Chapter 6

It takes a while before he snaps out of it then he follows me

"Unit 10" he says to the security guard I look at him shocked because that's not Sibu's flat

"ID " the security guard says he hands him his license we wait a while then we are told to go in

We knock for a while with no success I dial her number we can hear the phone ringing inside

"Sibulele it's Pam please open " I say

"What are you doing here " Travis says behind us

"I'm looking for Sibu" I say

"Well she's not here I haven't seen her in a few days " he says

"Lets go "Mehluli says calmly

"I'm not leaving without seeing Sibu" I say
"If you're not out here in 5 minutes I'm calling security " he says walking into the flat

"Nolwazi" Mehluli says

"I know you don't care about her but I do Mehluli and I'm not leaving without her" I say

"Please" he says

After almost 30 minutes I give in and we walk out I feel so bad because I didn't try hard enough there's something wrong with Sibulele I can feel it.

"Get in the car please " he says when I attempt to walk past I am planning on requesting an uber I'm not going anywhere with this creepy person

"I'll get an Uber" I say and I carry on walking

"I'll take you home" he says

"No " I respond he turns off the engine and watches me carefully

The uber arrives in 10 minutes I jump in and we drive off Mehluli is following us I let out a big sigh.

"You really need to stop this " I say to him after the uber drops me off

"I wanted to make sure you're okay " he says

"I'm fine Thank you for your help"I say

"Nolwazi I really need to talk to you I know you're not comfortable being around me but I swear on my grandmother's grave I'll never hurt you " he says in such a low voice.

I don't know why a part of me believes and feels sorry for him.

"Okay just not today I'm really tired " I say

"I'll wait for your call" he says and walks to his car then drives off. Every time I have an encounter with him he's driving a different car

'How rich are you' I say under my breathe

Phila and I spend the rest of the holidays lazing around with me going out now and again for my side hustle it's safe to say I have enough money for School fees and hospital bills. School is opening tomorrow so I'm busy ironing Phila's uniform while dancing to music I'm very domesticated when I want to my grandmother was a very neat woman so it rubbed off on me. My phone vibrates indicating a call coming through I let out a big sigh I've been ignoring him


*I know where your friend is *

*Please don't play like that *

*I'm Outside your place*

I don't really have a choice so I get into the car we drive for about 30 minutes none of us have said a word to each other I'm looking out the window.

"I come from a very wealthy family My Father owns one of the biggest and Successful construction firms in Dubai my mother is a ruthless attorney in the UK" he says that explains alot I don't respond

"But that's all that they have ever been to me successful and wealthy people " he says again

"Why are you telling me this? " I ask

"I have one younger sister who's a drug addict been in and out of rehab and prison. I don't know how it feels to be loved by parents or to be loved by anyone for that matter" he says

We drive into an estate while he's still caught up in the moment I don't know how to respond

"We're here she's in unit 6 " he says he doesn't move

"Aren't you coming? " I ask

"No" he says I'm shocked I also sit still he looks at me with a straight face he's breathing very fast now I'm starting to get scared. I slowly open the door I'm shaking finally I manage to get off the car.

I walk towards the units I'm regretting coming here but there's no other way I get to unit 6 and with so much hesitation
I knock.

"I TOLD YOU THAT I DON'T WANT YOUR FREAKEN FLOWERS" someone says while opening the door

"Sibulele" I say

She tries to close the door but it's too late
"Gosh Sibu what happened ?" I ask she looks horrible she's been beaten to a pulp that much I can tell you her face is bruised and her eyes can barely open because they are swollen

"Please Nolwazi you have to go if he finds you here it won't be good "she says with so much panic

"I'm not going anywhere without you" I say

"Please Phila needs you " she says that hits me I care deeply for Sibu but I really can't afford to face Travis's wrath but I also can't leave her here

"I stole his drugs Pam what was I thinking I deserve this" she says throwing herself on the couch

"Lets go Sibu please " I say my phone vibrates

"His own his way here get out of there now "Mehluli says

"Go I'll call you when I'm in the Eastern Cape Wayne will help me escape" she says I pull her in for a hug

I get into the car and Mehluli is still as scary as when I left. The conversation we were having earlier is still ringing in my mind I thought rich people were happy seems like more problems come with being rich than being poor.

"I need to get something real quick here " he says when we drive into Clearwater mall

"Cool " I say gives me time to snoop around in this Porsche cayenne

I open the armrest cabin inside are tablets too many empty tablets containers I pick one container and I read it.

<Tablets are form of antipsychotics. Drugs may contain olanzapine (Zyprexa) risperidone (Risperdal) quetiapine (Seroquel) aripiprazole (Abilify) ziprasidone (Geodon) lurasidone (Latuda) or asenapine (Saphris) these drugs may be used to stabilize bipolar disorder or related disorders.>

"BIPOLAR" I say out loud I'm shocked what did I get my self into

I see him walking towards the car and I quickly put the pills back I'm shaking now this explains so much though Mehluli has been creepy since day one. He was angry just a few minutes ago but now he's extremely happy singing along to Frank ocean.

"Can we have lunch " he says I shake my head I can't talk

"Nolwazi " he says then I realize hes not looking at me so he didn't see me shake my head

"I've never told you that name Mehluli how do you know it " I say

"Its a long story " he says

"Well cut it short Mehluli" I say

"Over lunch " he says I don't respond I'm actually starting to get mad now

"I know people say I'm crazy but I'd never hurt you Nolwazi I just want to talk " he says again I don't know why that hurts alittle

"Fine " I say checking my phone that's vibrating

*Please call Rabada* - Phila

My baby is obsessed with Rabada it's funny I quickly dial his number

it's only now that I realize how long I've been gone and I don't recall that house having food

*Baby *

*Big Baby right ?*

*Yes big baby I'll be home soon *

*Can I go to Kairo's house her dad will pick me up *

*I'll be home soon right then we can talk and it's school tomorrow no sleep overs on Sunday *

I hate what Linda is doing using my Brother he's acting like a love sick puppy and a greedy old man that he is

"Are you okay " Mehluli says next to me I don't respond instead I dial Linda's number

*Leave my Brother out of this *

*Out of what*

*Don't try me*

I like using the "Don't try me line" it scares people meanwhile I never do anything I'm such a coward.

"I have to go home " I say

"We can have lunch at your place " he says I look at him with raised eyebrows

"In the car I mean " he says when he notices my look

"If you insist " I say letting out a big sigh

It's 7pm Mehluli and I are sitting in the car quietly we just finished eating the most delicious sea food paella ever.

"I was a very troublesome teenager a teenager with a lot of money one night my friends and I decided to explore the club scenery that time we were living in Cape town and the night life is crazy that side " he says after the longest silence he is very random he just starts talking no warning nothing.

" We became the life of the party buying the most expensive bottles in the club on me of course girls threw themselves at us getting the attention felt great no one ever paid attention to me" he says again

"Mehlu...." I say but he stops me

"Thats when I started going to clubs every weekend then it became every day that's the only place where I felt wanted and loved .My parents gave me hell because of it saying I'm an embarrassment that's when I started rebelling I developed an extreme anger which made things go downhill in my life" he says he's now crying I don't know what to do.

"My Father got me arrested years later as his way of teaching me a lesson after I stole his car and sold it on the black market for less than R20 000 because they had stopped giving me an allowance since I was spending too much money on girls and alcohol" he says he is disturbed by his phone ringing

*What do you want *

*Suicide Shit I'm on my way *

"I have to go Nolwazi one of the girls attempted suicide" he says what girls ? I think to myself

It's Monday morning I'm getting ready for work I am running late Phila is already gone with the scholar transport I have a good mind of calling in sick but because it's the first day of the new term I'll go. My phone rings as I lock up


*Sibu where are you *

*I escaped last night I'm at home Thank you for everything my Friend. Nolwazi good luck with everything I hope you leave that life after years of living lavishly I'm back home with nothing I lost everything my child my parents want nothing to do with me *

That hits me I don't respond instead I hang up then I unlock the flat and get back inside I change back into my pyjamas then I snuggle my self on the couch

I'm struggling to fall asleep I'm tossing and turning while flipping through channels I know something to knock me off a few glasses of wine. I gulp down 2 glasses of wine as if I'm drinking water I ignore the burning on my throat Sibu's words keep ringing in my head there's a small voice in my head that says she's stupid how could she sacrifice everything just for a few packs of drugs she greedy . There's another voice which screams 'Leave it Nolwazi Stop' but what do I do after I stop my Salary is not enough to cover Phila's extremely expensive school this flat and Lungelo's medication. Was I asking for too much by wanting a normal life who am I kidding ? Nothing is normal about my life I'm living a life I know very well that I can't afford. The first voice is stronger the voice that wants the money I dial Jackson's number something I never do.

My phone rings while I'm getting dressed I'm meeting up with Jackson 'work ' the caller ID reads then I remember that I was going to work before Sibu called before I went into this mode I'm in now.

"SHIT" I scream
* Hiiii *

*So we don't report now when we are not coming to work *

*If I had my phone with me here I could have called sooner I got admitted last night food poisoning *

*Geez Pam where ? Are you okay ? I'm so sorry I'll send flowers *

*I'm filling in my discharge forms now I'm feeling better I'll be at work tomorrow*

*Noo Take a few days off *

Grace actually has it within her to be nice ' I'll send flowers' I really wish flowers were the answer to my problems the only thing that they will do is wilt just like how I feel my life is right now. I really hate feeling like this because this is gambling with my job meanwhile I love it it makes me sane and feel worthwhile.

I'm dolled up and ready to make some money the driver is here I make a mental note to call Mike when I pass the Gate and I realize I haven't spoken to him in a while.

I find Jackson waiting for me in the foyer at the Radisson Blue Hotel he opens his arms for a hug I don't receive it. Firstly we are not to be seen in Public together now he wants to hug me in Public.

"I just ordered breakfast "he says

"Add a few bottles of champagne as well" I say walking past him

"I need the ladies " I say the glasses of wine are catching up with me I literally run to the bathroom

I finish my business then I make my way up to the penthouse Jackson is having breakfast on the balcony I pour my self champagne then I sit opposite him the view up here is beautiful

"Easy on the champagne sexy you know that you still have to play for daddy " he says with a cocky smile

I gulp down two more glasses

"F*" I say under my breathe

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