Chapter 7

I get to work and get busy the whole day I didn’t even take lunch because we are short staffed so I was literally on my feet till 4pm. I am about to knock off when a call comes through

*Hello *

*Hi Ziphezihle you’re speaking to Nomfundo from Noyana Attorneys  *

*Nomfundo?  Noyana Attorneys*

*Yes we haven’t met however I would like us to we have to discuss your Mothers estate. You might not remember but my colleagues were consulting with you will you were in the Ekuseni*

*The last time I spoke to those colleagues I told them to donate that money to Ekuseni or to a charity organization I do not want it*

*Yes I have been informed we do however still need your signature and there is a letter from your mother that we were supposed to pass on to you when you turned 21 *

*Nomfundo Listen I do not mean to be rude but please do not call me  again donate that money to charity or keep it for yourself if you want to *

I hang up I have told these lawyers or that I do not want anything to do with money that I apparently inherited from my mother.

When I arrived at Ekuseni I was given the opportunity to finish school that was the only way I could keep sane in that place therefore I continued with school until grade 12. It had facilities which were probably better than most schools in the townships. I matriculated with 5 A’s. The same year I matriculated my dentation period had come to an end. I had to be sent to live with relatives as my mother had died I didn’t have none or rather I didn’t know any of them. From hearsay my Mother was chased away from home when she decided to marry a man who was 15 years her senior. The Centre had funds which were made up of donation to run the school or sponsor mates who wanted to further their studies. Nandi motivated for me to be awarded the sponsorship we applied for numerous ones as well which specifically deals with children like myself who had been detained. That is how I was able to sustain myself throughout the 3 years of my degree I received spending money rent textbook allowance and tuition fees that covered my fees and the money left over I kept and saved.


This phone call couldn’t have come at the right time I am knocking off now which is great so I can blow off some steam when I get home over a glass or 2 of Jameson. I didn’t call Palesa in the morning therefore I dial or number as I walk to the bus stop.

*Why are you calling me you know I am still asleep*

* Is that how you answer your phone or it’s just me that is not on your good books *

 *Zee I am sleeping

what do you want *

* I am on my way home I will come and see you because clearly you’re not going to work *

The only logical explanation why Palesa is still asleep at this time while she is supposed to be getting ready for work is that she had a great Sunday night especially since her mother is out of town so she is using her car till she is back. I never understand the idea of going partying on a Sunday I just think it is an extreme sport.

“Hi Jele “ I say and wave at the security guard on duty as I walk through the gate ‘security guards are have the keys to heaven’ is what my colleagues always say literally that’s why one needs to be kind to them. Eveytime I greet him he just melts Palesa says he has a cute crush on me. Palesa’s parking skills are terrible I think to myself while passing the parking lot on my way to the flat

“You know my grandfather has a lot of cows in eNkandla I will Lobola you MaTenza” he says I laugh at him as always and walk away.

Palesa’s door is wind open I hear her throwing up in the bathroom this is our weekly routine she goes drinking during the weekend come Monday morning she is vomiting her intestines out. I am not good with friendships or any other relation be it colleague or anything therefore Palesa is the only friend I have. She is become my second family member after Nandi and my Juvie family.

“Palesa you need to stop this” I say handing her a glass of water

“I know “she says bursting up into tears Palesa is not a crier which is one of the reasons we are such great friends we never cry so I am guessing something is wrong


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