Ntombi I went to the bathroom to bath I always bath twice a day. I stood in front of the little cabinet that was nailed to the wall it has a mirror in front of it. I stood closer to it and realized that I had an open bruise. When I hit my face against the door I guess it was too powerful. I was not what society would label as a yellow bone but the bruise was visible it has red and purple colors around it. I took a closer look and saw a small cut that was bleeding. I touched it and flinched due to the pain. The blood has already dried up. I didn't think it would look so baf because it does not feel as bad as it looks or is it because I've gotten used to the pain. I soaked my face cloth in warm water and gently soothed the bruise. It stung a bit but I knew that I had to clean it in order for it to heal quickly. My cheek is also starting to swell. I was also still waiting for the prayer that I prayed to work. How long does it take for them to be answered or was I right when I said mine only reached the ceiling and not heaven? I finished bathing and went to empty the plastic wash basin outside. The basin slipped in one side and made me wet. I threw it against a brick wall and it broke. "You spilt dirty water that had your own dirt in it and proceeded to throw the basin away yet Bonga throws dirt on you but you don't throw him away by leaving him" said a voice inside my head. I didn't even try to check if the basin was in good condition to still use. I walked back into the house wore a jersey and went to Sindi's home. I practically ran to their yard because it had already gone dark outside. Their lights were still on so it means they are still awake. I'm lifted my hand ready to knock when I lowered it again wondering if what I'm thinking about doing it the right decision. I paced up and down in front of the door when there was suddenly a light shining on the ground from the inside someone has opened the door. I was standing in the dark side so he could not see me. He was holding a stick with a huge knob on top. I made my way to the light so he'd see that I'm not a danger to him and his family. He raised the stick ready to lower it down on my body. Me: "It's me Ntombikayise Tat' uKoni" I shouted while covering my face. Mr Koni: "Ntombi? What are you doing here so late my child. I nearly broke your ribs because I thought it's these tik heads trying to steal my car. Come in come in" he said while holding my arm and gently leading me inside his house. Sindi jumped from her seat when she saw its me. Sindi: "Ntombi what's wrong? Why is your cheek swollen and red? What did that pig did to you? Tata he hit her I know that pig hit her!" she shouted while looking at her father. Mr Koni: "I will go show that coward who a man should fight instead of hitting on helpless young ladies." he said walking out still holding his weapon. I stopped him because he'd be going to an empty house. Me: "Tata you won't find him home. I know that you want to help that's why I came here. He need your help" I said trying to hold back my tears. I don't usually ask for help so I don't know how they will react. Sindi: Of course you can sleep here. I'll go get my sister's room ready for you." she said. Me: "I'm grateful friend but I can't" Mr Koni: "I'm not afraid of that boy so if you fear he'll come here and hurt you don't worry. No child will suffer when I'm here especially a girl child" he said with anger. Me: "Tata he will know I'm here. It's not Bonga that you should be afraid of but the people he hangs out with. I suspect that they are gangsters. I don't want trouble for you. Please help me by taking me to this address" I said taking out Mrs B's address. Sindi: "What is there?" Me: "Someone that I trust friend. Bonga doesn't know where she lives so he won't find me." Sindi: "Let me see so I'd know where you are" she held her arm out to me. Me: "I prefer that you don't know where it is. Bonga knows you're my friend and when he asks I want you to really not know where I am because you might let something slip out of anger." my words left her unhappy. Sindi: "Okay" she said in a sad whisper. Mr Koni: "Ntombi am I not taking you to wolves my child?" he sounded concerned . Me: "No Tata. I promise" Mr Koni: "Let us go then before he returns. Where are your clothes?" Me: "I didn't pack any because I feared he'd return while I'm busy doing so" Sindi: "I told Vuyi about you and how well your clothes fit you. She told me to give some to you. Luckily I washed and packed them today. Let me go get the bag quickly. It's as if God knew you'd be in need of them." she said while running down the passage to her sister's room. Mr Koni: "Ntombi how long has he been doing this?" Me: "It's been too long Tata" I said softly. Mr Koni: "And you don't come and cry to us? You're too young for this. As a father of girls it pains me to see another hurting. These boys are worth nothing my child. Return home before you die in these Cape Town townships." Me: "That's why I have to go to the people I'm going to. They might take me back home" I lied but only because I didn't have time to explain why I'm in a township in Cape Town and not at home. I don't want more pity just help. Sindi came with a big red suitcase filled with stuff. Me thanked her and hugged het goodbye. I promised to call her whenever I can so she would know I'm okay. Her father put the suitcase in the boot and we drove off. I don't even know how Mrs B will welcome me. I'm hoping that she won't mind the unexpected visit. We finally arrived at her complex. The security asked us a few questions and dialed Mrs B. He then opened the gate for us. The houses here were so beautiful and it looked safe. Mrs B stood in her driveway in her purple gown. She didn't even wait for the car to park before she opened the door gentle pulled me out and hugged me. It was as she knew that Bonga had another episode. She looked at my face and I saw sadness in her eyes. Mr Koni greeted her. Mrs B wantef to give him money but he declined. He also promised to not tell a soul about my whereabouts I believed him. He took out my bag gave me a hug and drove off. Mrs B dragged the wheeled suitcase inside. I couldn't believe how beautiful her house was. It was not those huge double story houses. It was nice and cosy. Me: "Ma I'm sorry that I just came like this and most probably even ruining our professional relationship as pat... " Mrs B: "We went beyond that relationship when I found out I'm your aunt. I never ever want to hear you apologize for coming to me for help. I'm glad that it's me you chose to come to. Here you'll be safe. I've got an alarm system and you saw the security guards and gatw system when you came in. No Bonga or any fool will hurt you and when you're ready to press chargers I'll go with you. I love you Ntombi" she cut me short and hugged me. Me: "Thank you and I love you too" I said with tears rolling down my face. I really did love her. Mrs B: "I'll go make you some food and a glass of nice hot chocolate. We can sit and talk or you can go sleep when you're done

I said with tears rolling down my face. I really did love her. Mrs B: "I'll go make you some food and a glass of nice hot chocolate. We can sit and talk or you can go sleep when you're done but before I do anything let me look at that bruise and cut. I've got some decent supplies in my first aid kit" Me: "Perks of having a doctor for a daughter" we both lauged. Mrs B: "Ahh not really that one hates it when I take medicine when I haven't seen a doctor. Even know I'll get an earfull because I didn't take you to the emergency room." we laughed again. Me: "Thank you for everything Ma. I will not overstay my welcome. I just need to recharge" Mrs B: "I pray that after you've recharged you'll use that full energy to working on healing yourself and creating a future without him for yourself." I just nodded. I don't know what a future without Bonga is like I can't even imagine it. She went to take het first aid kit and tended to my bruise. That was followed by a great home cooked meal. She later made hot chocolate and cookies. If I didn't know better I'd say she's trying to make me gain weight. I enjoyed the all and it felt good to be a child again. She advised that I go wear my pajamas so we'd watch a movie while snuggling on the couch. I didn't even know if there was pajamas amongst the clothes I literally just got from Sindi. I opened the suitcase and smiled at the beautifully coloured clothes that were neatly packed. Bonga only bought me loose fitting long dresses that were either grey black or brown. He didn't want me to wear anything that would make other men notice me. I took the items out one by one holding them against my body. It's crazy how Sindi's sister and I are the same size. I finally came across a night dress. It was navy with pink hearts I lovef it and I also found a matching gown. Vuyi has great taste I can't wait to meet her and thank her. I put on the night dress and gown and made my way to the lounge. Mrs B said we'll be watching comedy because we both needed a great laugh. There was a knock at the door and I jumped up from my seat fearing that Bonga found me. She calmed me down before opening. It was her daughter. Mrs B said Zim has her own place but also "lives" with her. I wouldn't completely move out if I had such a mom either. I thought Zim would be jealous of me living with her mom but instead gave me a long welcoming hug. The three of us sat and watched the movie we laughed until tears formed in our eyes. I even forgot that I have issues to deal with. Mrs B excused herself after the movie saying she's sleepy but we first had to pray. I was not about to show disrespect by refusing to join them in prayer. We held hands and knelt down. Zim prayef for us. I could never pray that well. We hugged after the prayer. Mrs B told Zim not to make me sleep late. She said goodnight and disappearef into het room. Me: "Dr Zim I won't take advantage of your mother's kindness I promise. I'll stay for a day or two. I know my suitcase indicates otherwise but it's because a friend of mine gave me her sister's old clothes." I said quickly. Dr Zim: "That has not even crossed my mind. I'm happy that you are here. We can share my room that's not really my room since I've "moved out" but don't for one second think I don't want you here. My mom is alone most times and I'm happy that you're here so please I beg stay as long as you wish. Our mothers were "sisters" so we are also sisters now." Me: "Thank you doc" Dr Zim: "And stop calling me doctor" she laughed. "I'm not even one yet still in training. Do you want to go shopping with me some time? I always wanted to do sisterly things with a sister but never had one. Do you think we'll have sibling rivalry?" Me: "I don't know about the rivalry" I said while laughing. "I can't go out with you either. I can't risk him seeing me. He's most probably looking for me as we speak. He might come to you at work too or follow you and know where I am." I said while breathing heavily. It felt like I was going to die Zim: "Breath breath Ntombi. I'm way more street smart than people give me credit for. I'm ready for bitchy men any day. He won't think of asking my mom because mom told me that you didn't tell him that she was your mother's friend. Don't worry I won't lead him here and I doubt he'd take chances in a suburb. Bonga is a small town crook he can only navigate through the township but not here." Me: "You don't know him" Dr Zim: "Well he doesn't know us either. Stop worrying. Can you imagine what my mom would do to me if you have a panic attack while left with me?" she said in a funny tone and we both laughed. Me: "I'm scared. I'm scared for Sindi and her father. I'm scared for you and your mother. I shouldn't bring you into my mess. I should go back." I stood and she stopped me. Dr Zim: "Ntombi sit" she commanded and I did. She stood and went to the bedroom and came back after a while holding a gun. Me: "Why do you have that? " I said while backing away. I was not scared but you never know accidents happen. Dr Z: "I'm trained to handle her don't worry and right now it's not loaded. If Bonga tries to come here things will get ugly. Even if he follows me things will get ugly" she said sounding so serious. I didn't ask more questions but clearly Zim is a girl who can look after herself. She asked that I not tell her mom because Mrs B hates guns since the day she had to shoot her hubby in self defense. I hope Bonga knowd that not all girls are afraid like me. It looks like Zim would really hurt him with that things should she be pushed. How did such a suburb girl get so gangsta? She's suppose to have a panic button and pepper spray not a gun. I'm just glad that it's licensed and she knows how to aim. We put on another movie but didn't really watch this one because we were talking so much. She opened up about how she's afraid of marriage and that's led to a two year engagement with her person. I told her to tell him but she's afraid he'll leave. We shared our childhood memories and so much more. She even promised to sneak in wine tomorrow after work so we'd have it in our room without mom knowing. I've never drank before never ever but I've seen how fancy wine looks on TV so I'll try it. She also sounds like she was a party animal. I knew I couldn't fully be relaxed because Bonga might find me but I enjoyed the night a lot. If he find me and kills me at least my last moment would have been spent laughing and plotting mischief with my new sister. She hugged me so much like she couldn't believe there is someone about her age in the house. I couldn't believe how at home I felt. I usually take a long while to adapt but not tonight. Tonight I had a sense of belonging something I hadn't had since my mom died. Mrs B When the security called to say Ntombi was at the gate I felt a mixture of worry and joy. She was worried because when you're in an abusive relationship you could get hurt to a point where you don't recognize yourself in the mirror. I felt joy because my child had come I didn't care what state she was is all that mattered was that she came to me. Nobandla must be turning in her grave seeing her child suffer this way. I will give my friend rest by helping her child. I've been praying to God to show me the way to handle this situation with Ntombi. If she doesn't want to go to het grandparents I can't force her but I know they will love. She would be their only link to Bandla their long lost daughter. I wish I could finally hear the truth about what made Bandla run away from home. I sat on my bed reading my Bible and could hear the sweet laughter that came from the girls. I wish Ntombi could laugh every day. I pray that she finds the courage to leave that pig. I'm sure Zim is happy to have company and knowing her she's most probably trying to convince Ntombi to go to a wine tasting event or go out dancing. She's a good child but I'm aware that she can't be perfect. She will also never endanger Ntombi. I'm sure she'll try to convince Ntombi to go to the youth church gathering with her. I don't want to push Ntombi to go to church or be like us. I'm want her to know that we will accept her as is. If all goes according to me she'd return to school and be independent like Zim. Zim is semi independent she is yet to fully let go. I thought she'd be married by now but she and her man keep stalling. The families will just have to wait on them. I'm sure Ntombi will meet a kind young man too someday but that's the last thing she needs now. To depend on another man. I want her to learn to love herself first but my ultimate wish is for her to discover real love never ending love that can only be found in God. I'll keep praying for such a day that my child will realize that people will only love her to certain extent and therefore she should focus on the love God has for her. May God lead me and show me the way to love her too. I laid on my side and heard the loudest giggles ever and I was not about to shush them because their laughter was music to my ears. I smiled and closed by eyes with no worries because I know that my God will fix whatever I fail to. He will do all the work all I have to do is make use of the resources he gives me. I will not fail I can't fail.

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