Chapter 9

"Just come and eat Palesa" I say

She finally obliges we sit in the kitchen in silence eating taking small bites and stealing glances of each other

"It was near Linbro Park I was at Newscafe in Sandton with some of my former mates from school. My battery died and I didn't exactly know the way home so I got lost I think I felt sleepy or something because I didn't see anything or anyone until I heard a knock I didn't stop I just drove Zee" she says with tears streaming down her face

"Okay. We will go past there and see if there is anything probably Police and stuff are still on the scene to investigate" I say. She looks at me shocked

"Palesa please you need to stop mopping and crying. I would literally die if you were to go to prison I wouldn't cope and I don't even want to imagine how you would handle it so please we need to do this we are not criminals or anything but we need to do this "I say

" The justice system is so messed up Palesa you made one silly mistake they could sentence you for 15 years. My step father beat up my mother molested her for years but he is still roaming around instead I got years to spend at Juvie" I say I don't know where that came from I am as scared as she is my case is worse because if this were to come out I would go straight to jail with no questions asked for being an accomplice.

After breakfast we requested and Uber we put the destination as Linbro park. I tell the guy that we aren't really sure of the place we are going to so he might need to drive around Linbro Park till we find the place he agrees we hop in. We are not saying anything to each other indeed the guy drives around Linbro Park

he goes though the back roads main roads until I tell him to take us back home.

"So what does this mean?" she asks

"My biggest bet is that you probably hit an animal there's a reserve around that area it can't be that quiet after an accident which could have claimed someone's life" I say

"I wish I could believe that Zee" she says

"We need to fix the car" she says

I stand up to hug her "we'll be fine Pali you will see" I say

It's been 4 weeks since the Palesa Saga we managed to get the car fixed at some back door mechanic in Alex. That ordeal was one of the toughest things I've had to go through it taught me alot about sacrifice and expressing love any ways beyond measure. I had to call my mother's lawyers to draw some of the money since we needed money to fix the car. I flew to Cape Town for the paper work the rest of the money is still admistered by them and the house is under their care. As a result of that money Nandi Palesa and I are on our way to Cape Town for a short left. Palesa is not back to her old self yes. She has her days where her brain tells her that she killed a person some says she's the Palesa I know.

"I still can't believe you've never had a boyfriend" Palesa says we're at the airport waiting to board our flight

"What are boyfriends for?" I ask

"For washing sneakers cars and filling your car" Nandi says

"I don't have car so I don't need a boyfriend" I saying laughing

Whenever these two are together that gang up on me for have never had a boyfriend. In all honesty I don't think there's anyone who's ever shown that interest of "dating me" or maybe I've never paid any mind to it i don't know but I myself have never had an interest of dating anyone.

"Finally" I say when they announce that we can start boarding so these 2 can give me a break


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