Chapter 4

"I have to get going " I say pretending as if I didn't hear what he said

"Nolwazi I've loved you since I first saw you "he says again he's walking towards me now

"Mehluli please I have to go Sibu won't be too happy about this " I say he walks until he's standing in front of me he sniffs my hair I'm standing frozen as ever

"I love you " he says he touches my face and smells it

"You smell divine " he says again

"Mehluli I said I have to leave " I say I'm now shouting

"Am I asking for too much Nolwazi?" he asks

"What do you want ?" I shout again

"You all of you" he says he keeps planting soft kisses on my cheeks

"MEHLULI OPEN THIS DAMN door" someone shouts outside while slamming the door

"SHIT " he says

"NOW MEHLULI" the lady shouts again he slowly walks to the door leaving me standing against the wall

"I've been calling you " the lady says when he opens the door

"I know " he says coldly

"Are you with one of your fluzzies in here Mehluli don't test me " she says I hear abit of movement until the lady walks into the lounge

"PAMELA" she says it's Pearl she is the lady who heads up the promotions Sibu and I use to do she's also the one who introduced us to this life I look at her and keep quiet I'm shocked

"What is she doing here? " she turns around to look at Mehluli

"Pearl what do you want ?" Mehluli asks

"I'm your freaking wife have you forgotten that " she says screaming

"I said what are you doing in my house " she screams at me again "I don't answer. She and I got into a big fight a year ago when I decided that I don't want to do promotions anymore she got angry because I was her cash cow I didn't only promote Alcohol I'd also promote my body and she'd take some of the money. When I met Thula I decided to go out on my own and make my own money.

"Your HUSBAND called me here "I say I don't know where I got the confidence from because I know how dirty Pearl can get

"Take your ass out of my house before I do something I'll regret " she says I quickly walk past her and approach the door but Mehluli grabs my hand

"Don't test me MEHLULI don't "she screams

"Watch how you talk to me " he says he's still holding my hand and his grip is tight

"Mehluli " I say softly while loosening my hand from his grip he lets go a little but continue holding my hand

"If you walk out that door don't ever come back here " she screams

"Get pregnant bare me children Pearl then I'll come back " he says he leads me to the elevator I'm still shocked at what he just said but then I remember Sibu saying Mehluli's wife can't have children

"I'm sorry about that " he says when we get into the elevator

The elevator stops and a family of 4 walk in I'm facing down when they walk in but I'm alerted by the lady's shoe I look up and I see Linda. We have a eyelocked moment but I quickly look away I quickly press the button for the elevator to stop Thank God it does I run out and Mehluli follows me

"Get your hands off me " I say when he tries to hold me

"Please " he says I run until I get to the metre taxi requesting an uber will delay me I have to get out of here now

"Esther Park" I say my phone vibrates indicating an sms

*Fnb eWallet....... amount in +8000........*

I sigh heavily I stare at my phone still processing what happened today I'm low on cash plus I have to go to Durban next weekend but I'm not going to use this money. I log onto my FNB app and eWallet the money back then I switch off my phone.

I find Phila sitting in the lounge when I walk in

"Philasande " I say he runs to me

"I'm so happy you are back are you fine? " he asks

"I'm fine why what's wrong " I ask

"Gogo said you're not fine come sisi let's pray " he says pulling me to his room we both kneel then he leads the prayer I love him

"Sleep with me please "he says we both get into bed and sleep I'm tossing and turning thinking about the night I just had

I slowly open my eyes when I feel someone standing next to the bed

"I made you breakfast" Phila says carrying a tray it's a bowl of cornflake yogurt and fruits

"Thank you let me wash my face quickly" I say getting off the bed it's Saturday and my plan is to sleep in

it's Saturday and my plan is to sleep in I had such a hectic night I don't even want to think about it now from discovering Mehluli's wife bumping into Linda and his wife

"Sissy it's the pyjama party today you remember right? " he says I knew that he wanted something

"I'll finish up then we'll go buy you new pyjamas where is it again? I ask I totally forgot about it I can't afford to say I forgot I won't hear the end of it

"At Kairo's house in Greenstone" he says

"Sweeeet" I say

I finish up my breakfast then I take a shower I was planning on leaving this house on Monday but unfortunately Phila runs the show. It's scorching hot and Eastgate is too full for my liking today we get into Woolworths in less than 30 minutes Philasande is a happy chap we rush back home because the party starts in an hour and Phila is getting anxious.

*Good day Mrs Hlompe you're speaking to Nolwazi I'm here to drop off Philasande *

*Thank the heavens Kairo has been throwing fits I'll ask my Husband to come down and fetch him thanks again *
I still can't get over how beautiful this Estate is Sibu also lives here I can see her apartment from here it's dark though she must be out for dinner or something it's Saturday after all

"Hello Mr Hlompe" Phila says so I turn around to also greet Kairo's dad

"H H Hiiiii" I say

"Hello Young man "he says fit bumping Phila

"Philaaaaa" A little girls says running towards Phila this must be Kairo she is followed by a gorgeous looking woman when I say gorgeous I mean just that beautiful she walks toward me and gives me a hug

"Thank you for bringing him over" she says

"It's not a problem what time should I pick him up I should get going " I say

"No man don't be silly come join us I knew my Husband wouldn't invite you in he's not a very good host "she says

"Really it's okay I have other plans anyway " I say

"Thats too bad then my Husband and I will drop all the kids off he should be home at 8 the latest "she says

"Thanks I'll be on my way" I say

"Babe please walk her out you know how irritating the securities are " she say

"Oh I almost forgot Kairo's gift there you go " I say handing it to her mother then I walk away

"What are you doing in my house " he says the minute his wife walks away

"Are you stupid ?? Do you think I could have come here if I knew this was your house" I say

"Really ?? I don't believe you " he says

"I freaking didn't even know your surname Linda are you really that stupid?? Isn't your house in Sandton?? " I say

"You would have known if you weren't busy parading with stupid models in hotels" he says

"You know what I think I'll take your wife on that offer " I say

"Don't you dare " he says we are now standing in front of the security guards I take out my phone and pretend to be dailing

"Let me call and tell her I'm coming back " I say

"Pamela please "he says

"If you ever talk to me like that again I won't think twice I have your wife's number" I say and I walk away

The thing about men is that if you allow them to disrespect you they do I never allow anyone to talk to me like I'm some cheap skate I'm not and I'm far from it. I need to drink this bad weekend away let me call Mike he's probably got some stash of wine in my flat that I don't even know about. Mike and Sibu are the only friends I have managed to make in my 3 years in Johannesburg .

*where You at *

*I'm At home bored out of my pants Mr Pastor is here *

*Must I come save you *

*Please make sure you don't show any skin besides your eyes*

*You such an idiot I'll be there now now*

Coming here was such a bad idea I'm standing outside now and I'm scared to knock


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