The Journey

Author : Nongcebo

Genre :  N/A

Description :  The Journey Intro: I've never been this happy in my life , things are finally coming together for me, Lungelo is finally coming out of the institute, I'm graduating in a month, Phila started high school this year. One good thing I've done in my life is raising Phila ,I know I've done a good job with him. I really wish my grandmother and mother were still alive to witness this. One thing I need to fix before Lungelo comes back is Jackson, he's become a love sick puppy , he once said he's prepared to leave his wife for me , that's the day I got my wake up call , that I need to get rid of him. I don't want his love , I never wanted it , it's his money that I wanted and boy did I get it, I'm over it now , I've hated myself for years because of this but one thing I can tell you is I don't regret it. I've knocked off at work and I'm on my way to Jacksons mansion , his family is overseas since its the school holidays so he invited me over , something that he's never done before. I didn't want to come, we always meet in his Penthouse at the Radisson Blue Hotel but today is the only day that I could see him before he goes to London for 3 months on a business trip. Today is the day that I tell him that whatever we have has to come to an end. "Pamela to see Mr Jackson " I say on the intercom , the gate opens and the uber drives in "Hi beautiful " he says and hugs me, he smells divine as always "You don't want to hug me , what's wrong " he asks "Nothing I'm just tired " I say "Come in , I'm cooking " he says "I won't be staying for a long time , I need to pack Phila's clothes for his Cricket camp " I say , Jackson wanted to pay for Phila's school fees so he could study at Crawford but I said no , I wasn't going to drag Phila into my shit. In the 3 years that I've known Jackson he's never met Philasande. "I'm almost done anyway , I'll take a quick shower then we can dine and talk "he says "Okay" I say "Come up with me , you'll watch TV in the room while I shower" he says , I wish he knew how disgusting a love sick 49 year old is , he carries me up the stairs and throws me on the bed , I bounce alittle, he lays on top of me "I want you to be mine" he says "You know my rule right " I ask "You never fall in love , yes you've told me a hundred times " he says "Yet you never listen "I say "I want you to quit this life , I'll take care of you Pamela" he says "Go shower please Jackson" I say and let out a loud sigh , he heads to the shower and I look around admiring the enormous , elegant bedroom. I walk around the the room , this room is bigger than my entire two bedroom flat , I walk toward a wall with pictures ,there's pictures of his wife , 2 children , one of the kids look my age. There's a picture album on the table , I page through it and suddenly I run out of air when I see a baby picture of Philasande in the Album. I know Jackson is crazy but I don't understand why he'd steal Phila's Picture , I didn't even notice that it's missing in my wallet , this picture was taken a week after Phila was born. Jackson walks in the room while I'm busy fanning myself "Whatsup Honey , you look like you've seen a ghost " he says "Jackson I know I'm nothing but a sex object to you , but why would you disrespect me like this , I've told you a million times that I don't want you to get near Philasande" I say , I'm upset "What are you talking about" he says calmly "Why do you have a picture of Phila in your Album " I ask "Phila ??" He says and walks to me , he looks at the picture "Why did you steal the picture " I scream , I never scream , I'm very angry "Thats my son , I never got to meet him , he passed away after his mother gave birth to him " he says with a very sad voice , I reach for my bag and I realize that the picture is still in my wallet , I slid down the wall until I'm seated on the floor , for the first time in over 10 years I feel tears running down my cheeks ,my Mother and I have slept with the same man

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