest things. Now I'm starting to believe that she cried abuse when her stepmother was disciplining her. Well when I find her I will just have to show her what abuse it. She can run but she can't hide forever not from me anyway. I'm just hoping to get out of this ordeal alive. My flesh failed me. I passed out soon after. I woke up in a strange place it was a shack. At least I didn't die. I'm sure my friends or boss came to my rescue. My entire body was sore from head to toe. I could not even move a single finger or lift my head. All I was starring at was the zinc roof I'm facing. It was rustic but I'm just grateful to be safe well at least I hope I'm safe. I heard a sound which sounded like a door opening. I tried to turn my head but failed. What did those people do to me? The person finally looked at me. It was an old woman and she didn't looked too happy. She dipped her cloth in a bowl and washed my face with it. The warmth of the cloth soothed my wounds. Me: "Where am I?" I asked in a whisper. Old lady: "You are where you are not wanted. I don't want you here. I told my son that I didn't want to get involved next thing my house will be burnt down because I'm hiding a thug" she shouted in frustration and anger. Me: "Your son? Who wants your son?" Old lady: "You will ask him that when you see him. Tomorrow you are out of here." she said and put more pressure while soothing my wounds. I heard the sound of the door again. I finally get to see "the son". I must say I'm not too pleased that he of all people saved my life. Now I will owe him more than I already do. He is a loan shark I borrowed money from and stopped paying him. It thought him not coming after me for his money meant he wiped my debt off. Me: "Ja Khusta" I said. Khusta: "Don't "ja Khusta me you dog. You thought you'd get away with my money? Do I look like the breadwinner at your house Bonga? I just give you free money?" he said flashing his gold covered teeth. I have forgotten how ugly this man is. Old Lady: "Mkhuseli take this thing out or tomorrow you will find him at the police station" she shouted while pointing at him. Khusta: "Oh Mommy people like him are what feed us. If you take him there I won't get my money." he said in a pleading voice. How pathetic! Old lady: "I'm tired! Tomorrow night he must be out. One day of not knowing if the people will come burn my house was torture enough. You know what these people do to thieves and people who help thieves" Khusta: "Tomorrow night this room will be clean. Old lady: "Good!" Khusta: "Please make him something to eat so he'll have strength to leave tomorrow." he begged. Old lady: "Mxm" she clicked her tongue and walked out. Khusta looked at me and smiled. He looked at me like I was something good he has not had in a long while. I hope he is not having filthy thoughts. He's been to prison so I wouldn't know if his sexuality changed in there. He rubbed his hands together and smiled. I admit I was feeling better bit scared. Khusta: "Do you know the interest that you owe me for your loan? Now I have even saved your life. It means you are indebted to me for life" he smiled. Me: "I didn't ask you to save my life" my reply was followed by two hard slaps on my already sore cheeks. Khusta: "Did you think I'd let you die without paying me? Had you not owed me money I'd have poured that petrol and lit you up myself but I love money too much and you have my money. Me: "I will let Koni pay for... " Khusta: "Hey old men with knob sticks are the least of your problems. I said you owe me for my money and for saving your life. You will pay me for the rest of your life. I don't care how but each week I want cold hard cash" he said cutting me short. Me: "I don't have money. I'm a drug dealer not a kingpin. You know these high profile thugs pay us peanut!" I managed to shout. Khusta: "You know that I'm not a person who should be angered. I see me not asking for my money made you think I'm your friend. You want my money or I'll do much worse than this" he said while pressing my ribs. I couldn't help but let out a little cry. It is sore! He is right I know he'll do worse. He'd torture me for days before killing me. I might be a man but I can't stand pain. All of this is Ntombi's fault. Now I'm in deeper shit because of her. I will find her make her pay and make her help me with this debt she put me in. I don't care if she has to sell her organs soul or body to do it but do it she will. Khusta's mother came with food she helped me sit up. I've never felt such excruciating pain by just trying to sit up. I'm sure something is broken. She fed me the maize porridge she made with such impatience. She'd fill my mouth before I even swallowed the first spoon of porridge. She really didn't want me here. Khusta lived a bit far from my house so it's highly unlikely that Koni and his thugs will know where I am. I can't go back to my own house either. I'm sure they burnt it to the ground. I hope Ntombi is happy where she is because it won't last. Anger doesn't even begin to describe how I'm feeling. I could kill someone right now! I'm going to lose an income too because if I don't sell drugs for the boss I'm out of the game. How will I pay Khusta thousands of rands each week when I'm not making money? I have to come up with a plan soon!

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Nelly 2019-02-11 02:02:43

It's serve u right....... why didn't u die?????

ntoer 2019-02-08 01:36:49

karma... He should have died...he deserve every little thing that coming to him I c he haven't learn his lesson yet

Phumza 2019-02-07 10:57:32

Still blaming someone else for his misfortune. I hope someone makes him a bitch and does to him what he did to Ntombi. Uyangibhowa mani uBonga

Lebogang 2019-02-07 00:45:44

Thank you, yoh

Nkuli Fihla 2019-02-07 00:42:46

Bonga is stupid yazi. He is failing to realise that he is just like his father.