Chapter 6

I swear if I didn’t have a laid back manager like Skye I would have been fired a long time ago. I am always late for work. In varsity I didn’t like 7:45am lectures thus I don’t understand why work starts at 7h00. I quickly finish brushing my teeth I grab my bag and literally run out. It is 06:30 I know I won’t make it in time I still need to take a bus to the station then wait for a train to Midrand then take another bus which will drop me off just outside the hospital. If there is one thing I miss about Durban is the transport system the transport system in Johannesburg is nonexistence you struggle so much to get around without your own transport. Greenstone seemed like a great place to stay at when I moved here but now I am regretting it every day I need to wake up early in order for me to get to work in time which is close to impossible.

Great the line is not long I shouldn’t be here long then. I didn’t even check up on Palesa before I left Palesa’s flat is literally opposite mine sometimes she sits in her kitchen and I sit in mine doors open and we talk nonsense like we always do. I love Palesa but she is noisy and she can be a pig sometimes that’s why I opted to stay alone and not share with her. She is working nightshift this month therefore the only time I get to see her is before I leave for work in the morning. When we moved up here a year ago she was working at ARWYP in Kempton Park however a few months ago she was moved to Centurion. She also uses the Guatrain to get to work besides the fact that it’s far it also costs a lot of money. I have tried convincing her to move closer to Centurion which is also closer to her family but she refuses.

‘I convinced you to move here so I can’t leave you here alone

you know I can’t leave you here alone’ she always says   

A few months after I opened up my heart and old wounds in Newcastle we officially finished varsity I came top of my class with 4 Distinctions. I hadn’t applied for a Job internship or anything. Like I have always been in my life floating basically there is nothing really that I do because I want to everything I do is because I have to do exactly how I ended up studying this degree. Palesa had been applying for Jobs in Johannesburg because she wanted to be closer to home therefore she moved back to Johannesburg to make Job hunting easier. My savings paid off as I was able to afford rent and groceries for a month Nandi came in handy as she toped me up with a few hundreds to sustain myself until I decided what to do. The only option I had if I didn’t find a Job in the next month was to volunteer at one of the detention centres.

A few weeks later Pamela my manager at Crompton hospital called me to tell to me about open positions I should apply for. I told Palesa about it and she convinced me to apply  convinced me is an understatement she took the next bus to Durban so we would apply together as there were more than enough. That afternoon she arrived we spent it at the LAN in DUT applying her preaching to me why I should actually apply and move to Johannesburg.

I make a mental note to call her when I get to the train. I am going down to Newcastle this weekend to visit Nandi and her new family. She met a very great guy named Troye a few months after I left Durban she was in Zanzibar on holiday when she met him a few months later he moved to South Africa and he is living his African dream with Nandi. Since I moved here a year ago I haven’t been down to Newcastle partially because I’ve been busy with my new life which is : going to work going to going and going to work. The real reason I haven’t been down to Newcastle is because I needed being away from familiar surroundings I needed to be away from my comfort zone and start a new life however 1 year later I am still trying to find it. Between going to work and the community service work that I do I don’t have much else to do.


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