I am Ntombikayise Poti. A twenty three year old rural girl. Daughter to the late Nobandla Poti and Mziwakhe Poti. My mother died when I was just 5 years old. My father remarried a woman by the name of Nomvula Fakude who proved to only have love for the children that she gave birth to. If I did not know any better I would have thought the story of Cinderella was a prophecy of my life only an African version of it. I have two siblings who are my father's children from his second wife. A brother and sister Nolwazi and Lwazi Poti who are twins and are now 15 years old. I have always been envious of them because they got all the love and affection of a mother that I was robbed off. My father worked far from home in a mine and only came home once a year during the December holiday. It gave his wife plenty of time to treat me like dirt. I love my father and I know that he loves me too but I could never bring myself to tell him about the way his wife treated me because I feared that he would strip me off his love. For some reason he also isolated me from my mother's family after getting married to Nomvula. To such an extent that we moved from the village we lived in to another unknown to my mother's family. For that I am angry at him about because he does not have an extended family. He never talked about the reasons behind him being all alone when other people have extended family. I suspect they all died or that he was disowned by them. I moved from my village because I met a man Bonga Vimbi (30 years old) five years ago who promised me everything under the sun. a man who promised to take me to university so tat I could make something of my life. A man that was 7 years my senior. The naive me fell head over heels in love with this man. It was easy for him to convince the then 18 year old me who had for years lived under the cruelty of a step mother to move away from home. I remember telling him that I would think about it and that same night when I got home my step mother threw lukewarm oil on me for not cooking on time. It was then that I realized that if I did not get out of there she would kill me bury me in the backyard and tell my father that I had ran away. So I did myself a favour by running away with the man who loved me

who wants to see me succeed and marry me. I did not even take clothes because my knight in shining armour promised me an entire wardrobe of clothes. All I took was my Matric Certificate ID and a pictures of my mother and father. I left while my dad was away at work meaning I did not get a chance to say goodbye nor get his blessings there was imply no time because if my step mother found out that I was going to live the good life in a big city she would have convinced him to forbid me from going. It still haunts me that I left home like that like a thief in the night. Bonga and I had been dating for a month when I decided to place my entire future in his hands. We moved to Cape Town and I was so excited. Excited to get away from abuse to finally see what a city looks like to go to university and start a new life. Little did I know that I was putting my life in the hands of someone who would crush it.

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Babalwa 2019-03-21 08:44:36

I know you never dissapoint and you are dedicated to you work i love your unique stories a lof

Nwabisa 2019-01-27 17:14:21

Interesting and sad at the sametime

Nomathamsanqa 2019-01-26 09:21:10

Iyoooohhh. Sendilapha okrrrr