Chapter 8

“Pali what’s wrong “ I ask her the minute she finishes throwing up we are sitting on the bathroom floor. She doesn’t answers me she continues crying like someone died hearing her screams really hurt.

“ I think I killed someone last night “ she says in between her sobs

“Palesa please stop crying and explain to me what happened “I say I am panicking I get hot flashes instantly I am scared for her more than anything. I was sent to Juvie for stabbing my step father she is an adult now so she definitely won’t go to Juvie she will go to Prison and prison is horrendous 

“PALESA” I say again when she doesn’t respond

“I was drunk okay Zee I don’t know I knocked someone “she says still crying I stand up and pull her by the arm

“come “ I say ” and stop crying “

We walk down to the parking lot and indeed the bonnet has blood on it the number plate is hanging. I look at it and cringe I take one look at her and she looks devastated.

“I am scared “ she says while walking away I follow her back to the flat

“I think we both need to calm down we will figure something out I promise” I say reporting this to the police is the last thing we can do if we still want Palesa to live a normal life on the other hand she might have killed someone.

After hours and hours of her crying I finally mange to get her to sleep her loud sobs were starting to get the better off me there were too many times where I felt a tear escape my eyes. I walk to the balcony and stare into space for what seems like forever it's starting to get dark outside perks of winter. Palesa unlike me is a softie grew up protected and shielded her whole life the chances of her surviving this are very minimal her parents would kill her if they heard about this let alot that she drinks partially why she moved to Durban she wanted to live.

I grab a bucket

sans-serif;mso-ascii-theme-font: minor-latin;mso-fareast-font-family:Calibri;mso-fareast-theme-font:minor-latin; mso-hansi-theme-font:minor-latin;mso-bidi-font-family:"Times New Roman"; mso-bidi-theme-font:minor-bidi;mso-fareast-language:EN-US">I grab a bucket soap and a cloth and head to the parking lot I'm not thinking straight what I'm about to do might have really nasty consequences but I go it anyway. I start cleaning the blood of the bonnet and remove the hanging number plate. I'm still in my work uniform that alone just send chills down my spine.

The night seemed really long I open my eyes and realize that I slept on the floor with my head on the bed I remember I was watching Palesa sleeping peaceful wishing she would stay this peaceful. She wakes up moments later and immediately starts crying

"Pali please stop crying now" I say with utter defeat I hate tears I saw and shed alot of them in my childhood

"I'm going to the Police Station" she says still crying

"What for?" I ask

"I killed someone Zee I killed a human being God's human being" she says screaming

"Palesa when you've stopped crying I'll be in the kitchen so you can tell me what happened so we can find a way to get out of this" I say

"why are you so calm about this? " she asks

"because we will get out of this. You won't go to prison" I say walking out

I quickly call my manager to call in sick then I carry on with making breakfast. I go all Out I fry everything in the deep freeze I make pancakes. Flap jackets everything. I am like this when I am stressed I cook I clean and walk.

An hour later Palesa walks into the kitchen dragging her feet she's not crying anymore which is great. She walks past me and walks out the door.

"what did you do?" she Asks me like she's just seen a ghost

"I made breakfast" I say paying no mind to what she's asking

"no the bonnet it's cleanwhat did you do Ziphezinhle? " she says


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